Dirt & Sprague, Friday 8-11-17 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, August 11th

Live from Seahawks camp, Doug Baldwin joins the show for an interview, Ezeikel Elliot gets suspended, and a few trades in the NFL. Plus some Blazers news.


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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence has presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. This is dirty and sprayed it. Which endangered Johnson and Brendan spray. Appeals in New York then that's a sleeper team in this together and I'll trade because. They have speed they think from those entries and dirt and spray John Kennedy okay. Well those dream. City except this time we're in Seattle brands radio logs that it either Johnson. And we're alive at the arts training camp and this is an unusual open for us but we're excited nonetheless. Because we got wide receiver Doug Baldwin join us right off the bat right doorman. Think that's received sent me yes or how we we hear you leave practice yesterday with an injury not going today and the first games this weekend is not tight feeling how's the leg violent it's. It's it's it's part of its. If I haven't seen you race so. It. As. I guess McCain that's. FFF and stuff have we got a big guy come buttons that you can't happens it yeah I'm doing all right it would. Thankfully it was in a significant news. That's always heave for the efforts pre season game pretty sad Delano. I don't think I'm allowed to discuss this got joke that no comment no comment about some that I am curious about that is your career year last year get a big year. What you do this offseason to try to at best that season. You don't think about that sees you don't try to best at seasonally try to do the best can be so this offseason focus on a lot of the weaknesses. Things I wanted to work on focused on those things while maintaining the strength of the name of the game. Also trying to find out as much information about why was a football player. And in how guys try to attack me so that I could. He prepared tendencies and so. A lot of just analysis internal analysis him so. What I mean you back to back thousand yard seasons affect my for a moment when he went touchdowns the last two years of back to back dominant years for yet. What were the weaknesses and we went back and watch film hinges annual mine what did you think your weaknesses were as well first and foremost we'll be better in the run game. You know on throws and a strange coming from wide receiver but we pride ourselves in Seattle's run first offense and we wanted to dominate the clock with run in the and I felt like my energy in the run game. Was this tied it in the past when the accident focusing on on targeting right on back at safety after block. And then also making war of those. Game breaking plays it well so. You know in the slot I have a lot of bounces it 5678. Yard passes but only turn those in 101520. Yards. Game breaking plays. Next comes training on you on the football field making guys miss out treason again. Now we're joined by wide receiver Doug Baldwin. Opening their constraint here right now. Do you think it's clicking right now to get back to that point where you guys where with the run game two years ago I think so. You know we've definitely put emphasis on that in in the offseason obviously. And Lacey who's focused are running backs and offensive line. And making some of the guys that are here are getting better. Source fan. Put on thirty pounds in the off season really really butchered body wise it's yet this opportunity and you know or so. I think we have all the pieces. Notices whether or not it's all come together to to formally what we want it to I think I think were well on our way. At me you know we've had a chance been up here and and in broadcast live from camp before but I I have to say it always blows me away looking over in -- amount of people here to watch football practice that does that ever. Did you get used to hitters are still like a unique factor is looking over it like there are thousands of people here watching you go through a seven on seven and that it is it is definitely neat. Never experienced anything like it's like that's it though obviously. Let it adds an element you know it's. It's it's fallen to come out here practice game here yes you performing unabated basis. Every practice for the ride you're really performing we have an audience you know comment is that game elements. And so that's that's. You know you guys are such an entertaining team not only for what you do on the field but all these national stories and retains a pop up. Do you think you guys kind of thrive on some of that stuff the narratives that me. Pop up from different aspects channels are stations or whatnot the the immediate yeah you know if that's what you know the new one now is and I don't quite understand where comes from the new one now is the window the windows closings him. I don't know why that got started by the favorite phrases again. We'll. Can an FF yeah obviously as time passes people older right so. We don't view it as a window right. Hewitt and its offices but no the season that I opportunity we have at complete football. And we Tom played at a high level and so what we're doing obviously comfortable do now in the meeting rooms the whole process that we going to in the offseason is to get us some. Have an opportunity to reach our ultimate goal. And we don't look doubtful it what's gonna happen two years from now I know we'll have to confident the media made a face the fans made we don't have confidence so. For us there is no perception of window it's. Would do we have to do gain in the house that we had this could be. And so we have brought good product. When some comes time for game. Yeah Allen the pre season gets under way if you guys this weekend down in LA that's that we are disaster on San Diego from time to time that. What what are the some of the things that the coaching stats and put an end in front of you silly little accomplish this stuff in the first couple weeks for me. Let's not really what we wanna accomplished more so looking at the guys and saying look. These are opportunities for you to in the street wars we'll let you know in. Obviously. You put in a lot of work on the football. Practice in meeting rooms but when it comes game time so totally different element. And so really the coaches and even some veterans have been preaching to the kids while they simply want to have fun. So who wore so you personality and everything else is self and that's really what's on accomplished in. Allowing these young guys in the street or if it means young man. And how they can configure the success of our program. Doug Baldwin joining us live from C arts training camp. We talk about your game how is the opposite I've been doing Jermaine curse yet a a season that some people question how is he has even looked into campus thought yeah. His Phnom. I can't say enough about me of the men. You know over the past six years to come close like Brothers. And one of the things I'll say about him. He's relentless. Relentless that whatever it is and I know. You know I I'm Wednesday it has been a lot of crap about his season last year it was almost got he got thirty untouchable pardon. That they counted towards towards him last thirty and it's hard. You know and of course it's Italy that's gonna make you as it is look bad if you have thirty and it's our own way but the one thing this. They can't take away from what makers. And it. To what he brings to the table. Is I never have to worry about me Kurds out on four. We have a combination route we have something that's that's very intricate. I don't have to worry in in in wondered too mean and it is I've never had to worry about it to me it's always on. You know in in in the run game he's one of our best blockers if not the best blocker that we haven't seen. I think he denied it crafted in a saint Germain bit of the Jimmy's in a basket you know. You know in this there's so many intricate things that mean. It is in ten intangibles it just can't put a value. Also in the locker room he's one of those leaders that. Keeps everybody balance you know myself I get really intense that you I've been to some guys who really with a home quietly. Bring anything say anything. Which remain brings everybody together he's the loops and to a lot of the elements analog form I just can't say enough about that now and I'm Noah. And those sounds like I'm rambling on it. You know I love to me as not only is open to you this human beings yeah he's locked exits. Yet a third down guy that's Ellis that I don't think people would know outside of that outside of course not it doesn't fit admired that in Iraq it down here right it's gonna. I've just watched you guys it's a fun out here and in obviously I'm sure the battles are great between you guys in the secondary how much fun you have going against those guys on the database. And it's it's extreme fun because you got guys that are so great it would they do you Richard Sherman Earl Thomas came chancellor. Some young guys that are really they need to have a natural competition we have a lot of fun on him but these guys genuinely love each other. But also love competing and real quick to tell you on this one Josh Rosen had comments about school and balancing football you've been vocal about college football athletes. Did you find validity in what he was saying accidents the article. I'm I've been staying away from media FF FF but if I had any comments on its balance school in in the boy you know. Let's be real. Most colleges. It's football players athletes it's what's for you know and that. That's because that's what makes them money. Yeah UK student after student athlete comes in he it's a scholarship but ultimately they want to see him for some football so academic side that is not what it was. Forcefully enough cause let's go to Stanford University where. They gave us all the tools and and willing to give us any tools you war's fourth successful classroom. Place like universities model and these it's not like that you're a lot of war stories and guys come from the college ranks and if so right where. Education is not a priority so it deathly think something needs to change. Rego good stuff Doug Baldwin Seahawks wide receiver joining us to start off dirt and spray here on a Friday afternoon I think so much for the time and we love watching you play good luck this season thanks so spent I spent every golf dirt spray we are loaded show and we'll tell you what's what's in store back with more on 1080 the fan. Today's Seahawks training definition of dirt and spray just presented on the stand by dinners automotive. What you might area heating and cooling on the towards Vancouver Toyota. But John's pizza and lifting gear tire and I did Jenna dealerships. Like by the fact standards drag 1217 on the bad yes that was one way to start a radio show and neither Johnson and Linda Baldwin comes on older when he Beilein yeah your Booth if you blow out the opening segment you have that you have a conversation with Doug Dublin which I quite enjoyed. I have. I've never been shy voicing an opinion on whether an athlete does this or doesn't do that the one thing I've maintained from the get go of his career in Seattle. He is one of the better. Athletes to hear speak and talk about. Because to me even if you disagree with an opinion on a topic. Having an athlete that's willing to. Give his opinion and not care what anybody else thinks instead of being cliche. I ate sign me up a million times over so. Somebody point on the tech sign and it was a really good point because you could see I could feel it and I'm about a foot now away from him. He's a wide receiver and that was I mean the math intends. Athlete I've interviewed seriously and I'll let. I just I think when you're in this industry and if you're a sports fan you appreciate guys that are thoughtful. That are well spoken guy and if you just don't hear the same minutia from a I you can do it ten different entities that Doug Baldwin you'll get ten different interviews it's not the same thing. Over and over again about get better or this same cliche kind of nonsense and but when you get those guys that refreshing reminds me a lot on us in a Portland angle Damian Miller that just he is always stop bullies always gonna take the time. To put his words together in in give you an answer. That that's a good answer so when Doug Baldwin talks manes one of those guys you always analysts and and and that clearly was the case there are members speaking of him being intense we were up here last year the first year we get it. I drink Kevin MM we're walking around got to watch the team warmup or practice never going through their transitional drills. And we were standing right about where the defensive line was all the defensive linemen are going through hit and tackling dummies whenever the hell they were Dylan. And who was there practicing and warming up with a defensive lineman Doug but it was Doug Baldwin was going through the defensive lineman drills because he just went at that intensity and the receivers were just stretching and that was the way he wanted to started. So do you miss that interview our interview with Doug Baldwin. Don't worry. Because full disclosure I'm bringing back we're gonna bring that back in the third hour I think for people that just tuned in. Doug Baldwin's always fun to listen to his opinion the mohawks is season getting better. Jermaine curse I quite enjoyed that answer. Out we're gonna re air that in the final hour of the show but we are live out here at Renton just on the water it's the ox training camp facility. So he's beautiful gorgeous thousands Sox fan sitting over here on the the old hill next is the practice field. I'm and we got a great show today so let's find out what's on tap for today's radio show. What's growing I'm not paid to be told by McCain to be crying there's a lot of scoring and as you say oh I gotta go do that this is what's on tap. Ford by intelligence. Our government more and had the breach on Jenny yeah. Is fraudulent spam by pelican brewing company. Forgot to get you on today showed there it's not it's not just going to be C docs here we've got. Carmelo Anthony coming up now or headline news that's when most stocks and into it got to listen right well. A cat I haven't thought on what you just said there I find it very and understand how this whole thing is shifting right now as a blazer fan I've been waiting for something like this I haven't all offseason and whenever I get one of those juicy nugget yes let your ass some that are on that I'm with ya on that so we will get to that. Inching comment from my letter Burnett. Who had his first NFL game is pre season game number one for the Jack wires yesterday. And he made a very interesting comment also Mike Leach on Twitter this and make his thoughts on being on Twitter. We'll bring that to you. What it is and see jocks stuffed with Ian for now has spread devastation formally at 1080 defendant now with 950 KJR in Seattle. The furnace is gonna join us at 2 o'clock today. He's your radio partner to win hockey is my a.'s Larry TV partner IR media broadcast partner I guess you guys are after that what is it. Trapeze after Malaysia. We're back after sister sister. Yeah we got to spread the lines so you can tax figures straight line sponsors at 55305. Got some fun stuff to ban on this weekend. We're gonna real degenerate level. We're gonna go NFL pre season ally if so that's organist breaks the line with us today. I'm forgetting something. They do mention as it below it. Oh that's right it's. And CEO Ali was suspended for six games. How about them bums out this morning and I think the best part of that story probably is being reported reaction. Jerry Jones. Yeah his feelings are. Is lower right now I didn't think that was gonna come to his boy knowing a lot of people are calling once again on the NFL. A democracy. So. We'll get to that as well that's what's on tap for today show and it's brought to you on the fanned by pelican brewing company born at the beach on line up at pelican brewing. Dot com. Oh I'm vivid that is on just Arthur today because that yelling at that one I mean like it. That the six game suspension I think how a lot of people off guard and the hypocrisy label I understand. Especially in the brown case last it would just brown got aground. That they kicker for the browns who had a bunch of reported cases of domestic violence she admitted to it. It was given a one game suspension the outrage eventually hit and and escalated from there but. I I I understand of hypocrisy label that Roger Goodell is basic but what I would say is. That they're not just got to run with a six game suspension but nothing. And this is sending at least but whether they do it every time or not I'm glad when they take domestic violence seriously it was a serious issue of the NFL. And is it Gilead get this sick continues to be a serious issue in the NFL. And that is the base that they put together this was the whole conversation when the Ray Rice thing came down his. How do you have how do you suspend these guys and is every case different didn't should you treat it like the eighties in baseball were first time it's this about second time at this amount. So on and so forth amazed at that forward in the domestic violence policy. First time your accuser this stuff it's a six game suspension. And let I know nothing legally came from they Ezekiel Elliott accusations but. They're not just gonna go Willy Nilly would no evidence in and nothing to back it up and give them a six game suspension so I understand how Fokker C I do. But this is the policy that they set Ford and at least in this case I'm glad to see them follow its. Other three incidents that dirt is referencing inning Casey need a refresher I will tell you what the NFL pointed to in leading to a six game suspension. The 1 July 17. At an apartment complex in Columbus, Ohio. They NFL's say it used physical force that caused injuries to mr. Thompson's arms neck. And shoulders. The second incident was just two days later the NFL's that there was another altercation at the same apartment complex the NFL told the key Alley in a release. Use physical force that caused injuries to ms. Thompson space arms wrists. Enhance. And the third incidents. Is a July 21. At just spent two days later after that at the same apartment complex. Citing more. Physical force that caused injuries to the same woman's face neck arms knees and hips. They also pointed out the pulling down of a shirts. Of the young lady at the the Prater carnival at their where I think I do I believe it was a Saint Patrick's Day same attack that was wise they pointed that as policy at three physical altercations at the NFL says they found evidence for. And then they added in the conduct in which state he pulled the shirt down and expose the brass. And so with that they have concluded that is the U Alley will be suspended for six. Gains of course he's going to appeal absolutely and you may remember com for precedent set here I don't know if it's going to. If it's gonna get changed at all forum in the appeals process. Ben Roethlisberger was originally suspended six games for his conduct backed out when he had the sexual assaults. Off the field incidents. And he appealed that in that got whittled down to four. Yeah so that I wouldn't be surprised if they eventually knock it they cowboys developers like and down the right or right and I think more than that there's no land allies it is gone below four games I really don't and it okay death. It's an interesting strategy for fidelity as excessive weakness earlier and I thought it was a good point now this is back to back seasons he's gone after the two most powerful owners in the NFL yeah Roger crap are Robert Kraft and I Jerry Jones and let his relationship with Kraft was for the close Goodell is sell multiple occasions that it's still a good relationship but you listen to craft targets -- he was pissed. And how much of that is crafty thing playing to a crowd any idea of birthday behind the scene physical labor Roger very well could be you know kind of behind the scenes is say is that different but still at the end of the day his his star quarterback got suspended four games and he wasn't happy about that. And now this theory goes after Jerry Jones and Jerry Jones has been adamant the entire time nothing's gonna come no suspensions comment. These five there's no you know nothing happened legally he wasn't arrested no files were charged there's no way you're gonna hit with the suspension he's been adamant the entire time. That Ezekiel it would get off Scot free in this case and that ended up being the exact opposite because I think most people viewed this as a suspension coming down. I have 82 games. And they before it's it's extreme. It was six man that that's almost half of the season and it's a big blow to the Dallas Cowboys on the field well if you go to if you like to look at Vegas with sometimes I do for instances like this it doesn't seem to be a big deal according to some boys make yourself better that's weird and other trust that offensive line but I I think he's worth more than what they're giving him well for and Yang and I was gonna say what they give them credit for. Is how awful points per game so throughout this spends in the suspension. If it holds up to six they're basically saying that Ezekiel Alley it is worth nothing more than three points a field goal. With all those games combined which I'm with you dude I know by now I know teams in in Vegas and the Alley stats and try to break it down that way and I love it but. Come on as CK LE it's only worth a field goal. Two games the cowboys to be okay right or games I I'd worry a little bit six games I'll worry a lot of it because you don't know McFadden stays healthy you don't know Alfred Moore is is going to be able. They give you even half what ZQ Elliott gave you an even with that offensive line. You must remember how big key was out of the backfield as a receiver. And sell your gonna say six games. Yeah that's more than a field all my opinion that's that's almost the whole game. Yet in this six games I think is our odds I bet you got to add in it thereby becomes a week six so he's gonna miss the first seven weeks of the season. On an edit those first six weeks they got home opener against the giants the giants are a team that's contending for a playoff spot they made it last year. They go to Denver one of the best defense is in the NFL week two at Arizona in week three look and have a revamped season you're just not quite sure but still a lot of talent on the defensive side of the football. And you get the rams at home with Robby gave you could win after Dallas and he gave Green Bay at home that's can be tough right in the last when he misses his San Francisco so. If in those first six games that he's gonna miss Simeon look at the schedule there's only there's only two Emmys there's there's three games that they'll be favored in in my opinion and Arizona LA. In San Francisco but outside of that the giants the Broncos in the Packers are all legitimate football teams and and just to say he's only worth half a point in the in the over under is in the expectations that could change. I'm not buying that at all for the cowboy as somebody at 55305. Bridge Fort Pierce act signed a case regular series say Cris Carter was right. Cris Carter was right I'm I'm no yeah I'm giving credit Chris Carter democratic credit goes daddy was the one they came out and some people fight was right it was statements on on on a fox show trying to get them ratings and yet a celebrity and I felt combat it is statements do yeah is that there's been no decision made and of course there weighed just more than 48 hours they didn't go. Bit of wake up election days that it went that decision come out of the Cris Carter timeframe but he ended up being right. Incidences are you guys know more than Vegas will personal Vegas is it right all the time on this stuff they also had terrible over runners last year for some of the thing that teams win projections. Looking at the falcons and I'm actually looking at the Dallas Cowboys as an example as they saw the tablets phenomenon but if you think playing some of those tougher teams I mean like if you get by great. By based on what I saw from that kid last year. He is a next level stud franchise running back it you know you're gonna miss them against those defense is. Well then we just disagree on some things in football and by the way that's not all bookmakers in and smells books now. That's just a couple level that was from RJ in Vegas RJ bell. On that tweet that out it was just a couple of on the majority is not changed or had an opinion. Yeah I and ID and it is a lot of support sports books when this news came out they took all cowboys betting now. But it won a bad some where the cowboys rabbit and when did you wanna just things to it exactly so they're taking their time to reevaluate things this is the weather out. That this was the bombshell that we've been kind of wait before we weren't sure exactly how long it was going to be and you know look at Roger Goodell I've got a lot of comments on this show against Roger Goodell he's an easy guy to pick on Andy he's put himself on that platform. A number of times but when he does of them right now and I believe in nominal autumn and I applaud him in his case that even though there was no legal action it came from it. There was clearly something going on they clearly had evidence this is clearly a kid. They continue to get in trouble off the field and they followed the domestic violence policies at six games you're done. And Alice eve at the appealed but what about the Ray Rice and Josh Brown stuff I think that is totally fair to bring up that there's a hypocrisy thing is absolutely fair I'm not get a deny that at all. But would you rather have them via a hypocrite or get a all wrong. Knowing allies of alligators this I don't in my mind they're now July so I I totally understand the blockers he think he deserves that criticism by. At least he got one right now on now fantasy football is going to be altered. At least drafting Ezekiel Elliott now aria at this is gonna change our opulent fantasy football draft. Somebody around LA to take Zeke I'm curious 55305. Do you think. Is having Zeke if he is suspended for six games is is not the cowboys out of the playoffs he 553 a Bible does that next curtains break back with more at sea ducks training camp. The first Joseph with a sports sports an update. Call me displays gamma. Don't call me that Danks took. I'm crossing our strength. As presented by engineers automotive and brought to you by area heating and cooling. I'm towards Vancouver Toyota Buffett John's pizza with the engineer hired and I don't. Zain. Yeah welcome back dancing our training camp and we did last year doing it again this year after this break live in Renton Washington. Just next to the water beautiful beautiful it's I told her this before the show you're getting on a media shuttle. I love Portland it's I grew up there and it's my hometown it's gorgeous you know we're close the mountains though sneaks Federer. Weather wise like. We both Seattle Portland get perfect weather in the summer I think there's is almost more perfect just because they're so close to the sound that it's. 56 degrees cooler those enough you know it's 86 today yeah and it is absolutely perfect they'll get that can't ask for a better day in archery and no you can't not so while we'll have some more C jock stuff re Eric Doug Baldwin interview if you missed it to fifteen Ian for Nassau at 2 o'clock. Out we were discussing Ezekiel Elliot he was suspended six games by the NFL. And we read some of the statements from the league offices laws seek the Elliott and his agents. Patrick claimant. Have released a statement to the NFL now I'm against their against the six is suspension first quote IC findings are replete with factual inaccuracies in a Roni is conclusions. We just learned of the NFL's decision to suspend mr. Elliott for six games for allegedly engaging in a physical force against the accuser. Mr. Elliott and his team of representatives are extremely disappointed with the NFL's decision. Our offices have been engaged in this matter since last July and it worked hand in hand but the Columbus prosecutor's office as well. As the NFL with their respective investigations. Accordingly we are fully aware of the full body of evidence that exists in connection with this matter. The NFL's findings are replete with factual inaccuracies erroneous conclusion that it cherry picks. So called evidence to support its conclusion while ignoring other critical. The evidence there's a longer part of the statement by that's basically this summer out of that shocker of course are gonna come out with a statement like that that's what you expected again. Now stars the process and I have I would be rather surprised at is officially stood. As a six game suspension I'd I'd giving some of that will be knocked often maybe the NFL knew that in in the original numbers that they wanted to go sixty let them appeal. Get it down a floor maybe that was their angle as they want him to be suspended for four games and knowing that there was going to be. An appeals process and as but no surprise at all that that him and his agent are obviously upset about it well you know. I saw attacks at 55305. Or read a quake. On some basis on so I'm so confused at the police couldn't find any evidence physical evidence of domestic violence in three incidents how to the NFL do it. The police don't play about domestic violence if they show up in a female has won mark on them you're. Which I think is going to be questioned that not only cowboy fan as asking a lot of people. That may be for fantasy purposes or yell like Ezekiel alien or just out of curiosity. Are asking because I mentioned over the rake the Ray Rice right incident. Well they had two games that the video comes out and any suspended indefinitely so the NFL clearly. Flopped and by the way Ray Rice and his now wife it was this Dionte at that time. They both met with the NFL. Told them everything does that happen they laid it all out for they set IE he's basically told them I punched her in the face in this is what happened. They took no notes of the meeting. And they walked away and still came of the clues that was only two games in a video releases the backlash grows and boom he's out for these doubts out of football after that. Then you have Josh Brown who was beating the living hell out of his wife I believe he was beating his kid. And he's played for the giants would each get one game one game out and I think that's just where you made a good point is it better to. Care about hypocrisy org or try to get the next one right I think you try to get the next one right no doubt but make it seem like he will look at this and to shake their had the NFL. Once again yeah I know it and I get that it and and especially with Josh Brown I think Josh project that. They re arise when I almost throw out the window because that was the that was the tip of the iceberg and that started this whole momentum towards domestic violence in the NFL and it started the whole conversation about it right so odd that the Ray Rice went to me is a different example but just round one. Is the relevant example because it happened last year and and there was a lot of documented case against it. The legality issues and how much evidence the police actually had that one's always hard appointee to because. A lot of these guys that are accused of domestic violence don't end up getting in trouble Greg Hardy didn't get in trouble. Lot of people use that to defend great RT and of the photos eventually came out you had the picture evidence but. At the time if you wanted to go on the basis of he wasn't arrested though charges were filed then he not be suspended by the NFL and then later the evidence came out. Of exactly what happens of that that you're always kind of teetering alive their of OK nothing happened legally but what is the NFL are much should the NFL do the hypocrisy level I absolutely understand. And I love and I just I guess somebody given the benefit of the doubt no this is the start of the new era where they're taken more seriously these guys are actually get in trouble. At UN Jesse because of this statement by Asif Al root against him for ever ask happ woman beaters can go. Two HE double hockey sticks out is what he believes and asked if you think this'll change their playoff dynamic. Somebody says signing only get four games courted seizing cowboys still make the wildcard. And I hope he falls to the second round of my fantasy draft. After a go. You any changes any of the playoff clubs of basics gave it absolutely down what they goes to four if it does afford to me it it it past him. I. Denver and Arizona Denver and Arizona are both on the roads are tough places to go there tough places to win and they're both the defense itself. I mean you're going to be tough environments try to get through that and I don't know how that doesn't impact the playoff picture as Zeke Elliott suspended six games by the NFL he will be appealing the process lot. Was up to wait and see if it gets reduced from six maybe four maybe two. Maybe just want you never know what the NFL I some more NFL nuggets that we'll get to the blazers at the top of the 1 o'clock hour because everybody. Including Adrian awards announced he is by any Portland trailblazers. Trying to get and potentially land Carmelo Anthony that's coming up at the top of the 1 o'clock hour. But we got some awesome NFL news involving the NFC west pretty big trade happened just a couple hours ago with say when it was curtains break back with more. In Renton Washington on 1080 the fan. Durden spread. Live from Seahawks training camp is presented by dinners Automotive News. And brought to you might area heating and cooling by McCord Vancouver Toyota public John's pizza wisdom here hired and why did you and it dealerships. I had basically asked about radio B Brock Huard. I caught now how they got immediately getting Shelby's rock and day out blond hair blue eyed wonder Kanye out Brock Huard. I mean try to get Rod Stewart herself played a year have rock's great and there are obvious reasons that we could do it for awhile there yeah that's over. That was over quick. But I emailed him as a aided we'd love to have young we're going to be up there Friday. And he's always really great response the nose is a nice guy I've met twice we love rocky Annie goes out dude I'd love to do but I got to pull down on Friday right away Hamdoon and ESPN thing as a hours. We get out here like why 194510. O'clock. He hung around television show started I kind of just I didn't even go up to its enable us to get out. Within a taped that interview with them at that have been nice might I sent him and Aslan of progress I hanging out by what's gone on rocky you were here until noon we got radio beef we give him and now we're live out here at CA SER training camp it's always on the cannot be restarted doing it last year will be continued doing it's the Arctic rate. Shout out to NASA who is one of their PR guys yup that's it Doug Baldwin we may be having VT Alexander yeah I can't track it down right now it must be in the eyes in the weight room getting that that's what they always is alleges that the pain of Israel the practice field as a problem Bosnia and literally five feet behind us is the weight room so you might hear occasional clinking of weights guys in their -- and I wouldn't be surprised. It DJ Alexander LS here we we try to get Russell Wilson's attention because he was doing biceps curls right behind us average on the flag him down I was like out. Bit by us that sonic I mean and he's a big dude may stick in that's probably stick. On tonight we love having we have come up here it's a lot of fun I'm going numeric game tonight. Shout out to Britney Maginnis ago the end she took me up. And hopefully they I can break the jinx the spray genes that lives when I watch the Mariners while they're gonna need some positive mode you have to last night anybody whose side is all it was all momentum for the Mariners they came back tied at the eighth and then. Yeah and I Trout stepped to the plate because Edwin Diaz can be anybody out and it's never a good idea that wanna face myself and you'll be the day of the Islam must tonight we'll see if it works and I'll try to crickets and give back to you on Monday for that a gallon apple I want a full report. So it's going to be a good time up here. I know as it always is the NFL have a little bit of breaking news a pretty big trade. And that was the Buffalo Bills have already given up on Sammy locked again us. They add they traded Sammy Watkins and a sixth round pick in next year's draft the LA rams for cornerback EJ gains. And it's when he 182 round pick. The bills also acquired wide receiver so basically replacing salmon Sammy walk ins with Jordan Matthews. From the Philadelphia Eagles and they had to give the Eagles at that 20183 round pick. Com for cornerback Ronald. Darby oh and just seeing damage you trade a wide receivers to another team for a dvd JD before a wide receiver out an agency Dave from buffalo Butler that this signals. There and we'll rebuild them as they should be if it. Because I think Matthews is. My other than Watkins well why kids can't stay healthy and stay out you know when he's healthy there's no doubt Watkins is better wide receiver at the reason I say that is they now on. Two picks in the first round second round and third round of next year's draft or me dead yet next year's NFL draft so. That six picks in the first three rounds that's a lot to use and I think they're gonna go that route and avenue right on Sammy walk it needs a guy that you just need to be able to rely on. To stay LT only had 430 yards. In two touchdowns last year but he's still only 24 years old. And its first two years in the NFL leonidas three games in 980 yards as a rookie he had over a thousand yards in his second year in the league is only. C.s they played thirteen games nine touchdowns in an last year it was the eight gates felt there was a star Lara and new years but. Yeah I am a bit there was the start drop off their form and and and I understand now but that's why I look at this and I think buffalo is just trying to acquire some assets Matthews is good replacement forum. I've got a case of the drops himself he's got to face the jobs and I don't think the ceiling is anywhere near the ceiling its antilock until it's healthy self. He got 61 round picks you might as well laid out Tom Brady with the jets and could not a native in the AFC in the next here we overreacted a little bit just for fun of it on nine this John Watson should we do the same permits that your biscuit did you see any ethnic. Now today's today's I didn't I judge I drove up right after the show yesterday as I was stuck in traffic didn't get into about 8830 last night. So why I tuned in right is he a so Mike Glenn and I turned the game on just because. And the first throw I see my plan and it's an interception that's returned for a touchdown app it's something they asked. Any finished Friday with a zero point zero passer rating just. You couldn't script this any better a guy getting paid what fourteen million dollars this season his first. One of his first throws with his new team is a pick six the other way what do Gervais he comes in albeit against some second steamers. Any starts seven for seven any leads him to two touchdowns. You go and hype train. This but I'll react a little bit I like some of one eye socket as in terms of rolling him out he's a good athlete he's got a strong arm. But they're still gonna sock there is no I haven't about the ultimate and it's fair on everybody overreact this stuff in and in pre season but that you've started to see a growing sentiment. About the same thing happening in Chicago that happen in Philadelphia last year remember the Eagles traded up they took Carson went through was a smaller school guy. Did you know banged up bad miss some time they say he'll let this is a project this is our guy for the future we're not gonna play ever Adelaide no need to rush midweek one. Then all of a sudden what ended up happening Carson once was are starting quarterback the entire season so they completely flip what they were Dylan. And you started to see a lot of reports out of Chicago that are saying the same thing. That error original message on drafting Jarvis he was that let's let one year it looked as Gibbs of no need to plan right away and a man of yesterday and knives getting at this sentiment has been. Later they just gonna play in the whole season they pull Carson once and then you see last night happen we're glad it finished to a date with a pick six it what do you need to seal Michael and it went eighteen to 25 so I. Public risky the only thing you're saying is how much are repay his guys sit on the bench because they've paid a lot of money while back goes to part of there just incompetence is an organization. They bait I I I do wonder this dirt. I don't think they thought they would get a franchise quarterback in the draft night and I'm not saying too risky is proven that he is that means is they're gonna insidious infringement but they need to move as if they thought he was right I don't think when they sank when and they were under the impression they were going to make that in my night event which speaks to just Wear the mayors are and they change their mind until you know what let's go get it strip this. C'mon mate so let's do this this is defeated Chicago radio and hopefully they asked him Jordan LeBron. He clicked LeBron. Charles an Ohio guy that would that and translate value also in the UN CNN remember what it was originally drafted he showed to a bulls game of the Buddha is the fifth Ellis asked Gavin all I have plays one game is that it's Joseph Montana minute that's the beauty of receives a book on it's the beauty of that a rookie quarterbacks against is that a lot. And some of these games now we got a load its second hour and we're gonna kick it off but this. Are you buying Carmelo Anthony. Coming to the Portland trailblazers now back. They most prominent team. In reporting in the MBA. Seems to think Portland has a legit. Chance Heidi fill out mellowed a Portland bridge for appears Tex signs 553052. Hour after this break alive and in Washington it's the ox training camp. On Portland sports leader 1080 the fan.