Dirt & Sprague, Friday 6-16-17 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, June 16th

Comedian Craig Robinson joins the show and things go off the rails, teams are losing $$$ in bowl games, and Crunchtime at the US Open


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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Was cooking utensils are talking about what do you think there's any kind of. If you wanna talk about any kind of say creates fans camped on the table kind fantasy tale me. This is his dirt and Sprague. I rule hasn't called. Mentally unhinged. Promised he wouldn't get men and just this kind of thing. And leader Johnson and Brendan spirited and come out of our plan but I wasn't. Some parts of our. High durden sprayed on an eighty. I must tell you can carry on the golf around. Now let's play. We'll sit there and I welcome and second hour during this break here on hand he I mean the fans. If you missed any of our wind you can check it out less Schwab tires podcast and eighty and dot com we got a lot to get to. Here in our number two but we're pretty excited we got a guest in studio which Craig Robinson he's gimme a helium comedy. A tonight and remember we did not at. I just don't even know. What to introduce you with because you've been in so many great projects men and it is losing teachers agree to just letting it and a. Hey eat peaches and cream. It is in cream. Peaches and cream. And. You got there we go Greg gonna be a musical performance out of Nashville. Well. I said man hey how ya know I think we're good grand. Mastic yeah he's on on you know I got to start with a right. The office is the most recognize that at all. Markets are the holiest site on the husband says this but other artists. And you know hot tub time machine is close and and but the offices as it's I think it's too pretty the office where. I would say Pineapple Express too is a pretty good yeah beats dean in organ Pineapple Express has definitely is certain sentiment we appreciate. And Ricky hazel under invoices credit from all areas crazy Joseph minded you know you. Almost messed him up there is Sports Radio result I didn't know you were you on the Mike and Joseph Maher baton out and on the window blue dog a day tell me I'm number one with the middle finger during my updates all the time so it's all right. Do me favor draw yes so that's not right for. A yes yes trying to express where it would Dorgan I guess it's pretty big time here. I have heard don't like it but you know what interest in the tightly enough. Australia Eden. Winter in December to five places. Hum including Adelaide Brisbane Melbourne hurts and most unknown Sunni and everybody. Don't notice me from Brooklyn and there are some really nice zone in times yeah Burleigh look blew my mind. Ballou Lamotte Brooklyn that nine's big in Australia Brooklyn man man blew my mind we have people texting and it'd eastbound and down for them to mind blown. A Brooklyn he's gonna down yes he's on downs pretty good I'm getting Osama outtakes of these values that it is a if it didn't expect a loss at the that they mend saying that then we'll fairly. Commerce. You also have a new show coming out this fall right on fox a disarmed by trailer for UC dosage right when Adam Scott now. Oh no concern as an Anderson. No kidding yeah I'm Scott Goldstein. Is that you would gaga had a the trailer flies I scenario god. Yeah it is yeah. There's yes Gholston off fox sweet spot it's. After the Simpsons before a Family Guy personally so yes and he may starting October 1 witnessed Adam Scott. Eyes is this finding is as you know is silly is is is but just like it's a nice you know. Series is like gets them to do with the paranormal owns this is a mix of things going up it was very cool way to pilot came out. There and I'm excited about it. Well what's what do you do lawyer in Harlem we always like test comedians that I was sure it was her go to las outside a night because I know everybody likes going in ninety when they're here is there anything that's on the docket of things you gotta seafood you gotta eat and in my path. I actually. I've referred to as the story of pro links but from. Listen crowing sound like he's gonna vs pro wings or are you kidding me enough and you're gonna draw. Winning album although I am O over my head out yeah big joke you know when they're little I don't know how they really know what are your feelings are let's start over OK now I. I think it does a pro leagues is now always like good sobered seeing Jim's shoes like okay Gibson came up on the from from. Taylor grocery store something you know. Bum. So you don't like throwing store and you guys citrix and you're on an arm. Yeah. Not had the retort so using your regular stores like a ticket was and I happen. You have to do is a reaction would you be don't haunt you hit it yeah I liked it sound like to go make the starlet to go to the growing storm. Does that hasn't red wings have yeah. Anyway I Alice colleagues now. It's about last night in that went to. Can we did show have done you some time great great you know you is the first shelters in Mac sold out younger people came out they were playing have a fun it was Alston. Left there are only too well we go to our. The drizzly you'd be good ultimately went to the governor of flip had a beautiful time yes funny smell the basement if you look at Martinez of looking at it and then you have to look Portland yeah Mosul weird yeah AA in the end win over some good slip when it's true we'll go to. The double diamond blue diamond no cannot I was and houses don't want only the band's a good full was really good Amanda. The blue dog was even hear him play a (%expletive) cameras so yeah that was our some. Wisconsin and their friends just friends and in. And then we're gonna go to what we're. And Harry dirt dirty mind. Like you're going to lead to dirty and we're we're we're we're we were invited every Daniels like you know this is to some easily we will what will go and tie. Initially the port as far as good support the city grill with the clothes on my cantata the Packers. It's that is so there we went and got a full awful you know. From our London. Food truck. You know. This sizes as. Lot of these candidates is not helping remember the name of said who drives everybody does village don't. I know remove over the next okay but these guys who are some of him he was his very efficient else we got Greg Robinson and an awful was delicious he's got shows in helium comedy dealing Obama mean dot com is where you can find tickets go check him out colossal man best that we got almost Paulson so appreciate it would be a pretty bad a superhero. Is currently have now from law falls saving people's lives making it better yeah and doing all wow. This is assuming as a burger blue whalers calories so you you're pretty big into music is you did your intro singing peaches and cream. You used to teach though right how did you get your intro into acting and comedy but what was your start into that. A one to beat box competition. And I scoot and beginning college to be taken off so there. I started taking this seriously in the air. I went to this contests and I didn't. At those be boxed contests. There was. They have to open Mike first. And so. An and going on over Mike and I do my beat UN would be box yeah yeah I mean I think that is what along with. Yeah it's. It's. It's. To get leaked. It's wide deliver wanna be broadcast and it's just. Com I wanted instant. I want premium it was like OK no I cannot be Bosnia get the horn against Alonso did anyone hear anybody's gonna. It's soon get even admitted that these acts. Laura. Double blood. But. That wasn't asking you to come wood and nine ball. I. Greg route out of the hospital wards here at a we go bad movie three and enjoy when doing Asia use more spam. Yes yes I was. I would have we have to fired Joseph and as far as that's cool is this a creepy vibe in there OK okay yeah. I don't know if they hear me yelling anything here you thought hey Joseph it's gone. Aren't in it they don't sorry Joseph Georgia in no don't do that well we do that. Is this interview is gone viral with some something down down down there. We're doing good I do is is voicing. Well if your celery yes but if you're. Grids they're somewhere they're goes to detect it depends on the the food day you're voicing yes exactly because together. For grits I had to like I did you know I could come agree I did like cute and too. Agreed he agreed for a few days it's not easy Finn and a box you know sand the Preston had over seventy inch TV game now box hidden right now India and be a great. To someone it's not easy to do you know. How delicious critz are. Have you any idea I do I was just at New Orleans last week Jim Nolan is call will reveal an optimist our favorite actors and bashing party their YouTube. You'll want to be the best part is your best dog was that a buddy of mine I'm in the wedding policy and it's hard at some parties the last three weeks Tahoe in Norman's. Best of parties you know it's a thing bestseller parties. When women that's one thing to unfairness of marriage is what we have way more fun at their best bass rep party. Don't we could have but I bashed by Tuesday they bring it right people you know neglect at the income you know they bring gives him his hats and cups and straws you know. The rest of parties always some bull somebody. Wore shorts and a whole group can get mr. Pope was always something and then why don't I think you'd you'd checked out pictures on his phone. I think that we we had in mind and we had a good time we are also some pitches you can just keep it boring out who do you go to penthouse Nellie and pentagon are gonna called that name out in one of the pictures he has facilities after we get off involves his body with a dollar bill between his butt cheeks and a stripper grabbing it with a mouse. So they they Dave did some things here or has your phone throw him all of us that either the composure Mars dirt and so I'll show you some of the action on the commercial break. It was fun though you elect New Orleans and some of the phones direct get a closer idea yeah I loved problem isn't a place like. The few movies there we we had a friend or union there and I I had just outcome from like doing ethics rules Obama Tubbs. And and the and in every year Italian and like who wants to also mention and people like you know using rays ahead whether this particular reason a season. They say it went on to a New Orleans physicals were different your. And als like I'll do it and a thousand to some push back but it was like OK Craig you've got it you go forth like a lot. The net charge and out. Threw a bomb found union 150 people can't tell the guys that don't urban street every night urge you get off suburban we did we would want to know don't we don't Mercer it's a lot to handle it when a Frenchman and an encouragement and came up through Berman. But yeah it was. It's I'll bullet how many hurricanes and and those hand grenade drinks mortgages it goes down quiz so much fun Americans is how many people were there was seventy almighty god unseen in one house. And I got every via some are being be like three blocks off suburban street my guide them how much fun was huge it was it was so I bet you drank from it was yeah this decision complaints and offer until it was I was at all he got back Sunday it's Friday he's still slow play did still take themselves guerrillas knows that I don't like discuss slow it does particularly. Those listeners and the data databases Billy's right now I can blade and undo this is camera right now. Now where the ugly show on the station were the only radio show that doesn't get to be on TV Jess and they're like. That's a bit just watches us all day staring match a year on the cameras and yeah our manager Jeff because you want to say what he definitely gives off of it's we Craig Robinson in studio he's going to be helium comedy real quick fours Craig what's what can people expect from Craig Robinson what we know you in the project due on TV and in movies vs what you do and stand up. See. Let me see can you. Expect is Gabi music that I know there's music. Whose music. Concerns. It's tenable kicking like three minutes ago and the school in Portland got a good ones to him. Yeah yeah yeah. Businesses. Take tests that it is. Pay your relatives who get. Do TO horn queued up to do harm to the lord like the elevated him into. Here's here's here's a joke you can expect the Coca. Why. Did the man. Get fired. From the orange juice factory. I don't know why Craig. He couldn't concentrate. I. And that's my eggs and nine people. Greg Robb is he's immediately and comedy club go check him out. He's got a few I don't know let's joke with some of late has tickets available young comedy dot com over Andy is on Twitter at mr. Craig Robinson Craig dates are jumping and it's man I Mount Pleasant thank you for having me thank you Portland. Oh. You don't know if you're going to do did you go home and if you just say they're like Google probe a goal pulled forgo Portland none odd isn't just cannot. Brave my FICO. All right now. Flow of the buzz is that one there I'm sorry. Well we appreciate the ever Greg Robinson view him as Texas go. Check it out mr. Craig Robinson blog Twitter will be back with more on 1082 for tomorrow. This is durden spurred him on 1080 the Australian. But it was fun. I see any comedian back vineyard been awhile for our show because what happens is helium and they're so great but helium. They take the comedians and aid to go on a couple media hits. And one of the big shows in our market in terms of bringing on comedians is AM northwest the out them and it's a morning show. And we have a morning radio show now so what you Leon's been doing lately is have been reaching out to Crawford and you've probably noticed Justine Kim had a lot of comedians on. It's on this one I'd seen that he was really pounder like a month out. And I text robbery that don't you even dare tell he's still aren't stay away we won I'm on the show so helium was great working with us to get him on the show today and you listed. Talking to Craig Robinson the office pots of time machine Pineapple Express karaoke. Karaoke showdown. I got a new show come on fox in October called coasted with Adam Scott. And he's got shows that helium he was he joined us rough fifteen minutes and catch it at ten EB the fan dot com. It's always entertained to have those guys in case you wonder like how tired of doing interviews like this they get because I could see that being a grind you go into the city new got to do I mean how many easy to deal I think he'd be said he did a morning. And if you tore from where the first of like four different stops formed this afternoon it's like just the same thing can over and over again yeah legacy that has been a grind and just wanting to to screw around and have fun and not really care well and you know to the other part I was I was thinking about was. Just. Just like. The love it's thing I think they you're right those guys have to do so many. I think it's Kevin Love is when I got John Lovett did it got him at the end of a bad day I won I think I got him at the beginning of the hi hello and so I. And. Because I think he'd started out right you start early in those interviews and you go around. And eventually was some of these people not all negative few hours off its Portland. Take in partake in what we partake in in this state it is legal. And I think that's what it happens just eat it is kicked in at the wrong time for elevenths did you buy that he was doing animals. Mr. Craig Robinson yeah that's a it's it gets. Absolutely we come to a city like Portland it's kind of like those what are they about oh new venables he liked him some Joseph Fisher to the funniest part about that was heated realised the Joseph was doing the update at the top of the hour there. And so we turnaround is Joseph rademan a glass of water any turner eat drink is water too quick on credible. Turned around and as Joseph is doing is up ladies there's economical I was like. UCLA Joseph treasured shows like all right like trying to acknowledge Jim malls and well done Joseph you didn't get big Dick you didn't get derailed under update yeah. I did chuckle because the second time that he looks back he was like never mind don't media water sorry I didn't do it I didn't get donated that's and I lost is pretty but it and he also was trying to fire Joseph end Jeff thrust of Comcast force a week has really bothered them. Now when he was an because he got here right at beginning of our Richard Sherman segment I didn't introduce Jeff. Right away. We used used know what I'm supposed Toobin Jeff was just sit next hook crack. I didn't want him to introduce all yet was working on his mind and is out and Craig goes who's the creepy guy in the corner there. Elena played out that's that's Justin and Jan explained Dennis title and everything and then they got hold at Ben channel check. Who's than Ollie Saunders yet they saw on digest CDS we conversation changed immediately yeah waited act goes you just how odd she was basically yes she's she's like in pretty good and I wondered if there any hot -- access in this building and. Where not remotely close to holly Saunders and outsiders and I say that with all due respect a lot of gorgeous women we have in our building I do enjoy it's always funny because when those kind of comedians come into the building you Lego star to see pictures pop up and tired I saw three pictures on FaceBook before we even happened isn't studio I think he's on the here to be on our show may be another show I may be one of the inland just I don't know birdies on three pictures so and then it's always the go to like you have to get a picture with the comedian afterwards and that might be the most awkward comedian picture we've ever taken before -- I disagree are a 100% what comedian -- we have this person that. Tom Green. Well let's kiss yes about you bury more that's kind of audio you said most awkward that's not the most awkward the Tom Green one was for I to stand next to Tom Green you guys went just suggested my head's in the back on the collect them and a murder somebody you do get a creepy in the back between Adam and it was agreed to pictures you're gonna go creepy on that when he said he wanted to go is that we got into his series one end and we finally associated you could see an actor and Sprague we will re tweeted out today as they ended trials that he'd he stuck his chest down I got right against me dollar gonna play this game and I Avery got. Durden no house to city and so we put his head in between the as a race I don't know perfectly though eh did you appreciate that I will give on this too. If you're a comedian our guy like Craig Robinson who so well known. And you wanted to do an interview and Portland radio station. And the first thing you see is Jeff thrust the back of his head with a rich city had. Headphones on and about a billion different angles from cameras and get these little creepy you're thinking to include who's this guy spying on he's like running the IE here for the government or something what's gone on with that Karen what is he doing in this corner and I love Jeff trust is great guy. Rate guy we love Jeff trust but I can't blame comedians or anybody else that doesn't interviews they watch in a NASA first person they see going. Let's that story and hear an entourage still there's three of them. Well one of them was a helium guy Al can't I don't know of I've shook one of the hands I didn't even see the third person Obama. I don't know if that was a guy with him with helium by two roles and wolfpack. Yeah now he was seen is funded doctor I've always been a big fan of his he's got great work and he's most known if you miss it for the office yep that's what he said the office which is understandable. The office the level of that TV show prominent characterize that he sees that a veteran a television yeah so if you miss that 1080 the fan. Dot com all right coming up next. There's a problem that's plagued college football for years. With universities. And it's done it once again with another program. And there's no way to fix it. So we'll tell you what it is and next the first Joseph with a sports update. Six. This is durden spray gun. Gone ten maybe okay. They look back at 134 of Friday's are going well. Try keep this thing on the rails as long as again. Ninety derailed by Craig Robinson the most brake line coming up at 230. Ten minutes from now let's have a little US open man got a chance for but the big weekend and Erin hills. Now my boys out but yeah I still think is going to be every week it's got a chance for some some pretty big headlines coming out of Lee Campbell explained more tell you what's going on day two. At the US open Jordan speeds up to a good start to be looked. At the official leaderboard coming up the final hour the list of teams that Chris Paul's gonna visit is officially out one home. One of them doesn't make any sense. I think it does but it also frustrates me it is out of nowhere because that team getting invisible crisp fall and it's only one of thirteen says fourteen that's a four teams that we why. So looks when that final hour and I guess I mentioned Sprague line coming up. Up at 230 I saw this story to yesterday was one of those things are just kind of filed away to get to today because you were so packed yesterday. This may be chuckle not a huge surprise by this but. I I do wonder I think the question of the signal will be at what point do we get to. A boiling point and NN up and situation which we need to find a solutions let me tell you what happened the Indiana Hoosiers. Yes those Indiana Hoosiers they made a bowl game this past season they played in a bowl game in Santa Clara they played Utah. This back in December. They were out of reach they received a payout for the bowl game of just north of 2.2 million dollars that's with a gap. But they racked up 2.5 million dollars in expenses. They had to fly out way out they sold less than 10% of their allotted tickets they were given 7000. Tickets to sell out of the game. They sold 672. Little bomb that's a lot of empty seats in that stadium. And so this apparently is the second straight year now that the Big Ten has had to step in and help Indiana cover the cost the unsold bowl game tickets. More than 4000 of the seven to 500 tickets allowed. Two to two dozen to eighteen you are miserable for unsold and they absorb 950 of those at a cost about 84000. Dollars. The conference paid 345000. Dollars. To cover the costs of those. So they've done is back to back years and they've now cover the last two seasons over 407000. Dollars. Whereas of unsold tickets because Indiana could not get their fans to travel to Santa Clara. To watch a ballgame again not not new news I mean this is kind of well known that some teams struggled to him to make ends meet when they make bowl games. It's just itching to media conferences would still wanna go into this because I don't know what you're gaining by it. Will he yeah all getting to gaining by made you look at it from a football perspective and durable team. And coaches bonuses rely on that by the way hey I was six and six I was seven and five only to. Yeah I idiotic garbage fall I get my 250000 dollar kicker bonus right. That's that's the impact they think it involves recruiting and it involves coaches bonuses schools however and conferences. This is not unique I don't want people to read this story to this came out a couple days ago and you know I didn't bring it up because in my mind I was like 00 what's the story here this has been happening. For years and by the way it's not teams that are lights Indiana. It's bigger programs to now Connecticut when they went the Fiesta Bowl. A few years ago I know they're on the lines of Indiana they lost one point eight million pages a much larger scale and audio much larger scope nobody wanted to go watch kinetic to get their ass kicked in the Fiesta Bowl everybody knew they were going to lose that game. You're not gonna find Connecticut football since flying out to Phoenix to watch it live alone having our enough time finding connected football fan in general. The other part is there's no fix to this and give you another example let's go to a bigger program how about Alabama. Because Alabama's considered probably the most rabid if not amongst the most rabid. They lost a combined three point 76 million in the 2010 and 2012 BCS national title games. Auburn lost almost 600 in 151000. Dollars on its title game appearance in 2011 against team as Winston. This is not unique to Indiana the best programs in college football can't sell these tickets and quite frankly. There's no fix for. A. I guess my question would be. It makes sense on a larger scale at a BCS he might obviously it's worth it for going to the BCS game. But if you're gonna play in the bowl game Indiana played in last here's some of these six and six games. That to me is that is is where the EU would reach a boiling point of at what point dear dear retract some of these all or find a solution to try and get more fans in the seats like. A little bit in May be playing more moment a city like Las Vegas or put them more in and did travel destinations instead of random cities all over the country like. The bowl game in December and Boise Idaho Maine nobody's gonna wanna go to Boise Idaho. In the middle of December this almost in Santa Clara but there's no real naive craziness is just as good destination spot that's not bad it's not bad but. It's not the same point as some other destination cities maybe people wanting to go to Miami or Florida or get out of some of the cold weather in the midwest and and fly south does that to me is the only solution you confined in. It up and may be nothing ever changes. Ecevit's exe keep these teams close to home I do think that's a good idea you should try and put them as close to home as you possibly can for these bowl games to make it more. Appeasing to the fans traveled to buy what he'd figured you can't do that because you have to 101 conference for using other it Giuliani maybe freeing up some of the lower level bowl games that you don't need a Big Ten vs a packed told the Santa Clara whatever ball whatever the hell it is these days. Edges it its its dress in a media conferences will continuously be willing to have to foot the bill for these because as you mentioned this is it and they knew what happens at the higher level programs low level programs if you're losing money. Going to a BCS national title gamer or a college football national title game. It would look past that because what you're gaining it is far more than these small amount that you're gonna lose just in the travel expenses and all that stuff to go to one of those cities. But if it wouldn't be the case for me from the Big Ten I got to look at Indiana and say we paid over 400000 dollars freed last two years this is isn't simply worth but with you. OK to take the Big Ten and I don't know if we'll get to this today may we hold the story over for Monday. A report just came out on Michigan and Ohio State and ten other teams and how much they're gonna get from Big Ten contract revenues from TV. It's 51 million dollars each school. If you're pulling some of that money together is a conference is 400000 really that much. It's not it's an inconvenience idea I don't know if it's really that is bad as we think it is to again. If if Alabama can't sell all their national title tickets. Or they end up losing a combined three point 76 million Alabama but you also to look with Alabama how much money they generate is a football program for the whole year rule yet no doubt about it bite you start to count that Indiana's in the Big Ten. TV dollars so even if they're not selling their ticket allotment or their losing. A 100000 dollars to a thousand dollars that's almost peanuts compared to what they're bringing back just from the TV dollars and if you see yes. Whether using destination or bowl games is the difference that's it did you know that's a different topic great UCF when they went today Fiesta Bowl number back here. With who was a quarterback was at them as a portals. Claiborne yeah what does this quarterback rosier when they went to the Fiesta Bowl they had to return 101000. Of their 171500. Ticket allotment 101008 only he's sold 7000 album. So to me it's not about destination. It's not about importance of ball games this is just a problem the all happened in December when people are busy with Christmas and holidays or they happened just after the new year. When people are still getting over the fact that he's been a bunch of money on the holidays it's an inconvenience. Some of the most of these ball games don't matter fer a large portion of the fan base and a matter at all and so that's why I don't think destination won't change it that's why I don't think bowl importance will change it. You're gonna have your diehards that will always go. In your gonna have a huge chunk that says no I'm not fine and I can watch the game and convenience of my couch and not have to pay. 234000. Dollars to go do that. Indiana was given 7000 tickets itself for their bowl game missiles 672. Album. That's what the the Big Ten of the pretty expensive bill last year's event to cover costs of over 407000. Dollars worth of unsold tickets. Two Indiana bowl games to go all the way to Santa Clara watch. A game that how many people wanted to go to did you see and I think Indiana is along the same lines is Indiana's obviously not a football school did you see Maryland spring game. I don't know if you saw this there was a picture taken Maryland at a spring game and granted it was raining. Given that there's a picture though their their playing in their stadium. There was like ten people that showed up. Tent in the hole they show the whole stadium. And there was a group of ten people in one little cluster that went to watch the spring game. Some of these schools no matter what they do. Are just never going to be able to generate the kind of backing that the powerhouses and blue bloods of college football. Will be able to and again one more time even the blue blood struggle with these ticket allotments merry go Indiana Kansas City available games folks only 672 of the 7000 a day two of the US open from Erin hills is in progress and big may have blown up today announced Rickie Fowler holding onto his lead crunch time next on 1080 the fan. Pressure's on now you ask what's the difference in the past there's just executing crunch time he was prelim heat and wind its greatest villain in the news that's the lowest I won't be its current stuff. 995 per. Why would you ever pay more for a gym membership at crunch time Reggie bank French tennis always 995 months so why would you ever pay more free gym membership. It's not out of the glorious us gains yesterday. What is it as there was silence are you just out there on Monday Wednesday Mondays Wednesdays ma'am. And on but I'm not best of party season I'll get down to times I'm around the I've only been up for a living at this time now at this time hey Chris Paul news coming up top of the hour what team to seek to sit down with in free agency one might surprise you don't forget sprayed line. Coming up at two term limited state to the US open end and and they were always asking and hoping for big names on the leaderboard all give you two names that are not gonna be on the leaderboard over the weekend. And that is. Rory McIlroy. And Jason Day. Jason guy he's gone they did not have a good afternoon or good morning I should say got off to rough starts it did not end well I think guy Jason Day mister par putt to finish a plus nine on eighteen and he finished ten over par and same thing before. I'm Rory McIlroy both of them struggled but let me give you the good news is that the bad news. The good news. Is that Rickie Fowler's holding on so far I think there's always a wonder of how does him. How does it can handle a situation like this he's on he's won a big tournament when the players championship a couple of years ago. But he come out he shoots 65 in the opening round and I saw there was a graphic they put up earlier than the other two guys that shot a 65 bogey free round opening US open. Rory McIlroy when he won by eight a number years ago and Tiger Woods back in 2000 did it he won by fifteen strokes that you're right that did. Sweet spot is dominance so he's had some real meat company he tees off on the first hole hits it in this rescue saves at par. On number one birdies number two and he's still sits at eight under par six holes and it was day and and that's a great sign for golf because Rickie Fowler. It is has a chance to be one of those people that can roll some casual golf fans in on a Sunday well I I. I don't think there's any doubt about that and then just add to it you mentioned speed having a good day himself he's kind of creeping up a little bit leaderboard. Looks like he's on his way to making the cut a okay is that one under right now he's got a Birdie Putt. On his fifth hole. And Dustin Johnson's two under on the day yet doesn't just started around a little bit is open and it looks like it DJ can make the cut he gets beat making the cut in and you add the fact that Fowler is soul on fire. And a few other guys in between. I got I'm excited for the weekend on this one I know Jason day's a guy that I jokingly root against you is against Jordan's feet. He was terrible. A plus ten on the day add that with what Roy Mack Roy was doing it guys just have tournaments like that sometimes I remember chambers bay two years ago speaking up Rickie Fowler in Rickie Fowler bleed of dignity I missed the cut it'd be just was awful for the first two rounds and in stages didn't say a chance for the we saw them what does that say about remember coroner that's the second straight missed US open cut. When you are the masters. I brightest that this morning that he is notice that he's missed the cut in four majors and so many times I'm trying to I'm feverishly looking for the stat for you got I. I think it at US opens in an open championships it's too easy to read in the miss cuts and blow up rounds like you'd have to go Lyndon digest exactly where those crooked numbers came from. Because we've seen a couple of times yesterday and today all it takes is hitting one ball on this rescue in next thing you know your drop and nines 99 murder on a par five minutes that's plus four right their one hole like hmm I think you know sometimes on other courses elect all right that was a systematic failure where you were just basically shooting a bogey golf all afternoon. But on these kind of situations and in courses like this and others a lot of low numbers but if you don't hit it straight you're gonna put up a crooked number that ends your tournament like that you don't sing and chant. Yeah that that is the part that does socked in and out. Like have been Paul Casey edit the authority to halt lays out today shouted 7171 today is seven under right now is as capped and Fowler at nine under by Tom. But it's Father's Day weekend I think all we want Wright is is to have some story line leading into a major of a golf tournament. It was Rickie Fowler there and playing how he's playing you at a couple other big names that's our eating that's all you can ask for at least for me is a casual golf fan. Yes of for the other folks out there wondering some of the big names near the leaderboard. Ernie Els still sits at three under sorties within striking distance Zach Johnson a major champion. I was at three under you got Sergio Garcia fresh appeals of his masters when I did call his impending doom I said after he won the masters he would mail it in for the rest a year. He said at three under played well yesterday. I found the stack of it would get so his first 49ers are shoring Mac core is first 29 majors he only missed four cuts in this first point nine. The last five majors he's missed the last three cuts raising it last night yet three of the last five there any singer would tell you it's because he's too buff. West Paul Azinger he'd be likes argue about is his body build. As the reason against Rory yapping at TD I think it's a health argument he says that when he was skinny he didn't get hurt now he's all buff he's always getting hurt you can't compete all guy Chad and that's where he's gone locate Roy's had. He's had his struggles for awhile now and when you missed three of the last five major tournaments. And your not as close. It does leave some to wonder what's going on a little bit that is days also he had shot a 154. His worst 36 hole score in a major in his career. Yet he was I mean when you shoot a plus ten to tightly held view is that there are said they'll be as first missed cut at a major since 2012 PGA championship has been pretty consists. Connecticut Dave man paddy read though at four under Brandt Snedeker and him a lot of people know at four under Bill Haas is at four under hers Mick Kirk. Mean Kurds really Mcguirk is peace he's at he's at three under par being shot a 71 today so he's he's tied for it you know right there. You know what 56 strokes back. And tied with Sergio threat yet Charley Hoffman's at five under par JB Holmes of five under par so there's some names out there but I will say. I you you know I always root for Jordan speed that I'd and in some people don't like him I've always been a Jordan speed fan. This week I'm gonna change my allegiance I want Rickie Fowler to all of us Allentown and I want his beef gets up there though that to me that would be great as he got two young guns that are in the amid just entering the prime they're golfing career is facing each other on a Sunday I think that that's what we've been asking for. Of the young guys outside of what was the PGA championship two years ago that was speed today that we're trying to neck and neck and in Jason Day ended up edging him towards the end so. If you somehow get a chance Ritz Fowler speeds in the final round and that will be great but. Rickie Fowler Rickie Fowler ropes and young golf fans he wrote in casual golf fans using Fowler has that I only know me and I really do I think when you go around and looted in US young golf fans and America. He's recognizable because he wears a flat bill hat he wears flamboyant colors got an orange driver like he just. Those kind of things that that stick out to kids anything you can do to broaden the base of golf fan I'm all for I think Rickie Fowler does that more than save Brooks kept. Does it Gloria. Paul Casey or Tommy Fleetwood or see who killed in hos a bill high. See them and according to 538. He is the basically third in line bass player too and I never Winamp major they have Lee Westwood Steve Stricker and Nanette. Rickie Fowler third bass player not to win a major so is at the website that told us trump one B president trying to 30% chance again exact final is exactly what that is where I'll talk politics here talking sport that's when they said trump a day gates of LeBron he's we have like a 30% chance. Two weeks for the season ended to get to the finals. Boston had a higher percentage will oops I just numbers meant you know numbers lies if I'm known as yes as Joshua cuts when said. The nerds have won Damon in those two instances in fact they were really wrong standards. Have won today goat look into the US so the leaderboard dates he loved watching it on Father's Day weekend Rickie Fowler one shot off Brooks kept because your current leader. And nine under par pretty saw a leaderboard hopefully it sticks and we'll give you Moammar update Joseph heaven every half hour but we'll take a glance at that quickly. On the final segment of the show you're coming up in an hour just to give yet. Give you an idea let's get a look like this weekend should be a lot of fun and if you need another reason or watch how these Saunders is still on TV so you got that going for it got Greg Robinson's attention a DL and then she gets everybody's attention yes she is entirely Saunders I need to be forgiven for forgetting about how he Saunders she is may be number one right now ballots in all of the media that's all frank man. Who I think is the most gorgeous person. The media all of the media are huge pole at a media. Polly Saunders is not sports media all of the meet all of the media's current San right to back French and at least 990 final months so why would you ever pay more free gym membership to find out more about or spray gonna work out. At crunch dot com lustig into the final hour of the show it's a Friday it will spread the lion coming up at the bottom of the hour so get those fake sponsors ready. Cinnamon of 55 Israel by the cultural series begins tomorrow organ state taking on cal state Fullerton. Also cal state Fullerton throwing some shaded the tax while we needed it's that is and when I quite enjoyed that. As I mention we'll look at the weekend of the US open also Chris Paul. He's announced the teams that he's going to visit a free agency. And somebody need to tell you tell me why one of these teams on that list loaded final article you ordered sprayed on 1080 the fan.