Dirt & Sprague, Friday 7-14-17 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, July 14th

Is the sports bubble about to burst? A bery intersting few segments on the future of sports viewing, Spraguein' the Line, and send you off to the weekend!


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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Move. Things. This is stirred and great post your got fired. These labor job don't hire him. Just to stay away from. It's like Sports Radio continues stand now with dirt so this was handy under Johnson and Brendon Frey is afraid. Just call him crazy suggestion made McRae dirt and spray gun 1080. You know unless it. As good as the. Cowardice right out of Friday after Friday's or go on logos of follow on Twitter after the break we'll call you back. And to laugh from sports leader today to defend. On the waterfront definitely limits you are looking lives of the will limit. Probably at some traffic. Willamette. Is there traffic already dealing event there's traveler at 2 o'clock on a Friday and there's traffic then it's the way it works folks that would pass Loney did a breaking news in the National Football League is came up 41 minutes ago so not really breaking news the 41 minutes ago was. Michael Floyd. Suspended for the first four games to 2017. In by his come -- excuse he get the I got you mentioned where he's seen that that around the NFL Ian Rapoport re tweeted it. Guess our reporters but I got to confirm this he tried to say he was. Drunk driving off of come blue chair no he failed his driving you is BN at home and he took a task is a house dress. They said dear to us or not alcohol he said is because he drink come Bluetooth T. He had too many Kumble chance this might die this is probably gonna spell the ending ending a viking then because Mike Zimmer had a quote where he said if you lied to me. You're done you're gone and I can't imagine how this doesn't register is lying. Well it's the NFL's ruling on him not part you know. I I you I don't know I is a plate whether I lied or how you can solve but use you brought up a good point when we'd. Talked about this of OK see you drink kemba to achieve that means you register what he registered on the blood alcohol yeah I mean I was a buying and he should be suspended for this drinking can be gelatin in general. That's that's disgusting. Now. Nancy like easy mean NFL this year now for games is. Jim Michael Floyd nfl.com reported so it's happened it's trending down back where it came from. Michael Floyd for a game on suspension if you found a a pretty inching article about. It's got the future the sports landscape and I it's not I just something new but it in puts a lot numbers into the equation for you. Because we were in the midst of an NBA offseason monologue we're we see a lot of money being handed out and a lot of lot of huge contracts and make the same account Blake Griffin. I'm hunters and a client JJ Redick twenty million from one season. Right it is seven and a number of times right now NFL players namely what more money we see these contracts and antenna baseball to begin with but. That there was an article on USA today Nancy armour. Wrote the article and basically she's trying to make the argument that. That this sports bubble. Is going to pop and it's because. As we continue to see. Networks pay ridiculous amounts of money for the rights to air sports and we see teams pay ridiculous amounts of money to keep athletes or sign athlete says free agents. At the same time she argues that cord cutting is accelerating and not slowing TV viewing is dropping and at the end of the day for a lot of these sports. What is funding this huge. Salary cap jump in the money is being thrown out. Is the TV deals that a lot of these. League signed with the networks anything about how much money they're making she's arguing. Then eventually all that money is gonna go away because people are cutting chords it's not seen appetite to watch sports on TV anymore. And and a lot of these networks are in financial trouble and will be throwing billions of dollars around professional sports league plumbing job I've been wondering. This for a while to having U of UESPN. Paying what they pay for the MBA a billion and half you know what we've seen for the NFL. The one that's gonna be. An eye opening. It may be ESPN deciding to step away from baseball when their contract in into one need twenty or 20/20 one. They paid a hefty sum I wanna say it was five billion dollars for their deal. What is he is being get out of baseball baseball is a regional ice sport now and they don't have the World Series no that's a foxy friend is far end of the ratings the World Series is like twenty some million watch game sevens so ESPN who's been battling the narrative of you don't have any money yet making enough money and you don't you can't afford all these employees. They've metal that for two years now. Why would you spend. Billions upon billions more for baseball the next time that contracts up. I think ESPN's going to walk away from MLB. Everything like I mentioned is regional lies whether that's root sports fox sports. Time Warner and whatever the nets CS and wherever you live. People watch that they're not caring about your national games that you I I would love deceit. What the ratings have meant for Sunday night baseball. I like the people calling the games but I still miss my John Miller's my down. Who is partner. No and or Joseph Morgan like idolized that team I thought they were the best. But it's not the broadcast entering the end ending games certainly don't either a lot to marry games that are on route once in awhile. Or I'll try to find the Braves being shown on MLB network I I just think it's too regional lies for ESPN to get anything from base. Ryan and adding I wanna follow this happened in your thoughts welcome 55 drill fibers forebears tech Sam how do you. How do you think this plays out and I think the landscape looks in five to ten years because we're gonna continue to see salary caps collaborating continued to see money being spent. Go up we're gonna continue to see these revenues leagues are making up these TV deals co op but at the same time in the opposite direction you're gonna continue to see cable subscriptions and maybe TV viewership Golan go to out what you're gonna see you know did you mention ESPN's financially either struggling. Those kind of companies may be one have enough money or any kind of money that these leagues need to do sustain it by the time their TV deals out but. How much did Amazon just pay for Thursday it was a fifty million lot of money so who's to say that is the deal goes up with. Any of the networks for the NFL or even the MBA with ESP yen who's to say that like Amazon doesn't up it. Or doesn't replace him or there's a new or Twitter or face yes or whatever it might and says we will pay them. Four billion or five billion or six going in that happens then you're okay. You're not gonna have the balloon pop. But it's just about who's willing to step up in pace on the baseball. Is to me it's different like the MBA and the NFL. Our entities to mean that will continue to be bit on highly whether that's through streaming are worth cable networks. I think baseball has their own thing kind of figured out. It's just a matter of time for we see play out nationally yet because they're all fun regional local base rate regionally but what is in the Indiana Randall what is the national TV dealer likes I'll I'll bet there's nobody even 55305 are. Are we on the brink of Dade. Other sports bubble as this article in the USA as the in the US times. And the USA today excuse me is suggesting Ari on the brink of these sports bubble don't forget did you think sponsors rake and the bottom of the hour. We will lose some money and spring the line back with more next on 1080 the fan. This is dirt and spray gun attended. We'll soon. Ace right in line coming up bottom of the hour get those six sponsors ready we'll lose some money. As a proxy by this week for darkened sports bubbles and sports. Can't the bubble pop. SR comes from USA today article. And get some it is there's doesn't that's Connecticut got a Fatah Israel try get some of these numbers and his decision to put him on Friday Asik and night. Remind yourself how much is actually getting thrown out these TV deals stupid amount the NFL. Makes more than. Seven billion dollars each year and its TV deals seven billion. Dollars a year from CBS fox NBC ESPN. And DirecTV. The NCAA. Will get more than 800 in fifty million dollars for next year's March Madness. And the average will be over a billion was in the next decade a billion dollars from March Madness. The NBA just finished the first year of its massive new TV contract which will pay the league. 24 billion dollars through 20/20 five you average it out. That is two point six billion. Dollars a year. But it's unbelievable and we mention can NFL revenues. A little bit earlier in the show. The Packers. They do we do we know how much money in a much revenue they got as a publicly owned. They got each team got about 244 million dollars in revenue sharing this past year to 10% eat increase from the year before. So all this stuff is going up and and basically. The argument you try to make him read a little snippet of it. Geez she says but these deals were all negotiated long before the bottom began dropping out on traditional TV viewing habits cable TV in particular. As streaming becomes more popular and the options to do so easier people are deciding there's no reason to pay a 150 dollars a month for dozens of channels. That they do not use in the first quarter of this year alone. Paid TV providers lost 700 in 62000. Subscribers. According to a report. From me a study. So donors exits thousand subscribers and she's saying eat you look at your lose that kind of revenue. At some point you're gonna have to rein in your spending and that's where the sport's public comes in is. You sciele these big contracts based on. The revenue that you bringing in into the TV deals you haven't placed in the next ten years yeah five. Say into what 823 when that two point six billion dollar TV deal for the NBA is about to run out you still have these contracts out there. But maybe there's not a TV deal waiting for you to flush a back up. Cash you know I'm currently moving and I'm trying to convoy whether to go Internet TV I'm gonna go straight Internet because I've said this more I use credit dot com and clearly there are pages on there. That are four and I'll be streams NFL strains and there's hundreds of people that are taking a risk to stream the games for you are into your one of the ideal already got a credit caught red dot com and we'll be streams and I watch games every day. For free and I and then I stray what is it. Bringing up to my apple TV and boom it's right there and I'm not paying anything for here's my. Only hesitation because the dirt night somewhat differ but we've we've talked about this before the show. What how you watch blazer games. And that's a tough and I know now holds thankfully they've allowed for streaming on what is at or as a roku. Am doubly so that was called Enron's and Sony Vu which I think you can stream through your PlayStation. You can do that now. But it's still I don't have that device nor do I have a PlayStation bled it's not as big a deal for us because I can write my cable stuff off my taxes. Yeah and that's adding that if if I could do that I read write it off for have a bill that's like 45 dollars a month it's not making the lewd you know lose my home site TIAA I don't know. Sid if it if I wasn't in this industry I totally understand that aspect and while I think for all these channels and as a you don't necessarily gives you are in Sports Radio. Knocking able to watch something. Now twelve MLB blazers now. I know I know there's someone out there in the world who is. That is risking their the stream of this game somewhere and I have no pre dawn watched a couple big US to fight heats yesterday and so I have no problem accessing these streams through different web sites and they're good call the videos and it's like. I've done this last basically this baseball season I've washed a lot a bit via streaming on Mike's third party web sites that I guess that people are taking a rest to put it up. But there's so many people that are on that on these web sites watching games. And nothing has happened to me there's nothing that shows need that like this is gonna be harmful to a knee or it's gonna come back to bite me. The person is putting up the risk is who is streaming this broadcast illegal so I mean. I'm just gonna keep doing it India and that's what everyone else's is they're just finding ways to pull up these games on different third party web sites and then one website gets shut down and another opens up. Yeah innate weakness and I hope it does -- if only for the reason that tickets to watch him -- can be affordable hopefully another one coach he's a good point so I zones would've -- -- is sick a couple of minutes ago and he says all sports we stream by companies like Amazon whose -- -- -- FaceBook who tried Twitter had it last year no issue here what about what is it like I wanted to Netflix ever gets involved long Netflix certainly could they -- Tom comedy out right have a name they -- -- a big comedian to do a special I don't know I don't know the technology behind airing live sports and I don't see why wouldn't work he does go on Netflix you clicked you know hey let's I wanna watch this game and it -- city I thought the same thing with Twitter because of the way Twitter is set up and it was basically you open your Twitter after the or you had their learning computer and it literally is just right there at the top to -- -- -- opens up to the screen you're watching it live yeah Netflix can do the same. And that's pray that this is oh so lynch him because I in their their right there in the authors write in the sense that there is a bubble coming with these companies like ESPN's not gonna have. Two point six billion dollars to hand outs of the NBA and when he 26 maybe I'm wrong but I I is I don't see that kind of money land around for them. But kit again. Can the league's supplements the loss in income from some of the major networks. With these streaming devices that may be split two games in three ESPN TNT and Netflix or ESPN TNT and Amazon. And somebody else steps opted to to keep the windfall for me too bad because B don't have that. That's when the serious problem a bubble happily YouTube's another company to keep in mind too because I think they went in on the bidding for Thursday night football last year and this past you but Amazon came in with fifty million. The other part about the the bubble bursting. I think there's may be something to it I don't know how much of a burst it really would be and it's because of not only streaming companies. ESPN. Is drastically different. Then let's say CBS or NBC. NBC and CBS are major network. On even think the most basic of cable packages. They always have the highest rated TV shows there they obviously have all the big news shows that they do in their outlets. I don't know if those networks ever have to worry about saying all cable subscription fees are out the window they do just fine even on line. So maybe ESPN backs away but I don't think they're gonna back away from the NFL or NBA. And dicing and the the foxes these CBS's the MBC's they've been hurt by cancel cables Izturis and somewhat. But I think those companies are not in the same sphere is ESPN a fee year. Of camp canceled cable packages because they're on they're on rabbit ears TV right. So they're always having an aerial now you know and as you go blinded their revenue that they generate from all sorts of different places not just let me ESPN a sports date. Need to make a lot of people or are we had Brad chime in at the tax line we've got to another tweet here from T live underscore radiator of both people saying Vu in and roku are very good options gallery some of these tax anti Israel fives and he's a blazes are great example of potential sports bubble burst into TV deals teams are now spending much more on average to mediocre talent. Which bogs down the team's salary can people eventually watered on the product when people have to watch. A lot of poor or Bora performance says when there's a massive overpaying from the players it will compound the future TV deal. Issue that is from Matt. Another one says that favored cable because DVR has set a decade can you record stuff streaming NFL games I think you can get this Sunday ticket online and again. I've found a website at one point this year where I was able to go back and watch the Orioles two days. After the game boy and and it was the full game it was the full wasn't condensed I literally was able to watch or gain a four game. Two days after it happened I can't speak for sunny today because I never had an easy red zone but. NBA and MLB let you get online purchases and packages I watched the MBA I had NBA com. What is that called the a league pass our league pass last year for strictly wet. And so I would just bring that up on my phone. I'd sit on my couch plays kids have a game up on it and watch it watch my laptop. I'd imagine need to the Sunday pack a day like TVs and I'm almost certain that they do they have like the main Sunday ticket package through DirecTV where you can pay for that or you can get just as streaming off jam where you can pulled up they're like gaming console your phone tablet stuff like that some pretty sure the Sunday ticket. Does have that option a couple of decides absolutely agree and markets local broadcasts and over bid for these games now deals can't get down to packs on never Dodgers setter of people are also getting tired of funding the construction of huge stadiums of public money. One jailbreak your fires stick download Cody watch the blazers every NFL game and will be NCAA game. For free and thousands of other channels including movie. Movie offers a free millions of people have really just Google it you'll see it there are millions of people sick and tired of getting ripped off by cable companies this is going to be here really. Dumb and mission by me I have the fires stick and I have the Cody think he's talking about I didn't know I had access to any of that I'm gonna have to check that out this year. Because I use my fires take all the time I can watch any TV show ever in a season. On demand I get to watch the new movies I have exactly what he's time as denoting a sports part of it. Marine One more year says he's a guy making the arguments that streaming might be the next mover ESPN goes on an app to stream and they have ESPN three where you can stream. And as for us who. I one got jumbled by scene on that regard I I've seen people like Simmons who obviously doesn't work freest Ian so take your for what it's worth but he's talked about the future for ESPN and how he views it whether he was spared are not there anymore. He's always mention that he has pin been way behind in technology they've never been open minded. To doing what like bleacher report's been doing Bleacher Report pot that house of highlights on ins to Graham they have the team's stream app. And even if you don't go do it out there is a listener in the bleacher pour on to that. A lot of people do their way and I came on some of that stuff in and got Michael Simmons who were form. People easiest pins are way behind and stuff like that the ambulance and it's insane how much content is out there for free and it's an interesting. ECB interest the issue right now is that the TV deals that have been handed out. By these networks to leagues and also you consider the fact that 762000. Subscribers in the first quarter of this year alone. Cut the court 762000. A lot of people that are jumping off and these are gonna have to find another way to supplement that Cashman is almost too much stuff for people to monitor it really is I did you can't. Control all of that mean the fires stick when John mentioned it's like this too much Alderman. All result that's going on inching article tweeted out a -- or read it actors rate on Twitter USA today piece pretty fascinating stuff war effort to get the off from Mattel have not heard back from a finer human eye to finery email Niles park looks like an hour last night and email Nancy if you listen and I'm on the show. It does take sponsors ready cinnamon 55305. Spreading the lie next the first use Joe's sports and. Next and your vehicle is retired as you may be entitled to additional compensation for the diminished value your. The act commonly called deeply. Handsome price the nation's premier provider PP appraisals is different and the flights nights we only worked for consumers many TV company. Which represented insurance companies and put their interests first of us are called the publicity attention priced dot com can find out why we're number one. Answer with a mean price dot com boom. This is durden spray dogs and it goes. Good. Bring it back straight admitted Greg in the La. Sprague had been fast break in the last Greg and I. Well that's thugs mother got to look forward to that every week. Cradle. And a rented by Pablo sandals signature bills once eyes and saw wells have been out. Straight elaborate Dubai fantasy land annihilate 22 212 and clack and his son likes breaks fantasy picks. Up your fantasies come true. It's great lover I'd give a Joe's music selection may be adjusting at first that is slowly be disappointed and I'm not back out of Honda Honda. Fifth straight line of Brad do you buy a Meyers Leonard the only person the day lower plus minus its brakes failing. Regular vibrancy by ESPN. I have the money to lose either. It's very elaborate team by Pablo Sandoval join my new diet plan Lebanese braced exit losing your lunch money. It's trail rented by Connery Gregor like nine pinstripe suits breaks fix or a giant leap view. Very elaborate you by Tim -- -- Shimmy Shimmy should be as NBA Spragan dirty old dog old day but his picks no way Jose we deleted the kinds. What are we delete the coyotes. On there and learn the gun swagger are moved all of them -- lie and pray and vibrancy by deep alcohol induced hibernation sleep literally the only way to forget you spank your son's allowance on middle Tennessee vs southern Arkansas softball Sprague picked. Today morning in the big word. Along. Spreading the lie main abroad do you. Nick can you read that on I know some of these home on our man here it was getting pretty good chunk that we can't restrain fire Nancy by extreme strength aloe Vera as strong enough to handle your July's sunburn and your catastrophic financial busted a foolishly investing real money on a straight day on your body or drink it either way it helps. It's right you know I'm read to mention team those miracles service NATO called him a little they make in getting better it's accepts breaks Texas judge Jesus on a side. Rail line of rusty by the NBA's summer league gets a fever oh boy here in Vegas you might have got something else. And some medicine for that and it's pretty good. Sprayed now announced that you let him straight live rats he by the number 151000 daily number a calories consumed by the conclude panda. Or organ and I've what do you Lou what are we losing money on this week where acts can have a little fun with this the restarting in the world of sports I'm not gonna go bring you this is a baseball I don't know if not quite reached that degenerate level. Some would argue house I have I don't feel like I've I wanna go there yet talk on Oprah and actually and I go to the world tennis. Yes this were playing high school in his wake me up in two minutes please some and have you been evident to buy you don't care that a guy like Roger Federer still dominates who like a guy like that doesn't. Do for an not at all. Really. He's 35. That's all and that's all I know that yeah you're sound it was more like this Nintendo Wii hitting the ball sent an in joke kind of came in at a nowhere with a Maria Sharapova and a but like man version of that idea yet know why I made now not even though Wimbledon finally Alex Federer nano jumped same thing for you. I think it's pretty impressive he's been to our beat what is it twenty years he's been playing tennis and he just seems to keep get into the finals so. I think it's pretty damn impressive and it's a tournament in tennis it's got to it's a bracket this is out like this has been masters of tennis. Yeah I think it's pretty cool game and Venus Williams show he's a heck an nobody cares about being a slim she's in the women's 55305 do you care. The Wimbledon final allowing just who went all over the Wimbledon final amble will will at Wimbledon last week and Sprague in the line in little Zion. It is they brighten early show you're hot that's a hopeful its London no I will be sleeping patient nation worker on the American Clark. Either way Roger Federer in the final once again defied the odds 35 years old he is playing marina. I can never say his last name. This is tennis pro Cilic I had it revealing down I think it's. Is there an American and all it should Cilic Cilic I believe he's Croatian. Yeah. Of Switzerland vs Croatia ten. Give me the Swiss and go I'm a boy Iraq wow emerald bowl tech there is this a segment about winning money or giving middle of pigs for a hot Hague I don't wanna do here is he the odds on favorite of the steroids yet tackled the other guy I've never revenues from Croatia in an inning and allowed Croatia's if a game of drones there. Well Dan I know that so give me Federer to win that one if if the other one that would have fun with is in the cinema. And I wanna know is in the cinema. Egg on the senate. Movie film was 1930s she exits. These rule is a really showing your age and now finally Samie Texan and I appreciate this year's losing listeners fastening Comcast is dropping to its crackers tuchman Ted this is exactly thank you cold blood is not talking about ten is all right let's go to the movies then let's go to the box office I like to do this and older under welcome and it is sad this is for funds skis. An over under for the movie coming out it came out last night. And it's gonna debut this weekend war for the planet of the apes I quite enjoyed his friends as I don't know about you guys are you into this new for. When NEA treasures I haven't caught on I saw the first one I need this watch the cyclone because it start to look pretty bad ass now do you. 82 one was pretty good two games guys are welcome James train go by age and when it jumped the shark on I mean Devlin little extreme and the pursue human fight in my mind. We did this one the first the first I saw the first only James Franco yet there's not really defy us and saying in these ones now. An all out war of the worlds over manages with a secular there's not really a fight between humans and apes apes vs apes now. Yet eight civil war on well yes Caesars triggering an ace on his side. This one is about the humans because now they're being plagued by whatever it is it is a Woody Harrelson and and a you know that he's gonna die to over under. For war for planet the apes Imus at the over under at 63 million dollars I'll take the over Bob. For the weekend for the weekend who people of that monkey business yeah all over because this one looks pretty bad ass not alive do you like the old plan yanks. Are you just to have one was good does AMR all grow on Tony don't mind it I don't move on there's not a good movie that I've seen it it's just terrible and allies on loans are gonna not the first one of this planet it's his age vs humans doesn't allow forming. These are getting you know my taste in movies of Catalina Island I don't need to see a car falling on ice berg. That's true. And you know. You rather see a guy who played Alabama football save there anybody in the Vietnam War a member of its planned without asking young player of all time is like planting pollen and I'll by the tired and as I've I think Paul ran a ship. Shrimp boat company I himself I'm gonna go home that's right that's your came up with a smiley face met a bunch presidents than an American hero it happens. Why in. You're on over I'll take the Umbria you're gone over or under Joseph I'm gonna go over the death. They are spray like Reggie by Zach Johnson Meyers Leonard summer league. Oca straight line rent team a those two weird name foreigners in the Wimbledon finals we don't know how to pronounced their name names of brokered the upper what they look like. But already given fifteen minutes of fame packages that means gar the move our news. I would have just thought Wimbledon final maybe does it for. A higher percentage than what we're getting. Trailer I've read today Mayweather McGregor elected to them Nolan knows what spray is talking about Ian error. I've never straight line on tennis again I'm never bring up the sport. Straight line Andretti by a truck full of deals this moment well. No. Straight into the hundreds him by wet but when he three in Katy Perry's booty hole with a loads of the red at trade rumors. Ellis suffering a written they what is the most annoying sports headline you're seeing right now. Five by Israel's final update gentle question also a couple of NBA United's two I'm allergic to that happened throughout the day close at its next on today to defend every 16. And. This is durden Sprague is gone 1080. Though sale and. This thumping your lane of the weekend every single Friday 249 eyes you can see it coming up top of the hour. Oh. It. Does getting your Rebecca black no the weekend's close are you into the body issue on ESPN. Now Joseph brought this often. Yeah we got to know a whole debate do India commercial break we won't say over the air but. And Ed it flooded mine ESPN web site a little too much Winifred schematic every time he went to ESP NEC naked athlete. Can't find if I can area. I'm I'm I'm it's never really been uninteresting to me. Mosul little disturbed when I see like Prince Fielder yeah I like who was it Arnold now Arnold Palmer it was a Gary Player. Gary Player is still in great shape then you're saying they I don't wanna see your Brinkley body on the cover for the Allen at India and he had to do from. They DC Jonathan Symonds and ran to disperse. Yeah I'd I did see this is pretty big news he's going to Orlando. And on a good contract for the magic three years 20000003. Years to what. Million dollar deal he signed into on Thursday. The he's been kind of negotiating that the spurs renounce their rights within and hopes signing into a new contract. But instead gave. Goes to. It goes to Orlando so that's a bit of him a bit of a blow for the spurs Manny we'd turn outs via free solved our last series Tony seven years old. And does San Antonio team that doesn't know what they're gonna do with the market as they didn't do much else. In free agency. And now they lose 13 cut up and coming guy is and Jon Symonds. I think you if your spurs fan you still have cool why obviously got half the LA is still gonna be probably if a fifteen class point per game guy. Into a little worried. That narrative has existed for so long for them that Brian we dismiss it now but at some point you will have to worry I'd they're going to be a good team. They know in my estimation probably be a top floor team in the last may be top five blade. In terms of beating Golden State means you need a guy like Jonathan Symonds that dude has a good motor he was he's a little older because he'd. And a tryout with a but that's a player they needed they couldn't work out a deal he went to unrestricted free agency some prewar reporting he was still gonna get to deals done. And Nate. Couldn't lock him up he goes to Orlando yes they get Rudy Gay and you lose John and cement a Rudy Gay is coming off the Q he's injury is any of these in any old enough guys up there and age is Tony seven younger not quite as proven has gone on about it. But yet he goes zero in on nuclear deal one other quick MBA node. Milwaukee will be a really inching team this year in the Eastern Conference in my mind for a number of reasons if you honest takes an extent they might push in Boston a little bit Andy's got together climbing up the detecting or to their knees but died sounds like Hussein's putting us on ESPN Derrick Rose is in a second meeting. The Milwaukee Bucks in the point guard. Yeah again it's gonna play 45 games a year radical idea averaging eighteen points for in three point eight rebounds four point four assists shot a 47% from the floor last year. In New York I mean it was a dumpster fire last year is no doubt about it but. Yeah so I had that was kind acing you get a decent numbers eighteen points a game does not matter if he's if he's able to be immensely engagement Milwaukee just has a one of those teams keep an eye and a niece that's what that was. Little intrigued me yeah. So up what it on digital questions today we ask this question earlier on in the show because there's three stories that are kind of dominated headlines hitting people are getting a little sick out. So we just simply ascent or spray on Twitter. Well what sports story are you most tired of hearing about. We have 400 votes or so on this and the overwhelming winner. Was Alonso ball. That's the story people are tired here in about second place was Tim Tebow and only 19%. And then McGregor and and Mayweather people aren't quite as tired of that one yet only 16% of people are are second hear about Alonso baloney issues cities where all of the options you have McGregor McGregor Mayweather. And MK I think those you're ready for the so right now and of the press conference that's gonna stop. Tebow on baseball yes he's playing single a ball why we care Blake is really in headlines that much. Alonso is on every show. Written about and every article that is all people are talking about. From a national media perspective TCU or ideas last night yes I did the easy JJ watts is shot out and what it JJ watt says he's come out his own Shealy said it's gonna cost you a hundred dollars less than the BBBs. And he actually wears me are 400 dollars that's just gonna say a hundred dollars is still got four dollars you just or BMI that 400 dollars last. Guy to me it's it's Alonzo ball I love hoops but. Yeah Alonso ball's been an annoying topic at this point. Yeah they said 400 dollars less than some shoes on the market in 100% more effective and I actually Wear them. Through and test fired. I don't. Some heated tanks and ion sources started out as you the most. He said it a make anything that starts with Navarro valls said the out it's kind of a combo pack and I never see that no doubt about it. Big Obama said it is folks if you missed any of atlas rubbed tires by Castaneda the fan dot com as Reagan find it's doubled to lead out after this break in adds an eighty the fan as well. Thanks beta part of our Friday hope everybody has a good weekend we will talk to you Monday at noon number one is next to listening to tending to the fans.