Dirt & Sprague, Friday 8-11-17 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, August 11th

Carmelo to Portland rumors start back up, Mike Leach is twitter gold, and the NFL is already too easy for Leonard Fournette.


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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for takes some time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Oh. And actually. Thanks and. This is dirt and spray paint them. Check this out. Look at our stance and look at it fatal to death or disease that this was contagious stay up. Until portal listing that stunt can't be flippant question where's Andy Dirk Johnson and Brendan sprint does have a smell right. Bob dame won't game boy everyone likes a grown man doing. Project durden spray gun ten AB those goofy faster to just about the best thing got going this crazy world. You'll soon. I welcome in second hour there Sprague but I've been Redmond Washington at Xerox. Training camp. It appears that all the players that lifted weights now maybe he had taken in some food do a little film study and then head home for the day. Get rid of their first pre season game is Janet played the chargers on Sunday. So we have a lot to get to hear in the second hour we're gonna talk about Carmelo in the blazers don't forget. The top of the final hour rent Ian for best night indicates you are and we're gonna re Eric Doug Baldwin interview if you miss that we just kicked off the show Doug Baldwin walked right over here. And if you get Doug ball in your knocked it had not talked to himself. We're gonna rear that interview if you missed it but now I wanna get to this. Ater large now ski this is a big deal for a lot of people right now. And my sports answers. A lot of people sports fans or tie they're gonna have done but the top button. And the reason they're gonna have to do that is because Nader in Georgia now ski on Mike and Mike this morning had this to say about the blazers and Carmelo Anthony. The team the watch and there. Is Portland because. This has become very much of a recruiting league it's almost like a modern. It's almost like a modern day A you travel basketball model where. You know James Hartman played a role in convincing Chris Paul a big role and commits in crisp ought to come to Houston client. And so right now you have dame Willard is CJ McCollum who's done a tremendous backcourt in Portland. They've they've made progress. I'm told with Carmelo Anthony and peeking his interest on that blazers team so if the blazers were able to come up with a deal package that. Worked for New York. Then. He gives Carmel something to think about it again they've. They've made inroads with him. I'm told in C jays in New York right now plane you saw some video yesterday and played pick up with right. With Melo and think about that team in Portland if they do a deal that they could do a deal for Melo with my column Millard. Use of Dirk that you played just tremendous basketball for them the young senator. Down the stretch and you put Carmel on that team if they can piece together deal that in June. With with the rest of their team picks. That for that top four outside of Golden State. Stacks up pretty well almost anybody in the last. Top. Yes other basically title let's you Adrian artist out there a Mike in my eight. Saying the package is right for New York. And CJ being in New York right now training with Melo and a facility came always you know. Reaching out with a cellphone in the recruiting him back it is right Portland is the sleeper team suddenly. My opinion of telling it it's not completely dad not so stupid as. I thought yeah it's not a 0% chance I don't think it's a very high percentage. But this is why you never say never and again the deal has not been made. Nor are we heard any rumblings that he is willing to waive his no trade clause until I see that report. It's not happening that's my mindset. But in this league is he pointed out it's all about recruiting right it's building relationships. Building that report showing on. That hey we got the trusting you you could trust us let's win. And waiting rules out for a lot of superstar players and I'm sure that's what matters most to mellow. And albeit even for May be two more years which is left on it which is what is left on his contract. I'm not saying it's a 0% chance I get back then and I'm I'm sticking with that opinion I don't think it's a 0% chance having Aziz the small sliver of hope for Portland here. Well Emma I think you pointed out at the end of the day it all comes down to Carmelo Anthony waiving the no trade clause it's up to him if he doesn't want to play a Portland has never gonna happen. Com but. That this thing that has continued to give me hope is is twofold it's one but he doesn't wanna be in New York. I'm not buying he's gonna return if there's no trade that studies is not going to be in the next year I just I don't buy that he's gonna stay there. And the second part of it is Hewson has not been able to work out a deal form yet they need 83 or fourth team to come into the mix and that initially was for Portland. Was tied in industry discussions that still has not changed to use it hasn't contracts that get rid of but the knicks don't want Ryan Anderson until years or three years and sixty million dollars they don't want that that's not gonna fit their model of what they're trying to do. So Houston continues to need to find somebody else double play all of them and haven't found yet. And that's that they make continues to give me hope is you continue to have Damon CJ. Recruiting him we saw the videos general Casey old odds we get it out the other day. That's CJ playing with him in some pick up bonding James Harden was there as well are on one team together I dominate and they killed it and and they are all knocking down shots and elsewhere in the I didn't in training camp mode. Amen they look good together and you know Damian Miller does that as still maintained. His contact with him and he still reaching out to one. And that's what gives me hope is that at some point you get close enough to the season starting the but the reality of a deal to Hewson becomes. Evidence of Melo that it's not gonna happen. And he says you know what I don't wanna be in New York Cleveland ain't gonna trade form 'cause that's not a bad nobody knows what else while Clinton right now he reportedly turned them down and maybe I just added I wanna go their LeBron could leave after next year sell. That is gonna come to that well well what I've rather to. What I'd rather play the next couple years of Portland or even I'll just play one your report Linden and see how things go or what I've rather become or are excuse me maintain. As a New York nick and that's it gives me hope is that it sub what you get to that point if she says not able to get a deal done well and. You know I I don't know if I buy that those four. Basically make you a title contender that there's like chemistry to be worked out there you're talking about three ball dominant players and in mixing news of her kitchen hoping that he stays healthy right. By David this is my contention with it. You take that chance which clearly by the way Neal Los say wants to do the same thing Ali's body was gonna trails draft picks Paul George birdies it was just getting this info. It's straight from the horse's mouth yeah. Neil oh she talks to maybe three people in this league you'll get a little bit a little bit it chasing quake but in terms of like big nuggets. You've seen two people really say anything a guy to ever Brisbane skews me here but accuracy works for NBA dot com. It eat your words and now ski that's him so this idea that it's like all along I weaving O'Neal's about he's about it because while it is reporting it that's how we know. The second part is if he brought in here. And you maybe go to the playoffs but Melo figures I don't like it here I I don't wanna play analyst Portland again I like playing with these guys that didn't work out right. You can still trade him he's still a tradable asset even with a one year remaining in the reason is he is Carmelo Anthony. That is not a player that teams are just gonna ideally just. Slap away and oil is you want Melo if it's not for crappy team to sell season tickets. It's for a contending team that thinks is a chance he'll re up with them. Albeit not a five year deal but maybe a strong three year type deal because he's getting up there in the aids latter so. I don't really view a negative side here I I don't. I've yet to hear any there is not one person that's given me a valid negative spot for why this would be bad for the blazers when you're giving up commodities. What commodities if you're not giving up Dane CJ are very -- but he got chummy commodity that really is worth. Fighting over yet and that's announces that about what you're giving up a draft pick branded. Great the first draft pick we had this year. Got hurt his second game in summer league didn't make much of an impact offensively and he's nineteen and a project that's at ten year window there. Well it's he's up pat locker room guy according to Y show me the story where it says he's a battle locker room guy because there ain't one written. There's not it's a crappy situation in New York it turned into a dumpster fire but when they wanted he wanted Denver I didn't hero I didn't hear a thing about that. So I I think there's a lot of false narratives that are thrown about. And hot opinions about why memos not good for Portland if they suck and it doesn't work which wouldn't totally surprised me. Okay great what were you going to be without an eight seed a seven seat may be a sixty at best you market now the first round in those matchups. So to me it's cobble when when you take that chance. Assuming he ways that no trade clause and you roll nice because you're not winning in this league if you don't roll the dice it's really that simple yeah it. You gotta take chances and time to time and that's one thing an ideologue Shays got a lot of criticism. This offseason and and and pass Nazis but at least he got to give him credit for trying to roll the dies he chided Oprah Paul George that you got turned down. That wasn't his fault the off for the farm form and Kevin Pritchard says no thanks I still have a little. Towards while so this is one we're clearly he's gonna take a swing if the opportunity is there an afloat is reporting it to me there's some legitimacy. Behind it one other aspect of this you've got to remember is under a New York's once and assets and return obviously America to get Carmelo away. For nothing but you also have the need to wait a twelve billion dollar trade exemption but you can use in the calendar year to use it yeah and maybe that ties in this deal as well or they want somebody younger players that don't have big contracts need to one and Evan Turner for example on that bad deal. And they just want somebody younger assets you can throw a twelve million dollar trade exemption and there and you can make those salaries work out what do you think the percentage is a blazer fan. That's heard this quote our read this quote. Buys into that this is at you know people are gonna go there like it's gonna happen right how what's the percentage TU. 3540 okay what's your percentage that it's realistic. I give it a 2.5 percentage tab and that's higher than any axe I'd I'd go point five 'cause. It remains Houston hasn't been able to get a deal done he really does I have thirteen Houston has been trying all the offseason Mello says he wants to go there he's gonna waive his no trade clause that's the places he's the only team a wave of an hour and we have been waiting for weeks and months now for that the eleven hasn't taken place yet. A semi says why would New York do this well first of all you get that fat contract off your books because that matters a lot. And the second thing is New York is rebuilding the air rebuilding and they have Chris staffs forcing as you will build around it will clearly be his team. You pair that with so maybe some some assets you keep move in the market a little bit NEC you can build in two years that's why New York we do it he's unhappy there. It's clearly reached a point where neither side really wants it anymore that's why New York with you this deal what. And I also went on I believe it was Kevin Pelton will be out on the show might have been another NBA writer but he basically said if it were not for the no trade clause when we had a Mon is probably that was that was in 2000. Prominent NBA writer I can't liberalism it's not my head. But I was art and its candidates kept anonymous if there was no trade kicker he'd beaten Portland right now I said the deal is done it would have been finished two weeks ago yes Portland as the asset and that was over a month ago and that was a month ago yeah so. Yes so Carmelo Anthony according Adrian more to now ski. Portland. Is that team to watch for in the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes. I don't put a high percentage of of that being realistic I don't I don't think it's 0% either by the way. I think it's fool's gold to say that this is 0% chance this is the NBA we have seen crazier things happen. Then that instant so Carmelo Anthony Korda will Adrian awards now's the import and might end up being a fit. Beating David CJ can convince them. And I lottery if you thought the bridge where appears text sign which like Carmelo important which be willing to risk. At least a season with Carmelo Anthony in rip city. We'll read some thoughts and talk about that some more next after this break back with more on the fan. Data to the zone of attacks. Street you don't play as fast and I don't know much maxed out yet. Today's Seahawks training camp edition of dirt and spray just presented on the stand by dinners on the motors and brought to you by area. An insulin and towards Vancouver Toyota. But John's pizza lifting gear tires and light to attend a dealership. So. Don't try welcome back to answer a straight here at Washington CI training camp everybody is now but cleared out. Even the bands they've had given up hope on anybody else signing autographs today. A couple of younger players over here working on some stuff in the corner and you also got to appreciate this isn't a bad gig man these guys walking around resigning the the turf. I mean we talking like this last year maybe it was on the air off the bike but if you ever got booted out of radio and we got as a stand at a radio come up here and do a job like that man they're walking around in the saudis learned outwards and T shirt. Drive one of these mowers around all afternoon I'd do that job and Harvey if you pay me a good salary pay my mortgage. And I and a Super Bowl ring yeah I'm all about it yet is sea roaring hate you helped us a lot that you you're damn right you practiced on that side and on my side. That's right note no I don't rolled ankles and everybody was good I hate it for nest gonna join us at 2 o'clock 950 KJ argued his thoughts on where the Seahawks are going in the this year. And now we're gonna re air our Doug Baldwin interview at Q fifteen if you missed that kick off the show. So that is coming up and don't forget Spragan line as well and we'll get to the PGA championship a surprising name leading. That tournament in the the second round which I'm a Carmelo Anthony though in Portland. As they are awards announced he went on about three different radio shows and TV shows and said hey you know the team to watch for. The Portland trailblazers the Portland trailblazers because of the relationship. Dane CJ and Melo have also they can offer potentially the best package to entice the New York Knicks. So at this point it's all got to be about getting Carmelo Anthony. To waive the trade clause and it is just and again. Dirk made a really good point we had Kevin art of it's on here over a month ago by the way I realized it was not tournaments it was Bobby marks. It was only a body mark my god and we talked image and a couple weeks ago okay Bobby marks from formally the vertical came over loads. And former front office guy he said if it melody and have his trade kicker. Our I trade clause he would be in Portland right now because state you have the best deal to offer. So Houston's trying like hell but loads seems to think Portland is this the sleeper team in this whole thing. I am a guy Ellis and its accident and said this is all to motivate used in to get a deal done very well could be it's an event were still. Absolutely and I understand that the only thing I would say is why why would Houston had not been motivated up until this point. Well lately anyway and it's like looming on like you better start getting it now are and and and enact a BM and you've since been pretty adamant about trying to get him and he's been adamant about trying to go to Houston itself. I don't think it's simple report the Portland as a sleeper team all the sun is gonna make them. Sweeten the offer because again it gets back to the issue it's it's not one on one trait if that was music pages trade up. Trade straight up for mellow out a deal would aborted and done Houston has to wait for somebody else and adapt to give up assets to another team. To make that deal happened in and that's the hurdle they still have not been able to get over you know I've had a couple conversations albeit a couple drinks and with us some friends of mine about attacks that I we just got to the bridge or appears tax line. I realized Portland doesn't win big free agents and I realize Melo is that where used to be in his opinion. That being said X his excitement level is still man. I don't really feel like he would move the needle tooth too far regardless becomes such as kind of man. Whenever I see what you're saying maybe you don't think he helps you win that many more games or go that deeper into the playoffs. In terms of excitement I think you listener are in the minority there yet and what I mean by that is the conversation dive that is. Melo being in Portland to meet with almost feel. This may be blasphemous it may feel Scotty like Scottie Pippen like spiral never forget the first game I went he went Scotty tipping came to Portland is reacting a large building seem to have a flight lifted his greatest players of all time ISS styles yes that's Scottie Pippen in a blazer unique. I fully buy that that that building is already packed. The excitement level would be through the roof and Carmelo Anthony was ablaze. Yeah I'd edit. It's opened a debate how good team would be I understand that if you're not buying in. That Melo puts them into a Western Conference finals conversation that's a debate that you get hat is is he gonna buy in. AZ get a play defense how does he fit. Is he going to be a third or fourth fiddle on the offensive side of the ball which at times he would be is gonna be behind Damon CJ from a scoring perspective so. Is he willing to sacrifice those looks I think those are all ballot conversations the one that that I now by and I'm I'm with the is that did the excitement level of had just come in here what it does to you. From an our organizational standpoint and imagining that home opener of him running out on the court the starting lineup by I think this plays. Would collapse of the nods and it just it 888 gets you thinking about what could possibly happen if he ends up fitting bibles say that there's no doubt in my mind that having Damon CJ is the perfect culture for him of of coming into a place and getting mellow out a player like the mellow bold enough eighty bald Dominic guy I trust David CJ's ability to do it and even on top of that. I think there's some pressure here for all shaded trying get this done because. David C David out of an offseason they wanna move to happen they want a big fish they don't wanna be 88 seeding get swept again which is what you are right now this move doesn't happen so. Even if it doesn't add up working out your still signaling at least your two franchise players but we went on took a chance like he wanted to steal it didn't work out but at least we're giving you the pieces that you think you need. A couple thoughts of the Bridgeport appears Tex signing is another thing if Melo comes here loves it what would you do even if they don't win anything of you substance. It changes how other players potentially look at Portland Dane CJ everything that would be huge unintentional benefit. Another one yeah roll the dice I am no fan of Carmelo but the ceiling is much higher with them that's the only way you climb the west Blatter. At this point and another thought heck he had no risk no reward if we don't keep payments CJ happy. They will walk in time some males is the large excuse to get a deal done a chance support and getting mellow co op and I think that is. To me that's another reason why. Albeit small. There is a chance. Does car what is Carmelo Anthony do if Houston can't get a deal by Kiev they officially find out a date we just can't strike a deal. Is he just walked back to the knicks. Or does he finally get to a point where he goes I can't do that Abby doesn't want to play for the knicks and there's so much animosity talent Kyle in Cleveland and they were executive VP does it trade has been rumors all offseason they're gonna buyout an enemy to get an anonymous gonna pay ams advantage that would be the thought they can do it they they cannot say it's not gonna happen asked Phil Jackson left and a new management in place but. That was a conversation of purses are they gonna trade him or just wash their hands of the situation by an outlet known for me says we need this Portland as a city. Needs this EE EE if kids illegal weed in voodoo donuts today maybe Melo working PDA acts. Some deals offense defense defense. And look at these events already kind of socked by the defense socks and cannot. When posing gates he's better defending its credit for a minute I. He's engaged but like it at the funny part about that Texas did they have great defense right now. But if if you trade assets to go to Carmelo Anthony is that now what you gonna trade him bad defenders for and a bad defender you avenue legitimate defenders on this team so. Maybe you get better offensively and blazers have zero chance to win now and that's they I'm just I'm gonna disagree with whether that's media fans. It's never Siro like this league is weird it's crazy it's unpredictable. It is endeavors hero and I got alligator Edwards announced you need to remember. He's built the reputation on not being wrong. He's built a reputation on being plugged in and connected. And not PS saying yeah he's not hot take guy. He is a I talked to him and thousands of people in the offseason players' agents GMs coaches etc. He's not gonna spout off to spout off it is going all these shows in Brighton these features and he's put in Portland and it it's not zero. Now it's small but it's not zero Y and I wanna read to more taxing is that a lot of uncommon and somebody set a home opener through the roof excitement doesn't overrule a season of disappointment. And all low morale and and I understand that text but let me ask you this if they don't make that deal you don't get mellow kind of season. You know what's the where's the lower morale there where's the morale is now don't make this move you're the eighth seed again he gets wet lose all four games by thirty points to Golden State was the morale of franchise at that point. That's a look at the mere moment of all the crap out of me get better and an excellent says and you guys aren't saying this but to reiterate Scotty almost got us a champion as he did what Melo will not but I would be stoked to see him. And brought another as you see it when you championship. But if it does to be changed the stratosphere. Of the conversation like it's no longer. Are the boy's gonna make the playoffs it's off west and you just heard from mode if you miss the audio even while Jews is plugged in an NBA circles as anybody. That you added when you have that top four that's as good as he can get outside a Golden State are. I want to play -- one more time because I I we do have listeners that are just tuning in it haven't heard quotes quite yet are on mellowed a Portland I want to read a few more thoughts. And then walls to move on the next segment to Mike Leach explaining why he has Twitter now. And one of the reasons it's just glorious. So we'll do that next dirt is break back with more live it's the arts training camp in Renton Washington. Will be back on 1080 campers show with sports that are update. Durden square. Live from sale of strange. Maria. McCourt Vancouver Toyota plummet John's pizza. And I dig Genevieve. Dealerships. Yeah pretty armed. We're doing the Wayne's world dances like cards that NN it's like crazy fox say they need to have him at a flat tires got straight again rent. Washington. Good show today it's always funny that the first after the show it's always act as a ton of people. As players walking around it's nonstop activity in them by 130. You're looking out of an empty field an empty thing is stands and it's just people don't some yard work out there yeah which would probably the quiet peaceful afternoon here which. I kind of like that it's cool to see all the acts in the players we to the interview one of every year and you see the fans. But I liked how calm it is were right here on the water than the weather's perfect but it's going to be fun and we re air the interview. How much new wager gonna hear in the background don't get it. Not hearing anything right now yeah I just full disclosures are gonna be able to tell we recorded our interview with Ian for NASA's ask an alleged all right now we he had a chance to stop when he's actually on the air right now about forty feet away from a the year in Seattle so. We had a chance that the end is going to be music blared the back got into the good dichotomy of exactly how loud and then quiet. It does become out here but yeah alive appears our training camp haven't had time given the PGA championship coming up your ten minutes. And crunch time and again in France top of the hour animal replay are Doug Baldwin interview. Casey NASDAQ coming up at 250 but for those of you who have been listening to our conversation about Carmelo Anthony. Wondering where all this comes from if you missed him when the latest for you again this is Adrian orgy arouse ski this morning on Mike and Mike talking about Carmelo and the blazers. The team to watch and there. Is Portland because. This has become very much of a recruiting league it's almost like a modern. It's almost like a modern day 88 you travel basketball model where. You know James Hartman played a role in convincing Chris Paul a big role and commits in crisp ought to come to Houston play and and so right now you have dame Willard is CJ McCollum who's got tremendous backcourt in Portland. They've they've made progress. I'm told with Carmelo Anthony and peeking his interest on that blazers team so if the blazers were able to come up with a deal package that. Worked for New York. Then. He gives Carmelo something to think about again they've. They've made inroads with him I'm told in CJ is in New York right now plane we saw some video yesterday and played pick up with right. With Melo and think about that team in Portland if they do a deal that they could do a deal for Melo would McCollum Millard. Use of their kitchen played just tremendous basketball for them the young senator. Down the stretch and you put Carmel on that team if they can piece together deal that didn't. With with the rest their team picks. That for that top four outside of Golden State stacks up pretty well almost anybody in the last. And a guy that's everybody's outside of the best team in the sailor nobody's gonna be Golden State. You could be the second best. And that's what everybody sports fans are are tied to data tournament a couple of thoughts on this the wheel on I wanna see some yeah department railroad equipment. Why is this different then a report that came out like. Month ago. He said the same thing he said Portland's one of the teams that's putting themselves in a position mr. Gilani Carmelo Anthony don't wanna be a third party facility and now there's they're not going to be that that team no equipment that's my point is like I find it's so funny like Chris people hear him say it. That now it's got validity verses he kind of authority he's already been saying noticed that Portland wants some that there are real player in this thing of actively going for right and that's my opinion as a change on this at all mine either when it was first reported I game it's one to 25% chance of doing it because a gamble where we continue to say. Houston has a pulled the trigger yet they don't have the answers to make the trades and Intel he becomes a Houston rocket. I'm better believe the blazers have a chance to get them at the end of the day I don't think it was to go back to New York in my opinion hasn't changed so. Amber is the same report it's just a little bit new aura of C and that. They're recruiting pitches works so I I also think it's natural to dirt. It's a small little snippet but that video watching him play with him with CJ. You know he may not waive the trade causing come deport an hour at a high percentage chance on that but. I think anybody you have to give pro athlete for this you can play correctly even when you play with a group that's fun. And your winning and you're sharing the rock yeah. That can change a lot of people's feelings about a situation rally Portland's not a place he wants lift clearly I get it. But to play with CJ and to see Maine he's killing. And many share in the rock and let you get yours game would be the same way her kids would be all about it. Things like that can go to part of the recruitment. Factor I think what do there what are a couple of the answer quickly bridge partners text on 55305. Some. He's sad how are we going to pay dame CJ mellow and market to market continues to improve he's gonna wanna get paid I'd rather have a health in markets. And it'll mellow ideally I would say that is one game is he just contracts. Or they're already done there on long term deals they've already got paid I think they mean because it kicks in now bought it does it does take him but they've given yet remember with the new circuits extension you can go away over the cap back because he's your own guys so if you wanna given that extension this off season he's going to be available for it. You can't you can go over the bucks you just can't bring in an outside freeagent go over itself the Melo deal I can't remember exactly what the parameters of his contract are. Off the top of my habit they can make it work financially at least for one year and then sit down and revisit that you can go away over the cap for her kitchen. I think that's what pollen has proven in the last two years and they just rate crab but. Is proven as long as you're gonna win ism in Adam mind how much you spend. I think he just did that this year with a crappy team exactly that was a thing with Kravitz like what requirement to pay this team to be the eighth seed doesn't make any sense but if you put a blueprint in place of saying this is how good you could be. I think he's going to be willing to go over against the best is set to keep in mind. I'm with the financial deal but again at that it's a part of try to get it all to work out as he got a lot of money on the books and that again is also why it was so important to make that. Allen Crabbe deal I know he would have been a part of this trade if it happened. But at least declared what 1718 million a year off the books and an ex threes it was gonna get the twenty depth of the wanna keep this I think it when he million dollars so they tried their mellow stuff it's drama it's opening Els comes but everybody sports fans are pretty tight where would they be real quick we're already be in the west and they had mellow it's. In Odyssey in my opinion this is get a sound like the homers of all time homer takes Ellie if I their opinion I think there's I think two or three seed. Which you go Waco Golden State Houston what are Google states and it Tony I don't know what to make of Houston or San Antonio but I think one of those teams will be better than you would want it is Houston if they gels like it's he would be and then if it doesn't San Antonio is always legitimate but I I think you're good enough to be at three seed in the last ever the odds I'd buy into you have that talent I don't buy into this is the end of malice career he's not gonna shoot thirty shots a game he's not gonna be a ball stopper if he goes somewhere. I I honestly believe he buys into. What can I do to help this team. Yeah. You know I can't really disagree with you there if I did I if I did I would but I don't I you have for you three. We received great scores like some of the best scores in the league on the court at one time. You figure it out eventually you may struggle at first the first ten games there panics 05 it filed what's going on an act could eventually they figure it out. Meritage being healthy for a full season he may not to be quite what happened last year. But he's still a dominant seven footer that can pass the rock set great screens roll. And after right now has a pretty good attitude out. I'm waited talent wise they wait for Serbia right there in the contention for the three odd question marks still but every team in the west outside a Golden State in my mind as question marks and acts and atheism is is no way you jump that high with a crappy mellow. What are we buying into in the last like every race all this talent went to the west will okay how's Russell Westbrook and Paul George going to work. We seem to think it's a given that their like a top three team Minnesota at was. Just dreadful last year on defense Wiggins as one of the worst defenders individually in the league. And now you're adding Jimmy Butler let's that dichotomy there. I San Antonio made no moves to get better they lost Jonathan Simmons they tried to deal LaMarcus I know that the spurs I get that. I can't quite buy into them having this season they have this past year. Big ego clippers are right Blake might be out the first few months you know not by and that once so then where you go. I just I don't think this west. It is quite is stacked it is some as making I think Oklahoma's his immediate team Minnesota will eventually figure out but it's a lot of improvement I just think Portland for is as much as when I Minnesota and Oklahoma City with adding one player I think Portland should be right there in that conversation. Potential potential potential. Yes they LA sports fans get tied for a little bit who knows if that happens but Adrian Georgian raskin reporting. The blazers are the sleeper team to acquire Carmelo Anthony be recruiting efforts of CJ in gamers are nowhere on him. And still no deal at Houston's Celek could come to the point where he says it has some out of New York might as well. Go play in Portland making an effort as gonna join us top of the hour. We recorded it I promise it's a really good preview of of the Seahawks and just kind of where there rat the offensive line concerns. The off the field stuff the locker room dynamics great stuff Libyan for nest coming up. Top of the hour Doug Baldwin Seahawks wide receiver we're gonna replay that interview if you missed it really thoughtful stuff from dog Doug Baldwin coming up. At 215 and a straight line at 230 but let's get to some fun with audio we were supposed to do it there are some push some other stuff back Mike Leach what does he think about Twitter. And Leonard Fred. Is the F so easy or Sampras next on donated fan zone pressures on the. He asked what's the difference. Pass messages to execute in crunch time it was prelim heat win this greatest criminal element of news that's the lowest in the world its current stutter. I look at the hottest topics in sports. You might crunch could. Is 995 per month so why would you ever pay more for a gym membership. Greg's runs like president calling 995 months why would ever pay more every GM. Membership. Look is in for us coming up top of the hour doubled and it's in fifteen. That's a thought what audio to get two and a second as well likely shares his thoughts on Twitter and why he actually joined. But you know sometimes in life when you watch people advance in their own specific profession sometimes it just comes easy of people right. They just the next level it's no big deal leaders they just continued to improve. Well that's happening right now the National Football League apparently Leonard for an ad did you see this letter for Nat after one pre season game with Jacksonville Jaguars I saw Elvis they won the beat the patriots are about that no undefeated season for the pats. ETC is funny clothes hit I know I've played better in teams in practice. He's humble bragging rights Jimmy Diego Jimmy G and yet people also ran with his stat line two is that 128 or was it as juicy headline today should tell Brady be lit keel deal there. Other the other headline they Iraq path after the Jackson client was Leonard for nets aren't gonna nudges the transition from the SEC college football to the NFL yet this is a quote. It's a lot slower than I really thought. That's so I've been since I first got into the NFL a lot of liberal like it's gonna be so fast but. Mean playing in the SEC I kind of help me a lot and then to being it was really easy. Better France's plank in the NFL. Is easy had nine carries for 31 yards I can't sit he. And it bass leader for that for being honest right I can disagree and business but I find my first thought you played one game yet nine carries for 31 I was like yeah and I care is free they are awesome like 89 yard runs every time yeah it now. I can see where he's coming from on the SEC's stuff though I mean. How many of these defense players are getting picked early we see it time and time again mostly from Alabama but it. That they put out the best NFL talent out there they do it there's no doubt message last handful of years when letter for net was and it's so I can understand what he is. Where is viewpoint comes from in that regard but to say like it's slower than I expected. We'll see how he feels after the first four or five weeks or so when you have every first team morale there and they're called. They're low in the box up because they know Blake portals is probably gonna throw it to their side. We'll see what how we don't know idea thought that. Distract via me he doesn't seem like and I never I can't call while maybe you can. Was he a brash. Kind of bragging not gonna tell a kid I remember a lot of those animal was a memorable one of his first game heated Heisman pose. And a and that as a sign I mean that was any huge its its interesting to hear from again you never heard it before yeah I said he is comfortable he said things are starting to see slower is that your reading blocks that plays coming Tia. I said that earlier this month and now he says. That really it's been easy for me I sent a lot of peoples of the NFL is going to be passed out fast but for me playing in the SEC that got me a lot of slower. And I actually thought so Leonard France has played in the NFL no big deal. Alessio the opening season of his career goes but a nine carries 31 yards and that's how much of that has to do with how incredibly talented EST about it that's very issue many others guys you don't have them often a conversation about when they can make the jump what he's won he's someone you earn college elect I've. That guy can play in the NL it was an in depth story written that when he was a freshman he looked like a freshman in college on a freshman in high school app so. It's it's a long time coming for him so they Elena Fred they see NFL is an easy lets us have fallen audio shall we iso maintain one of my favorite moments on our show. As only had Mike Leach on and I just happen ass and the question about. Social media and just kind of is he scared of his players using it as a platform. Annie answered the question basically and an eight and a half minute ramble and it ended with the naked guy amounting to deer and it was one of the best dances in the history of our show. Yeah I might even let him say knowledge of your speechless right legions and social media our goal well Mike Leach has recently asked. As he's on Twitter and now yeah he just joined he's on he's a great follow by the I just follow him yes and it's worth that somebody asked in the question Michael H why are you now on Twitter. Yours was his response. Over well my favorite thing your sources. Promote you know Washington State football. My second favorite thing is. Is. You know giving. Getting word out talking. Basically a Texas Tech cheated me out of my 2009 salary and exposing. Sovereign immunity for. What it is and if so such a great idea every state would do it in a somebody other than just Third World countries with dictators would do it. And so. Like that and then the other thing is. Yet others let's go once in awhile you know there's a lot of junk on their no doubt. Once in awhile you find somebody's got some pretty clever they're up to something tennis more refined unique under something like that in. And so I guess I guess it kind of keeps you fresh a little bit that you don't wanna get sucked into it otherwise it's just like to view change or something. Yeah I didn't a 100% know what to expect and in my older kids can show me. Now works on an annual general and then. In no way I think. Guy I mean I it's kinda like you find trivia and stuff on there in just a little stuff some surprise as opposed it and who's your favorite well. I don't know I mean. I discoverable paw and sift through whoever's got something good and sister and if it looks boring to go fast you know. I was I had a ghost piper which was generally speaking my wife and others put. But now I've I thought mastered. Typing and I think for some of those things you don't know where that goes so hopefully it's out there were supposed to. I bet. Mean it doesn't know when his Twitter apps open it when he's texting otherwise and he's done that Al outlawed entirely accidentally slips and it DN as an actual toll that's gonna happen in my stratosphere of it isn't what what's here with the what the contents of the DM Canada I don't think it's just it's a little won't pay left leg. Let's Obie doesn't have a Hugh freeze moment and tweet out something that you are meant to text someone you know it can be gone for the pirates of the Caribbean porno. In our mouth long John over. Well Mike you great stuff many like any by elite we did today. Oh in public if one is pretty silent letting me this is a funny to you wanna see somebody better at their old employer go follow Mike Leach on Twitter because damn every day he takes a shot at Texas Texas Tech he eased. He's going to I. I don't know artists do but he easily GA includes recoup that upon you yes David 2000 and I don't really blame him but he tweeted today. He said. Or is this he basically said yeah I'm gonna start advocating. For the right people and government in the state of Texas. Because. The out of unity. Yes so he is he can't get any reaction from the governor he can't get your reaction from local politics. He says he's going to start advocating for the right. Politicians to step up and help them recoup that money. Is the best and he's going to be I just saw this in a where fans of this maybe other listeners are out there as well. He's got to be on these dumb pardon my take yeah and apparel as a unit apparently it's old ladies I'll let those guys so. That's stuff Mike leads tacking about Twitter and. Eyes on if you're not following him yet you should be it's nice fantastic self. Some thought would audio Leonard Fred thinks the NFL is easy and Mike leads. On why he joined Twitter I had that final hour coming out lots to get two out into the PGA championship at some point. We haven't talked about day two action at quail hollow updates you on the leaderboard see out things are shaken out. Going into the weekend we got to spread the wind coming up bottom of the hour so get some off state sponsors ready cinnamon a 55. 305 and sprays gonna lose some money on pre season NFL games because he's that level. Of a degenerate or replay our interview with Doug Baldwin great stuff from them earlier in the show we atom on the opening segment if you missed able do that coming up. At 215 but we start with our friends from up here in Seattle Ian for NASA what does he think about 2017. C auction update on their training camp injuries in the ways are shaken out. For the Seahawks to start the final hour cocoa and ordered spray on 1080 the fan.