Dirt & Sprague Friday April 20th, 2018 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, April 20th
The guys wonder if it is time to dub The Process in Philly a sucess, plus Spraguin the Line on all the NBA Playoff action this weekend, and if/when the MLB comes to Portland what should the name of the team be.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Playoff basketball is a different game got numbers of sick fortunate. Builds in gives it. Clock and down. This is a playoff week a nation of dirt and sprayed. Prior to buy a red tailed us Dennis Green tents down. Friday April 20 and sending the 22 at 250% off everything else. They think I'll read till dot com for more details. Third and spray gun 1080. So soon. Let's do this final hour there and spray on a Friday after Friday's are going while suns start to peak through the clouds if I keep my microphone on the whole segment we got a good one. The good down the blazers suck but we still remain positive news. And we'll talk more about that debacle last night. We have still just a little bit can I just love that. I don't wanna start the weather was great line coming up bottom of the hour where he gets good fake sponsors Ronan said in a 55305. Osu would lose some money on. Coming at a 230. These the Philadelphia 76ers. I I yeah I have tried to avoid getting completely roped in to what they have going on how did you not trust the process last night and that's what terror I have a nightmare about Jill Allen beat his masters tees are kidding he was a nightmare cars now are you kidding me so they went on the roads of Miami they won by twenty points in game 3 July indeed officially back in the starting lineup we know how to bend Simmons has been obviously. The Jolo island the last night. Became the first player to put up twenty points seven rebounds four assists and three blocks in his playoff debut. I don't like when we Jesus it's a very netstat now say I don't see EC Disco I think we know he was good John what he's ever been that good okay. Right and others have been a better. So he was I was 511 for the knock down some threes got to the foul line a whole bunch. Ben Ben Simmons continued to your remarkable he had. Darn near another triple double nineteen points twelve rebounds and seven assists and just watching the interaction. That this thing is going to is there anybody out there arguing that taking doesn't work anymore. Yeah you uneasy more Klaus Phoenix look at. They're just beginning to tank. Now the tanking is about over they got their player in Devin Booker got to come out the other end of the tank they missed on mar keys Chris he's been horrible Josh Jackson was a particularly. And Rawlings so you have teams you can point to and you know how I felt about this a couple of years ago. I was pro tank I thought the talent they had available to them it made sense for Portland situation. I give people that don't think every team should tank and I also get people that think team should probably go when it two ways get free agents. Or tank but it doesn't pay off for everybody. There was a fun little factoid I saw on Twitter and apologies to can't quite remember who tweet it. But there's a good chance if Philly is able to get the Eastern Conference finals. I give them a shot to beat somebody get to the finals if in a perfect world injuries break their way and they won a title with him beat in Simmons. You might be looking at the last true tank team that worked for. And what I mean by that is the NBA has changed there a change in the game or draft process to retain keen. Does not help people the way one I did which is why everybody takes a hard this year yes is their last chance to take advantage of people are going real hard this year. So you know there's an off chance that this could be the team we point to remember the process that was on not every team is the process. But if you're gonna ask me. If you can't give freeagent senior. Literally an MBA purgatory I am always going to tell you. Your assets or through the draft he's got a good young captive talent as much can't yeah and this is a made an amazing and just watch very goes because because after game one everybody crown in the east champs minute loss on their home floor in game two and delay weighed at a vintage two point late game and now in game three jewel on bead comes back and they win by twenty on the road. They held Miami by the way to 144 quarter points it was a pretty close game through the first three quarters back and forth you know Kennedy leads differing. And then they outscored thirty to fourteen in the fourth quarter and they ran away when it. That's a crazy discrepancy on the road in game three seat Yani don't wanna get too far over your skis and start reclaiming things but. As it when you look at the Eastern Conference the the wild part of this is. It does seem winnable this year. You know in years past I have always chuckled at that notion because we tried crowned this team in trial's gonna do or Washington's gonna do it Boston's gonna do it. Give me a break LeBron James could when Eastern Conference. That this is the first time now on 56 years I've felt different about that. Because I still think Cleveland to lose round one I think they could I I wouldn't I can also see them winning the east because LeBron James is still that good as he showed game till bud. It's it's not a foregone conclusion in my mind Toronto has a ton of question marks about the way they play in the playoffs. You've seen Boston looked good but can they sustain it without their superstars who rely on guys like rose you're the rest of the playoffs. A Cleveland as you mentioned big question mark and if they get bounce and he got Indiana and the second round so. This really is a little killed here were their first urine playoffs. They ended the season to what sixteen straight wins I believe adding that we won their first in the playoffs and he wants up like eighteen of nineteen now and there's of the stick shot the Philadelphia's 76ers. Make the NBA finals is our young mounting is out of left field to think that that's a possibility for them Toronto's gonna have some say about that Boston is so well coached. But when you got two guys got a 610 point guard who can operate that way and you have a seven footer. That has that kind of skill and ability. That's frightening I mean that's. That that really it's almost and I I don't mean this to say there on that level yet it's almost like a magic in Korean situation Jesus who do you deal with how I deal with those two guys arrived in Seoul watching him try to get through this series. And then you know potentially in in the this is the area the second round in the conference as they can reach that. It makes it no doubt entertaining and interesting. Arm but I think this is an interesting point at the tax I'm from listener they did glut Drake for five years service. Oh they debit it took a line today they were awful thing along my way is it worth it. I think what a championship hill yes he's really they would be sitting there saying if LeBron does it come to us he's going to Wear Houston. So yeah out we would think yes I think at this point I don't know how you say it's not worth it now. This filly won a title at this group we won't know on its debt that say we can't look into the crystal ball on predict that far if they stay healthy I have a hard pressed to say no but like I edges and and what we've done this with the media because a lot of media people come on a little pump up the blazers and trying to get them home fans all riled up and on their side ahead of like a national broadcast my favorite one is we had Mark Jones on one time of the ESP anyone in the last year when -- play by play guys he was in our blizzard bright spot why would you trade CJ and raise their goalie just trusted them get there. And we were like okay. And we had been ass kicking was still to come taking Wasilla a top reason no ill tell you limited by us. And then we us and just simply will whose roster would you rather have been a grand as a before pre season her or offseason trades whose roster would you rather have the next five years Minnesota or Portland. Minnesota. Okay whose roster would you rather the next five years Philadelphia or Portland. When you probably go Philly and that case OK so a couple of teams that requires a high draft picks and they got some top. And it doesn't mean that it works right away but as of right now who would you rather be. As as a fan a would you rather be 76ers manner of blazers front AM wake it up to a better is a sixer for and there's no doubt because citing get swept out of the Posey a lot of Turkey sandwiches so they did in Houston to how'd that work out form at the Astros now. I get I just franchising geared that way you know dirt I in his area killed them island is done with that I understand that I it is that you highlighted how difficult they are to guard and I needed eight we just look at the box where a game like last night. So much attention goes on MB and he's tough to stop nobody can keep Ben Simmons from getting the hoop when he wants to go there because he's is that big physical guard. It just opens everything else up for other guys like SARS three of a 47 from three coming digital three C Tug. You had Ilyasova off the bench is to a three from three Belinelli scored 21 points off the bench because nobody can guard nobody. All the attention goes on to guys in this again is all without Marco faults having an impact whatsoever he played four minutes as well and. Yeah I know he can play very much but he's start mechanic come back right maybe confidence is getting bill. What's the name of that spirit is TDs it's the rose TDs and listen I am colony sixers games. Because apparently Natalie del he'd belly any like. Emphasizes the belly with early lead with a lay out why it can be a nickname nobody in his ears saying hey it's Belinelli. Belinelli and Lynn now barely Nellie unresolved and Alan balances that may be taking over but you know you mention we we talk about Simmons and impede. Let's or Covington into this let's throw faults in the future and this. Sorry it was a pick some people made fun of him for now. And you know they wouldn't go get a veteran like that when nine eagle sign a JJ Redick. GM now your team is actually pretty decent. And your sit they're gone tacklers and free agents to Philadelphia okay you got some money to spend the brawn is interested in new. It helps your in the east that only he wants to leave the east. By one you're good market good sized market is brand snack and a changer beat. Hindered if he leaves and two he's got incredible relationship with been Simmons. Which helps his agency which she will be co owner of once he retires after retires they'll announce a partnership rat he's or vehicle owner of AD just can't announce seconds against the idea BA rules. So things have really fallen into place for them. Through their tank job I don't know if it happens for Portland that way you know I jokingly says it's adds a crapshoot if I told you this blazer team. Jason Tatum is on the roster this year. I think most plays a fan is signing up for that nine out of ten times I I'll take that the only person it's not this is sitting there today saying I'm OK with us losing in round one in which case I want nothing to do with that individual down so. That's nice to throw out but we don't know if that's who they would've ended up with a Syrian military to get it's a whole crapshoot that says so far at least it took them a long time just like it did and used him at the Astros took them a long time it looks like signs are pointing in the right direction. I'll for Philly are you do you want Philly you guys want to 76ers of an east. If it as basketball fans. If you had to pick one team to launch in the NBA finals at the east alluded to I want LeBron in Philly in the east finals. Over Toronto Boston. Yeah yeah yeah and that's is basically me being biased in some regard but if you told me Philly can get there. I would BA okay is a and I know I'm got Bobby Knight I'm not at all. To Philly gets there. I think tsetse assuming an you know if you believe Philly Houston would be fine villages in her Philly go on stiff it's going to be Houston or Golden State with the wily veterans in the back court for both those teams how Ben's Simmons then a couple of young guys see how they could negotiate at that age I tend to believe it on the final stage that could be a force five game series with either Golden State Houston but I'm still trusted in Philly would be really entertaining DI EI. Where have we seen a young guy at his prime make it NBA finals data like this really is Simmons is indeed scents like LeBron did carrying that terrible cavs team. Not the chemical back to magic run I had Brian Williams was drafted into a tonic to you know iris battled heartily got hurt in the series rallied late senator in game seven ministers off and a yeah eyes that would be Craig has what's this is what years three for Simmons a year to abide tech in the year one in your three friend bead right. Three or 43 or four but he has donated time because I did Shaq and then with the magic when he got to the finals that's a good quest against the rockets we Ashraf had in 92. And I was like 9590 to 95 no 99495. To 94 and a node and oversight before. Was the guy that strike is indeed a second it was DOJ Ron was going on gearing nets it was 94 Shaq might have been and a audobin is our Internet and being here with penny to show a young guys make a name thing you know the similar amendment enacted in gonna land title everybody thought they did that they would have if I'm Orlando wasn't stupid as often at thirty for thirty it would be handled it well limiting what worked on the contract he deserves and talked to many when the left for LA yeah socio goes but Tutsi once seriously for Philly they blew up -- last night's by toiled against nine by the way any NBA playoffs are all east games arrest him on Cleveland Indiana Toronto Washington Boston. Block it let's got back and let's get back into last night's debacle right field blazer fans and we want to see happen this summer because we all know the series is over that's next on the fan. Yeah it was great to lose some money behind them. Straight line coming up bottom of the hour well I think this is a week where everybody will win because we had all know what's gonna happen Saturday at us. Asked to check maybe. We got some great things sponsors coming and bring immense credit line 55305. Gets those coming up in ten minutes. Giving the you think that oppressive level has gone down throughout the data blazer fans feel a little bit better than they were this morning no way they feel better about what the hell they'll still better than just moved on easy had some more time to understand what's happening I guess they've been. Asked that shoot around a practice. That they saw Jrue Holiday who winning at the Davis he dumped on key point derided her PG pulled them out yet. The blazers in seed until the replay oh their response to it was basically just. When he about kicked a community of are you hitting city late Damien Miller has a quote. I'm not quoting verbatim but like it's really too got a fax it's. Confidence he says some ninety give your company to do something like dad and honestly. When you beat us we have who can blame them. Can somebody get punched in the face tomorrow I can sum of its concerns and go down here. When you did not punt down you need if you didn't see what happened it was one of the crazy law stand the Dino I think this was the putback oh that's right it was a put back right over at cage and nerd pitches like keel over. Bent over at the ways to enjoy holiday was standing right there gives you the picture Jewish holiday points and lassie users in her cage. He'd play there's a still picture of you could see it. Just Google it any peace playing at Anthony Davis is flexing behind him and your holiday is pointing and laughing and Turkish I can't blame them for reacting that way. But to not have the stones for any sort of retaliation or Chesapeake. Just shoehorn sub sub this off attitude I couldn't help but Suk as I was driving home at that moment. So I was catching it to the airwaves. I don't wanna dive team foreign Jason Zweig yards should be to fill in radio guy. I'm just gonna say he would have had the enthusiasm is if Americans dunked on 28000 people the way that that call was IA guy I couldn't believe it I heard the call out. And I died. That was a call for that other team dunking on the blazers by the blazer guy. Good lord little confused here it was not good my favorite broadcast on the night last night was Lamar heard wind they brought in he waved the white flag group. Of anybody else got this guy but he said you know the last time this group oh yeah or luck in Houston bowl they Wear out he went that route that got to polish the turtle oh. Literally. For them. I have nothing but respect having with the pilot's last couple years been on the other end of some games like that with it was Saint Mary's. It's so difficult to. One keep the enthusiasm and the energy up. That's maybe them the hardest part but then he might rise in used to broadcast a game. And keep. Like it's relevant like to keep people if there are right keep morale it is showed a difficult out so kudos to them because I thought they did. Under the circumstances as for the I mean that's when you find out why Michael O'Leary to Waylon except that most people I. I can only give up another three. This game's not doing well as the ones who hung around concede it up what I just accept the reality collapse. I am glad Mary and right after they came back egg knowledge to it was a weapon like they had an experienced. In a long time. That was under the baton of the worst ones I've seen in awhile there's no doubt about that. How do you think blazer fans are filled about Damian Miller today because it is banned in his career Portland has been mostly nothing but positives he's had some great moments is continued to improve he's taken over since LA left. He's he is disappeared and I have never seen him. I've seen him tick after some gimmick isn't his emotions last year after game four was like well this guy's down but he play ball Mac game. I have never seen him as a lot of national Indian writers writing last night. And that never see him this out of sorts this dejected on the floor I keep it seems like the the emotion of the soul has been sucked out of him as a basketball player well you have won a. Two things here you can either credit New Orleans because they truly have gotten to a mentally and he is shot he's really a shot fired understands he's got nothing he can. Compatible with yen and a matter what he does or you can play the funny NBA game which sums this seems to have some credence does depending on what player talking about is he going LeBron subliminal message conspiracy. Screw this this team's not very good to see how bad audio our final play well you better fix this crap because I can't handle this. I tend not to buy that by. I just think he's he's been so taken out oh why. When he got to remember they do you know you put in us as a result you got to come with something else or whatever look at the coach east Evans like you've been ponying. How you wanna play in your style and the sets that you run and where you're gonna get shots for 82 games. You can't just completely scrap it and try some Mel's that you haven't. So the lack of feeling like you don't know what the options are to assault what the pelicans are doing. That that's mentally crush. It's got to be pretty Ed limited ideally you can see it on the floor yeah I see it in his emotions when he's why did I days and all that hit an open threes. And forced the pelicans deduce something else defensively where they can't run everybody Adam Bryant and and and his manager six another spinach in there six for 31 when he passes out of the double team or the pick and six for 31 you know they have. Had and it it was at those free telling of just his in his mind going and I game last night because they got off to a terrible start you're down by sixteen at the end of the first quarter. And he tried to goal game time and able I think it was early second or midway through the second court like he tried Digisette. I feel like there were six or seven straight possessions down there it was his hand he didn't pass he was it was go one hero ball. And because of how good defensively drew holiday is Nancy Davis all over the place. He couldn't fight him when he had an open shot he was Poland priests and deep. I feel like that was him backed up against the ropes let me throw as many hay makers I can't see is something will change. None of it fell and then at that moment did not that I had any help for them. But that completely erased any doubt that they're gonna lose that game because he tried to go hero ball the second quarter fell flat and and that was bought by you know even that demeanor. And responses we've seen from him in the postgame meal last night particular. I almost don't know if he knows how to react to what he is probably hearing from a national perspective. A quick asks him something in the effect of you know I've never seen you like this and he like quickly went to his left and look Redick and goes seeming like why. I thought he hasn't faced this right and if you think about his career he's been amazing eye to weeded. Every singer every single player in NBA history every single one. Has had a bad playoff series. Is that every that you have to endure that in new work career this is his first one. And this is the one where he is quote unquote a leader than be carrying of the team right he's having a horrible series New Orleans is doing a lot. And he can't hit his open shots when he gets some. And I think he's this is just his reaction to I don't think this is. This is so renewed him because he comes in teams not creating year one year two they go to the playoffs the markets les. In L Bada boom bottom being here you are where you're out as a three seeding you're about to get swept. He has endured any criticism. Not one. The only thing we've talked about we Damian Miller his career has been the lack of respect will buddy you got that respect this year you're going to be first team all NBA. You were in the all star game you were three seed in the tough Western Conference. And with that respect on the national stage you've gotten punched in the mouth. And I just think he's dumbfounded he has no response to it. And so that's where I think we're seeing a different Willard like I still can't believe watching him that's the same player we've seen all year right. But I think that's the culmination of what he's been up against in the series. It's just stunned him. There really isn't and had no response for what New Orleans has done to him he doesn't know how to respond stocks doesn't know how to respond other guys are hitting shots. It's just a huge wake up call for him I really can't wait for the offseason is demoralizing is this into the season as Penn. Watching what they do in the off season and how vocal he is within know their offices there that is going to be so entertaining and interest. In the very interest he was he lieutenant Tony as next week of their exit interviews and outlook on the motion Siena as a team play with. On tomorrow afternoon a couple of quick thoughts on this and it will go a Daimler mentally physically checked out of the series is a fighter they got punched in the mouth. As zero comeback and he knows they cannot win but he's not a quarters who's gonna keep trying to fight. But this bleep is over and another one increment does the job summing up just defense of the memories out sensibly. He scared to drive that's it he's a streaky shooter he can't get hot because a playoff and because they know we can't get to the Topeka Anthony Davis back there's some. It's been it's obviously crap I never thought I'd see Damien Miller does to objected on the floor but is Greg mentioned just a moment ago MSN onto it. Every great player in the NBA is gone through this Jordan bird magic abroad to ran. Go through the whole can't name one that has every single guys had a rough moment the playoffs and it's how you respond to something like this and will see where they go from here I let's have some fun Shelly did you face sponsors and 55305. Let's lose some money sprite align next. Bring it on Spragan collaborate and realize brilliant man. Bailout brought to you biennial Shays race close to being. Really chip materially Steve few minor tweaks and act as. Career arc through our genes. Jason love the taste it I might and everything we are about Neil police chase you know adjacent. A straight line rent you about professional athletes running so access gladly pay professionals to do it. Its regular lime rides about a blazers season Miller is you limit a few wins but ultimately leaves you feeling empty like an old Shea press conference. We all look like that Virginia student who lost on the last play Notre Dame. It all over the the wall just like how did this happen straight Allegra. I agree not a well I think. Spread a lot of active Daniel O'Shea unique abolish it turns that are Sprague pigs. Good Alan Jackson if he had a personality you know Jason blazers minus four and a half great pick. Koran APEC this weekend you know chase we look to pick and we thought it wears Damian Miller chase and god and we thought street's picks were right where is the arc straight line brought to buy a blazer playoff hopes that you're still better than a Sprague picked. Very elaborate you buy Viagra. Wish you could last as long as the NBA playoffs use Viagra and a lease breaks picks were disappointed. My having to the hospital takes longer than ten minutes it. Three months rent their string alive Reggie but if the magic dragon a magician that tells jokes funny a radio host that makes money disappear that's so funny. Chris you kind of cold blooded male I'm writing by shirtless running Sprague for the love of god please keep to yourself. I'm renting Daniel O'Shea door race breaks picks are in the middle of a three to five year rebuilding screeching is prime. A couple of those and today I can't believe how ahead of schedule we are with these picks are way ahead as scheduled. Straight like Reggie by shirtless pictures of spray not the worst thing in Portland signed Neil. Bailout rescue by you Sprague. The worst thing about Sprague those will come with shirtless but because pictures and McLemore who got too many under read it straight on read to by Rudy Giuliani nobody listens to me either. As time went straight live rats you diet Myers letters perfect game keep betting Sprague miracles do happen. I was at it let's get some picks and shelling can read these for hours because we got a lot of witty wanna start doing what tonight's NBA games it went wherever you wanna take me man I'm there. Let's go to Portland their season's done still checking. Their game Saturday to what is the spread in that game can you guess. Think. About the spreads are the first to how Atlanta is done is that way they view Portland is there is probably a very small spread it shall be. Mean it's a small spread that it should be somewhere in the range of fourteen and half fourteen and a half was why guarding my AM why this team. Naw not look at a wildcat you wanna. They don't get that far out of hand dominant jazz seven and a half. He totally cheated he cheated it by now you've got to have a it's evident it's savaged it should be nineteen and I had I had and it needs to be alive a real betting yes mortgage on that yes it play Marlins are probably wouldn't touch that because. The the big question is. Is New Orleans think they've already got a one yes they sure I'd. I have stared I think they or don't thinks New Orleans has it once they do not want a flight back to do realize along a fly it is understand don't wanna fly back to Portland for Iggy I would try it if I was forced to make it wager I would lay those points I think mostly because you have Roger on Rondo who's knocked in a let all those younger guys who haven't been in this spot before. I take the day off for mail this one in no and if they're up three zip. Yeah I just. I remember Gil going into game three in my opinion was I didn't feel like New Orleans is is gonna lay down and be happy with a 20 lead. And then they came out and they beat us even worse than they did the first two games. I tend to believe we're gonna see ally. On the game three type pelicans. That we saw in game four they were locked in India this is what I did I said there's going to be entry regularly mention is there a concern about a let down for them because you get that sometimes the 20 lead with a team. I'd I'd buy into playoff Rondo he is the leader of that team he's showed he is not going to allow them to to loosen up for a game for I don't think Jrue Holiday Mirotic or Davis William there they were they were engaged from start to finish it would have been very easy for them to be flat in game three got in at eight you know it's crazy right now to think of the NBA the way to. Shook out but the way they were playing with bogey. You just think with bogey. How how legitimately would you give this this team right now with boogie a chance against Golden State. No chance or like oh my god they have a little shot here yeah I've not seen enough from a handful of folks who were lately it even so between us all last night just about the blazers disappoint me see not much excited to watch New Orleans and etc. I am seeing their funds awaited their playing laden and gold states it was all about injuries and under ran April and Michael are sub last night says he's fine he should be fine Curry's now back shooting a believer basketball active. Ellen is gonna be reevaluated and oh he cannot go in there and missed game one of the big issue was I think Livingston rolled an ankle to UC did that's the one they're more concerned about. And they don't need those guys to beat San Antonio in game four southern and they'll all and is presently sit everybody out need to be have to go back for game five it's not that Brigham young and sweet yeah I was self. That it it goes as little more banged up I'd give Obama a puncher chance but if they're healthy eyes I still labor under estimating how good Golden State and a and again I know they're they're beaten down Portland but they have been fun. There's no doubt to holidays been fondle Hobbs Mirotic. And that one really hurts having allowed people to Mirotic trees you could've got him. In he he didn't and adamant that your. I think for 2% from three are let's go to the other games we got Cleveland Indiana in 1903 in Indiana. He Sears minus the one I would say Cleveland in game three to. Lay the points. Led a point. Marty Senna. LeBron scored LeBron did it all by himself at home with 46 and everything else he did and they only six pacers had a chance that tied it at the end of regulation only people had a why I don't agree that was terrible pick and roll defense. Okay see you're gonna take Indiana enter your taken Cleveland up a take Cleveland out you're really are gonna down LeBron of the I would die on that hill yes I would take Indiana I think they'll look to want Toronto Washington and Washington is he one and a half point favorite. When. They wanted this matchup in Toronto just ballgame almost like game one came down a liar I was evil Olson at a community did you see Bradley deal in to a public knowledge Beale saint Bradley beyond John Lawler not friends and other knocking on that's been our whole season issue they were happy when he was hurt there's a video John Wall is seen yelling at Marti mar Singler tot. And Bradley Bil sitting next to gore tot away from wall in the middle of the argue the easy Bradley feel just grab a towel. And the ease with his hands and the effect and a backpack he got no shots I've I've looked at Washington note tonight. Went to hell I picked that date one upset at the start of the playoffs and spring in the line and I needling you're gonna above some idle Washington swipe card. I think a medical Washington here oh I think I got 11 billion went in an effort in him I don't think they'd deal I think this is going to be a sweep I like Toronto on the road I think the acts seem to prefer to play on the road it's not as much pressure if you don't feel that pressure is Dina went on tour that drugs of them hit it and Boston at at Milwaukee. Bucks minus 5000. In the bag game two performance to. There's a lot of ancient article as by the way about Jabari. He's on the market and that that's out of finishing piece to watch is not hasn't been very healthy and stay healthy he's even though Suzanne criticism fell off of those injury and is a piece about his jealousy factor would be honest is he was supposed to be the big guy mignon has just completely overshadowed an admitted he said is and I am in nature. Yeah which did Aggie gambling and there. All the guys that they held a Milwaukee it'll all go home in the Bucs are clueless defensively. So I think this again and European suite by tight the box. Austin's going to be going in circles I would think Boston plus a five but I think Milwaukee wins this game I think they'll get one. Aren't let's go to the Saturday games Philly Miami Philly is he three point favorites actually man I'm riding the wave got us the process now with the B back especially right at tonight Mary guards why guard. Which draws our Philly Miami Philly myself Philly Phillies figured it out they got him now out of Philly is well we did the Portland picked. Houston Minnesota. Houston what's the spread and life. And Houston now the Houston. But did you see Harden meddling game two was 11% from the floor and they still they won by twenty points and he shot 11% from the floor speaking of bad left games can you imagine game. Having an 11% for the from the field and the blazers winning by twenty points no because he's shooting 11% from the field and they're losing twenty points. Shooting like 30% don't get blown out I final one Oklahoma City in Utah 11 this series might be the best one because it looks like there's maybe a lot of -- going on yeah and it is Utah minus four and a half they are going Houston Astro colors the year he had the shirts laid out to see you sunrise uniform has a bad luck I think there are switching a little bit as he's trying to go from the purple and what I gonna do that and change the darn mascot is and the jazzy about Salt Lake City. Ford had few tough. An article Casey. Idol they they've they collapse in the fourth quarter game two they did Westbrook Georgian and Melo did not make a shot on the fourth quarterly reports solos. I'll take the points I think you tell wins a one possession game. I'm with you on that one I agree. Pay up for that series stays close because as you mentioning it now looks like Phillies and controlled to Ronald is that they can go 30. So I mean you really have Cleveland Indiana. And okay see Utah outside of that but it can be had for a lot of Swedes Jonas weed spray like brought you by. PPS even if you win eighty million off these picks we still on that's so you that crap. And neither does not prove straight line and brought to you by while loud country got to be brainwashed in 42 leading money on these picks. Cannot wait to talk about that documentary series. Because I think dirt and I kind of walked away with a similar opinion now. Type one and don't anybody else did I don't think swagger and at that opinions OK create a fund that conversation don't be a fun show straight line Reggie about baseball parlance of the odds baseball Portland at the same as branding get in these picks rights. And I thought I know he doesn't like me Randy ends regular Reggie by Starbucks getting a good pick from Sprague is harder than getting the bathroom code who. Reliant brought to you by James coming his investigation of these pics show serious question of judgment. Late nights are somehow got out yeah that's rail line Brad do about it trailblazers even our failures. Don't stack up does breaks. Great sponsors today we appreciate it eight let's have a show with a two run single answer the poll questions and also. Well officially settle our fund pre show office debate. Is salmon a good name for Portland baseball team type behind 305 next on offense. Hey don't fist pumping your land of the weekend's G 51 Isaac consume coming up top of the hour. I. Yeah that is I don't I don't even remember how this came out was shelved. We are avenue and another conversation. As us pranksters at the Winona river we are adding another conversation about Major League Baseball Portland. Any growing blues. And does somebody throughout the name Italy we should start talking mascots are we there yet we kind of chuckles Obama and may be a little too early for that but let's have some fun. And other names salmon got thrown out there. And there're a trio of ladies backed by our desk that. Became emphatic yeah that the salmon was the ideal name you have. Steve could be the slam and Sammons Sammy the salmon could be your mascot. And they were all fan of the color salmon color for uniform. So we decided to throw it up on Twitter entered and Sprague and we have like 600 some votes on this thing 87% of people said no. Oh no it's horrible 13% announced. I wouldn't listen to calling on the chinook. Should not. I don't want fish he's hot today. Can we get away from fish what about steel ahead now. Other of those is I would listen to him let's and that's what I would land on but there's a little better. Flow with those give me that if they get the AZ Steve yea that's an historic Canada daddy did the a's got to keep me going expansion. Why not like the earthquakes. We're gonna have one so earthquakes that's not up alongside his seems to arena league you know what but he's seen this sort of like clay breaks name. Just start naming off all the names to our tech senior thinking the all kind of sound on its major sports related to fight would you pelicans for New Orleans. You would have said that to. Yeah I that's not quite as much as I don't like Weathers. Whether names to me your dubbed the fund earth earthquakes not a weather. A day but it's a climate cat I you know what I'm trying to say I mean yeah but people are set drainers like somebody did say Joseph Orlando rain does amaze and snowflakes. But playwright into the political climate a big old snowflake on the half. Got a funny you go like rainbow to measure Keller is hit eagle ray look a little and absolutely every one we allow everybody to play on the team it's open and it's open this doubts have been tax it and cascades. The scouts is that it did when I like this Dallas outs is a bad. The hit series gets brought up a bunch I don't want that. Thanks enjoy somebody said it would dad joke of the day. Could be the Portland towels your slogan could become of the game it's who. Your dad here's your dad took the day right there. Safe hot day just have a baseball team I don't care with the Nikki if it was certainly called the ITA is if you wanna know what's true in Portland yeah case. Not years. The Portland seasonal depression. And the. I like the mountaineers a sub ban mountaineers as a bad people seem to have a probability you name me a mascot that. Somebody else has that same house after he picks up Nelson mavericks I would love the mavericks are out here there in the NBA it's a current NBA and it was its credit needs. That's getting five and that's a good way to distract as the blazers sucking as they do enjoy games for mark you're gonna watch we'll talk about it maybe next week lesson exit interviews with players and coaches. And I'm sure the same old nonsense Daniel O'Shea but out of Brussels think to be a part of our Friday. Messina sellers are stars vodcast inning the fanned out come is where he confided having a great weekend everyone with a dusty Monday at noon number what is next listening to 1082 fans.