Dirt & Sprague, Friday 8-11-17 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, August 11th

Ian Furness joins the show, replay the Doug Baldwin interview from earlier in the show, Spragueing the Line, and check in on the PGA Championship


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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for takes some time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. When they some of the kids from the neighborhood carried my mother's will use all the way home you know one. It was that respect. This is stirred and spread the most important things. Geology on his. Andy Dirk Johnson and Brendan sprayed them. I looked it shows them a little. Especially in the week a woman alone again and dirt and spray gun 1083. It will. About buying the book. And back into. Friday. The love of the fallen. Volume back live out of Seattle Seahawks training camp here and ran launching it excited. Our next guest Ian for NASA a Sports Radio KJR get the follow on Twitter at Ian for an SSE. Eight Ian I don't men out there understand I'm not bad how are you guys we're still gonna overdo my hockey partner content partners get everybody to go boxing is in its monarch season is starting an excellent writer Basra to take and I can answer about that Brooklyn gas. So we make fun of how surety is all the time on the show gap was it odd when you first summit that oh my god I'm working with a guy and it's find a guy with. Yeah what we. We'd you know league in my stool yeah you gotta have this tool and I kind of hunched down because Jim Rome until that you've hit all day play I'm used to doing that because we do our post game interviews with the Seahawks. There's a quarterback here it's not very tall and you're like politics or in any successful again name any names are known as a like kind of I kind of hunched down I kind of been my knees or he began noticing it now don't. All the actually tells me do it does yeah that all the Muslims call Al wild guy level it out here I. Got it out Wilson values do it just for the sake of this. Of the shot yeah that's framing thing I have got to make you get all the don't bring an operating ability inference as well we're live out of does he actually can't you do this every days is kinda unique for us I am curious are you ever. A surprise is the right word but just blown away by the number of people that come out to want to practice on a daily basis while you know. Yeah yeah I am I'm I'm blown away from the standpoint it's it's football practice. But at the same time and I try not take for granted because you know we have a great job I mean you know you guys cover sports like cover sports forget we have access that nobody else has. So you know I have to counties stepped back and understand it four in all of the seahawk fan. To come out and get fairly close. A chance of autographs and pictures afterward as fairly close to watching their team. Practice and to see them up close and personal. When the majority of mourning a lot you know probably in the stadium for game mouth practical thing for them and it's this thing is a freight train it is. You know blazer mania you know I spent five years in Portland and and they were good their playoff team but it. Or something different about the NFL and they submit differ about the NFL fan and the and it probably is the one game week thing right. Right yeah I I'm I'm sometimes surprised that I think a step back and understand they're really big deal here. You know I'm curious to when they started making their run and became what they are now Super Bowl contender year in year out. Was it like that before because in Portland we sometimes that wells get brought up Brian well I'm sure you guys are by the longer twelve yeah I think that's right yeah exactly a what was that like before that that big run in a homer and had some success but yeah I know it well I I go all the way back I mean I'm old enough to remember when they are franchise. More or less for started. And you know when they play in the Kingdome for so many years they have a season ticket waiting list and a 305060000. Range. And it and can bearing bought the team if they are they were packed in the Kingdome from day one. And really they sold out every game at the Kingdome. Up until last year too they were there can bearing really read this thing in the ground for Paul Allen audit they were on the ropes and almost they kind of did lose one point and really movement. So yeah it's it's always been a really big deal. It's false it's twelve fan base thing. That is that is a real thing but it's not a bad thing you know more fans good for us our business absolutely I mean they're pretty else. And same time it's what you expect to team wins and goes to greater heights they've ever been before you're gonna have fans jump on the bandwagon itself through a TV example. I mean before night before and hell there's even the couple years in there. How many fans were organ duck fans aren't the same thing success breeds and I mean we have to get a score. Pete Carroll just not a gonna come in and take him to support same yeah MR fans come with a Inverness on the line here Sports Radio KG are at Ian for now as. As CA let let's get to this team I mean a lot of lot of players are returning from a successful group they bring a lot of guys back that have won a super ball but the offensive line remains the main concern guys get banged up guys get punched in the face reflects the impact I think I doubt it. I did happen on. He's never we are talking before practice you the three of us that there is never a dull moment here yesterday on. I think on paper they're better offense allow as you know last year they had the rotting corpse of jamarcus. Well in all that was bounced around I mean this. God yeah probably sells better all for that it was a football player revenue edges. To really low end veterans. That were going to be having to play quality snaps. You had a senator that it never played center before and just to Britain and he's coming off season which it was a little Walter. You've got back on Fareed Germain a steady second year after being punched in the face of I doubt Eric at the and and you know we'll see how he is he's in a battle right now with the compose six or second round pick. Who came here from mob poster to guided this came from LSU. Played center in college who played all cross the line. He's been playing really well right tackle they like him alive he'll be back up center back up everything on that line that he might challenge that starting right tackle spot. Affinity kennel onto it it rotted podium who she's kind of a veteran. He's an upgrade its terms of a depth guy may end up starting. And you know Markowitz he's more comfortable on the right side at right guard who left our replay last year and by all accounts he was probably your second best often -- next Brit. And George fant. Should've registered last year yeah I kitchen it has been a redshirt freshman added just been on scholarship and he was thrust into duty because of the aforementioned corpses and so on his rapport right he put on forty pounds muscle. Rates fees can't teach that technique all those things usually come around they really feel good about what George and if you. I think they're better offensive line wise I think they're better. He should be better. It certainly can't be worse I think they'll take a step forward but I'm curious you can with the offensive line it does I think it's everything that I read about that you're mentioning how much better it does look this year. The running back position though your two without Marshawn Lynch I know you got some talented players back there but a couple of you can stay healthy last year I was out save and how well I think. I think when you look at the running game and the offensive line you probably have to start elsewhere announced the work. And you probably have to start with Russell Wilson's bull rushing total in his career was for 89. I believe it's 49 for 69 his his rookie year. And last year he ran for under 300 yards. You can't have that type of you can have that type of run production go away and not take a hit or nothing else. How that threat. Right that threat to run which changes the whole dynamic with the offensive line is doing and everything else. And I mean that's a really that's a really tough thing it went through. The quarterback media office line with better. In the previous four years and the quarterback being hurt from the first game last year right right and heard again the second game and yeah being healthy hurt. Thomas Rawls was on his way to a 1413. Hundred yard season his rookie year 88 plots that year. And he had forty some odd the first drive when he broke his ankle in Baltimore. Never was the same and got the lake kind of re cracked a little bit last year in the second game against rams. I always kind of went back to one game. Playoff game Detroit at home he's he ran for 160 when he set a franchise record not a bad franchise record set as a running back when you had Shaun Alexander. And Marshawn Lynch played a ton of playoff games he set the record. I think user number one guy I think Lacey the fall for this number two guy and they love seat give pro sized. Who when healthy last year radicalized is you gave him a player you are very good receiving player I mean I you know while it is kind of equate him that what. Organ used to love to do with with Wadi and then ship. With their running back you know whenever it back the camera that appeal to catch the ball and that's what he does Jack get it demand that gap or are you buying Eddie lacy is sub 250 pounds I I take it. And it. Kamal we dissolves as our first glimpse of that it would remain that way and expect it's big boy he's actually 68 at it very nervous but I just thought they want him at 250 rank and they don't want him skating they don't want him they've got. A small Lusa of physical back in overalls they've got it taller leaner. Receiver type back to throw size they want a bumper they want to be a bumper. And I you know. Use on B also I'm running yeah look it relic of big guys now they've got great feet strong kid. I think it's a really nice created a monster you know let's remember last year in the NFL. One guy had 300 carries in the National Football League last year that got by the label this year he's business expertise in right now and and and older one had to 99. Somebody else Marc Emery at 93 and after that the severe drop off if you do the math. You're talking about eighteen you know 1518 carries a game that's a primary actually if you have forty to carry the game at 45 carries a game you're gonna wanna split up the free guys anyway that's lastly NFL's on buoyant on the other side to. They're the first traffic's not here believe McDowell and I bats that's bomber how do you how do you feel about hiding the team is feeling about well I think he. Risk got a guy character wise the first place meaning he was a player that team. With some questions in terms of who we is what he is character wise and not so much character to be getting trouble off the field. His question mark was. What's this guy. What's what's his story in terms of his commitment to football reputation Michigan was taking plays off taking time off not playing hard every play in every snap. You can you can find a lot of different ways to say well it's not happening because this this. All the back to one thing. If you have a question about a guy's work ethic that that extends not just on the football field and off goes well he made a horrible decision. To take a risk you know rise in the ATP we don't know all the details on MCI we'll release them. The details that is because I think there's some salary cap ramifications. Non football injury out. And with the salary cap the way it is if he doesn't play at all this year. And they'll probably get some cap relief I'm trying to send that money back yeah yeah maybe not make him hit back to get some relief you know replace them on all things have lots of disappointing they've got depth depositions. When Jefferson last year on this here Jones they got guys that went three of five technique where you guys able to see him when he Kelly never never never locked up you know you guys are seated today it would. You know any fifth or on the come off when you see. Oh the enjoyed good example we've guys that don't practice that are hurt. They'll come out at some point out locker room on the stand around eleven helmet on those other pitchers walk around on the ground and yeah yeah and watch out do the physician groups get you know the do the mental wraps yeah we haven't seen word one of yet battalion and army get Dion Jordan has been out there every day. From day one you know go to the mental reps. And out we've seen it work out a little bit after practice trainers and so forth and hopefully he's getting closer but yeah we haven't they never speak out came in at that doctors look at him and then. Thanks coming back and having any effort as you with a Sports Radio Paige JR at the Internet as EA. All on Twitter I wanna get a good offseason story lines was I just recently began chancellor contract extension worth. Surprised by it all Ohio the priority list was up for Josh I know why it was that I think Dallas extremely high and no I was surprised that the guy they wanted to get under. That there are nine players. And there's nine guys they that they are there or guys and it's chancellor honest Sherman Wagner right. April Bennett Paul win. And the quarterback wells those nine guys. They want those nine guys to be Seahawks for life. They get criticized all the time because the office I'm with you talked about and what people forget is the NFL unlike the NBA it's a hard salary cap relief. There's no. Hey we can go to Alexi it yeah guys know you get similar we have you know all out when Kerry. Eight a 405060 million old uncle there right now if if that didn't exist in this league. Dallas and Seattle beat the champion I mean it goes to every year agony were you want them. Here's John Schneider is the best GM I think it's been proven he would never have to make those cap decisions of which dumping which guys eleven days why they wanna keep him here he is. And I always I chuck lighter guys are probably slowing down he's thirty years old he's this. Nobody keeps himself in better shape. Physical position you're gonna get hurt you're gonna get banged up but nobody keeps himself in better shape thirty in the NFL today outside of the running back position which Phyllis if you ever hear from them if guys break out the thirtieth them late use could be. Guys are really really caucus and other bodies are and what camp chancellor Earl Thomas you in terms of setting the tone on and off field. That's immeasurable. We got to sign him and he's a huge part of this team we saw two years ago to pursue games well and I loved I love the nose and he slowing down how many strong safeties are better than him right now. I mean seriously I went to I went ticket seats in the league over either one of those guys now and it's not just because the football but as the football like few I had. I just watch Earl Thomas. You know I I noticed last year when we are in your Tampa Bay admiral missed that game with us a slice before his first scores catastrophic injury he missed one game for him to permit. And Earl Thomas when he comes out of the locker room at 10 in the morning three hours before game early warm out he sets the tone doesn't say anything. To set the tone serious is Earl Thomas this series to be as long as well before his scheduled talk do and it's never intentional this way he talks. CNN that on another world that'll match. I think but he comes out headsets on and his hope his goes through your team and everyone else will be announced that we were not screw around and that game they got lit up early and it was not because Earl was their fault lies that happen against Atlanta playoff game be Julio Jones a do we get that game but. Told lies and can't have the same way. Well I'm curious do you buy into the window thing I don't know why it's a narrative for this team because they are just too easy narrative out it's a Sports Radio column this band Twitter. But grounds. Snapped out whatever it is FF I don't go ballads are gonna. And a semis now I can now Petraeus and I was you know what I don't understand is snapping I don't I don't get I got a fifty know he tried to explain it to me I just apple we're you're snapping right next to you based out failures never hear about that area are still the ground. But I am like yeah I'm gonna have got to get Obama on the ground in the immediate what is the wind I. A look at that they're out the window is I don't know what the hell that is. If they're cornerbacks in all 47. Whatever his career being you've got young talent sprinkled all or some veteran talent you watch for its. Don't look at reduced look at Richard Sherman is he's all down now c'mon there's a window I don't window in which the window. I'm gonna ask you going into development window at the window is when you get tired of guys. Bob which I don't window at Dallas said yes Rashean. On seeing them enough Isiah. Zack Allen grabs contract worth. And I think when bill well at least get close. Raised up in Burnett Sports Radio can't JR at Stanford as NCA. Odds that are get the ball in thinks it's not by men with good to see and are ravenous you can drop by Gervacio used to do a radio show yeah. Honest and hanging around and take nearly a million vacation hey you know I take all summer up like teachers at this point yeah I could see guys that exam by. They go in for and as Sports Radio KJR record that earlier before the show is you could tell us a lot louder earlier on in the day now it's nice and calm as were just hanging out here wrapping up. They show on a Friday from one CI contribute to another you missed it right at the start of the show we had Doug Baldwin on Seahawks wide receiver. The really thoughtful stuff just about the off season and his injury that he suffered yesterday the year that they're going into I hear from Doug Baldwin next on 1080 the fan. Whom to win. We'll have the date burn. So the dirt in spirit alive from Seahawks training camp is presented by entertainers and automotive and what do you like Hillary heating and cooling McCourt is Vancouver Toyota. John's pizza which a year higher and I didn't view there. Dukes then everything it. Stands watching for you straight line coming up in seven minutes and at close out the Seles and PGA's tock is that's going on today date to from quail hollow but right at the start of the show we had a chance to. Sketch of a Doug Baldwin we don't often do interviews at the start of the show or in the first segment by Doug Baldwin was brought over to the M radio Booth the army said let's do this cell. I figured maybe some of you had missed it's on Casey did here is Doug Baldwin Seahawks wide receiver from earlier in the show we got wide receiver Doug Baldwin join us right off the bat right doorman. Fantastic appreciate you guys have you know yes or how we we hear you leave practice yesterday with an injury not only today and of the. First games this weekend is I feel as late as. It's it's it's part of its you know he can haven't seen rates so. As. I guess McCain that's. FF net and stuff happens we gotta you gotta come buttons that you can't just happens. Yeah I'm doing all right who thankfully it was an a significant issues. Nixon always heave for the efforts pre season game recent Elena. I don't think I'm discuss this and got so I don't domino. So that I am curious about that is your career year last year had a big year. What do you do this offseason to try to at best that season. You don't think about that sees you don't try to best seasonally try to do the best can be so this offseason focusing a lot of the weaknesses. Things about network. Focused on those things while maintaining the strength. Also trying to find out as much information about while was football. Game and how guys try to attack me so that I could. He prepared tendencies and so a lot of its analysis internal analysis so. I mean you back to back thousand yard seasons fragment from a blitz when he went touchdowns the last two years of back to back dominant years or yet. What were the weaknesses that we went back and watch film hinges annual mine what did you think your weaknesses word yet as well first of almost be better in the run game. He throws and a strange coming from wide receiver but we pride ourselves in Seattle's run first offense and wanted to dominate the clot Whitman. And I felt like my energy in the run game. Was described it as an accident and focusing on on targeting right on back at safety after block. And then also making war. Game breaking plays so. You know in the slot I have a lot of bounces it 5678. Yard passes but only turn those in fifteen yard. Game breaking plays. Training on you on the football field making guys miss. Now treason. Now we're joined by wide receiver Doug Baldwin. Opening there and straight here right now. Do you think it's clicking right now to get back to that point where you guys where with the run game two years ago I think so. We've definitely an emphasis on that in the offseason obviously. At least. Running back and offensive line. And make these guys that are here are getting better. Source fan. But on thirty pounds offseason really really matured gotten wise at this. Hour or so. I think we have all the pieces noses whether or not it's all come together. To formally. I think I think well one way. At me you know we've had a chance been up here and and in broadcast live from camp before but I I have to say it always blows me away looking over and seeing the amount of people here to watch football practice that does that ever. Did you get used to it is there's still like a unique factor is looking over it like there are thousands of people here watching you go through a seven on seven and it is it is definitely neat. Never experienced anything like that's like that's that's obviously. Let it adds an element you know it's. It's it's fallen to come out here practice game here yes you performing on the data bases. Every practice for the ride you're really performing have an audience comment is that game elements. And sort of comes as. You know you guys are such an entertaining team not only for what you do on the field but all these national stories and exchanged a pop up. Do you think you guys kind of thrive on some of that stuff the narratives that me. Pop up from differences aside channels are stations or whatnot the immediate yeah. You're out if that's what you know the new one now is and I don't quite understand where comes from the new one now is the window the window's closing soon. I don't know why that got started like their favorite phrases again. We'll. Can get into them yet obviously as time passes people older and it's so. We don't view it as a window right. Q it has offices another season but the opportunity we have you loud and laughable. And we Tom played at a high level and so what we're doing obviously comparable to now in the meeting rooms the whole process that we go onto during the offseason is to give us some. Have an opportunity to be totally cool and we don't look about okay what's gonna happen two years from now. You know we'll have time today the media made the faith the fans made we don't have confidence so. For us there is no exception window it's. What do we have to do gain and he knows that we did this could be so we have brought good product. When Tom comes on the game. Yeah Allen the preceding gets an early if you guys this weekend down in LA that's that we are disaster on San Diego from time to time that. What what are the some of the things that the coaching staffs and put an end in front of you simply won't accomplish this stuff in the first couple leads me to. Let's not really what we wanna accomplished was so looking at the guys and saying look. These are opportunities for you to demonstrate wars. You know in. Obviously. You can put in a lot of work on the global food and practice and in the meeting rooms but when it comes game time so totally different element. And so. The league the coaches and even some veterans have been preaching to the she's ultimately. How fun. So war so you personality and everything else itself. And that's really what's on accomplished in these games allowing these young guys in the street or if it means young man. And how they can configure the success of our program. Doug Baldwin joining us live from CI a training camp. We talk about your game how is the opposite I've been doing Jim anchors Yene a season that some people questioned how is he has he been looking to campus on yeah. He's Phnom. I can't say enough about me of the men did. You know over the past six years to come close like Brothers. And one of the things I'll say about him. He's relentless. Relentless that whatever it is and I know. You know I I'm Lindsay it and there's been a lot of crap about his season last year it was almost he got he got thirty and taxable argue. That they counted towards towards him last thirty and it's hard. You know and of course instantly that's gonna make you as it is look bad if you have thirty and its target their own way but the one thing this. They can't take away from what makers. And just what he brings to the table. Is I never have to worry about makers out on the four. We have a combination route we have something that's that's very intricate. I don't have to worry in in in wondered too mean competed I've never had to worry about it to me is always on. You know in in in the run game he's remarked this blogger if not the best market that we hadn't received. Not say he did you know I'd be crafted stimulus say to me that of the Jimmy's hit a basket you know. You know in this there's so many intricate things that mean. It is intended intangibles it just can't put a value and also in the locker room he's one of those leaders that. Keeps everybody balance you know myself I get really intense accuse me I've been to some guys who really. With a home quietly bring anything it's anything. Which remain brings everybody together he's the looks to a lot of elements analog form I just can't say enough about that now and I'm Noah I. And those sounds like I'm rambling on it. You know I love to me as not only open to you as human beings yeah let me exits. Yet a third young guy that's Elvis that that I think people would know outside the outside the golf course not it doesn't fit admired that in Iraq it down here right it's an. I've just watched you guys it's a fun out here and in obviously I'm sure the battles are great between you guys in the secondary how much fun you have going against those guys on the database. It has its extreme fun because you got guys that are so great at what they do right Richard Sherman Earl Thomas came chancellor. We have some young guys that are really good then you just had that natural competition we have a lot of fun on you because guys genuinely love each other but also love competing at that time. Real quick to tell you on this one Josh Rosen had comments about school and balancing football you've been vocal about college football athletes. Did you find validity and what he was saying accidents in article. I'm I've been staying away from media FF FF but if I had any comments on its balance school in in in the oval you know. Let's be real. Most colleges. It's for football players athletes it's what's for you know and net. That's because that's what makes them money. Right yeah UK student athletes and that becomes and he gets a scholarship but ultimately they want to see them produce some football so academic side that is not what it was much. Forcefully enough cause let's go to Stanford University where. They gave us all the tools and and willing to give us any tools you Norris fourth successful classroom. Like universities modeling days it's not like this and you hear a lot of war stories and guys come from the college Princeton and if so right where. Education is not a priority such deathly think something needs to change him. Rego good stuff Doug Baldwin by Seahawks wide receiver joining us to start off certain spray here on a Friday afternoon I think so much for the time and we love watching you play good luck this season and so. They go Doug Baldwin from earlier in the show are they thoughtful guy enjoyed all of his answers out. And that's I wanted to replay to amount to get a chance to sit down with a guy or an athlete that Saddam. It does that well spoken so honest yeah honest way to put it is laws have been stuff there from Doug Baldwin if you miss either of those interviews or podcasts and as soon. As the show is over him we got a weather delay in the PGA championship to talk about that the close up the show and we're way over believable Sprague the line nexus in your face sponsors and 55305 lose some money expert first. Here's Joseph sports center. And. Dirt and spray do live from C are straining jail that is presented by dinners automotive and brought to you by area heating and cooling them by McCord Vancouver Toyota Papa John's pizza lifting Goodyear tire and buy did you and a dealerships. Yeah Reagan. Reagan the last yeah. Gergen Leon. Okay. I. Giles you guys are now delaying on you. On a delay in your honor knows this is. I got a time that delaying NGOs have you know I'm pretty sure delay I'm pretty sure slide is there she could've done this for me this time. Snag you mean she's. Against my checked out vol tacked down as does an ambulance left it flares teams gone a late. Of them today I EI and I had a bad experience. I use the restroom. Would hearing when the interviews that we re aired. And I walked in and somebody for the team. I don't know what his job at its values. Pretty decent appear official ever for the team he barked out of the stall. Sprayed Lysol. And then just lock down who know him once and I am Washington noted in one Oliver report that was he Caro. Breaking news out of hand or not and why certainly he's taking care of that business. Hey guys regular client brought to you by the patriots owning the jets for fifteen years. Sports yes regular line. Things on a Japan. Gotta you gotta tie and Elijah spread alliance rusty today by the NFL is so easy even regular dude named Leonard could do. Straight ally and Brad did today by sovereign immunity Nolan knows what the hell that means that adds calendars pregnant and. Chang wants is money back straight line. And Ireland to demonstrate and. Expect those are tough by the way to lose sight for now is your solo you get pundits like I carry that over the air straight line grabs you by the New York Jets even Oscar the Grouch thinks they're garbage. That's true very lab rats he buys for born all us and easy either a new game thrown his character Horry PGA golfer were too scared as away when she came for him. It's tricky. Three allied brats you buy hard count with dirt is greatly here sending more force than that name here's ray takes. I thought man parked out it was a good show name. Easy we need it re picked that we've got to Bosnian thing and it we take that we wanted afternoon delight. Yeah we did one M candlelight. Knows spreading lies at the by the window. And let them know that is but still it's there apparently. Great I'm Raja by Leonard for Annette Bening is so easy probably because I Sprague the line. Split. Regular vibrancy of the NFL training camp veterans avoided and rookies don't know any better just likes breaks fix Touche as you. Then in vibrancy by. LP Jay Cutler thought. But Jay Cutler in Miami I'm sorry dolphin and Egan writes for elaborate Dubai holds it would stone creek the only home the world where you don't have to buy around appears after all and lawn right that is Iran hands and I blender for this it's terrible I room our the regular average about Carmelo Anthony just like straight stakes there's a slim chance at at at at. And let's see one last one years for our Jim lawyers for elaborate by blazer fans because of meeting Melo is coming to Portland you must thinks breaks takes honors. And straight and I'm rusty by communicable diseases courtesy of the Seattle CR all right I do it isn't money and a nice Gregor well. Arab world isn't any money tonight today is out as a couple games thing at Kansas City see every Cisco its campus since the and the giants and Pittsburgh. Kevin Dodd is the shot of via Twitter its fans as I was -- make complex yet know you garden next level that generate if you're betting on pre season football I'd just like the point that out. Dominic go with the big game. I'm gonna go with the Tampa and since he match of the reasons is the big game is the spread is it's one and a half. I can't break this down because I don't know who the hell's gonna play for either team. But you need to box out and I think the bucks an explosive start to three season plus one and a half of Canada's a Mets game so we too hard knocks is entertaining yet to shank that's right. And then the second match out our city three the second matchup will be Tennessee at the jets Mariano will play in this game Malarkey announce that. Wants to begin a possession in the air act new York and the titans are three point favorites you bet the titans folks because yes even. If it's rookies enforcer and has played for the titans that's been the starters the New York Jets a gimme Tennessee. Minus the three at last makes Seattle. Seattle Seahawks are going to LA to play the chargers. I'm not sure who he's got to play for the Seahawks a seems to be some mixed reports out there. Give me the chargers minus one and a half to beat C ox increases in game number one okay spread lyme brought to you by Seahawks trailed again just like straight stakes at this rate Lysol. I'm actually glad he did because the man was 63. Easily to ten. And he was wedding when he came out and the big guy yes wedding after doing your business that was not a fun session I alleys. Really and beef Bruce artwork and nausea that meets its regular lime massacre and I'm sent back to you by North Korea the only thing I'm probably bomb more than its stake and he's. Hopefully not but escalation mistrust. Go. Guides on a did treatment Richmond Doug Baldwin in because we didn't that their looks like we ate the whole summer and the and you responded that the big Geigy in any latest responded. More cushion for the yeah Kevin does going to be back on the got some bats without about that coming target a massive trash yes Ali the showed Israeli government we can't wait to have him back on line for a spring in alliance data every Friday. At 230 I will close up showed Jason Day it was on fire on the David Sloan down was the weather a quarterback's not gonna play it on the pre season how concerned. I should the team be able wrap things up here today from Seahawks training camp they're spraying on 1080 the fan. Dirt in Australia lives from Seahawks training camp that is presented by containers automotive and brought to you by area heating and cooling climate towards Vancouver Toyota Papa John's pizza lifting gear tires and by Jay Kenneth dealerships. That's right love. I assist the fairway into the weekend starts right here on Friday privacy acts training camp it's been an awesome day out here. In our Renton Washington right off you know water beautiful day. Can't ask for better weather and everything has been a lot of fun just kind of walking around checking out the team we got a chance to do this last year I had a blast doing it. They give us an opportunity to come up again this year and we jumped out at and there's been a Monday so far hopefully we can do it again next year you know we we love the partnership that we have with the Seahawks they're great to work with. Men and tell as bad as you know being in Portland. I almost feel like we've kind of grown immune to the the blaze served. Behind the scenes stuff you know it's so different and I love like ENFL behind the scenes stuff it's funny he just Ian for nest. We're standing Hiro watched campers like. It had been guy is making. I guess just for accidents point 98 years every day exactly I I totally get that is if you said that about the blazers were me. I totally understand itself. It's cool for us not having an NFL team being able to come up here we both have families that's convenient to be able stay with them. But to come out here for a day check out what's going on Russell Wilson Richard Sherman Michael Bennett. And be able to hang out and talked to guys like Doug Baldwin love coming up here. Yeah awesome job if you miss the interview is I'll update Chama those are here once second when he gets a couple of quick sports stories IDC your boy Jason day's doing today I did I wanna know what hole he got an eagle on because he's five under on the day when four holes yes and Jason Day if you miss it today date to the PGA championship the only played four holes he was five under on those four holes which vaulted him all the way up in the second are scared me third place. I'm behind Kevin K Isner who is the leader at eight under Hideki Matsu Yamaha. Is in second place he was off to a great start as well today he only got ten and fourteen holes and excuse me so Jason Day. Through some of the action is Sanford in five under so he's three shots. Off the lead my pick Ricky Fowler's at three under to he's five shots back on and he's still running a 69 yesterday and seventy today and then add a couple of the big time favorites doesn't look like they're gonna get it done. As both Jordan speeds and Rickie Fowler. Falling behind the crowd a little bit Jordan speeds at three over I believe not rig frog should be Roy Mack arrived. IMac or is it too over he's already in a clubhouse done with his second round. And Jordan speed finished his second round. With the fuels to goalies at three overs so seems like those two guys were favorites coming in out of contention a little bit going into the and it's and DJ one under one over. A one over par okay is that it is not completely out of yet we don't know of prisoners gonna blow up. In day three but like I I like it I'm I feel pretty stupid because I really wanted to trust my gut and go with Hideki Nazi mama. On the PGA championship I switched it because I kept seeing all these phenomenal finishes. From Rory act quail hollow and how well he plays there. Started out pretty promising but clearly he's he's blown up a little bit maybe he can make recovery. But probably not like the leaderboard I don't know much about his there is a local case from South Carolina how in and his family lives is kind of a journeyman on the PGA tours and add on the name that is so much about his days daily lives in North Carolina so there's that conical local angles well and like we just had speeds when a major championship right every time and how he's going for. The Grand Slam. Jason Day would suddenly we get his second major championship and it weighed I think it would shift the conversation yet again because that's the beauty of having this field. When you have DJ Mac Roy Fowler. Speed. Day Maxi Yamaha a year and a handful of guys right now. That always seem to be kind of the prohibitive favorites in these major championships. And it always switches every single time one of them wins whether it's regular tournament or major championship. Well is it selling so's time accommodate them to work. That's not gonna happen a lot tiger. But I think that's exciting part about the field as you have so many of the talon. The golfers are now Jessica Isner is on front eight under par and you got some big names rat behind him Matt he almost six Jason Dave five little used seasons at four under Rickie Fowler. Eyes at three under some of those guys are still us and all to play tomorrow there was a weather delay. I'll play was suspended in dates use of the pick up brown to. Tomorrow in the morning and get round three started as long. As the weather cooperates one other sports story I didn't wanna squeezing your before you have to go and we'll probably have more on this next week aside come out. I just got in the midst of everything that we were doing but the ravens came on announcer Joseph Flacco artist back they set eyes on the going to be out of weakened. That's why they did need assigned comic capita well apparently they've reported today I'm show after this on Twitter is not gonna play all the pre season. Because of his back injury and they're expecting him to be ready for the regular season openers zero pre season snaps for Joseph slack. I don't Flacco doesn't need pre season snaps at this point is careers won a Super Bowl had one of the best playoff runs we've ever seen from a quarterback's quarterbacks statistically. Pre season doesn't mean. He doesn't need to do it he's been warming up the training camp enters the back he'll be fine and we won this doesn't surprise me at all Smart move for the rate sit them. And then you bring him back we won and see what you can do. This year after they got a good stuff today folks appreciate it took it and live up here. I had that training camp out one other note I know it's not a be extradited just gonna pass on apparently Willie Taggart father passed away today yeah I saw that outside this day. You know it's weighted you god I don't understand that sometimes but I trusted snow and tomorrow Abbas announced seven minutes as well that he did so that was together sports stories of the day yesterday at a great time up here might think the sea dogs once again for their hospitality it's been an awesome time this after the Palestinian atlas Bob does podcast that he could stand. Dot com is where you can find it weird Doug Baldwin on Seahawks wide receiver right at the jump but the facility is Ian for NASA. I joined us as well audio message preview of the upcoming season with we cannot after this break. And ads hitting the fan out across all sixteen of our our product of everybody has a good weekend what's got here Monday at noon a mourn its nexus thinks. And it is a thing.