Dirt & Sprague Friday April 20th, 2018 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, April 20th
The guys work through more details about the MLB to PDX effort, plus the NFL Schedule was released with some odd quirks affecting the line up of primetime and non Sunday games.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for takes some time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. It's playoff time it. This is a playoff week a nation of dirt and sprayed. Yeah frontier I have read tells us and it's springtime down. Friday April 20 he's spending the 22 up to 50% off everything off they think I'll read tell dot com for more details. Outstanding ball over by the blazers. Pollinated. By the three other creative durden spray gun ten ABI. I've played here confident. All right welcome back Dan our number two under and. Greatly if you happy Friday. And all you beautiful people out there are here and now rip city. We've got to get to the NFL's schedule release everybody gets all excited swagger did you end up looking up the other readings. For scheduled release stuff on oh is that ESPN NFL network. Parliaments to clarify I didn't see any thing popped throughout got a few. Like Twitter feeds that are following ratings and stuff I haven't seen anything yet how can he gallium people still geek out about eight. What are your own team in and you look at some of the prime time game to some pretty good takeaways that we have. From the NFL schedule released that will get to hear in the second hour. But let's start with the good news I know it was a lot of laser news and or opinions and it gets people download it as a team has played like crap last night yeah out. There was good news and it came across my time line around I don't know 8 or 9 o'clock you tweeted out and I reach weeded it. Very fast. And it's from KGW. Our frenzy KGW. They found out be Portland diamond group wrote they would create a long term plan. This is involving the Portland public school building that they wanna purchase the group trying to bring a professional baseball team to Portland offered eighty million in cash or property in north Portland. Owned by PP as. According to an a letter. According to a letter offer that they obtained. The diamond project group and developer Trammell Crowell company wanna build a stadium on the site which is located just north of the Mota senator final one north Dickson street. The building is currently home to the school district's administrative headquarters which would have to move if the cell went through. They then went on they all may also sweetened the pot eighty million cash. And they also offered a another building as an option Neil Banfield pet hospital. Which is located at 8000 northeast element street. They bought that building they have that and they offered that to them to relocate to. And they have said they have a long term plan. To help fund facilities. Fields and gymnasiums for PPS. As part of the sale they wanna build an 8000 apartment unit right near the does the building of the the stadium. And they're offering a deadline by 5 PM on April 27 at school district spokesman said they have not committed to a timeline for deciding. On the offer so they're giving you eighty million cash they're giving you almost a thirty million dollar building to relocate to. They are going to help you find fields. Gymnasiums. Excel at a rock. And all this is private still and now I have no other opinion other than to say. We gotta all be buying into this now right how do you say no to. Offer like this it would be my question. You know we're we're gonna effort on the morning shows work on it to try get somebody from the school board to come on the show. And see if the talk about something like this because I don't know how all. And I turned this down. They've been there's been rumblings they wanna move buildings now for a while you're getting offered eighty million dollars in cash or getting offered an alternative site. Which or just as fine for your headquarters. And to create a long term plan to fund the facilities fields in gymnasiums of Portland public schools as a part of this sale are you kidding me. This is a dream offer for PPS and this is kind of a dead. It's been a bit amazing and it keeps me optimistic about this entire process is every time there's an offer like this or a news clipping that comes out about what they're looking for what they're trying to do. They always make sure to go the extra mile to understand how tough it is to play ball no pun intended in a community like Portland. Whether it's dealing with. Of the tax issues in and publicly financed money. They've been in fact the entire time we're not taken any of your publicly financed money in my need some help zoning issues you might work together with traffic routes and public transportation. But no public money is going to go towards actually going to ballpark understanding the fact that everybody almost everybody in Portland says no we don't want our tax dollars to go towards. Building a stadium the same thing goes year where the the initial response from PP yes was a pretty lukewarm one. When the news broke to data made an offer on this building in and you hear these details and it just makes you wonder why isn't lukewarm. Because they again have gone the extra mile of finding an alternative site which would be probably the first question MP PS is going to sell. Word we go where our new headquarters going to be all that's all. And they're gonna create a group a long term plans a fund. Facilities. Fields in gymnasiums I it was a I was in the Portland public school system yes I am a proud graduate of API a high school Cleveland shot out lawyers let's go. We couldn't get. Lights at my high school stadium no we played day games against you guys when I was this off me and my I I believe it was my sophomore year in high school we've got lights up my high school field and tell it before that. Every generation of Cleveland high school football player. On Friday's play games at 4 o'clock in the afternoon who also had maybe to crappy is field conditions I've ever played yeah they still do a gram ball Graham ball is also another I think every dollar grant it I rebuilding a high schools wanted to test I think they're gonna get some satellites there it has taken from. Half hour to replace jams. To work on baseball fields I know my high school still plays in a public park that has homeless people sleeping behind home plate. Paul Clark shot out little Lotta baseball games there over the years okay. They could use this fun and they can use this money to I don't know how you say don't allow somebody as a really good point. Anyone else offering the Portland public school districts and sat eight a million dollars cash. Ash and yeah I don't know Howell. You don't at least say please come talk to us obviously the devil's in the deep tales. And explain to us how you see some of these revisions in the off for unfolding. I don't that they shouldn't have a reaction one way or the other yet. It is okay. While. We need to go back and consider. You know it it was unsolicited pride caught him off guard. And so they're kind of like what really caught them off guard that buildings apiece crap. In that building is all about he does it and I cannot and will never know until you know the group formally comes out and starts explaining all the behind the scenes stuff that has let up to this point I they're not there yet I don't know favor but. But I can imagine in the course of public's oral important public schools gone through their daily things I would imagine that the people in there. But a data de dealing with everything judge you've got going on with the huge inner city school district the last thing in the world they were think it was one day when it came I've got you know. And off for coming up there and I don't think they were expecting it yet see and now I wanna read the six article authored Ehrlich ugly here to second somebody. NBC is confined its. Ranking tenth I can't find him basically somebody was saying that's great and all but I gotta writer I know it's slow time blazers we easily be positive but. I am not yet heard who was going to paid to build this billion dollar plus stadium you'd have to land for eighty million. But who's gonna build the spin fund state services and carry acres piecing KGW actually broke the a transcript of an interview Barrett did. And in the care creators peace. They have come out in the forefront and they have to hold us. Guys raising domino Portland Oregon we have an entirely privately funded. Group. We will have the money for the stadium we have the money for the land in eighty million dollars cash and we know people. That are ready to jump at an owner six a chance to get a team here. You have said this he said this yesterday you said this other times this week I don't know how many times we need to repeat well but you get your listeners we normally it works is new listeners and some people aren't on Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays. But it's important to note they have the money. They have to humiliate two billion dollars. Worth of privately funded money for the stadium and they have people that want. A team in Portland who are they and where are they we don't know that I highly doubt will find that out for awhile here in the some leaks come out. But it doesn't matter to me what I cared about was what's your offered of PP yes building more than fair your relocating them see if the value of that building is actually a hundred million. They're paying eighty cash for the building and they're giving you the Banfield building which has died at 27 they're paying over market value right. Seal a place to relocate. And they're willing to help you find. Gymnasiums. X sadder things you need and you don't really have money for. This is a sweetheart of a deal at citizens and their already ready to go with the stadium with a construction company. This is all privately funded I have renderings done of the stadium I don't know why right or left wing nut jobs people listen to what they turn from our radio station. But you guys need to stop doing that. Because what we're trying to tell you is they are being out an honest about the most important parts of this offering cash they're willing to help the community. And they can pay for the stadium right team and everything by themselves that has been repeated multiple times. And I think the united it grew in some may say with a all of that the public will be it will have faith once they realize that no public money. And no tax money is gonna be coming via the ability behind him but. That's that they don't like that this city politicians will never give them any money and if there's some new tax provision that goes and it needs to be voted on bright like you can't just take public money if they're not gonna tell us I guess having imported there are so if they buy this land to start building a ballpark. That should be all the evidence that we heed that no public money's going we don't need to sell the dome vote bride there's no vote it's going handers are they had to pass the the grant back was it 2003 when I was for the 150. And that money is still sitting there which they are going to use because it was passed for this isn't alone. And as I go back to look at the timeline here the the Portland diamond projects did it it appears they weren't they didn't want this stuff to come out public at this point. I'm it was good investigative reporting on behalf for the Oregonian that figured out what was going on and kind of forced their hand a little bit too don't you think they'll they understood that people could really go get these kind of records and figure this out where they're not really that good Wyatt I'm I'm guessing they didn't think. They would be able to do it. As quickly to the extent that which they've done. But. So they're probably reevaluating their timetables or would it mean if I was in there and capacity as saying hey we need to you we need to give the public a few more specifics. At this point as to who we are and clarified that things that are being misrepresented. In the public. Trying to figure out how to do that without having to dive Bolger everything is a tricky part and that's word. You're right your media specialist Beebe did in and understand. But the sooner that the public. And not the baseball loving public I mean the city of Portland can start to. Understand. And get familiar with the faces of this group innate and I looked in the little more specificity. Who they are and what thereabouts. That a lot of these. You know just claims that people are thrown against the wall right based on. Past experiences without moving and perhaps acting out to what exact calling what we experience that was once. Things become more tangible and real and people understand what they're dealing with that I think all of that. Rhetoric will calm down and you can start to focus on the specifics of Brian what has to happen well. I understand why more of them had at why more of this is not public because as you're alluding to odd name all mention is dated when they weren't ready to come out with his father did not want to drop our boy hum. Yeah and there's that you can do about that you were going and found the scooping them once they start making calls or knock it to deny stuff innate in this day and started to release some information this week but. My guess would be a lot of heavy hitters financially behind it. Aren't willing and ready to come out publicly Intel more of this looks like a concrete thing that's gonna happen I get this deal goes the money is obviously involved in all of this. But they're not willing to come out and and throw their name behind it and tell maybe you make this land acquisition and then you realize okay we got the piece a land. Now we can start to our set down to build a ballpark right and I got to start to get to more and more names and figures is behind we got really good tax on this. When a 55305. I wanted to make one point and we'll get to some dots good ones coming in at the pantex line. We'll continue this as it leaked Portland diamond project TGW went and found out. The effort eighty million dollars cash for the PPS building. Right by demoted senator with a place to relocate and help them find gymnasiums fields X setter. Who says notice next on the fans. You re still trying to want this morning welcome back you know barely at the end of well here in about ten minutes in the schedule release and one guy's screwed up some schedules. And he's not meaning any NFL kind of on scoring column. Also happy that your team's schedule. People out there in Portland not all Seahawks fans I saw apparently ESPN's screwed up they predicted every game on the NFL schedule and they came away with like 289. Possible lens and there's only 256. Her well like that. It was each end of it like it was not the same person that was each individual like. 'cause they have reporters embedded with every NFL team I believe now so it was the person that covers each team doing their own. So yes when you're at a mullah but. I always find it funny how the other networks or other entities then go poke fun it's like not understanding what's going on. So I send the last segment you know you get some people and I I do again is personalities had to different if we ran to a commercial. Some people click over and you listen to may be political radio. Is that your cup Petit. And you know I said right am laughed and allowed people I think in this baseball situation you mainly pointing to left for obvious reason a lot of them the finger as you as you pointed liberals don't want that and Milwaukee called text in cinema left wing nut job and I totally support this MLB DO a no brainer cancels portals Italy maybe they can add that the main house. After that they come full circle or had their act on that I would say I'm not even like calling out if you're on the right or left. I've said this I think this is a topic. Dag kids at its a bipartisan issue a people more people. Are not going to be dug in on players' side of the spectrum politicians well they'll go with what's good for them and it's gonna get him votes in money and all that sleazy crap. But I think sports fans out there listening in that participated shows etc. We don't care that it's it's if it makes sense for the city drive and it doesn't hurt our pockets. Outside going to buy tickets and concessions rack but that's it that's a choice you don't have to go to games if you don't want to write that that if you don't want it to somebody pockets don't go to a game. Yes and if I say amen to build something all by myself on my land. And you don't care about that just like if you do not pay fort you don't have to take care about it but it did defied part about that is adding the only crowd that I've heard the overly negative about this the entire time is either the really pessimistic Kravitz has an office is never gonna happen. Any other crowd is the extreme anti baseball crowd which does exist nobody cares about baseball is dying Portland isn't a baseball market. And the deal would that nonsense for for six years now. Haven't people sitting parlor pain that arts tax write any of them use I mean you're you're getting taxed for that. Yeah I judges I've never understood that that that reasoning because you don't like baseball or you only baseball exciting we should not a baseball team I down and I I respect element loaded. I'm his anti soccer as you can fly and I'd I don't find the sport really interest saying I don't like watching out and you're not. You don't you don't. Like soccer is now it's not a sport you're following you're not anti sock on it I arming anti phantom of soccer I'm never going to be a soccer fan I I have acknowledged that in my life on this earth I will admit I was saying this wrong at night as I was you hate soccer fan and you don't I don't know as the enemy just don't care and essentially I I I just I'm not into soccer is OK it's not my cup of tea yeah I don't like watching and I think it's boring I don't want soccer broke come and I will never go into it's that -- unless you give me a free ticket I'm not gonna go to with timbers game right. I liked it they're here. I'd like that soccer fans in this area have an outlet you have something to go want to wasn't thrilled with the fact it took away and a baseball team and I enjoyed to watch but. It's a no brainer financially that stadiums are great soccer stadium. They packed house every time has a long waiting list for for 1000 is Chris not a threat to support us through the rules in its great I love it. It doesn't affect me in any way. And I and I wish anti baseball crowd feel the same way especially when all the stuff is private. Like maybe your traffic pattern could be screwed up a little bit must not act like traffic is teaching in the city anyways one of the worst traffic cities in America and ten more minutes on your commute. It's not that big of deal line and you know you got a tweet from a listener of ours he parred to space in the show and he basically said he's not a 100% sold even with Mike Baird is nice is he is. Can you fully get on board that this is fully funded in private money. To which I would just say I think he can he's a part of the group he's not a financial. Player. Or maybe years in some capacity. But he is basically there their PR he's the face of this group right now if I said Portland diamond project. Could you name could average person named the other names that have been named so far outside of my parent now I don't know maybe not I'm not so Mike Bair it's been elected by these individuals and they said hey Mike. You trust in the community you're a big sports guy they know you as the voice of the blazers for such a long time. Want to be the voice in the face of this for us and I don't know what he gets out of lying about. Whether it's completely private or they're gonna need public money and the reason I say that is because if he is lying. This is quickly gonna die for his physical play I'm gonna come on the air and depending on what destruction they're asking is I'm probably gonna see no doing rock I get why people don't want public money for sports teams you shouldn't pay above public money for sports stadium shouldn't mailing you get the opportunity get privately financed. Major League sports in your town. You basically in my opinion you have to be just the most idiotic humans and not jump all over. Or put an end the response that I had that was because he's an eighty millions one thing it's a whole another thing to build the stadium it's all another thing to buyer or or pay for a an expansion team and in my two cents on this and maybe I'm wrong in my two cents the entire time his Ben. Yeah I don't see you making an eighty million dollar cash offer. Without having the rest of that financial stuff figured out you're not just gonna buy a piece of land for eighty million dollars paid 27 million for another one and propose to fund. As you know athletic things and for PP yes as a part of the deal and they just get left holding the bag without a stadium to builder a team to have because that's noted Texan we got. Before I go to new stadium don't we need a team went as Major League Baseball saying all this. Another dimension as a side but we need team they won't start building in 900 million dollar stadium. Without a team that I mean that's that's really is true but. What you need to also know is that Oakland is any dire situation and not having a stadium this might be. Be the final push that that city need to figure something out knowing the Portland is now a real threat in if they do. This ownership group or not owners or reduce this Portland got a project. They have met with rob Manfred may have talked about Portland being a major League City. And they have discussed either eight the Oakland a's moving up here and remaining in the Yale last and it's a perfect fit. Or. He wants to have 32 teams in Major League Baseball Major League Baseball is going to expand. Within the next decade probably depending on the Oakland situation in the Tampa situation and need to be my emails ready to go Montreal's ready to go and if this say it if this happens you buy this site and you know you have plans ready from ballpark. You'll get an expansion team because rob Manfred once and other team. Andy West Coast time zone they're Montreal Lorie figured out they're gonna get another team likely in a Portland as a stadium deal in place they will get the other well. You know it's it really is fielded dreams you build it they will come they will come it's not going to be again in ending the ability ability at Ney will be here there's no doubt about that. In my mind cell it's agency man I am. I can't wait I I don't know why I'm getting more more optimistic about this every day and real hard court Portland in me is saying to comic down emotionally. But when that news came through and director of the whole thing director of four times to make trade miss something. I decide so far publicly have not seen one negative about this group in the way they're going about it. I think you have such a good mix of people who have lived here for so long. And understand. The political side of it along with what the CD needs and that's the beauty of not knowing all the big players. And only getting so much. They're very they're going behind the scenes in shaking hands with the right people I think eventually. You'll argun a seat turned if this stays on the current trajectory. And you're going to have these people were behind the scenes that we don't know about saying hey. Here's my good friend Ted Wheeler. Chad come on out. Do. Asset sales and BA yeah followed it Ted stand I would go to I think that's that's the kind of stuff that's going on that and I don't and we don't hear about quite yet on here's here's a thing and one last on a Samie Texan an idealist city building department so the time don't be misled by thinking because it's private money and private land you could do it or do you want the city can and does. Stop whatever it wants that is true no doubt that you are going to need some support from city government in its gonna be huge it is the reason why there already meeting with him they don't need publicly financed money. If cassette that a million times but what they will need is public zoning issues. Help with traffic patterns may be dying up some of the buildings that are around it. There will. That there'll come a time when the city is going to need help this group. And if there's an inning let's get a stop at that will be yet because if you have the money you have everything you need yet the ballpark designed you have to potential teams it can move here it's already to go. The only folks sick and stop this for the city if they feel like getting in the way I believe they also to buy more land right that's stating that what a rat I solid buying some of the surrounding land around. Stanley firfer showed that stadium dirt decried literally cry on your lives a crime it's going to be amazing. Match in the National Anthem a beer in your hand and Ohio art that I ball my face offs queries can be done. It happened man Miley one final quick quick thought I know we're against it's my guard I kind of did a prime time on my drive home yesterday. You get a Portland team you easily abandon your enemy if you want yeah that's a no brainer you bump on the number two at least if it's a nail team I've got an AL and in a situation extreme for me and that's not a one man American League dominate L fan. Yeah now I'm sorry I'm going Portland tight full board as has been a lifelong dream and a high you and it's different like rob was arguing he's different he's from two lanes you didn't seem to think that was the deal it's a it absolutely does your from apple is important as your hometown. But if you're if I born and raised in Portland a year year and a different Hitler did the giants like I would bump and I might fit in I would never go away for them OK he's like reform I would Stover that's my AL west is a dream the only inning with Kelly was World Series situation I'd be saturated. I these radical Portland we're gonna be there and he script I don't ID yeah. Aids is model this has been a lifelong dream to image of baseball here are right on let's move on the NFL's schedule release and one guy's screwed some things up and you'll never guess who was that's next the first worked with a sports update. I thought about it what 36. Second the blazers in the final hour they showed a straight line coming up at 230. And let the spread is on game four tomorrow but I'm a bet the house a New Orleans ideal and I bet you most people would bet the house on a win. I wanna talk about the 76ers that well at some point the final hours they had quite a performance last night game three of their series stick to one lead over Miami. And that let's look at some primetime games shall we coming up at Akron summit a poll question on that limit get to all that. I hear a moment now we did obviously it's exodus of the NFL's schedule looks like blazers playoff basketball looks good on paper. Once again as a play in our hands in aluminum for six new playoff teams that weren't in it last year in them old ones are not that good in a tight at all yesterday I'm trying to undo it's the stuff outside and I'm trying to get settled and get everything done before the blaze a game starts it's barbecue go on and dobbs. I yum I'm scroll through Twitter and it blows me away every year. How big of the deal the NFL schedule releases like it really blow you away right you're right. I I remember once it happens but did you just see it on Twitter especially if you follow people from certain NFL markets that are cover in this stuff. I this is a huge deal when the schedule comes out we find you know we knew all the who's everybody opponents were now we know dates and where you play them whether it's at home or on the road with that are you getting overly excited for Finn becomes. Second I am out of ideas I don't win I'm up for campaign comes manna Marty and Marty studying my nice stat sheets for an anxious can't pick up. But there was before I get to the tough and easy schedules which also cracked via because we don't know how these two gonna be next here. There was one cork in these scheduling for a lot of different teams. And it was edge she parent. The people see this story. So this is like all over the place SA Ed Shearer and who by the way apparently he's this big auto ad sharing is Matt do you remember the modus sinners so he had now I've. I mean he sold it out it was a massive really that big this dude is selling out everywhere he goes. About the different differently guidance you can senior was an -- always got -- saying is that thousands and you know not my huge semi cup team music wise I go to but he's not bad yeah it's it's nice in ugly guy breakthrough to you don't see that very often. But he apparently is so big that he's playing NFL stadiums all last summer and then in the fall. And it's such a big deal that most markets now it is a lot of markets. Guaranteed him a Saturday night date for the show. Visit to Elaine alleged to be a weekend show he wanted to be outside of whether all that stuff. So there are a number of cities is scheduled Saturday night edge Schering concerts throughout the NFL season next year in because all of the logistics. They couldn't play a whole game the next day. So the schedule gurus had to figure this all hell with that sheer and into the mix and here at the situations and which is affecting the NFL's schedule. Week one in Detroit they can't play at home on Sunday. Week to in New England camp led to that on Sunday weeks three at met life for the giants the jets. Week five at least on stadium which is where the titans play. Weeks six at arrowhead stadiums achieves can't play and all that Sunday US bank stadium and now Minnesota for the vikings in week seven. AT&T in Dallas in week eight in and a Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta in week ten he affected all the Louis teams from being able to play a home game that week and yet you he's so. Yeah I was reading Peter Keane did a story on how they make this schedule. And I I was actually blown away by summing let's play little scatter story okay. The number 58911. Is that the amount cans that were just found any New York City Delhi. Right in the kitchen. Or is that how many times they Ryan. A scenario of schedules before they finally picked the one they want I would I would say the schedule. All right okay I made hiring you know I went that route that's a lot of bands yet as lions but that is. How many times it took him 58911. Times before it finally spit out on the computer. The schedule that worked be a fascinating interview to get Sunday. Like talking to guys that are behind it might do you know just what there's only slight people as three people died and I think baseball's the same way I feel like it was I've read a story lines it was like an old couple that had done that for decades and number on unemployment Howard Katz played jazz Mike North and Charlotte carrier the force our four before. They work in a room for four months that's and it's tiny it's a tiny little office there and and they just go through the schedule and they put it in their calculator on their computer system. And boom it finally spits out the right one crazy and is random is that may sound. I'm thoroughly convinced this ESPN NFL relationship is going to be done it at a big debates room did you see the money and I thought Polska among the Monday Night Football slate is it's not -- it doesn't look good on paper that's for New Hampshire and we did a poll question I'll let primetime game are you most excited when I was reading some articles about just different listings from from publications if many Monday night games that were included mass so if you can be honest with yourself right now be objective look at your fanned him now no fan of tell me at these games sound exciting from pay we're gonna give these games to your network a gaggle for jets up lions now. Ram generators yes Seahawks at bears no Steelers a box. Yeah. She's seven Broncos. Now. And reds Washington that New Orleans. Now niner is that Packers yeah. Giants at falcons now. Patriots at bills and a whole titans a cowboys. Mario number groupie giants and niners now she set rams. And now I mean. They just did not give EST on paper he's not very good schedule and Baidu is more but. You get the gist of what yeah as candidate team are you ready for hard schedules. According to nfl.com. They've gone through all the metrics and sign on who has the toughest schedules this year the NFL. They are saying every team in the NFC east has a tough schedule because one they have to play their division opponents. But also they have to faceoff against the four teams from the NFC south which are all pretty good to make an argument best vision and football. Other raiders and chargers are brought up. A mom because of their divisions and it charters image because of home field advantage is not a factor for them the falcons and saints having tough schedules. That the falcons won his attorney said they opened with Philly obviously the defending champs they also have to go to Pittsburgh in two Green Day. And they have a two game stretch at the end of the season in Carolina and then in Tampa. So Atlanta has a really tough schedule. And they have to go to New Orleans on a short week for Thanksgiving game. And then the rams where another team they got listed. Because they give up a home game to play the chiefs in Mexico City city lose that. And David ten week stretch that includes only two games in Los Angeles before week fifteen. And which the Eagles come to town so where the Eagles out on this hard schedule. They they showed up just because of the division they play in and because they have to play the NFC south I don't think they're divisions gonna be hard this year to pass a much bigger the giants have a bounce back here how did you think the cowboys can be in what the Redskins are like when Alex Smith. Those are those are all question marks though no doubt about it now yet he had the team noted Elizabeth the easiest schedule that they thought at least. The Green Bay Packers easiest is again an easy jazz jumped to a four run record before they jumped to a foreign foreign won before Rodgers got hurt last year yup. And they bring ideas they got a two tough game stretch in LA in Foxboro in week eight week nine. But other than that they think the division schedule is pretty easy in the rest the way it stacks up they say the Packers have these yours well and Chicago is such a head scratching team are they gonna be great take a step or will take a little longer than it did the rams. And then you also with the lions and he's a well they've they've been alliance since. They started becoming a client you know they ours we don't know what to trust that you do have Minnesota yes I'm rattled through some of the big primetime games and see which one most are excited for my also the question for listeners to settle because I asses this right before the show and I wonder people agree with them. What team has more of a draw for a prime time game next season but I think the subset dirt secretly and that. Tell me a little bit Cape Hatteras a Turkey bowl what team has more of a national TV dropped. The San Francisco 49ers. The Oakland Raiders which wanted to not a fan of the two are you more excited to watch next year grandstand next on a fan pressure is on. He asked what's the difference in the past masters at security crunch time it's preliminary heat wind this greatest feeling in the world when you lose that's the lowest thing. While its current stutter and look at the hottest topics in sports. You might crunch could. 995 per month so why would you ever pay more for a gym membership. Hey guys I'm Reggie bankers it has always done any final months of why would you ever pay more free gym membership it's not the glory assessing needs now. Solid running in the neighborhood. So I was an 800 neighborhood running hot yes I almost took my shirt off and I thought to all dirt would laugh at me sonar. Up and down highway 213. Laws and so I sure listen if we're yeah. White guy and I wish him anytime and I don't I don't girl we're we're close at each other now we're like clothes and neck of the woods now. Sort undercard I can drive by issue it was spring in them and nobody needs it reassured and beat them we tell a coast. And all on me on this follows Sprague from like forty how social media act out Henry fall because that's all. It's gonna pose a shirtless pictures I don't think I've put anything on Twitter last year essar renegade and 81 finished pig are you already in training. All I've been training for a month yeah. I'm an after I got to Chariots of Fire setting is important but I do enjoy said the spray is on your analytical estimate folks here in the office in some folks out of the office but example people in the office have run on the team with TO. And occasionally come over you guys left conversations about your manner what legs and run mechanism. And every other person the scallop and talk to you about running politicos. Has said. Yeah I answered training at the attire I am Branson's I want one is one present I ever ran since last year's and accounts. Out. Probably my brother in law bull Luke Scott let's see if it plays for in my brother like does this he plays the song and it's very cool wake is he's on our team. Where he does his lake. But going into the trading particle hate you wanna go for a run Saturday tomorrow go for run death was a light little jog and I training session and he always has deaths I don't know man my she ends in and then it becomes comes any gets in doing and he's not prepared for it you know why he says entity of this ranks not running sock running I mean on a finalist didn't see him shirtless. Rob part of it I I'm not sure it was every time I ran. Yeah running sucks them ranks they I was out of other primetime games and somebody in a fund ranking of them. So get this this is this is on nfl.com. He knew guests with this columnist what he ranked and has the number one prime time game of the year is columnists that probably means he's. Fuld a lot of hot air in. Not very correct I'm gonna go all. Packers pats that is number 20 yeah I mean that's pretty go and I'm great lady. His number one primetime game of the upcoming NFL season. Graham's app 49ers. Weeks seven. Sunday Night Football always buying into the Jimmy G Shanahan is is thinking is the end the LA San Francisco rivalries so Southern California vs northern Californians back now you have two teams that having chance Deborah the big years in his mind and it's in week seven so you could have five and 15 and wanna you know gas six whatever the case may be. That's his logic no thinks about by the way our answer is a split on 49ers and rams some folks say niners some folks saying rams and easy it's the raiders are sees me raiders are I said that wrong in Pakistan's what's a bigger draw for people in the niners are the raiders and it's split. I don't think it's a concrete answer either way could think Jon Gruden rubs people in a little bit and the British have a chance to be good this year. Yeah they do they have a real big chance to be good this year they had it based sales in pieces Fonda plays for them they could have a big year that division is not very tough either. In yeah those are the art robbers were dead last the chargers can I trust Kansas city's slaying of for it there for your starter in my home sawed an event division is up for grabs but in terms of popularity from a national perspective. I know the raiders are a historic team there in that conversation there's no doubt I'm gonna have to go little biased here and tell you I think the 49ers are bigger brand and a crack at a little bias but I ice all it's for sure I mean silently and authorities. But I did a poll question on justice looking at some of these primetime games asking people which one I'm most excited for and the four options were Green Bay at New England as you mentioned that's a week for. The opening night game Atlanta at Philly a week one DM New Orleans at Minnesota on set and a football week eight. And then as you mentioned the rams and forty niners in weeks seven. You know what the number one vote getter was what. Rams at 49ers. Was that number was 33% 32% said Green Bay at New England. 22% said New Orleans at Minnesota and only 13% said the opening 90 am in Atlanta ash Philly yeah I don't know why Atlanta Philly I mean when it comes a going to be. Jack doubt in my mind but of that list that might have been my last option as well the night or whine again they have proved nothing. I know Jimmy she was undefeated that's great too excited you signed the quarterback. Let's hope he stays healthy. In time for that week seven match up but if -- is I can see why the interest is there and you've got suing Donald long line. You've got Peters to lead you've got a dominant offense. And you have to it did two youngest coaches and ray Eumig favours is she any hand. With Jimmy G and the pieces that they have in San Francisco so I I understand why people are jacked for it. I just hope that they can get two weeks seven. And it actually is the price hyped right now nailed once in a better hold live up to the high this year is the rams yeah because they are on national TV all over the place this season some of the other big primetime games that have been listed people. Have looked idea of the rams at the raiders is that week one Monday night game. So gruden will open this summer kind of football we should be entertaining Minnesota at LA again LA's accounts and team as of Thursday night game in week four should be a good one. Pittsburgh at Oakland week fourteen on Sunday night about Pittsburgh at Jacksonville week eleven Sunday night game Jacksonville will be you know open to. I get back to where they were last year as you mention New Orleans at Minnesota. You got Chicago act Green Bay which could be inching depending on. What matters which abyss you that is the opening Sunday night game in Chicago lack cream base of the NFL's schedule is on everybody's got their win loss predictions then. And the only thing that is certain is the Cleveland Browns. Will dole and sixty Greenstein write you back crunch fitness always done any five months of why would you ever pay more free gym. Diversity Nevada bar about respect and Eric out. At Christ dot com lasting into any final hour of our Friday coming up bottom of the hour we got to spread the lines of did you take sponsors and 55. 305 we'll get back into the blazer apocalypse what the hell happened last night New Orleans where should they go from here. At temple questions on that about the future of CJ McCollum and Evan Turner he go vote after this break on Twitter and I also want to talk about the Philadelphia. 76ers. You pulled form in the Eastern Conference and they have a chance to flip the tanking narrative on it had loaded final article in order to spray on ten. Of my tour of the 1080 the fan.