Dirt & Sprague, Friday 6-16-17 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, June 16th

Sprague'ing the Line, is NBA Draft the best draft, and we send you off to the weekend


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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Scream. Nobody. Agreed. This is dirt and spray it. Bristol well she's cute. That's what I. And injured Johnson and Brendan sprayed a lot of pressure got to rise above it. Harnessing that energy or compass and harness that energy to block the feel it it's circular durden spray gun 1080 hey guys. The big gulps them Barack. Bob Steele later those soon. Top stories like that for most of the posted hey let's do this stuff they're spray on a Friday one more hour the workweek just a moment or on Twitter entered this. Regular south follow we will. Follow you back. To the got Oregon State's suspension news to get to in the final hour. Talk about that nailed in the college World Series tomorrow against cal state Fullerton sprite in line coming up bottom of the hour to get your take sponsors ready who will lose some money. Juicy nugget did just get dropped on Twitter account wanna bring along to the its listeners you very careful because we can run with this nugget. You enrollment is not a leader relatives nugget if you line we can add in the other potential nugget okay suited did there. And with this. OK Marc Stein. Lou he has changed his Twitter handle yet I disabilities the end his contract doesn't and I think he stops at some point but NASA onward yes that is like the raiders and you're gonna be gone but you're still here and asserted to BS reason that they let it go I think it probably BS three and out all the ego but Marc Stein of currently ESPN just read about league sources tell that Zach Lowe. Can be should be and I that the sixers and Celtics are in serious talks. About trading the number one overall pick you as I was actually I think it's tell me because if it was I tell you thank Zack lonely and I. But it could be heat hold. That doesn't make sense. Zach closest we did in easing the parameters of the deal right now looks like Boston received several picks and no players. And have to think number three would be involves Abbas and made trade out because maybe they're not sold on faults Dutton maybe not sold on ball. And they may get several picks to exchange in trade. With Philadelphia who may be out enamored with mark health faults the ideal folds. Paired with sub in Simmons trust process well indeed that was a report that came out today was they're not sold on March helpful to divide it just felt like such a foregone conclusion didn't at that Fuld is going to be the number one overall pick. If Boston captain at least. And then they came out and yet they weren't sold on him after his work out and and maybe that's why that is when I gather up some more draft picks moved down a number three this is why the NBA draft is the best draft in all sports and it's not even clocks own. I'd hate it's not a high tech hot day as best draft out their fun. I've fact 553055. I'm right there with the only two rounds of the post says three earned 64 not shoot nothing hinges on these picks in any league more than the NBA's does. You can tell me what this team got the franchise quarterback will great would have the years there's no franchise core wreck which has been. Like since Mario Winston so there's like two years three years ago in two years ago. Every year in the Indian attracted it matters it yeah I think a little bit I've I would say if you're gonna compare drafts that you have to just like you couldn't counts rounds like five through seven of the NFL draft. Bill you have that's part of my draft discount the first two around that's 300 calorie count prime draft rounds here are the ones that are on TV the people actually care about they also do you get as many trades. In the NFL as you do with the MBA or just juicy tidbits like this. Last year's you have with the team's training to get like mortgaging their cigars a three Zach Johnson's stuff copied it from whence it was two teams that did it in the same year that mortgaged their future I. Barack quarterback I feel like it's a good mix GM's executives loves to gossip. And it's more in the NBA to meet and it is the NFL. They love to trade. They always have tough times is deciding if they're truly in love with players are not 55305 I'm genuinely curious are people feel -- that I'm not telling you that you that you sync the NBA you tune in to the NBA more than the NFL I just I really think it's a symposium BA draft is the best draft in sports mentally you're right it where it was in me not and I've I decide that it does that Ramadan but yet you he had to grammar right do you disagree with that I had no. Here's also I think there's I have a different sand and free spore I didn't do it right in gas wells doesn't matter and hockey days Strasser relevant because forty around the guys and had the big leagues for like four years nobody watches the baseball draft exactly but my my name my sense of it would be I I'm still interested in the NFL draft no matter where my team or teams that I mean consider taking. And that's not usually not what's so here's a different. But sometimes I can be like I don't really care about the NBA draft to the blazers have the twenty just the 23 always got another loads of bombs you don't get this in the NFL on now let's lows dropping now says sources Phillies waiting on medical information on mark Kelsey Holtz but they're already deep in the trade talks with Boston for number one. So Phillies eleven themselves silly volts Philly wants to move up men now bosses is really a more drastic thank you Cody for tweeting by the way NBA draft is by far the best by far the best it is a couple NBA groupies and called out now but that's an unlicensed fifteen minutes between picks in the NL game as far as he like I mean until it's too long IBM lithium Allen. So yeah this could be a bombshell come NBA draft time if Boston does trade down. It's also interesting that died because I think you're gonna get a sense of what they wanna do for the future with this draft. And if they don't like mark held folds it makes you wonder. Milosevic go get what that number three overall pick is I've heard that they really like Jackson at a Kansas and they're hoping he's gonna be available three bed. You are Tatum from duke it could go Tatum from duke and and you're just gonna go young I guess I mean I know there's nobody trying to lure free agents away but did it if you do go to Jackson. I think the the other part of that would be in TV don't draft Marco folds or Alonso balled them. You keep Isaiah Thomas long term right 'cause that was a good image it was false or Thomas A Gary get a draft to got a baby on both committees on rookie deal for four year that's very true but I think when Thomas has one year left on his deal right. I think he's up this year. Easy to earlier fridge right now he's either free Agent Orange has the opt out and most people assume because of what he did he's going to opt out any too much financial side and he's getting into a guy did I wonder if that changes their strategy at all saying is they give Jackson small floor where they say let's go had pay Isiah Thomas is an all star. Keep them and I would noodle on this too because you're seeing rumblings I'm not saying there's any truth of the matter you're seeing rumblings that maybe the lakers are not release sold Alonso. Given what of ours been doing given that some people said that he was out of shape in his work out with the lakers. If your boss and he NEA engineer here in the same stuff. Is there a chance you're looking at Alonso. Because the Phillies enamored with Martell faults yes LA goes with Josh jacks in or Keyaron Fox they could they were double album maybe Boston either goes lawns or maybe they. They go get dearest austere fox to mis may be the biggest wildcard it's not lawns it was not folds. But debt dude plays hard on both sides of the court. Boston needs a little bit of that especially considering how bad Isiah is defensively one on one team wise Boston's great. Isaiah statistically. By defense of metrics is the worst starting point guard in the NBA. May be year looking at Deere and fox at number three or blondes a ball because of his size. And this is adjusting manned. This is what I'm talking about this is interesting and enemies it is Portman has three K I was well. There there's two things that wrote me and this year one is how deep draft classes like we know these names some years ago like Anthony many years and every sport has that but the years ego lately who's an immoral wrong but isn't that a bigger wow factor though that's what makes it injures him why would you taking it to -- Bennett number one -- nobody had that you needed after Jerry golf to why would you take Jerry golf number one overall you can get there's examples of those this year is greatly NBA draft I wholeheartedly agree with that. The blaze is having three takes rubs me end. And ended did the talent of the classrooms me I guess like I guess I would say the difference there of golf and Bennett. Gothic Lisa makes sense from the standpoint of they didn't have a quarterback and I thought they had won they mortgaged their future to take Jerry got that makes no sense but Cleveland had lost LeBron and they had Ty re end nothing and they winning got a power forward by most people's consensus. Was not even a top APEC and they made him number one overall. The dude played you and LB barely had an impact Ali was yeah I was a legal reason number one overall pick adds that there's not an argument for that at least got you can say. May be a franchise quarterback. Give me a hard no one Alan RT yeah. For fans need to and it is that they knew the brawn James is in play is so why the hell would they waste the number one pick on a good talent. When they can take kitty Bennett detained for another couple years then arguments and normally on his back that's a horribly fought argues it like you just pointed out holes in your pocket just got high read a year before you got his other great players that draft and that's another talent you pair with LeBron James Seale is they didn't flood that they could have. Kyra read another good players men said of Anthony Bennett and horses are men's clothes and I got a browser as they please bring it up I was at your wagon they injure Wiggins Tyree Irving and well they traded danger minister Kevin Love full but why were they doing that. Well 'cause they got LeBron jays back they drafted and I wigand's and then traded him so if we did they don't they Anthony banner out. Could have gone sold at Victor all the people was after him now. So when the suns know well. Here we go this one would make sense out here he is Caldwell Pope targeted Allen. I pray that Barack five bad draft it's all right Stephen Adams was taken in that draft. All Greek freak that's Greek free great free here fifteenth overall imagine Greek freak of running diary. Oh my god and seeing I think I just convinced you or not I mean I understand where you're coming from I don't think it's a as liable victories you're claiming it is. And I what I mean by that is just it's more entertaining the NFL draft I still in in on the didn't say Indiana is not the immediate. Couple cited Pentax Arabs and agreeing. Looses my third personal sport too much more than anything that's happened vibe in the NBA draft. Yes people are sloppy they like to Gaza had some juicy Manson his in Celtics fan here Okafor plus the sixers number three for this year's number one in next year's number one I've been hearing missile La. Doing your start to contemplate what is Mateen gonna do in his that was in go back to four rounds. How long did they get away I don't remember the does that stopped in the 80s80s. There was a lot more these days seven rounds by involving the NBA draft the blazers once selected a player for Mike show Mecca. I'm not kidding these Teva telling guys that would come in from drastically it's like them from random spots. And needed to cut them out like this random dignity from view when Daniel is an NBA draft is the most entertaining and I still remember the 2009 I've read before Michael Jackson died. Oh the need to after 2009. I thought that was like it's when he told no he drug he dined together and I remember I was in I was in high school working out safely when that happens that was before he decided send. I was dead for eight years I was up my dad's house in Tacoma stay for the summer. Yes he died eight years ago ha. While they're young NBA draft yes and tidbits out of by the NBA if you miss dead Marc Stein and Zach will reporting that sixer is and the Celtics. Aren't talks to swap picks up the Boston has the number one overall pick. Philadelphia has the number three overall pick the can be players more picks obviously going towards Boston because they have that number one pick. But apparently Philly loves them some mark Dell folds Boston. Not so much and they might be willing to trade down two spots I will always are. Do you for Cleveland making that we can trade because she got a championship and the rest is unknown but he won Daniel brings up a great point. You could hypothetically imagine Ty re Andrew Wiggins Greek freak LeBron. Blaze is also good act Clyde and Terry Porter and Michael Jordan and good drafted Kevin Durant center Greg Oden I now. But this is why the NBA draft is so good my man. Yeah. What. Now they have I we didn't get to the Chris false stuff there I do want to talk about that as a as one team that really I have some ladies are explaining why he's sitting down with them I can I can explain it to okay policy Chris Paul is going to be visiting four teams when trying guessed the four teams 55305. Chris ball visiting four teams. Talk about the next break in the line coming up bottom of the hour back with more next on 1080 the fan. This is durden sprayed. Don't intend navy personnel. They get those six sponsors ready to lose some money coming up there in ten minutes. The seeing Joseph knows that is seeing Spragan maligned yet. I quit. Could you tell you retired a great line I quit for that segment and then I rehire myself after I've got the last Friday I spirited he's period of last Friday the previous Friday that you were out we did he screwed up come on guys have we're kind of consistent here bringing home this week will be NRA game in ten minutes I apologize Joan nice nap you snapped Craig Robinson's. Back of his head and you kept zooming in and out misses the back of Craig Robinson's hit FF that -- Well done mineral density text in my dad's a into the 1992 draft in Portland one of the best experiences my of my youth NBA draft hang hands down the best job I wish it would come back to Portland. That would be pretty cool we had somebody guessed it Chris Paul's gonna visit the spurs knicks bucks and Celtics. Get one of the four. And somebody against the spurs demands the rockets in the jets the jets not in the next not just need a quarterback that they do though folks but get this Yasser Chris Paul's entering free agency and we all Null. Everybody's been reporting for a lot of San Antonio Spurs are gonna have his ear this off season. Very intrigued what they have to deal and and not the clippers just hired Jerry West away from gold states so maybe that's selling its ways and to stay. In Los Angeles but the other two teams won it makes sense one of armament and need some explanation on this. The third team on his visit list this off season as the Houston Rockets Ryan makes sense oil does it. How James Harden go be a tune not handling the ball well and I think that's a question Mecca but if you're just talking teams that. Herb you know political contention again I'd say Ned from a basketball standpoint of fits but if he wants to win Andy's look at it successful teams they won what fifty some games last year. Now I don't think that's a great fit as much as other people do yet the fourth team is the Denver Nuggets yes. He's visiting Denver Nuggets and I know it's out of the blue. But it also makes sense if you think about it the Denver not it's last year were forty and 42. Yeah they were winning team out the eighth seed with Portland where they were game back yeah so they have Yokich. You catch a mall Murray you've got Cary Harris and they have some of the less cap space of any team in the NBA. So is there a chance either Chris Paul where you look at the younger guys. And sage mall Murray was died Gary Harris is a really good player and yelled teach might be one of the future stars of the league. And we may be able to get a Gordon Hayward or Blake Griffin. If you're Chris Paul that's not a bad thing to think about and Denver's a beautiful place to live anyway. Take a visit to check it out. I judge has sentenced in any Denver a year it's random but at super ran economies and I key part to that roster. Will the -- Jay you do have little of the thrilled you do Barton but I believe he's going to be cameras contracts is gonna want more money you guys that he had paid out there react Chris Paul. Visiting four different teams now one of them being in Denver Nuggets they were forty and 42 last year I had my money just has to be on a two team race at this point. They use and Demi and they won games lesser but I'm in terms of the basketball sit Ellis my first thought too as well James Harden handles the basketball. Chris Paul annals of basketball who's going to be the off guard in a situation that to be hardened but the ball die regardless that's how they that's when arm at their most effective it's almost like the Evan Turner said Portland. It's like it was the first thing that's ominous sign an eternity ladies and it's. At his best when he has the basketball on his hands. Dames at his best when he gets basketball on his hands C jays at his best when he has basketball on its hands. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense Denver there's no way in hell he signs of the Denver Nuggets I'll just say that right now he's not gonna go our. Is not to come like Jimmy embrace count now the nuggets on all go ahead and count out the Denver nugget. I didn't like rays players just throw out some of these random teams ankle wasn't one of the team LeBron met with the suns a couple years ago yeah Aimee but the clippers and he likes of these teams are religious smokescreen and that was LA LA met with the I swear that he was in play for that some people thought the suns videos LaMarcus Aldridge yet until aside and they went out got Tyson Chan started trying to entice him to come in and he ended up going to San Antonio Bryant and I almost hours doubles isn't as bad deal just throw on these third and fourth team just to make people thinking king no I don't think there's only half. He's has fourteens counting the clippers. If he really wants to throw the senate you you do like six or seven he's not doing six or seven he's doing for. And to me all for me makes sense now the clippers might be your best bet because you can get the 200 million dollar contract. And you have Jerry West helping Doc Rivers are on the organization. San Antonio we know how much sense that makes given Tony Parker and Houston I don't think that's a great fit their bald Dominick guards. And James our enemy is not as effective when he doesn't have the rock in his hands for fourteen seconds of a 242 shot clock. Denver makes sense but again acted towards point. I don't realistically seem him choosing Denver. But San Antonio's got cap problems you can't just go give him a Max deal now you've got to work a lot of stuff out in one of those may have to be. We getting rid of LA because right now if you looked at their salary cap situation. They don't really have team most fantasies you have to the really team friendly deal. Yeah somebody said Denver we'll trade Carmelo to get back partner with Chris Paul and body amount to Denver. And be pretty entertaining. Yellow sell it to me it all comes down aids to San Antonio and LA and those of the two teams that have a viable chance San Antonio arriving animal of some pieces around if they wanna trying to acquire him. And it comes down to what Jerry West can do I this to be a big big test for Jerry West we talked a little bit about it yesterday but. He's leading Golden State to go to the clippers and if they lose Chris Paul Tse seam ball that badly Japanese start rebuilding because. How many years do you think he's got left in the prime of his career one of the 34 years playing a pretty high level is 32 right 32 C gaming league and 34 more years of you know maybe not being the player that that edit the peak of his career but still playing in an all star caliber being one of the best point guards the NBA. So you lose that the clippers going to rebuild mode. This is gonna depend on what's most important Chris Paul but this is why it's going to be such a fascinating offseason in the NBA. I gave they have I mean yeah I know I know you're just tired and had a draft and how it compares to the NFL for you or is better in terms of entertainment. That's what I and I think ever Colin may display a few times like the NBA offseason has done a great job of staying relevant. Because you get the draft next week which we're all gonna be rolled to obviously firm for local rooting interest. But then after that just kind of watching where. The free agent dominoes fall and end if we do get a sense that there's a new wave in the NBA yeah let Chris Paul what I've readies Italy fifty million dollars on the table if he leaves the clippers that's a lot of money. I think it's hires they could even be hired fifty million dollars in dated guys are Willis are leaving that kind of chunk of change behind it goes back to the conversation we had earlier in the week that. That the new CBH is simply not gonna work they can make enough money in either earlier deals. And their career or endorsement deals on a ninety your ideas whatever the case may be. But he is he's the biggest fish out there and he's meeting with the spurs the clippers obviously. The nuggets in the rockets. Let's also wait to see who he really meets with we have to remember where this came from an unnamed executive. That said those were the teams he was meeting. And that is by the way they have thirty to forty million dollars in cash basis offseason as pretty nasty hand had something in his hands were great. It's as chairman sorry get ready for round date over here doesn't feverishly working they're well as stated that Richard Sherman drop in Joe's update dude Richard Sherman and Chris Paul. You got offense and defense lock down a lot of men element I take it your fakes sponsors ready folks it is time. To lose some money Spragan. Greg in the line is next but first here's Joseph and Richard Sherman with a sports center update. Who. This is the third and spray it on 1080 Charles. Do you seriously you job and oh god before we even start and Spragan the last Reagan the last Bergen them on Reagan the last Reagan and Bergen come. You know why did you I don't know I go oh yeah head I was getting worried. And created new Biggio. Today's regular address him by orange bottom return deposit dislikes breaks picks and slow return to low effort. For a lot of tricks you think I missed that. Stand those lines for five and ten cents a concise after awhile. We do have we have one got it as low as I wanna know his name he does lead Texan like a million he's trying to analyze sponsors you'll really enjoy is as. Trailer lot rent to by the San Francisco Giants wesun police means breaks fix. Straight lab rats about a rickety you know sex tape to sites breaks fix you lose a lot less than a minute now. Rail line rented by Bernie made us investment services those safer bet this breaks fix is also making off with all our money trail lab rats device breaks streams service seat to look at wake up to cold sweaters are dreaming of Amy Schumer and holly signers. She heard outsiders. That's a threesome out an interesting combination you know lead signing up for that a lot of questions and ahead. The only way to get him answer it is by experience any just stand over there make jokes the whole time when I feel like Amy would not earned her keep in that situation. Spray live Brad team by Joseph Fisher's GM's skills something that's actually worsens brakes fixed. Giving it a front office role you live I mean your your dear entity Bennett reasoning was pretty bad. They knew LeBron was coming to retain the number one pick that was bad joke that we talk about this. I scenes. Unreasonable that seems perfect conspiracy theory for the NBA frozen envelope all that a person. Spray lab rats he by mosquitoes just likes brakes fixed don't know why they're here but leaders got to deal them. So regular vibrancy by badminton Canada adjusting for a minute or two in boring as hell dislikes breaks today topple. Pregnant and I admittance for you could Brent Dubai garbage are great places there all those family Sprague tricks. Has sometimes some mean three Laver ante by bliss for less. Tees tees and it's. They love read to by pro wing shoes not to be mistaken for the red wings. I did not know what he was talking about I'd never dabbled I was either thinking is this a real shoe company or is he making a joke I've heard of cross trackers. In past this Jack's shoes were sold in payless is he would have gone with the shaggy she's listens and I would of totally got it he went with a company had never. Carl wings for a we angels like what these are great strain a lot of red team by names hey honesty away. A little circled the opening segment and that is that is coming full circle thread you library do you guy. Nobody in seller that. It's like yeah Ernie Johnson's not a stat of the night. Nobody wants at Iowa Marmol did you takes credit line Brad due by July 3 it today people work these picks won't. Still maintain we should have today off at all. Throw out there. Yet it's start to dwindle down to. Less and less options here of what we can bet on. When we get to baseball regular season we've reached for the Jenner of this this is when you should be at your best finding creative creative gambling I might actually start. In the college World Series in Omaha which kicks off for organ state fan in PDF rooting for the beavers to win on Saturday at noon against cal state Fullerton. Whose stock in a little junk about Washington State the pac twelve delegates that in ten minutes so I might go there and right now it's 31 organ state is not the favorite to win this tournament according to both Bada. The favorite is global. And I don't agree with darted off camera arrived with might be easier to the wheels fall off no Luke Heimlich I can separate the two. Gimme the beavers three to one odds. I'm actually some quite on this 31 or disabling and all darn thing that there are 54 and four only got one thing left to you that's to go up in the old damn thing yes no that's all they have left to prove and I think at this point people are kind of expecting it the way you play that with with the pitching staffs and hitting the way that's been going. I think people are just expected at this point it got to Oman they did relatively easy fashion. And against. Two really good programs. Says you've been a real super regional so I'd give me. Organ C 31 odds there OK I like that the other women go to right now is with the US open I'm only make two picks this week okay. The US open where you have Rickie Fowler sitting at the lead. You've got capped you've got. Sure awfully. You've got some Bill Haas sinner. Emma go with a dark course and Turkey get elected. Guinea Rickie Fowler to go end to end a he's gonna get his first major champion wire to wire champ for Rickie Fowler yes years. Aren't they don't clarity and a B Griffin takes a Lagos Brady just blew the World Series for us how much. 0321 on Doris Day beavers I like it and you take it Rickie Fowler. To bring home the US pay opened let me just say this in defense smile only defense to that tax 'cause he'd be brings a valid point. I did tell you about a month out. To buy your Omaha tickets today not you did he said by Euro Monta inside your own my tickets they're going to Omaha. And you're not gonna wanna buy those last second. Home punch the ticket. So I'm a hope that my luck is turning a different way for the Oregon State Beavers spray Alain brats you my ultimate tax relief like Eric's IRS troubles Sprague who puts you in real financial hot water. It's pregnant lime rock Dubai Smith's more tree you shoot yourself during a segment will bury you. As cold and misses at this eskimo pun intended there it is cold it's cold NASA's residences mean and okay that's a pretty you have to read out one. Come on which William and read. There there is a few inappropriately you stick images of there's a handful of inappropriately I mean you can color out the last word you could summon up. As the league it's pretty funny spray line is sponsored by power buttons Bob how are bottoms. Exacts a big game about his takes three descend. Arrigo somebody else is that he can gamble on. Thousands of people unease sports that are can betting on counterstrike every day. If you're looking something for somebody counterstrike couch right area I had a body that was bet non rugby. Yeah that's I mean we begin to those links that I really have to. Just tell you again to degenerate and I say your question if you have a problem that's when the bus ads that I seen all over the city make a lot of sense. It's I had a friend during conference tournament time he had money on my glider vs Manhattan. Name then and Matt and the Mac conference tournament and Mike what do worried twenties again in Manhattan senior night. A so glad you need to have a talk with a channel lately you know it's Manhattan's SeniorNet is a gathering place and inspired ball. I took them to cover have you seen the ABC I sense that I'm talking about. No Ivins who knows they have these gambling help line bus ads. And I always seem in Beaverton and it's it's like them is the worst description of what it really looks like is a guy that's losing all his family's money. It's a guy smiling. When his wife right next to him and their happily clicking the mouse to go to the website. And I love to know I think he's just ruined the mortgage payment you're not happy right now. Two more texture before we go way to go bleep you just guarantee the beavers now laying the World Series. Next on while water reached the number one team in baseball going in Omaha impressive. Its line well there is not the favorite so I TV it's impressive. I enjoy that OK let's close out the show with cal state Fullerton taking shots of the pac twelve. We'll give you an update on the US open leaderboard also know. If you're one if you're still at work right now. At 242 on Friday. You part of 68% of these people I'll explain next on offense. It's. 1080. This comes your way into the weekend and every single Friday that sadly due at 246 as a consumer coming up top of the hour. Isaacs not ended up. Isaac Sampson yeah it's gonna be Luke sue and will loops it could well bring value of the sinner and saint show on Saturday. So they Danner boots yes sir I had a million dollar gap out of their mind. So the previewing as shown they're on the same show style a casino three that are going to be on Saturday aren't watching a video clergy at the hands aren't. Where my ear hey cal state Fullerton thrown shaded pac twelve any US open leaderboard update it coming and went second I did that nineties it tell if your still work right now I get to snap YE. To the point of cutting out early for the folks who usually working until 5 or 6 o'clock or so. But I as I thought this rather instincts of the LA times. Road apiece in a diving we treat this with a fan of I'm not mistaken but. According to a new survey. Of fortune 1000 companies. 42%. Of companies. Now officially sanctioned starting the week generally. And letting their employees go home halfway through the day on Friday we shouldn't be working Friday staff wait on us but I have general we like the people actually have jobs. That's up so get this they did this same study in 2015. A mere two years ago. It was only 21%. Accompanies it is double. The amount companies that have they're letting their folks go home early on Friday's has doubled from 21%. To 42%. Brian crop who is in charge of the firm's human resources practice said it's a benefit. It's a no brainer for companies because flexible arrangements have grown. The average office workers just attacks of so called allay many people worry ducked out early on Friday afternoon anyways especially. The for a long holiday weekends making it official gives the company a way to plug their generosity without spending much at. All I love it man I love rewarding people for hard work and no more more research that they do lawn working and how long we should be working in a week and what's healthy. I'm totally down for the give people three days three day weekends and work four days of the week so if you're still aware tread on your part of the 68% of folks do you apparently were true of a buzz kill the company that bullet to go home halfway through the day on Friday began. In you know what sometimes money talks and BS walks zone as lucky loud there I'm sure still the opposite driving around working that looked. Making good money get it to work him. One of the did bid to get to before we toxins forced to close out the show tonight the two talked will be does come out all eyes on me but I don't think I could have thus spring that won the over under deals runner I've I've heard mixed reviews some people like it's some people have a night to Jada Pinkett Smith one Diana a Twitter rant about it because a couple of things I guess weren't factually correct about. Hurry and into punctuation but we did a simple question adapter and sprayed on Twitter who's the better rapper the surprised by this 179 votes. 7% of people said to pock. While as overwhelming I've figured to block will be the winner but 70% gas West Coast though. That's true you do have the West Coast Diane I think it's big you by the way so now I'm I've always been we've always disagreed on that yes take a LeBron or Jordan thing is a writer on cancer noted box always been warm I am more my flavor it's old preference well would you rather listen to what kind of style would you enjoy I don't know I feel about this movie. I had some buddies that wanted to go see it tonight and I backed out some CI is it worst movie theater going. I don't know the guy looks an awful lot like him they had not quite a DC by the way that he was in Willie stagger its first incident impose these ducks fan. Yeah how about that yeah I saw the US and he Willie Taggart puts the phone that recorded he says go ducks allies on meego doctors companies delegate to talk organ Jersey years on an organ just got a bunch. I got right Willie Taggart are you gonna go see in Dieter snell I would not seeded heaters. I will not I will see it when it comes out those same thing is a big movie I didn't wanna see it teeters though when it came out. I watch Saddam will be Sox ya some hoping that as long as this is better than a biggie movie uncle adapt a spoiler alert how it ends. Yeah two parked and by the way I had totally had my math wrong. Is that 68% of people 58% of people. Just proves why we're idiots. Lou YEC week it's on its drew the map though there's recently we knew were on this your names on the show too buddy. That does happen quite often when you say something crises something. We get lumped in with that opinion etc. it is amazing to me how that works that's out works any organ stade opens the college World Series this weekend they're taking on cal state Fullerton. Cal state Fullerton coach rich Rick Zander hook them said there's somebody asked about a wise came up but somebody asked him about playing in the pac twelve like coaching at a team that's in the pac twelve. It is quote. He said you actually have to go to Pullman Washington. Wouldn't wish that on anyone. Concert sort of throws chained hand why he's never been in the blues Astros who shape the pollution beautiful in the summertime yet it is now. Lol yep I've heard great things about Coleman. Ever Romans one of the more underrated cities to help out other recent raid alarm from snow and I've I've got other people that are not cougars that have told me they they went for game and they locked out really impressed. So unless you're going for football. Omens I yet I can't speak basketball on them that. Self regulate throws or Shea minority state does does start tomorrow I will have an eye glued to that man I love the college World Series when there's a local. Interest involved like organs they've been in there you never forget the president two times since they got back from the 0607. That they've been there. You don't want us when I say to idea I was at a price they've been to Omaha but you never forget the 0607 years. As best he owes sixes so special because it was a national championship the first one. The 071 almost stands out more from me. Because of the surprise factor in where I can remember where I was watching that in. You know I had my. One of my guys I grew up with a Parker as any coombs who ended up being the 42 pick by the mats he was pitching for home. Saddle local tie in the university tie in and in watching a team go back to back. From our region that that was just so bad ass Yasser they starts against cal state Fullerton Selig you would talk more about that obviously next weekend. They got that did the look Heimlich situation is at least has settled itself for now he's not going to be pitching and Almonte. Also about won't be the story of conversational clear on the baseball program as we know Chris and Donna who are Hugh either for them he violated team rules policies out to left fielder he made a pretty big play for them a couple of big plays for them in the super regionals so he's not playing them and rust looked up his player profile he says that it plays in field so I guess is an all around my earnings had had the whole team basically is their all. Switch army and I was sorry that's what makes him so tough to beat doubles tailored to state does this weekend talk as a mention more about that. And actually get a big sports story line is big into David the US open just a quick look at the Al leaderboard Rickie Fowler nine under par. He is a top Brooks captain is at eight under par Paul Casey finished today at seven under par a couple of guys at 60 sol leaderboard Rickie Fowler though. Plain walls so far through round 21 we'll CD can hold on inside DJ in speeds can make the moves don't forget Sergio who's playing really good golf as well. I think it could be a good weekend you know Feller did drop from nine to eighty just teed off on twelve. But I think it's going to be a pretty good weekend for major championship golf. And I'd like to see Rickie Fowler get his first Jason you doubted. And Ricky Fella getting that first major championship would be pretty bad ass the one thing to I'd add before we go off into the weekend. Taxicabs who can make people think a certain way or feels certain way I'm able to separate. Heimlich in the team. And I hope other people out there even if you're not a Deaver alarm but normally in the situation you root for organ state. I kind of hope you can do this at this team has worked their butts off their 54 and four. And I just. I don't know if it's fair to hold the whole team accountable I agree with the wind player and everything that's come out so I agree with you especially coming up at the university didn't know a lot of the back school. Story didn't come up obviously wasn't like they were sleeping and under the rug the whole time. I agree on I've always been that guy even though I went organ or you say baseball they were so successful before. Uneasy or even Hannibal baseball teams sell. What Giambi told authorities say the college World Series and hopefully they are able to get it done such a big good sports weekend. Double bullet did John on that coming up on money that the trust of folks. That's been part of our Friday if you miss it Craig Robinson was in studio comedian the office this is the end Pineapple Express. You name it was rather entertaining for about fifteen to twenty minutes to find that. Stated in the sand outcome of Trinidad after this break. Enact any need to stand as well we will talk to you all Monday at noon happy father's data everybody out there'll be have a great weekend. Number one is next and listening to antennae to the fan.