Dirt & Sprague Friday December 15th, 2017 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, December 15th
The guys run through all the playoff ramifications of week 15 in the NFL, plus a preview of the Ducks vs Boise St. in the Vegas Bowl, and we Spague the Line.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. This is a football Friday addition of durden spray Q then you. Call it trillion each season and made us west didn't strike durden spray gun football Friday. Jenin by Gresham Chrysler dodge Jeep brand a short drive from anywhere visit dodge impression dot com I know where they're not demand. They've got problems. Durden stray dogs and navy both shrimp. Stevens finally our hair spray on Friday another Fridays ago about right here on Portland sports leader Teddy the fan. It was followed thereafter is Greg Little falling back this is why we've never been on television. They entered your. Icon there when nobody's on television now since I guess we're all ugly now on are awfully ugly (%expletive) we get the lights off today than yesterday jokes aren't answer I. Yeah I you'll travel gas that's all she's not up as you're also Jerry housing and a sand evening welcome big Sprague. It's good to have you back in this. No it's not as a war on talking through my shirt into the microphone at that that no way it is at its moment people in Japan down and try to give BP a guy. If we're being really honest. But that it is getting old miss that businesses down because problems. On terms not the answer would never be one to sit here and tell you I don't do it I do this quite often but I don't like mine travel like yours you have might might linger I have a lingering aspect tonight it is it's it's hard you know got to stick to equals little band sticks in your -- and he knows it is right on your upper lips like stinky mustache boy. Standards really good at doing this like when it happens he doesn't say anything and then varieties used to audio tape in in my piece of my. In my view weird smell your supply side like. This happened a we'd like to a week and a half ago you you did this and you didn't say eating and all of a sudden I was like oh Q did you forward as you go oh yeah I've been parting on tape now. It was a horrible. I want to die but yeah the next ten minutes can be rough sprigs of it's actors teacher welcome back in look at the organ Boise State team at some point this salary or in essence right in the line sponsors coming in we'll do that coming up at 230 idealistic and NFL though focus really and three other games a cup my guy. That does that mean just so much on the line and all three cities and I wanna start with the first and I was out in Charlotte. This past may actually stopped by Bank of America Stadium did not seek Cam Newton tellem is a dish that unfortunately but Panthers Packers are playing Aaron Rodgers has Bakken and you did a segment on that while I was gone of just. What's gonna happen with Green Bay now that they have there guy back in Carolina a team. It is you can't forget about me that they've had some bad losses and questionable performances this year no doubt about it. And then they cannot do it did it last weekend felt like the vikings were unbeatable the way that they were playing and winning streak that they were on defensively they were a great job in the Stewart opened it up in the running game. Cam Newton a big gamers lakes they finally beat Minnesota to solidified their chances of making the playoffs. So you got Aaron Rodgers comes back he's going against of of really tough painter's team right now. You know I'm I'm looking forward to seeing what Rogers is coming off of that injury. But it but as I aim of camp pointed out with Rogers in returning Aaron Rodgers is a he's a game changer. 99.9. Percent of the time I just think that this next three game stretch is just. It's the it's the point 01% I I don't I don't know how old he is going to get through off of that injury you got Carolina on the road home against Minnesota and add Detroit you're facing three teams that are playing for their playoff lives and if Detroit gets knocked out of that race by the into the season. Idling at a team that rolls over I think they wanna do everything their power to knock as many teams is they can out. Back to back defense is of Carolina Minnesota is not something I would be ecstatic about a farm Aaron Rodgers I know he's wants to be out there. He wants to help his team be a playoff team. I just don't buy there's there's there's a there's a three you know stretcher they can't lose and again they lose seven games they're out you're not getting in with a night with a seven loss. Record. I think at best they're two and one and that's me being pretty nice citing their more one and two. Why I think this week going to be the telling game if they can go on the road and beat Carolina that changed my mind a little bit because I do think Detroit's beatable for them and in the tough line. Will be Minnesota there's symmetry to the to be just you look at the playoff picture right now you have the bottom seed in Atlanta city five and they play Tampa Bay this week at the Monday night game so that's again and look. Atlanta's loss and questionable games on dot that's what you kind of circle and say they can win. And get to nine wins and that's why it's tough Seattle's on the outside looking in Detroit's there on the outside looking in. An angry base sitting at seven and six I like the idea of is Green Bay makes the playoffs. There is dangerous as anybody especially with the injury to Carson Lance. I I would beast terrified of having to face Aaron Rodgers in the playoffs through the difficult part is can they get in an in the schedule does not line up well for them but. That's what does that Iran because Carolina still playing for an Arab for an NFC south title as well. I I'm I'm also just not an individual that's willing to die with every opinion an idea of if they get through distraction they make it and I will change my thought on her fractures in the back of his it's not like three L he plays well these next few weeks yes I'm not taking anybody to beat them. They were my favorite to begin the year he goes god they've been there done here they are seven and six they went out lieutenant six. He beats those three teams to close out the year and good luck treatment plant being on the road to me doesn't matter it's still Aaron Rodgers no matter where he sat. And even though it the other quarterbacks don't correlated with. The outcome against Rogers himself. You be looking at Rogers vs falls Rogers vs phenom Rogers vs go off scared off frank. Rogers may vs Ryan nude like you would just keep stack that up Wilson. And I still think everybody would take Rogers and those scenarios in the lead viewing kind of a frightening situation if you were one of those team. After the level any of the big games the NFC this weekend you can hear right here on the sand is a huge one in the NFC west is we already know they they played once Seattle beat him down in LA now they get them back in. Seattle where you got the rams fresh off a loss to Philly which has had a great ball game by the way about that shoot out. On Sunday in LA and I was a fantastic game and then he had Seattle on the road lot of shenanigans late now ball game they could get the offense going early playing against a great defense in Jacksonville which is why picked jaguars. And they loss ES Seattle on the outside looking in on the playoff picture but the crazy thing is they win this weekend the inside track to win the division because they would have both had a headwinds. Over the rams it would have the same record as the rams which would fall down from the seven seed in the NFC. All the way up to the three of the four seed depending on what happens against. With New Orleans this weekend but. If Seattle and LA and the one us about this like I know. I I am my gut is telling me to take the rams in this ball game because the injuries and piled up for Seattle okay and they got a month more even more on the defense inside now you're basically putting an all hands Russell Wilson. Jerryd goth playing in Seattle terrifies me. That that's that's a scary notion for me of a young quarterback going on the road late in the season probably going to be bad weather. And having to find a way to win in Seattle this is not easy to do that record back it it's maybe not rate for a moment that your best case and. Aerial is the weather continues to be what it's mainly been in this region and sunny and cold. And if that happens. Eventually the suns obviously gonna go away going up deal with is the coal which some quarterbacks can't throw in the called the we're not really sure what your goth is in different oh weather environments I like the follow up factor for McVeigh. You know they lost that game to the vikings got they responded really well we're some people thought oh this is where the rams it for a kind of fails on a little bit. This match ups really interesting like seahawk fan how to Seahawks fans feel about this because. If you follow anybody from Seattle I'm I'm pointing fingers at at C Hong Kong up there. They were tweet about running out to be a blowout in Jacksonville we're very confident after beating Philly where exactly they beat Philly on Sunday Night Football and it was we're back here we go all we're gonna beat Jacksonville we're a long amount. And you got handed a loss and then had in the game with incredibly poor sportsmanship. And now you're sitting there going well your claim for the division you're still playing for your playoff lives. And you beat this rams team they did a great job in October in LA and they did but that was basically a home game for them I was there CI fi and traveled extremely well and the rams had a chance there at the end Cooper cup dropped a pass diving catches nine out of ten times it's a different situation you can't take that away from home. But I I just I don't know where seahawk fans is on this team. He had that my gut tells me ramseys is always a concern Brussels and home into just feels like he does an idle Atlanta when an enviable couple weeks back but they've found a way to be Philly they went on the road Jacksonville. Now they're back home and scares me and that's as that's its usual in the NFC west play out Fischer wild card picture as well because the Seattle loses this weekend. You said it 86. With Atlanta likely winning get the chance for the Packers to get to eight wins. The chance for probably Detroit to get to eight wins that they beat Chicago is they show on Saturday. That becomes a really murky NFC playoff picture in the wildcard spots for Seattle if they can't win this weekend on online for them for this season. Thing comparing the two because we do at some times in this area. In comparing the NFL with college football be it a thousand Dunn Julie on a dead it's been really good for like a month has handed out now Dallas couple and this week and I think is going to be the cherry on top of that where. You'll still have wild card races. But for the most part you're getting a lot of things answered after this weekend you will and an NB ANC on it if Jose for me at least on you guys agree feels like it's it's her new England and that's in a number of the given anybody else a chance maybe maybe somebody else comes at a deliberate Jacksonville's defense I talked about let me is thoughts. He got. I talked about Jacksonville and how there are a weird team to trust. And then I looked at numbers over the weekend after navy Seattle. Days are the number one defense dominant defensively they're the number one rushing offense. And you know whose numbers Blake corals is just like. Ben Roethlisberger second year when the Steelers won the Super Bowl now. He trusted do you trust in the playoffs so. I don't know and they belong there ought to be doing link him eagle on the road because I know these integrators I don't that was as sore -- game for the C I would tell you that if your same Blake quarles and Brady and probably take him Brady. Ugly portals on the road and that's where I'm probably taking Pittsburgh led. If Pittsburgh beats New England. And in Jacksonville wins out. Jacksonville have the same record as new England and they own the tiebreaker they would get the buy that they do that they did that has happened almost damage because that's a big game into the weekend in my opinion is is Pittsburgh knowing and I get why they didn't flex it that CBS ones that want they want Romo and and Nance on the call for them but. So ended at that this is in my opinion at least the AFC championship preview. And you mentioned it to lead the tiebreaker scenarios in the wind and could fall out of it may be a banal fielded an injury for a first round bye. If they lose this weekend and if if they're able to win no they get to eleven and three Pittsburgh's eleven to three so you have home field advantage on line for what in my opinion. Will end up being AFC title game because it Tina wins this has the inside track and getting I I don't wanna completely count out because I'm hopeful as a sports fan it does feel like it's Pittsburgh New England on that collision course for the AFC. But it's if LA with this win against Kansas City I think people are gonna be feeling decent about their chances of maybe an upset in being out of the red hot team. And then Jacksonville I'm willing to give Jacksonville's little lights. Yeah maybe there's a chance for them you have great weekend and the NFL man I can't wait last week it was awesome and only another bed just terrible injury but the one thing it did is it really may heed the NFC playoff picture fascinating because Minnesota your favorite at this point is on the road loss to Carolina. I'd still give them that label at this point again Rogers in the mix Drew Brees still there it would New Orleans. And then EA SE got Kansas City in LA fight for the AFC west against the jaguars playing good. The titans are still in the picture and then maybe they match up of the AFC championship game at home field advantage on the line. We team Pittsburgh and when it's gonna Beagle won in the NFL and I cannot wait it starts on Saturday. And so on senate to get to spray and align bottom of the hour to trick sponsor Israeli sentiment 55305. It was segments of the Las Vegas Bowl as Mario Cristobal fishing to coach his first game as a head coach at Oregon. What are you wanna see from heaven auditing that all plays out 55305. Talked baseball next on tending to fan. That was regular life coming up finally our interface sponsors in 55305. Or against good ones Ronan or straight line really hard today oh. We now usually straight line art I know we're really gonna Spragan okay. And reflects. The vikings and call you out for the reverse jinx. 119 Hannon a bit like I I sarcastically is they think a lot I sarcastically to Carolina for that reason to pick them. And implicated in out for me well. I quite appreciate that thank you for that it was regular income in the bottom of the hour with the Stewart went off like that seventy yard run ago yeah I did it. Now all I did it this raging through the reverse jinx is back embryo what was the good that you lost the reverse jinx on. We said we wouldn't call against you for awhile is the cubs are some Clinton but we gave it we give you a brief hiatus of not having spring jinx around. And now is that I feel like it's from the back you wanna bet of some sort. And that was your only asking price was if eyewitness I get it right this trade rumors geez does and I wanted to deny dead and I can't remember what it was from like candy either but you know on Allen but I think it's safe to say that was the axles brake line did you sponsors and 55. 305 but so we got the bowl season officially beginning tomorrow all all if you're a bull lawyer probably excited it's not. The bulls season probably doesn't do it on foreign says the way it is for some folks the wrap up. A the cost of all season ironically though we do have a local tie in and in my opinion a pretty interesting ballgame almost a kick things off. And that is a Las Vegas bull because he had organ in their first game after the Willie tiger brief era. Mario Cristobal coaching his first game. And all that added in the fact that they're playing in my opinion a pretty good Boise State team a team is ranked in the top 25 a team that won our conference do that won ten games this year. CF seven a five organ taking on number 2.5 Boise State and that is a pretty darn good way. To start the intriguing bowl games because every game before that is a eight daddy get Troy north Texas and western Kentucky Georgia State. Leading up to organ in Boise State set me up I I can't wait to watch as one tomorrow yeah you know what I I think act. So leave. Further Royce Freeman conversation that that news broke. I aimed towards the tail end of our show that he wasn't gonna play now stealing a play any hot takes on their call not Royce Freeman now help now. Every duck fan on the tax line every duck fan us on on FaceBook and Twitter all supportive thank you everything for Royce and and that was my message to. It wasn't any different than how I felt about McCaffrey your foreign net. On and I I think you and your program greatly benefits more. When you put a player in the NFL and maybe they have a lengthy career major university looked better. Then saying no he was there to help us get our eighth win in a baseball we won't remember ten years from now. By I actually the news this morning was bigger. And more important that Tyrell Crosby is going to play he's a Vegas kid. He's gonna Wear number 58 in honor of the victims from the Vegas shooting and he's really stoked about going out there now you mentioned a good matchup I do think this is a good matchup. Boise State is now is no slouch they should've won eleven games. Because they shouldn't have lost to Washington State member that will make it did Tyler Lindsay came back in Luke Faulk got benched in slash hurt. And they came all the way back and beat Boise State so they should have finished better but. We don't know enough crystal ball as a head coach on the power five level in this conference. I don't even on nine Germany take much away from this team win or lose. Odd going into next season what I do know is they have just in Herbert they have Crosby. Fired up ready to play and for the most part this team is sculpt this team was abandoned my Willie Taggart. They've been dealing with the recruiting backlash from some of the deep commits in gist of like I'm not really into it I don't wanna play for anybody else but Willie Taggart. I think they're going to be fired up for this one. And Boise State although a good program. Is not Chris Petersen Boise State this is not the Boise State that comes in. And they put the fear god and you because this is there Super Bowl and it's the only game they care about. I think organ has better horses and I think they have the talent to overcome losing a Royce Freeman three game because of Herbert. Levy is still there is the DC. I really like organs chances in this one Carson does not frighten me the way to Chris Peterson once it. Yeah I'm all of organ minus a seven in his blog and I really am for a lot of reasons you highlighted but I I do believe they're gonna be playing that middle finger to Willie Taggart kind of ball game do you abandon us sick when you get dumped by somebody you wanna spend the next couple months in the gym to make sure if you run across a new look for the gun. I think organs and trying to have that kind of ball game tomorrow and you got just an arbor with a couple more weeks to get healthy after the civil war. As Phil Steele told us their defense actually grades are better than Boise State's this year. Which is a bonus and losing rights for a minute that's a top law manes one of the best running backs in program history. He wasn't a lock almost every single week it felt like to go for a hundred yards and just beat about that that. The bell cow of this offense but. If there's any position you can afford to lose a guy it's probably that position because you can go with Kennelly Benoit playing in his last game to Vegas why hasn't moved whatsoever ties Christians are going to be around sleep you've got other guys you can hand the ball to in Crosby being there on the left side. That's where you're gonna run the ball to a there was a site they did a statistical analysis. Of Royce Freeman say you know he really found his groove running to the left side this year. And a friend of the show Tyson all dreadfully treat this agreement went on the Crosby's analysts on the line that's probably why he ran the ball solo that side. Satellite instrument so he's going to be around and I I don't see a big drop off coming in. I think even on top of that you have a team that didn't make a bowl game last year factor there from him this is a forays of Tristan an eagle gave a long time. And not your backe get a chance to go play one more game send the seniors out on a high note in and give a middle finger to the coach that left you at the altar in dubbed yeah after only one season. And did the big concern in bowl games is how motivated is your team going to be do they want to be there are they are the engaged with their opponent. There's a lot of times you have that concern at Oregon the last time there in Vegas is a prime example of going the wrong way. When they played BYU they had nothing to play for the team wasn't the morale was agree in the locker room and they got absolutely ran out the field. I see the opposite going I'm all over organ minus a seven I think they play one of the best games of the year tomorrow and they and they blow the doors up from Boise State well and and again just my point on that is like Freeman and as. How Grady was an organ because he really was is the most model four star kid you could ever want. To come and your program to do what he did for four years coming back from last year. And doing what he did. The wind didn't move you know just for reference sake take a player like seek on Barkley. Or price level on Stanford yet they say they now plan are there out lions will will change and whether it's drastic they're still changing nonetheless this didn't move at all on Tyrell Crosby would make me second guess this a little bit that's a big hole plug Boise State's defense rush wise is is pretty good there they're hitting their top twenty in the country. And I wanted to look back just deceit. What they did against team like San Diego State's a good example saying who stays and a decent Reich. Offense and they beat up on San Diego State. Earlier this season San Diego State averaged 252 yards per game on the ground police state Helms 83. But this is where the Crosby's of the world. They dividends at a Justin Harvard's the world pay dividends if it is slow and upper taken away from you in the first half. I think you have what it takes to push the ball through the air mrs. Marcus markets Arroyo's offense now. Hopkins is on Tuesday dirt he said that Arroyo is gonna open it up more through the year and we have seen an organ a while. I think that's an exciting thing and it it tells you that if you do get slow download on the ground organ is going to be able to move the ball through the air. Yeah two last things on this that I diligent the rice treatments of disease you'd be given issue with him not playing the last this last game I think he needed kind of re prioritize what's important to you and your life and it does Kate gave. Four years at university he came back analyst draft stock was in great last year but he decided to come back and go through another year Wear and tear on his body instead of giving it a chance of the NFL. He trusted the new coaching staff to give them a Jiri how to monstrous year. One of the best backs statistically valid only in organist in the pac twelve history. Really is you mentioned in the mall can that you cast where it was great on the field grey out the field never got in trouble always got yelled at the the student that he wants only to be represented the university well. I can't speak any higher of of Royce Freeman I think he's he's one of the best ever do it. It UG probably one of the more underrated backs we've ever seen compatible organ because a lot of the guys had more flash more outspoken. He just went out did his job like you it was one of those guys you have a hundred yards in the third quarter need look up. Back at that he's got a hundred yards and none of the runs at the stick out to that much it was just always efficient. Inconsistent with what he did you you can gauge is probably better than me because you're more friends that are duck fans is is this an exciting thing production in this ball game. I do think it is okay because of the coaching hire I think you want is if crystal ball comes out. Any any you know have wins by 21 points over a top 25 team. I think that solidify some opinions for people I think to some folks on the edge of did you like it did not that you've gotten better. Not that this is gonna be the end all be all they beat Boise means are gonna win eleven games next year but. It would at least settle everybody down again in the offseason going and that signing day. And that was giving a what did you addressed it was I you know IR front of the show and here on the fan and genetic reporting meetings DeVon Williams. It's gonna commit Ortiz a five star wide receiver kid and I was told couple days ago that he's not. Taken any other visits this week and I believe he's going to the Vegas bowl. Just assume a crystal balls like his head coach and that's got to be done and he'll people expected to and commit which should be big is it blossom receiver commits coated and pick up. They got a chance to get a five star kid big kid in DeVon Williams which should be a huge yet. For crystal ball Rio it was a recruiting rankings of Vegas ball tomorrow at 1230 Oregon Boise State to see it on ABC and one loss on as a broadcasting group. Got the eight crew for this game. I believe it's Fowler herb street oh really yes our rebate is full of the pedestal eating today and right there being they were asking you to. We comic it was a lot of interest in Oregon Boise State into the rocks walking around the Sime. It would be so bad as it came out at halftime at. If this. Pelican. Island me thousands of baseball while boys say lord will seek a vote of apple question do you like the ducks minus a 730 in Boise State. Can cover on taken them to win and cover the spread let's write a line was right it was a money on this weekends and your sponsors in five tries real final do it next to break in the last. Straight at the glass Reagan last regular lab. Israeli Reggie by Herm Edwards you mean I actually after coach now though thinks Obama DS I guarantee that was his first thought this morning literally life. Sign up this. Great lines sponsored by net neutrality I don't quite understand it much like us break doesn't know how or why take good picket. And a 531. The last three way race. This allowed them last three week and it's great for you sensed this freight lines sponsored endurance vacation home. But your artists in Charleston but your budget is in Milwaukee probably probably not best he's bring ethics. Not only back from going to your dream now Jeff it's valid haven't channeling money to moved Charles and keep losing money this year we have par laid together and has not that I'm well that we had in her growth for like old for nine straight line is sponsored by Derek Jeter is give Basque. It was the Marlins trade you at least get a signed baseball. I don't like easy old takes expose fell tweets of both Marcel Ozuna and Giancarlo Stanton heavily Christian yell which is well all tweeting positive things about their teeter if the expects them all out around these stands comments I yes. He chest too strong role beat that team that he did spray lines sponsored by forever 21 supplying sprayed with his super casual Horrow holiday wardrobe for his super casual terrible picks him at the are nice regular lines sponsored by dirt toilet fragrance talk about Lusk the only thing that could cover the stench of Sprague mix. We like I think a Taco Bell bell sound film. They line sponsored by fans and selling raffle tickets now to sealant to be the next head coach. He's that for him alive by the Herm Edwards David it's like people time hermit oh do you you're beget good opportunity to job. He sucked when he coached. As we're not good teams you remember Herman Edwards playing to win the game. Great lines sponsored by Boise state of say they died since 2000 innate getting punched in the face since 2009 still better and Sprague to pay X. Straight line sponsored by law and Pacific northwest winners so jury but not history as petty as breaks picks or. Pressing airlines sponsored by Sprague picking the ducks Boise is officially a lot too and now thinks Sprague. Lastly here's rail lines sponsored by Ilie tag or bailing from Morgan faster than someone who followed sprigs betting advice. So there goes for equipment on this weekend or actually gonna. Go to fabulous Las Vegas where right now it's it's organ minus seven against Boise State. This is I hopefully it's a good game. But this one opened at five to five and half depending on what book you look at it's up to seven now at Boise State has a history of playing well in these games. And when they get these opportunities they take full advantage we've seen that time and time again. There's no Royce Freeman for organ can they be all right with that we will find out. None of those things scare me off in this one again brain arson is not Chris Peterson which doesn't in it doesn't. It doesn't put fear in ya like it did win Peterson was there. I'm gonna buy this down a half point to save my ass. And I think the dots are gonna take care of business but I wanna be sure of it. So I'm gonna take it down. Two. Give me the docs minus six and a half in this one yet that was an exit gambling folks are saying is wait as long as you can't put money on that one because without Royce Freeman there's a chance maybe it slips down just a tad. Two under seven points you wouldn't have to buy and a half a point against united to win money on this game yep I would absolutely recommend that as well. My second pick so there's my college football bowl pick I'm gonna go back to the NFL we got some big games this weekend. And I'm gonna go to one game that's that's big for one team. From the the publisher's standpoint of they're still open for the playoffs and that's Oakland vs Dallas and right now that's Dallas minus three. If you watch the Dallas giant game last weekend at thing was tied at ten now eventually Dallas went off and blew the giants out and took care business. They play the raiders this week into are coming off the Los against the chiefs. And I think Dallas is still in the playoff hunt I personally don't think they make it up but they're still in it. And they're gonna win this game by more than three. They have the horses to go against the raiders and put points on the board. Idling the raiders are good team whatsoever. I'm gonna dig dollars minus the theory that's us exists and it is of a young quarterbacks got a lot of attention for for bad yours and you spent some time a Mario and earlier this week for the way he looked this past weekend. The world Cologne their car. That's headed for a guy that was and they fired former -- musgrave Gaddis admitted it just shows you how important coaching is for all these guys a year it got to had a big year three signed a long term contract extension you think you found your franchise guys to believe he is. But Matt's been a rough you're in efforts contract with some injuries for their cards ya the next Gelman go to is actually a it's got to be considered a little bit of an upset based on record but it's not an upset to Vegas and I think Vegas has this right. Tennessee on the road at San Francisco. Tennessee is not a good team I've been saying this for weeks now I picked him last weekend. I picked against him last weaning it's the cardinals. And I was right because they straight up loss that came in Arizona. Something's not right with markets Mariano whether that's confidence whether it's an injury whether it's Mike Malarkey. There's something amiss with Mario to this year. Tennessee's not good Jimmy gee is undefeated. You mean in niners minus one and a half to beat Tennessee with three in a row for the niners soundly at such a dock cater. Well time I know I'm picking to force butler's team. I'm sorry that I hate the organs he's Gnomedex volume Purdue man the next game I got two more picks here she's evil five yeah we're gonna make a sprint and I keep on New England in Pittsburg. This is gonna be a good game like I think this is going to come right down to the end. Pittsburg is a dog at home plus three and a half. I'm going to. Get a half point here. And I'm gonna take. New England. Our imaging test for cheese me class three and a half its sales. And a half I think of New England is in my field goal and I was a little more surprising outcomes to me for the season was the Miami New England Monday night game I didn't I didn't see that talent and just says the rate don't know what all eleven on third down and -- and and that since like 1990s something that was nobody saw that coming that's the only terrifying thing from these New England coming off line all day I I think knew it was a win this game but I think it's doable game I don't Pittsburg to move the ball. And it's gonna come down to the end to give me Pittsburgh plus the three and a half and then finally I'm gonna go to Seattle LA rams Seattle Seahawks match up. I'm stoked for this one can Jared Gupta on the road. What's Russell Wilson and be able to do it is Bobby Wagner play Michael Bennett's response being called a dirty player all week. The division there's a lot of things on line here. And I can't wait to watch it. My gut is the same god that you've had in terms of feel. I'd just like the rams and I can't explain it other than just yes the feel that I have with this this game in October which I was at LA. Was really close back and forth Cooper cup dropped a key crucial pass that would have given the game. I think LA goes to Seattle I liked him as a plus two and a half underdog. To win this came out. There you go there's a five picks for spray in line we got ducks minus six and a half tomorrow on the Vegas bowl cowboys minus three. Is he getting as the raiders your take keying the 49ers. About that minus the one and a half against the titans Pittsburgh plus three Africans New England. And the rams on the road in Seattle plus the two and a half to go out and get that winds spraying line. Brad do you buy Santa. Your on the naughty list straight line Brad she died dirtier naughty 300 you've rider Tammy he's packed. Coach me and run ads are most people are yeah. For you to be back with crystal ball got hired I know that I've fans or another that fans were there you go Laura beaver hold our picks from Sprague would have been too it is by the way and say can you please pick against the vikings. You're not taking the vikings this week and leaving them out which I Clinton couldn't say right now though. Like the vikings' chances to win. Up until I until until idol exit and now I like to do it again. The don't play any blinking asking them so many Texans face in the rams and patriots to win this weekend Sprague I can comfortably sit back and watch them lose now I didn't pick patriots. You said he liked it when you're taking the Steelers to cover. The difference and taken the da is different says they don't spread line every Friday thinks of the sponsors we always appreciate will host a show I was. Not seekers back. But does it care yeah. No next on the. They don't suspect in Atlanta weekends I would do it every single Friday here on their Sprague. Isaac didn't suit coming up top of the hour. That's going to be back meant it was weird when you miss a week is still begging you get back and there's so much going on it's hard for me on blog I don't have that capability was boards. I know there was things that were tied into my team to stand stuff was going on that and go my way but it's hard to bring our Phnom plugged sports. Nobody sees does he have an opinion on what Jerry your opinion I'm not I'm not good at that. Well one it's good to have you back I wouldn't advise you to just take this day off the glass that why you working today I met I also say it's not it's kind of silicon work on a Friday and indicative felt like a Monday all day today for me coming back in and I I get the weakened after this. I'm I'm glad to have you back and leg and take the day off. I see what you're saying about the sports thing like it's hard to unplug from sports. I think when your vacations different it's not so you you went to visit family you're on the road. You know your board and a car your second stuff right. Puts you in Hawaii on a beach that's abilities and I don't think your caring about. Anything except for troop is my beer empty your little bit a little bit easier to unplug when you and I sat down with him there you know we're we are feeling all they come back and it did feel like a Monday but it's Friday's -- into the weekend I'll take it when they were weeks not babble to back. Full strength next week and its brakes take up for some vacation at the end of the week couple stories elated to hear before we get to the blazers India magic which is coming up you're shortly from Orlando. I saw this today from LaDainian Iran and the Oregon Ian. Zia did about south Collins so he was granted his release from a football team can transfer does play there anymore on the yet they just say he's being grant the release as I was saw that was it then today we come to find out that apparently. He was also yesterday. A range of fur around where this go a single charge a fourth degree assault. Against a nineteen year old woman he pleaded not guilty not guilty. To the misdemeanor charge which stemmed from an incident at a party that occurred two months ago led to a suspension from the football team to beavers never announced the suspension publicly. He just cannon shot at my university for just being. Outstanding in the way that they handled that just. The strange right gas engine ever announce that they never said he was suspended and every civil was going on they just came out yesterday in cities transferring use grants in Richmond bees than. Cannot same day well I am I the authors of Beers in that maybe more in tune maybe you can correct me I just I got two point worm a stepping interest in my team. I thought he was out with the illness and then I just thought I had kind of sidelined him for most of the rest the Ryan heard assists. Pension I know. The transfer kid. And Johnson from DC the running back right he got suspended I know that. I don't ever call any announcement of a suspension for south Collins noon news there and in July we don't mandolin organs yeah I was not arrested following the incident happening Krause apartment a column complex early morning Sunday October 8 the end document is a Collins unlawfully in recklessly caused physical injury. Two person so he pled not guilty to a just another angle of the south Colin stories we thought we would play Nazi. One other quick thing I wanted to get to not to uses surprised anybody but did you see ways officially released its list of the worst traffic cities in America. And good for us we are number five. And analysts. It's a day in front of the fifth worst traffic city in America that we're not gonna always throws me off. We can't tell to drop yeah seems like its alive for it does seem like it's alive and I can't remember what the race stemmed from. Is something probably that was decorated news that news or probably organ state related thing that would gets lifeguard TU to say that for a the only cities that are worse apparently we're Los Angeles. San Diego. Has added a San Diego's over bad traffic Jacksonville Florida and Honolulu. Seattle not on that about settles a nightmare minus. They have like six lane roads tootsie and worse yeah cell there you go so that's happened in Portland the fifth where city the best place to drive if you're wondering Greensboro, North Carolina. As the best place to drive actions of you wanna move some place you know like traffic there you go greens from north Carolina's place that I give a quick shout out very quickly don't have to do the rest the show looks and you ask blazer question I have an idea of thank you even though I was never the biggest fan. For everything the guy did in our industry my friend cents a I know locks he on today right this is as I don't show today and he's he'd literally just said on his show I've seen tweets from people. He said that he was the one that invented doing NFL picks segments. Even if that's true or not I don't care and allowed a little like him. Thank you for everything you do in the industry because without a Mike friends essay in the mad dog succeeding. This really does not take off how people think it does now at strip is a big player and that was activities doesn't announce stories go annexing it to dry out now but it's now how about that and of minera in New York purity announcer replacement show Ahtyba and that's aligned to three person show three person show Piaf but we just ablaze it is to get to use of barricades is officially back ladies and he is back he's playing he's gonna be on minutes restriction tonight in Orlando anti citizen you can it is segment on this follows on in I you know it's hard. It did at the time change is so crazy because he's blaze some tactical mistake he'd started at 1030 in North Carolina I'm past I'm not gonna want to second and a ball game and missed that one at that I miss anything anyways. I let two guys who stood up blown out. The apathy is really said he thinks his team. I I have almost reached a point thirty games in right don't really care anymore per day I have reached that point I honestly I saw the news people are cheaper back. I was their fifteen games ago I put a fresh air I don't care I'm I'm stern gets sucked in the college basketball season partly because of my extracurricular activities spoke. Partly because it's just a little bit more interesting right now on the MBI I think the NBA we kind of know what to expect come growing just going to be legal state tone. Give us and it meant a lot of seats Huston as Golden State go and I want to say they. We know they also updates I saw the movie's gonna end let's not bring the NBA into this story out there goes in the glory side goes the dark side it's over in Italy. The NBA's integrate sees it the blazers however. Absolute apathy. If you don't if you're not on Twitter. You're reading it right because people on Twitter are nuts if they're acting like they care that much this team is boring. There's something wrong with him the roster. That's just not interest that they do not wrote the end. As bad man. I've gotten there. People are lying to themselves if you really doubt interest of this team is not fun to play at Orlando tonight some maybe conceal from paintings hair and they're literally in the worst position you could be an Indian it and they're not good enough they're not bad enough though it is exactly how famous they get swept in the first round again. And how are ready and go if you missed it still steel was on the show for a half hour ago checking out the big preview of the college football playoffs pac twelve games Oregon all that stuff yeah Randy Greg's going to Star Wars tonight is there now and everybody else. We'll be over the weekend enjoyable games tomorrow. Back from vacation we'll all be back together on Monday. Animal what is next listening to 1080 the fan.