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Dirt & Sprague
Friday, July 14th

Would you pay for Sports writing? NFL teams making TONS of money off of relocations, some baseball and Crunchtime for Pablo Sandoval


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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. I want these hills and I want them right now. Job I have no place to go he. This is durden spray into. Others model or life is a logistical. Is eloquent but this this will handy under Johnson and Brendan spray you think you're ready to rumble of the snapping necks in cash and checks book running here's the thing is to Catalina wine mixed but. Are you send home consent and durden spray guns and maybe. Sorry start dry yeah you can stand. This is now and I had our junior and spray back on Portland sports later 1080 disband. The it's that easy. You missed any of our one it was football heavy 1080 European dot com less Schwab tires podcasts. I'm before we get to this some new website idea. I just wanna take a quick minutes. And say quite frankly. I I don't even know who to blame anymore. It is a DM shame and it's utterly pathetic and embarrassing. That in our great city. A place like Parker as Little League field off these burn side can be turned into a homeless shelter with heroin needles everywhere yeah I leaks I grew up on that field. A lot of people I know grew up on that field whether you went to Parker was high school or not it was a heat it was a great ballpark for little leaguers. And it literally shut down and been sold. Because there's so many homeless squatters. And they can't clean it up because more more they find needles you clean it nanny gets filthy Gagnon close it's been. Vandalized it's been destroy aid. And it's it's a damn shame it really is something that I think is of harassing it's a stain on our city. And I'm I'm quite upset just because it's where I grew up and played baseball I know a lot of people before arena after he played baseball there for quite some time. And it's it's just simply disgusting that it's got to that point math sucks man that's access really a as it's an epidemic in this city at this irony it is an in your robbing kids of the place to. You know and enjoy their childhood enjoy the great game of baseball and in robbing them of opportunities. By by taking places like that way and it's it's just acts. Man 88 if you don't know familiar with the place and the Little League field and talking not just Google it it's all over the news right now and I've been tagged in and on FaceBook by bunch people that I've I've grown I grew up with and I've played baseball again student. You know friends of mine high school middle school and elementary school it is. It ticks me off I'm just I'm tired of it I see it and we drive when I go home I see it all over the place it's. I just I don't know what to do I don't know what is solve I don't know how you solve it and we've talked to but it doesn't seem like we saw me care about it alls. And Ali we knew we always their odds solutions and nothing's ever actually solved and and that's obviously not the only field it's going to some like that the city money sure it's not always makes it even worse because then it is widespread and if it affects communities all over the place we even used to deal at this. A lousy Cleveland because we used to play pal park which was in the public park. And you get you mean basically everyday before practice he'd have to go out nuclear bombs off the field and indeed trying get it's hard for times of the year that it rains so bad because it's hard to baseball organ. And you talked the field and we get out to kind of clear off the TARP before practice and there be bombs under the field to be beer cans all over the place. It it respected and it turned into a 45 minute before Rican practice. Let's I and I guess clean everything up then legal warmup manages stated socks I am I hadn't been over in that area for quite some time might buy that baseball field and it was I thought it was crazy because I'm about two months ago. Number we were time out the the home run derby that we had thrown out as a show daily noise went into a home run derby is or even with the ball or something that field came to my mind. Because I think have you some Julianne and I've furthest the offense back is is an 81880. Feet or something you know a Little League. But I thought that would be perfect it's a great venue there's hills for everybody kind of hang out with there's even a concession stand. No it's it's burned turn into a homeless camp for for drug users and now it's been sold and it's been destroyed two point where they can't recover written it will exist no more yes and they said we got damn goats in the lens baseball field near the Boys and Girls Club that's awful I know that baseball field well somebody's having gone camp we Cottam camping at the laurel hers part needles and poop all over the place. Socks and yet it does most of the Portland when he seventy axis at sax man my childhood are right would you ever okay. For a web site. Put up and started by writers because there is a website that's going to be created called the athletic. And it's it's already begun but it's going to be picking up even more steam and they've got. They're going to be based in Chicago. Cleveland Detroit Toronto. They're already in the Bay Area. And they're gonna have writers like Stewart Mandell who was laid off by SI or fox sports he's been great college footballer really good writer. Stewart Mandell be writing port set Davis of SI he was still be in college basketball coverage on TV but he's no longer a writer there. And Tim cal commie who was a Bay Area. Legend alive you know Tim cal commie truly with any Bay Area sports. Those are some of the names they're gonna be writing for this new website. And their model is not only hey let's find new jobs for ourselves. Its financial they're gonna charge 599 a month. Or 3999. Free year's subscription. And I love the fact that they're willing to make a move like this they're not gonna let fear stop bomb and I know some of these guys need jobs. But I wonder. Is the market. Going to turn out for them are they gonna find people willing to pay six dollars a month or forty dollars for the year. To read sports content it's intriguing from me. Eight it's not to the point where it would get my money right now I linseed. What decide ultimately turns into how many more riders are able to go on higher and it's interesting because. We are having a meeting with the bond Senna last regularly before some talking about. Is that the landscape a sports media and some of these guys are getting laid off especially recently here at fox sports guys it can't even write anymore because fox force no longer puts articles on their website. It's just hot takes from from skipper or Colin. And I jokingly said he allegations so hard is like he fired writers. Web site meg John gruden famously as he fired football coaches in America he wears those hats and he kind of makes it a joke of the fact that he was fired. It and I delegate beat these writers should ban together and kind of start their own thing and no not all these guys were fired and in a lot of number are credited writers that are leaving their jobs for a but. It was an easy to some of these guys are getting scooped up and rightfully so because they deserved out placed a right. With what they've done. I think the question would be what do you get out of it. Is it what kind of insider you gonna have and how localize the articles going to be because when you mentioned in the regional aspect of it my first thought was kind of me. A professional bar stool if she Wilkens bar still kind of does his they have little pop ups in Chicago on boss in new York and they're all over the map they've got college once there's color ones are now you'll dozen or your rights are so they they try and spread out and have national guys as well that they do the podcasts incessant. So that was kind of my thought but. It if they get enough good riders in the contest proves worthy I have no problem putting up. Four dollars a month for a from what they're put it sounds fort six announced to both side and I would every 59 and unwilling to do it if the content is there for sure because that the model that they're going after whichever you like his. You know and they wanted to stay and is they're talking about it saying a lot of these web sites. They make their money off the clicks we know that now we click fake it everybody runs with that you say something controversial you get clicks that's volume. Why did the jackass columnist here does what he's done exactly he throws click bait out people click it that's why he gets paid money on it and that's what they're kind of model is is that this is it going to be click bait Nike pay for it it's gonna be quality writing quality interviews quality stuff. And we're not gonna pay writers based on the number of clicks that they give her at a pace pay them. Based on equality that they put out so that's a model that that I can for sure get behind any kind of bucks the trend that we're seeing nationally right now you know I. I do love this idea as well. I'm just trying to think from a national. Standpoint does it work. You know there's a radio station that's actually trying this I'm in Cleveland. They may have a high demand for Sports Radio in the city of Cleveland believe it or not even with their teams sometimes being terrible or Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron in the indians'. There's a radio station that is started this about couple months ago they're gonna charge for podcast. If you miss the live show. And you wanna go back and listen to your favorite show or show Libya via. They're gonna charge and a camera with the prices we charge you a certain amount is pretty small but they're charging but it's yet but there's to try adding it's like a 599 type deal and you pay for the access to go listen to the podcast he missed the interview well the only way to do it is to it is the podcast. And so they're they're charging for that I don't know how that's worked for them if it's gone well it hasn't. But there's a part of me that loves it. Because I always support people who he will be on for new rulers and saying you know what I have the content myself I should be making my own money yeah. I think we all feel that way to a circuit a certain extent. I just don't know people willing to actually sign up and say yeah I'll pay six dollars month and I know it's just six dollars. The people are still always hesitant to pay that feet. You know I had Hulu which is eight dollars. I have all the other ones so I just cancel them like I'm driving using who. Right unite joint canceled you'd have to use it yeah because it's only eight dollars but I still like well. But basically just throwing away from not using it like an NI SOS telling you glad they're still have subscriptions to newspapers. Because at it because they think if the qualities there that's what you're paying your pain for sports newspaper I have that neighbors that have newspapers suspicions and their newspapers don't get picked up an insolvent argument I'm not kidding. There was one paper that's that's just throw money away we yeah I know but I'm just they're neighbors in my neighborhood that do that. They just leave it in the in their driveway I just it's going to be stressing UCL a plays out I'd love that it's going against the trend like one I think one of the saddest things that happened and I in our industry is what fox sports has done yeah I think I think that's what what foxsports.com. Has done is is embarrassing and if you go there of shame on you is sports fan view should be better than that. Because it at. You need to have some sort of written content like ESPN even a little bit is going away from it like I was on the ESPN college football page the other day. There's no like usually most of pages had those that top ten headlines or whatever on the right they denied any headlines. And as he strolled down there were no art it was just videos SEC media days of radio ACC be it what it does players say would this coach say what it does analysts say. How to how about an in depth writing how about you know. What why this seems to be good or aura cooled Cuban feature about you know eight as you know story about a kid that came up from a rough upbringing or. A guy who's beaten dogs whatever the case may be ages were going away from that and that's where I really respect what they're trying to do and and I hope that word yet few injustices nobody pays for porn right the sort of the same way. I actually people's pay for more. There's a porn shop off of like highway to twelve still business man I see people walking in that facility old time the adult fantasy land it's early there that's the only time you watch it and subjective and this is a good point some you wanna know if this will work somebody should do was study on this is persons to Washington Post the last year. Amazing quality and stories. Put out and lots of stories broke. And I I have seen something I don't know the exact figure but the two times and I believe it was the Washington Post. The bolt their subscription rates have gone up yeah and strong one and a lot of that is the attacks that he sends out on. Yeah I mean it's always of the I think it's right as you wanna read our full story right term. I don't know how that matters I don't know I don't think that matters is how many people truly can breaking news in these sports lancet is a very limited number of people. Very limited number and by the way it might be a couple of might be some of the names and I was at set Davis in college basketball. Stewart Mandell and college football great writers those are two guys and also are very well connected Briere news once in awhile to Telecom it was a great columnist down in the Bay Area yeah yeah I mean they they've hired quality B it's got to continue though. But I eat you think at the end it like six bucks a month. At that says that's a grand dale latte at Starbucks. Yeah it's true but that's from most feel want to win our bridge workers sex Lansing now. No one bit there's there's a lot of confidence is saturated market I support the idea though ID two aren't coming up next the NFL sent three teams move in the past year and a half. Something that most think is about look. Well the rest of the league likes it and we'll tell you why next on 1080 the fan. This is dirt and spurred on ten navy though Stan. You know in the past year and a half after we've seen three teams that are about relocate later they're going to relocate and that's the chargers rams. And the raiders we're gonna go to Las Vegas in three years or so. I don't look for the league in my opinion not as a bad luck and you feel bad for the markets. That's a bad for a remark about Saint Louis it is the best sailors idling Saint Louis cares about football. Yeah. I think they do when their teams great. But I I think they're much more of a baseball town and they're really into the blues to be Fred Dyson is sending about LA. They don't give a crap about the rams if they lose no they don't look at the attendance that was late in the season their share. Touche it's still LA though it's a hub for the West Coast to dancing animals there. Yet it does span a Stanley release grid CA deal over. And the NL Glenn it is it's tough because that you feel like there's a pretty diehard fan base there but they wanted to go for greener faster but it feels like at least what those fans. There are frustrated that. Davis is taken them they won't be able to drive twenty minutes or so to a ballpark. It still feels like they're on board daughter route form so concerned Vegas and there are like for a you know and our slide away from Oakland rapper but you've had three teams move. And get this the financials came out a little bit for us to understand what this really means for the NFL the 29 an apple teams that are staying put. Will each receive a gross some of 55 point two million. Over a period of up to eleven years from the relocation fees associated with the moves of those three teams the chargers rams and the raiders of that money the rams and chargers will each pay 645. Million beginning in December 2019 ending in December 20/20 eight. And neither the rams nor the charges will receive the revenue from their relocation the raiders will pay 378 over ten years. Beginning the year that they actually move. To Las Vegas agreement Packers reported Wednesday. At the team will receive relocation fees that amount to 27 point one million dollars. Saw the other NFL teams love these guys are jumping from market to market they probably want more teams to follow suit. It's when he said a million dollars and it sounds like this is that this hasn't with a projected value increase of their moves to their new markets and new revenue. As gonna create for each team. My my first thought process was and I know that these are going to be paid out like you mentioned the rams and chargers 645. Million each. And that's going to be paid out until points when he ate so there's a ten year window there of ten year window. For them to pay that tab off but. My first thought was you couldn't use a lot of that money to help build a new stadium. In year old market. No I duty I get out leg right okay so you don't have enough money to put up for your stadium you used the city's not helping you there for you need to leave but. You have the money over ten years to pay 645. Million dollar do you think. Of the two teams that went to LA do you think the rams and only one that we're transparent or do you think even they kind of dangled it in front of Saint Louis and then. Ripped it away. 'cause I thought the chargers to hold Lee played with scene Diego's emotions they first heard it I I'd say Saint Louis is pretty transparent because at least Kron T when he first bought the team he bottle that land it was it was like Paula George. IK. I don't wanna play here anymore. Go ahead and trade me now I kind of felt that we says he bought that land which was I five or six years ago it's -- it easy to do with the land is premise go back to LA he's got teams out his sons have teams in Colorado he goes to LA owns LA it was en route though the rams are LA. Like the rams are current and historic LA franchise that charges had nothing to do at Los Angeles and I went despair that's why span knows. A less less such a bad taste in the mouth charger fan yeah. So using the NFL moving their teams as much as they have. Is summing up like they're conscious about of people care. Now now that they don't they don't care at all given how much money each team gets from all this I revenue splitting. From the relocation fees the Packers also. They're 'cause they're included in the story for a couple different reasons the Packers also said they received 244. Million in national revenue. Mostly from the NFL's TV deals. And means that the league distributed seven point eight billion to its 32 teams for the two when he sixteenth season. Yeah I said that the number was about 21 million for the 2015 season that they. Got so it it's a huge jump for for these teams are making money hand over fist and he needs it just kind of hope I know uneasy these teams are gonna get paid man in this 27 million for the Packers. Over these relocations easy aegis Cowell that this is it though. And it's his arm was that it's a bad looks at the National Football League EE hadn't seen it in a while and indelible three teams movement in a matter of two years and and others and pulls organizations out there that are on firm standing and what new stadium deals done and it's a problem that's never gonna go away in any professional sport but. When you go through three then moving 2 years I am I'm hoping there's a little bit of the lol. Before the next one decides to relocate is there any team right now that you look at her do you think that we've talked about at all. That people's look at as possible relocation. I mean the only one that makes a lot of sense and and probably should leave as Jacksonville. It's a mandate Davis are honored just coming up right stadium in so I don't really see that happening anytime soon and a Carolina went through stadium deal a couple of years back when their owner threaten to leave they didn't build the new stadiums this city yelled top. They said no way that stadiums like twenty years old are not building a brand new football stadium in downtown at any ultimately back down so outside of that. Did just got a look at other recently and it feels like some mostly everybody else is on decently from. Ground yet so the NFL mandate in May not look great that they lose three teams in that expanded new cities but. I'm Italian I don't think they care at all considering how much money these other teams are going to get. Come from these relocation so the chargers and rams and raiders pay hefty sum to relocate to other teams benefit. Greatly aren't we got a lot to get to in the last half hour here of our number two. I wanna get to hobble sand the ball who is now officially Eaton is way out of Major League Baseball. And I know we can make jokes there's an element of it's kind of sad to me because he was such a good player. As the Red Sox officially designated him for assignment ambled by and is said Dahlia we're good we're gonna move on from that there's a great character ram. Yet will he get picked up by anybody. Is something I wanna talk about we'll do that crunch time. But coming up next. Will we see fifty home runs. And will the Mariners make the playoffs. Yes or no second have baseball season kicks off today. Well I want that next the first Joseph with a sports update. Good morning you're on a approach the bench. This is durden spraying is done 1080 today. Those soon. They want 33 on a Friday at Friday's gold well. Coming up and told minutes or so the sad tale with tungsten panda. Oh only needing goes wrong. If my daughter heard that TC bank what happened what happened to panda to Jack Black. Happen to go on on Jack black's. Officially. Is ideal. The second half of the Major League Baseball season. The second half of the Major League Baseball season of begins tonight we have a Paul question pertaining to missing the boat entered spray on Twitter we re treated at ads hitting the fan you can also send what you think. 255305. Appeared to the local fan base at least we ask is this the year. The Mariners 43 and 47 their four games back right now the wildcard race. Can they end their drought and make the playoffs. So far 86% of people answer to colonial and Lou. 86% eighties only 14% of our voters on Twitter app well I have faith that the Mariners. I can make the best I did a few story lines to look at for the second after the season I wanna start with a new odds they always redo the odds at the all star break. So the cubs went into the season as the overwhelming favorite everybody thought they're just gonna repeats it happened cubs are gonna win back to back. Not more they're told don't whine and there's a number of teams that are ahead of them starting with of course the Dodgers and the Houston Astros. The Dodgers are 31 odds with a groceries are the favorites. Followed by the Astros at nine to two. And there's only three other teams that are in and with single digit guides and they are the Red Sox have five to one. The nationals are six to one in the Cleveland Indians at seven to one. So those here five favorites going into the second half of the season and the cubs are mentioning saw about a twelve to one after opening. As the consensus favorite in Vegas of five teams I was single digit odds and one of the things just gonna keep guy and do things that that'll eyes to things Yankee grand that are gonna impact the race down and down the stretch it the first one is injuries that we and a big one go down today or at least the news. Of the outcome of line and that was Michael Pineda Tommy John surgery you don't Woolsey I yankees just losses starting pitcher and the other one is to see what teams become sellers and what teams become buyers like the tigers for exam exactly as the trade deadline looms because there's a lot of names out there on teams. Guys that are our. Have a great years all star caliber years some of them all stars and they could be moved here in the upcoming weeks and end down always has the chance of him. Acting independently I can't quite remember what the team who was but like Zach Britton from Baltimore could be on the move the Dodgers are looking at at two brain and others are here later though they have in the agents in the still wanna add him Josh Harris in the pirates is and in the name has been floated out alive out maybe Oakland is willing to Yonder Alonso is seven a great first half and maybe they're willing to sell off some of their assets. It's kind of amazing looking at if you look at the wildcard standings in the AL. To Seattle where the Rangers are an a plus 29 run differential. To still be that far back. Neglect what's going on there because everybody else is in the red I mean even the royals who had an and they've had an amazing month and half going into the break. They're darom an a minus 25 the twins who are right one game behind the rays they're a minus sixty. I'd give EMs a little shot I don't have much hope that they're gonna make it go let it depends on what they do at the deadline do you think you're gonna make any moves. It would invest in the book what what camper they get to sit and do they want to move a guy and go get a couple of pieces may be an end work for 2018. Or they get the team that says you know what let's sell a couple assets take couple foreign players and trying to get somebody that can. A bolster our starting rotation down the stretch they've spanned. And I said this last year I think it Eddie plays even more of an effect this year. I I truly do believe if there are keeping this thing stable the where the rat now starting the second half going into the trade deadline. Meant you're gonna have to go add something. You're spending too much money to say we wanna win next year we wanna winning a year paying Robinson can know an awful lot of money. You're paying a guy like Felix who's had his battle with injuries and some up and downs and an awful lot of money. You look on that roster and to me they're not. They're not in a situation where they feel great for 2018 now. But you can make the right move maybe you get the wildcard this year. And build it up with is that's going into nature while also still stab us in which they've done in their farm system rent some of the young prospect. And it's so they'd fed decision time for a lot of these teams one. What once storyline that will be fun to keep an eye on here in the second half we mention the Yankees Michael Pineda. Get any Tommy John surgery so he's done and also tough for him. Because he's going into free agency for the first time in his career so. Wolf that's route to a guy who took basically two years to come back from a bad shoulders injury. To have two years to get back finding was an eight ER it was 439 he was in four or was blown people away but serviceable starting pitcher. Now good luck on and free agency next year but maybe the pine to help the shift to strap Lamar pines are but the idea that wanna keep an eye on this is kind of cool and I don't know people. I don't it has the same relevance that may be used to. But it's kind of a big deal because of an up Mossad anymore and that's what Aron judge could do in the second half so he goes in. With thirty home runs in the all star break that leaves all the Major League Baseball. And we've played them I'm wanna say what they played a stolen half 86 games the Yankees played six games so four games over. Are five gives he me over the halfway point. The idea of him hitting fifty home runs. It is pretty exciting for baseball on the second half are in debt to the Yankee injured ask her what data they need starting pitching to knock has not great against some other injuries piled up on them. It's bad news for the yanks. But if he's able to hit fifty home runs man that that to me is an awesome story of a rookie. He's got one rookie of the year if he is on pace to win MVP because of the Mike Trout injury in the American League. If he's able to get to that fifty market that's a critical sign. For baseball I was I was looking right now I was trying to think in my in my head who was the last person to hit fifty home runs. I'm I'm gonna go back a little ways here on what's his face for the L orioles' Chris greatest this and 20s13. Probably how many years 53 and in a 138 rabies him and he was he was on pace early on him to break there or not. Break but at least come close of the record memory at the steroid stuff he said the real record sixty Dahlia that's right the 6061 yeah reenter a record sixty line look. I am I think judge because of what he built in the home run derby he's gonna have a few more people out there that maybe didn't follow in this closely. Well and I you checked in every once in awhile with the MLB network ESPN. On what's dad doing today brassy doing today against sudden track like day in day out NN that while he could do it twenty homers. With just under half way to go in seventy games or so and I don't think he's the only one I think give you look it's only got like springer's three behind him. I springer has the ability of Otto Stanton we know Stanton can go yard anytime. I think you got about two or 34 guys even that have a chance to maybe sniff getting fifty and I don't fifty. Is not what it once was but the bonds McGwire to mean it's back to doubting that relevance I I'm with you it's gone back to win McGwire and Sosa started doing those stupid numbers. And then they eventually starting in the sixties. That meant something like when you got a guy Griffey would do it hitting 5455. That's a huge deal. And if we're to believe most these guys are clean I know some people put out the notion of of judge Adams or some wonder about Stanton because it's how mass of the art. Fifty should still means something to you I think that's a big deal. Yeah I'm with ya and it is at loss for awhile the the luster is your mentioning in the late nineties early two thousands as guys are going yard Sosa had three straight years of sixth having lost home run and how it looks like pepto dismal it's damn shame but you really look at. I think I wanna say other top I had there's only bay and it's only been on forty EF 43 times that's sit. In the history of Major League Baseball only 43 times. As a player hit fifty home runs in his season and it was done by 27 different players he mentioned Ruth did it Libya McGwire Sosa. They eat sit of four times. I. 47 players in history of baseball to fifty home runs in in for a while there I did lose. Did the mystique and the hold all of home runs in baseball but the fact that we haven't seen it a couple years in relief. In our residents at talking about the scene of the day in and I was even surprised to hear them going back to. The home run leaders in the American League National League over the last 789 years. I mean you look at it high thirties low forties you know outside of an occasional Ryan Howard going off firm. In all fifty some back in 2006. Prince Fielder at a Goodyear A-Rod but. Since 2008 you've only had two players hit fifty in that was Jose Batista Chris Davis. Oh sets and A-Rod had 54 in prince had fifty yen to dozens sixty and run our route fifty but over the last ten years or so. It did happen and happen Ana and for aired just to be able to do it into kind of ride that wave. Is he becoming a a phase of the game winning the home run derby we admit it the size and strength he's doing it wins. I gonna play stupid year. Ryan Howard hit fifty teen years NATO memorize an hour. Not 58 Iran our whose dominant for a number of I've must not a follow baseball does Philly teams were on supposedly you'll be able wells were what is your stay Rawlins. Damn funny story about an hour armor playing fantasy baseball engines only got injured when he was at the Philly is now like this who's Ryan Howard coming up who's this guy I don't know I'm not gonna pick him up it was a bit of a career minor earlier in in pop in Delhi was late and then he had he came in after Jim Thome got injured and he had the right hook. Actually I don't remember that and Alter them go back and look at some of the seasons he put up and then in the mid to that like a look at his year by year totals man woman boy Andruw Jones led the way in 2005 though. He had 51 dangers 120 rabies. I got a lot of palatable to stick as any people will be surprised it now you know 260 or so slowly and in need trying to get the homer duties a strikeout there. Run guy yes and he broke in as is done in 2005 was his first year was sizeable series 2006. He had 58 home runs at a 149 RBIs 2007 he had 47 home runs a 136 RBIs. 200840. Home runs 146. RBIs. 2009 he had 45 and 141 god 31 won a late the year after 33 and 116 and it fell off in 2012. The Abbott is six years treachery was on the most feared if not the most feared hitter and all things 440 plus RBIs and Seattle beat the average was never there of what it was like couples who was always at 250 to sixty you know best to seventy hitter. But yet that year he had in 2006 that was his best year Andy dear 313. Fifteen armor on 249 RBI got eating your boy bonds before you got black balled. 2004. 45 dean here's a 101 RBIs and that was a nobody crystal yes. If you officially would hit nine on our home runs and lord he would hit 85 cents sees that he is 73. So a judge I just some McKee Brian the second MCI I think to be pretty cool I think. It Seve LeBron leaving judges on steroids baseball's never going to be able to get away from that. But just that the idea of somebody hitting fifty if it's cool to me again I didn't hit it and it wasn't for a while it's a dollar and a silencer at 55 home runs this year at school are you are eagle and shock for a second house World Series prediction. Top two teams on my World Series predictions out the window we don't the giants are probably at running. Well that's okay my my World Series out the window as well because I or so ago. Yeah avid at. Then again it all has to do it moves I would not forget about Cleveland I still likely even in the second half. On in the wild card chase I do. I decide about taxes that it's always intriguing to me the angels are two royals ran the royals had a great at the end of the at least first half fails to break in and the angels us not forget the angels who are right there kind of that wild card range. They give my child back and they were played about 500 ball without my child lineup and they finally get him back that was a big blow for them to go through. Yeah Cody says excuse me it's pronounced on Andruw Jones on drew I hated that it was Andrew Jones and then he went to. John Carlos Stanton. On drew Joan on drew. Change it up so used to I promise you I think early it was a in the REW and that it changed to UWM. So second half of the Major League Baseball season starts nagging of what our poll question with the Mariners make the playoffs only 14% of folks skate the Mariner's condone it or other poll question and it's Fenway I'll update later in the show we'll get to them they are what is the worst example of an athlete eating themselves out of a career. As we might have a new person thrown the man X tractor consent is next on today to defend. Bob Reynolds film wasn't. No. The Shing. To change. I approach to. In the dirt instruments on the tennis titles and stay Helen's and six are right let's get down every cent jump fills an innocent and we used it in a planned. A ninety announced. He eat he died and only I can Delhi's and it just keeps him panned over congress and smartest pointed to soccer figure right now. I'd say they're probably both rolled on their over their grave an equal amount that's his call a truce truce right now and admit it is not very good and Sox. Make coming up in the top of the hour we seen the financial bubble of sports. Due to go back to the way used to be outside about that over to spray a nine to 11230 to get those take sponsors ready. We will lose some money but so edition this week old when I like him. Yeah there's no there's not really gamble on sports we are Wimbledon. Journey to do better is in the final pretty bad. But now it is time for crunch time pressures on. You ask what's the difference in the past messages executing crunch time in history illuminate when. His greatest criminal element of news that's the lowest in world its current stunner I look at the hottest topics in sports. Crunch should. Is 995 per month so why would you ever pay more for a gym. Or shoot a grudge directed by crunch fitness always 995 months so why would you ever pay more free gym membership. In front alarm over spray narcotic crunch stack cop. The era is over and for the pan am. That's all she wrote folks. She's gone extinct species and hand this is gone extinct. Pablo Sandoval if you miss it today he was officially designated for assignment. They tried to send a mature play. He refused they tried to trade him they couldn't find a partner. Sell they were left to blobs that one option only analysis designated for assignment and basically terminates. The rest of his contract and they all him approximately. 49 million dollars through 2019. Season they have ten days either trade him. Or release him and again I'd be very shocked that somebody calls and says in politics problems and we want that contract a guy who doesn't play hit his his highlight any Red Sox uniform probably and maybe as is yours probably is when he swung in his belt broke. And in any highlights economy or mono that. Now that mean that my PS from Boston and savor today's Zaman today's and I think about Boston Red Sox for the opportunity or remain positive that with the the love and support of my sale Leo continue. On with my career on him a couple of guys are plain battered him and that's what made you was on a rehab assignment in two blank. And it a couple of guys that were playing goodness and illustrate this happened but we do this guy around anymore. Ram and a great run and I batted 237 with fourteen home runs 59 RBIs in officially 161 games that you played. For the Red Sox on the season and played 32 games. With four home runs he had 212. And this is gonna go down as one of the worst free agent contracts we've ever seen there is only one contract by the way. That was ended with more money's still owed to the player. And that was Josh Hamilton the angels who was still owed 68 million dollars when they part ways with him she's a Weasley house and this is the second highest total of money still owed to a guy yeah you know. I don't know where you're gonna come in as a giants fan on just. Kind of like panda and policy and a ball was. I come out over thought his career a little more like I I I thought hand when easy policy and a ball. I think I made his numbers bigger than they really weren't they never had that big embassies in never really didian one year into any you know in 2009 wins in ninety RBIs. And he batted 330 he is years go by go year by year he would fat skinny fat skinny so he was skinny that you're a great year his numbers and when he tend to the big did the fact rabies 32111. Bouncing back DA when he eleven A bounced back a little bit but it is banged up when it's all the at a Goodyear. Tony thirteen to emitted its up and down it literally is up and down fat skinny fat skinny. So he was truly plagued by food death is entire career and this is a big issue I remember when he left there are a lot of people. And the giants organization. As they offered him the same contract he just tell you wanted to new start one it did for whatever reason get away from San Francisco. There are people inside an organization and said watch out. Because they had built in. The then they had built the infrastructure around him at least to keep him. Together because they knew what kind of problem is was formed they knew that it. And they won the World Series in 2000 intend and he was coming off his career years breakout year in 2009. He was out of the lineup I didn't claim in the World Series he DH from one of the games in Texas that was set wanna rebate was this third baseman. In a new look and a problem was and they were concerned when he went to Boston Boston wasn't going to be. Completely aware of how bad in a series this was a new member of the pictures when he showed up to it is O mania oh yeah it was a damn oil out there throwing his gut was hanging out outside and assured it was ridiculous. Did look like a big leaguer and it's it's been an issue he's in these never. Never gotten over. The sort you out there and well oh how easy you know juices. Low blow man the culture it's a little tight today and the sale. I don't lol from killed fit children your plane and taken shots at my I told us is are you gonna crime slates. As the eight you can you can knock the Gulf Shores today. The poster shown up I don't like the cream cyclical though idols. Yeah I know that they don't search of just how many hands can we name that eight themselves out of says sport I've got four and top my dad Jon camp out. Robert tractor trailer oh yeah he died like 42 Albert dangerous. Yeah. Barkley. Yeah late late in his career you like that two seconds of silence. I'm always I'm ways that people are always been weeded out by lake silence on the radio for like a second or two. Oceanic. Partner would you say Barkley was Barkley just all I think it was all it was a combination of old and fat and yeah turning into the round mound all he did but he was and he was still release but when he was he had a good career before that happened like a good long run in the NBA. He was like seven years in and then went fat and couldn't hang anymore. You know Robert charge being dead is blowing my mind right now is the dynamic a hotel he does on demographics or six years ago in Puerto Rico and I had no idea about that is big bullet. You hear ego top fifteen athletes who let them. Cells go Bartolo still plays if you can't throw Bartolo and their disease like 45 he's still playing baseball as he decided Raymond Felton. Fair enough he's a blaze out of place. And ours is a pretty damn good one paints were sad people forget he's on a big guys are the Washington he couldn't pass the physical Lamar Odom. I I know he had his issues he probably should of played longer than he did you know. And some people do believe the candy thing finally caught up to remember him when he was on that show yeah the end of the zone where they showed him shopping. And he has to have somebody eagle get all of this candy it's a crazy man candy. Almost daily and allowed to link his metabolism finally stopped or hee-seop working out consistent enough. And it hurt him Duckworth is a good one locally at least Duckworth got big Duckworth is a sad one. He got a big big baby Davis should still I mean eight is now like he's old by the Manning and around my asked how much better is Eddie lacy if he doesn't have to battle weight priced chips. Well that's why like people make fun Eddie lacy in the C ought not bid on the front of the C actually they make fun of Eddie lacy. Because he has to go through this but they him signing that contract was the best thing because it done for his career. As a puts the parameters in front of you and and I don't understand why more teams don't try to do this like the Red Sox. Should have done this that there were rumors that the giants are gonna trample weight clauses and hobbled contract IK do you gotta stay under a certain number. Or really that is money year. And and they never did and you can't control the guy and the off season nick Bieber ports for camp and he's fifty pounds overweight and he's been the first half of the season just trying to get in shape now even mourn about playing in the sport so what Eddie lacy sign that that's that could end up saving his career Shaq a lot of fuel leave Shaq getting too much weight to his body which kind of broken down and forced him to walk away when he did. CC sabathia. CC sabathia yet has yet against Syria a serial problem yet he be he's still perform at a high level as a fatty patty diet. BI the alcohol wasn't the problem has to mean yet zinni go to treatment for that he went to rehab for another one that dancing on this those Renaldo. I don't know much about soccer but dissing and although coming got big. And Shawn Camp did you see the before like Sean Tim Connolly with the Sonics vs Shawn Kemp with the Orlando Magic at camps Ralph ma'am makes Sallyann Pablo Santa mall eight is way at a Major League base policy if he gets another chance the Red Sox still own 49 million dollars take him why would you take him million dollars. Yeah I he's got to get in they won't be this year hit they'll be a guided skid is he's gonna barely keep training in Miami's gonna try and stay in shape and maybe some but he does have a chance at. Next year's spring training. But. Yeah right now a solid good form and edit is set because he was a great character like console and it was one of the best nicknames sports like he was always had a smile on his face was happy go lucky like he just. He loved playing the game of baseball and in any guide I never redeem rooted against him when he left San Francisco C battled a weight issue if he stays in Frisco. Liked it a point where he couldn't play any warm biased I think is true and I don't his career stays on tracks then eight bit eight had down years in a probably bad moments but for the most part with what they built around him he would have been able to remain in a Major League Baseball player. But dia they cut him today or DF eight and today action save 49 million dollars the on to the end of the 2019 season is only thirty years old we'll see what's next. From Pablo cinema fresh out front to back French that is always not any travel months so why would you ever pay more. Free gym membership last to get sued in the final hour initially it was bright line coming up bottom of the hour did you think sponsors ready. I'm gonna take a look inside also the financial bubble in sports with the all the money that's being handed out in contracts all the money that's being rewarded. Two teams and two leagues on TV contracts. Is it a bubble that's going to burst because of a trend we've seen recently from sports fans loaded final article in order sprayed on 1080 the fan.