Dirt & Sprague, Friday 6-16-17 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, June 16th

The guys' Amazon prediction comes true, the Pac-12 Perception around the nation, and Richard Sherman won't..... stop..... talking


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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. This is third and spray. It's endangered Johnson and Brendan spray it. I fly ball wide field going back so. Durden spray gun 1080. I need is 1203. In the rose city is time per dirt and spray golf Portland sports leader Tandy eighty the fan. Finally our Friday at the end of the week and I wanna save up now. Three minutes or so we should be getting our gifts via drone from our friends at Amazon predicting their future yet they're taken over the world and I think we deserve. Little bit of credit for that because they came up on the show Wednesday and we settle what Thursday Thursday. That's right it was yesterday it was flags plums story was yesterday I'm still hung over from new world that's identifiable immediately I apologize. Yeah we set all they need to do is lace are buying in grocery store outlets and boom goes the dynamite they bought whole foods for thirteen point seven. You million dollar now this might be a dumb question. As somebody who. I A is every bit on Amazon.com never been Amazon.com. Beaten. Asked us to requests I've also never been a whole foods meet their whole foods is for a thirteen billion dollars. It is if you believe in gluten free. Whole grain organic granola at fifteen dollars per count that's a lot of money for granola but yeah there's a certain spectrum of people that shopping at whole foods I have a buddy that shops at whole foods and exclusively. That says that's all it does add whole foods and I've gotten house house not yet like scale I don't wanna taos and obvious because I did I'm envisioning likes not be organic so he's a really is a really close family friend of the wife and our right they have kids we have kids it's like one of those friendship using columns not started since college. He grew up as whore is me eating government cheese and government housing FK he's got a great gig over at Nikkei. And he decides. To spend most of his food like all of his food money and hopefully tonight though. Is there park is our party that feels somewhat ripped off. With what some of what they're selling. It is like you should feel little ripped off frightening some of that -- he actually go for it but and he maintains no it's the only way to shop and buy groceries and you know what we disagree with down on some level al-Qaeda al-Qaeda but there are people like him for example all over this country that love and so whereby whole foods and they just enough ambler organic stuff like I can't even make it more power to dish out there I'm almost that way too like I've I've made a controversial statement before that I'm not a huge fan a Trader Joe's I don't get you on that point as I mean there I've been Trader Joe's and it's only Trader Joe's products which is fantastic. It's OK but I want more selection right like if I wanna buy organic sounds that are healthy some send. You can go to your run of the mill safe lawyer Fred Meyer Albertson's if you will. Get the same said organic selection of food but you also have the options of non organic non traders say I want like the national brand options outside of Jews trader Joseph I candidate Trader Joe's instant niche for me I did I get if I go to Trader Joe's I can't get all of my grocery shopping done I can only get a small amount therefore amenity to make another stop you know I I've long said that grocery shopping I love doing grocery shopping he had I'm probably in the minority for a lot of listeners out there I find it therapeutic. I quite enjoy seeing with the new food czar I love the cereal aisle even though don't buy any of those cereals have you ever understand that the Hershey store like gone in thinking -- does that make seventy bucks and actually spent less than what you imagined a couple times panels are now at a delivered and it's the worst when you go in Hungary that's when you buy everything. But I've always thought that it's very therapeutic to go to a grocery store area. I kind of miss the days where we had multiple stops to make light. Well all we gotta go to the fruit store. There we gotta swing by Sam the butcher credit try to go to the butcher shop then we got to go to the big the other grocery store like you have two or three stops I kind of miss the boat on those days what happened to bill meant to elect a seven milk delivered to your house yet talk about ten jobs where they sleep relativity wise is that the problem. Matter reloading too many marriages. A model as an empty when I got here right what happened like a kick ass would that be way back in the day December milk delivered to your house again and I cut I I feel like it does that as me all the time you wake up in the morning you trample a deplorable cereal and you know local left I don't drink milk. On a drinking either but I likened serial a UIC line and Alex scrambled eggs and now I want to put a little in the coffee made French toast this morning you gotta have milk to make French toast I don't do the melting as the abdominal delivered to our out on the milk industry I hate to announce that but I am I. I will also saves us from its operative grocery stores I I do have a claim to fame when it comes at Hershey sores that I was once the regional bagging champion. The one. Yeah I eat when I was in high school he's a rookie Q a seat quality food centers we know QC stands for and I've I've won the the leg look like Portland venture area bagging competition we had a bad we had a bagging copyright and realize Dane Cook an employee of the month I wonder how badly OK and I would out of -- to the story on the Arab I had to drive up with my boss I didn't get along with very well we had to drive up to Seattle for like the next round of of bagging tournaments and how many ground cardinals is just like further regional whatever this is a very nerdy thing you're talking and I went out to Seattle this I was struggling a sophomore Chrysler sums and and I'd I've folded under pressure I thought that AM on the line if I would have won in Seattle. It was a trip to Las Vegas for me and my boss which is like the next round of bagging like I'm not getting I would gonna try one yeah. And my boss was like pressuring me the whole way up like don't screw this up what do I wanna go to vague line once it may have any talent here and there. They put all this stuff like out on the little conveyor belt or whatever the hell you call you got a bag it in paper plastic and I hate. I've folded like a cheap debt man my bad broke apart that's unable I could handle the heat this guy as your champion and a you know I I would normally going up bring up the clutch conversation until you that Jordan would never folded under such circumstances. By I'm actually gonna blame your boss on this you've got to be a special kind of jerked it just that's all you talk about on the commute up to Seattle don't screw this up we got Vegas on the look good too much pressure on me I couldn't handle it man has fifteen to get to the regionals don't act male lover has probably unlike Accutane. Does that pose braces like come on man I can't handle this kind of stuff to do in Vegas what would you have done in Vegas at fifty with your romance Voss Sierra might we I want deal era idea I think I dig while one family trip to Vegas when I was in middle school it was not. Better than a post when he won Vegas strip and laid out on that's for sure one more point to. Since we're on the grocery store topic. I I night not all the time but sometimes I will stop in there's a new seasons by my house yeah. And new seasonal foods are kind of the same wave lengths to me is yeah like recent seasons I see I'll stop and news sees the one thing I've noticed about those chains. There's different smelled air. It's like a good speller and a bad smell I don't. Don't know if I've quite a dignified how I feel about the smell it's a it's a more expensive smell got it out probably what it is it's like he organic medicine mixed with fruit and hole no grass fed up he smells a little different than Walken and elect a win column payday oh man. Like stay empty dude that's smells like WD-40. Greece and brand new freaking cheap bags of chips that's what that smells like. But no Amazon bought whole foods for thirteen billion dollars they're gonna own the whole world. Alex it's only a matter of time there are laws that stop them from buying. Other things of commerce right or can they don't really monopolize the world it's open season right now they started as an online bookstore this initiative taken admiral only killed that competition it's true I for sure what do you would have focused in man that's right up we're treating college. It that it did I let's find out what's on tap for the show. I'm not paid to. Ryan does a lot of scoring and as you say oh I gotta go do that this is what son turn out toward my intelligence brewing company. Or that the breach on Denny you. What's on tap this gradually bit by pelican brewing company. I went out of beer yesterday with these why guards out at McNally is tap removing lead pub yesterday mr. and mrs. whack them. Tried that new queen of hearts hailed. Celebre did was pretty good about a 22 for the wife cousin like oh she's gotta try this new. Shout out to the EP one loyal listeners to Korean market really nice you let a couple of Pete wants out of comfy ones bodies and shut up to McNally is a gimme T shirt they're like oh your with a radio station. Christiane with 1080 Fannie you've got to have a shirt and this and I ethics her. He does brake lights pre surge and yum learn a free T shirt right now and get this wearing a crunch fitness free T shirt you'll enjoy this one yeah. Normally people when they ask you ensure you want size wise don't they just go what size are you large X large medium that's easy to go to. The owner of McNabb he's didn't do that. He goes how much do you weigh only went pound for pound and nice I told them on liked as as they you know. Any comes don't want to say amateur way over the air. It is an important. Got to care is to be out of India of 166 right now we'll surprise he just kind of chided him right right over that fact. I feel like you've always said my weight unit dropped like dole would you view. Believing eating a lot of colonel and running long distance I think to be like a buck 46. Another had that would be I'd be deftly kept points. But I told the way any comes back. As I go media media goes nope a large and I go up okay. So there's a gully thing that he determines what site shirt you are maybe it's just like wider in the belly region. I don't know I'm just. But no that was a lot of fun it was to gets by an ever been there. So check out the new queen of hearts beer they got up we'll get in a pac twelve football ought to bring back something from our interview with a Ralph Russo. He's the AP college football writer nationally and she talked about the pac twelve perception. And wanna bring something back that he said that I got stuck out we have time to get to yesterday. We'll get to Richard Sherman he spoke to the media he wants to speak out against Seth wicker shams article. On his attitude about losing the Super Bowl and not getting over eight. He wants the media know how he feels on that topic we'll update you on the US open at 1 o'clock pretty sad for this. Craig Robinson starve hot tub time machine he's also in Pineapple Express the office of voice in the sausage party. And he's got a TV show karaoke showdown which the wife and I watch from time to time. He's going to be helium this weekend tonight. Through the weekend he's gonna be in Studio One o'clock today I'm looking toward them and I'll love Greg Robb a big fan Greg Robinson's work he's been a lot of good stuff big fan of the office is in this as the yen to listen to the end yes indeed saved he sees a buddies from the big demon with a huge. Enola you know lie down gas so Craig Robinson will be in studio out one at. We'll get to some NFL news and notes. What else we got today. Oregon State baseball and Omaha they take on cal state Fullerton stars drama gonna spread the line to have tomorrow at noon we'll Sprague the line and there's a problem in college. Football. That's really affecting universities. And there's no there's no way to fix it and people are just now for some reason really. Complaining about it so we'll tell you what that is that's what's on Tappan it's Procter and AMOCO to brewing company. Boarded the beach online at pelican brewing. Dot com do we have to pull questions today we do have one poll question it might sound a little random but bear with me here this was the brainchild of one Brandon Sprague who is the better rapper. Two talker biggie. It is to box birthday and the release of all eyes on me so that's threes were doing at the movie about him comes out today and easy mention it is his birds they don't go vote actors Brady could also see picture of one Brennan sprayed with a woman. Snap Chad filter and are sprayed on Twitter shocked my five year old four. Pushing need to do that one yesterday did know that would go all over Twitter don't pass the buck I cannot let that slide now come on so go vote actor and spray were on tour at Peter Johnson and add Brandon spray Craig Robinson in studio apt one coming up next. Does the perception. That the pac twelve is a power. Hinged on two teams in the conference. Yeah after spread on 1080 the fan. But the full. This is dirty and spray it on any time soon. Third do you think the perception that the pac twelve. Is a powerhouse conference hinges. On USC and Washington being good. At that. Nationally probably yes that but I also think that it did the most important thing. That they don't have in this new era of the college football playoff. As a national championship. You know I I need your ass in national perception of the ACC would you say Clemson has to be good for perception of the conference probably not. Leaning in the ACC when they say it's been enforce state or state Miami maybe comes to mind first but. What I think props up that conference at least as of late is affected they've had teams in the playoff all three years and that they just had a team win the national title game Andy you look at the first three years the college football playoff. It would Big Ten in Alabama one daddy SEC and in Clemson had the ACC's so right now as the pactel big twelve. On the outside looking in so maybe folks on the West Coast don't buy into that. But when you get when you have traditional programs that are better. I do think you garner more national respect whether it's fair or not continue would you say it was a Smart level school well we had college football writer Ralph Russo for via the AP he was on our show a couple days ago. And he kind of share his feelings on. On the pac twelve being the power with those programs from a national perspective. I think that. Certain programs have sort of national championship level Felix writes that the program. It that when you patent action out you know that they can compete at the highest level. And why can prove that for a while. While outside total. Warrick and in their Q but we knew what you feel has the highest feelings traditionally has the highest healing ahead of any pac twelve programs so I think yet to a certain degree when USC is down that drag the whole pac twelve down just what went texas' down that dread the whole. All drag the whole big twelve down. I have been USC in Washington in power positions right now I think generally helps the pac twelve but it wouldn't necessarily. Throw. Morgan aside origin is the rare programming college football that sort of bill people recent tradition that doesn't really happen that much but I still think. If they're able to get back their fight to regain speed gain that. What respect when they were at their peak under Chip Kelly. Now we'll keep they can rebuild it but I do think you're right to an extent. When Washington and USC are really good. It Meeks the pac twelve book more powerful. So there is Ralph Russo of the AP we really enjoyed talking black college football with him grabbed him back on the closer we get to college football season. You know we when you think of the perception of this conference I was glad that he put organ because organ did have a long enough for Ron. Especially in this era where it was the end of the BC yes it was the beginning of the college football playoff. It was kind of just a perfect run in that regard they went the title game under Mario and in the playoffs and went to the title game in 2010 which of Kelly. In the BCS format. So I think he's right to put them there because college football is so much more popular. Zinni then 2225. Years ago. I think because of the amount of fans and have jumped on board it's some of the highest rated stuff we see in sports absolutely. I think he also threw Stanford I think it's a four team important race just because Stanford's and so on nine. Mean I know they haven't been to a national championship they obvious Zeum into a playoff quite yet. But they've been really close they had a guy like Chris McCaffery he had Andrew Luck and Jim Harbaugh David Shaw's still there because of what they've done. I think a lot of people especially the fans in the SEC country that taxes the Florida's. They pay attention to the pac twelve. They may not give it the respect it deserves but they watch and they follow in Stanford's been one of those two or three programs gearing. This Ryan. That I think has garnered the same kind or second USC's job BC always going to be the biggest. Washington being in this being the hub in Seattle that's always gonna matter. You out or getting what they did I think scampered past we thrown that makes too because again we're timeout one of the bigger sports in the country in terms of being followed. People know who these programs are. Our blood and and I understand why you glassy look at Washington and USC and think they're the ones that have the national title ceiling. You you mentioned the city amid Seattle's is a major hobbled college football the US he plays in LA they have it easier opportunity Agassi would say. Of landing big time recruit so so I guess I understand capitalist in terms of injured just gonna throw out. The teams that have national titles ceilings and in proven that they they can do with free long stretch of time. Stamford absolutely has to be and that makes it any organ does as well a mile to the last seven years organ is gone into national championship games. And stiff but we just forget about Stamford because the boring and because of the style player of the football they play they the you go back to 2010 when Jim Harbaugh won twelve games there. In the only game they lost that year was to organ or human undefeated wins the national title game. Five of the last seven years they've gone to ABC yes or now whatever the hell they call you. They they've won pac twelve and pac ten championships I mean they've been a dominant program for seven years and we all wait for that slipper to fall off they won ten games last year we thought it was gonna fall off in 2015. They won twelve games they have a quarterback last year we call and they play out here and I got ten game and it won ten games the year before they won twelve and they kick the crap out of Iowa in the Rose Bowl M so they had the one year in 2014. Where they were moving on from Andrew Luck he went eight and five. Bit but this is a program that has proven they can do it for long stretches of time I think that the difficult part for the conference moving forward. And I really I really wholeheartedly believe this. I think this is the deepest that we've seen the pac twelve since its inception. In and you got to go back in the pack so he can't attract twelve and you have to go back even the pac ten days to find. A time when the conference was this deep because on this route I mean is look at the north. I tackle north as one of the best divisions in all of football Washington prove their back. Look folks back it Washington State Stanford's gonna win 8910 games every single year I firmly believe organ states on the rise whether or not they make a bowl game this year I'm not sure but there an improving football team. With the great head coach. And end everybody is optimistic about organ under Willie Taggart now so. Maybe cows down this year but I don't expect that to be too long as well because they put together a great staff such a good staff you look at his five of the six teams in the north of the girl viable football teams and then you look at the south Colorado planted its flag there are no longer the doormat. USC is back to being what people believe USC should beat Utah wins 8910 games now every year what Kyle winning hand there are great program. UCLA of frozen stays healthy is a solid team I mean you're look at it 89 teams deep in the pac twelve and that there's really not that one that you would circle outside. Maybe people do it for Arizona and cal. But outside of that is our game that you circle on the schedule and say merry go in and knocked on the third week of October we have a layup and an easy win and and I we've. Encounter one of those two teams like Arizona may be yet in this whole conference and and I know people are gonna make jokes about this program and F I think it really might be just Arizona. And the reason I say it is because I think California. Not that house going to be great under Justin Wilcox in year one. But it it needs to be pointed out and you just sat at the staff that he put together Reagan now Berkeley down. That's a staff work even if you're deficient in talent and you're still looking for the next quarterback because Davis Webb has gone. Gold look at tech coaching staff. It is filled with guys with experience. And know how and we've seen in the NFL and we seen a big college football. You don't necessarily have to have all of the best players but man if you put together relevant staff take the niners let's just use NFL refs as I know it's a little different. Take the niners in year one with Harbaugh the previous year they were seven and nine. They were one of the laughingstock of the league Alex Smith was a bomb. And then Jim Harbaugh comes in Troy Smith is gone he makes Alex Smith the starter. He brings an all those of the victory NGOs the Greg Romans and he brings those guys along with them. M bone overnight from year one are from from the previous year to year one with Harbaugh they would the NFC title game. And again I'm not sitting here telling you towels suddenly gonna win the north or go to a pact while I'm just saying when you have the right coaching staff in football. I think he can make a world of difference and I do believe Justin Wilcox the one thing he Ashley has go on form right now is he has the coaching staff. And I I think you hit it on the conference this might be the deepest we've seen since 2012 point or which when he eleven when it was started. And I don't see it changing any time soon. I really don't I don't see any of these programs taken a nosedive is is on his Colorado can continue to when Utah's proven they can do it consistently USC when they get the structure in place can win. A UCLA and they were down last year lot of injuries Jim Mora has won ten games multiple times for the Bruins a mean. These programs are all in good spots right now and end. But when you when you have the conversation of national perception the only thing they can take the pac told any higher than it is right now is winning a national title. And it's my big theory here in year out it was my fear for Washington last two everybody thought they were gonna go it's well can they make it out unscathed though they lost USC they still made it. Couldn't get over Alabama but I have that same concern this year they just look up and down over. The course of nine conference games and it just it's hard for me to see there are some great teams this year. It's hard for me to see one of those squads going undefeated in conference play not even counting some of the tough nonconference games they have on the sketch. Now we'll get more thoughts on the pac twelve is Ralph Russo AP college football writers says. That the power house the perception that the pac twelve is a power in college football. Hinges on teams like USC. And Washington do you agree with them 55305. Is the Bridgeport appears tax I'm also play a clip. Of what he said about Willie Taggart and organ we'll read some taxing get to that next here's Joseph with a sports update. Yes I heard and sprint. John 1080. Don't forget 1 o'clock Craig Robinson comedian is gonna join us in studio one he's an helium. Tonight and through the weekend. Should tell the story. I would bring up the story asked offense and he goes as our British John love it's inland just love it's part did I still need historian John months or any of you listen attendees into account. All local Obama less front tires podcast there yet that's where it is expected like so they'll be in at 1 o'clock we're talking college football because Ralph Russo was on our show a couple days ago. And you know he he just the idea of the pac twelve and how national always curious how people view it nationally we we feel there's an East Coast bias there. And some years I think it's deserving to have that title but I put those of us FaceBook dot com slash 1080 the fan. What he's set on our show was that the pac twelve being considered a powerhouse nationally. That perception hinges on USC and Washington being the best in the conference now he did also throw in organ. He did mention Stanford I think you throw in Stamford. But I put that up at FaceBook and you know we dirt and I were just discussing if we agree with that kind of feeling that sentiment. But USC is the biggest dog in this conference. It's Sox you have to have them be relevant I don't like when USC sucks I don't and I don't like USC I don't root for USC. But you need them to be really good program you need him to give back to the level. We see and Arnold where they're winning a Rose Bowl and next year they have all this expectation to live up to that. I think it's important for the conference is is viability to have that. And to me. Nationally of course it's gonna be looked upon better if Washington or are specially USC. Are the big dogs. But I still think that this conference because of what you mentioned before the break the depth that they have. Allows them and will allowed them the opportunity to earn more respect nationally. Because again. They're one of two conference is that haven't won a title and they have won a title since 2005 when the trojans last beat Oklahoma it's. And along touted I even got vacated systems around the country might trends say that one doesn't even count but they smoked Oklahoman the orange apple. And an and it's that fear of having such deep conference that. And that you're not gonna get the national perception because teams beat up on each other that when you when you have a week in week out grind of the pac twelve does. And then you out on top of that the non conference games at this is this conference is playing. That if you have you know your top best team gold nine and three you're not gonna get the national perception that you deserve you know I'd it's been one of the things I think it's always bothered me. About it that perception conversation is that in the SEC. They get it and the reason they get it is because they won national championships. And when you have a team goes through the SEC grind that those say have to play those teams week in and week out. The making excuses for playing bay at a school for the blind week nine week ten of the season because the SEC schedule is so tough had. If he gave you lose to Tennessee just got tripped up by a really good football team. And I don't hold the trachsel has that nationally and I think the only way that you could get that. Is by winning a championship but USC comes out they go 11112 and one with a conference win the title game this year. Then I think your back to being one of those kind of conferences especially if Seattle Washington with the Goodyear organs back on the map Stamford stays good UCLA rebounds. If you have all those dominoes falling in your direction then. I think you'll be considered one of the best conferences and at in the country but. Right now yeah I I think if you were to whole college football fans all over the America. You'd be a distant third. These behind the SEC by the ACC and about the Big Ten though with Ohio State maybe and maybe that maybe even the big ticket even a distant fourth of for a lot of folks and I think the sole reason for that is because you have not had a champion in twelve years now in this conference. And you talked about the respect Stanford doesn't get Reich is Ralph Russo throws organ in there may be it's impart because he's doing an interview organ but he throws or game with a Chip Kelly run. You mentioned the Stamford doesn't get enough credit topic I I I I don't think you can be more right on that an example I would point to his. When we looked at their past. Take organ right organ has Mario net and in the get Verne and Adams who's a pretty damn good quarterback himself. Laughter that what happened. They went for NA. I hear about bad as he beat Florida is pretty bad right it could recover from not having had I had a good proven experience correct her was a great freshman. But he didn't come until a few games in and he's a freshman. The learning curve there and the defense is historically terrible. Stanford's John years eaten five. 88585. To one year for Stamford ID to hit the nail right on the head on just pointing out. They don't get enough credit they don't get enough recognition for what they've been doing in this conference I sure. I'm sure bonds and Oz is 2009. It's lasted different quarterbacks Heisman finalists. Head coaches that have come and gone. It enacted since 2009 and I love this tax and he said. Other disorders accident the beavers beat Stanford it's what's wrong with stamps for it is yet if that is Vanderbilt beats Tennessee Vanderbilt ranked in the top 258 and I think that's a 100% right it and it it's ridiculous but that's the way people view it and and I may be people disagree with that you know maybe just having good teams up top to bottom and haven't a bunch of teams that win nine games that don't make the playoffs is is enough. To raise the credibility because this is no I I don't think the conference has been this deep in a long time but. For me it's all about winning national championship blow here's Ralph Russo who also gave us his thoughts on Willie Taggart and organ. I think the recruiting class at the biggest thing and in some way shape or form a wanna put IP sometimes don't must be hesitant to put to whom much emphasis on recruiting classes. But really I mean it's as simple as that for origin or. Or is always going to eat. In a little bit of a tricky spot recruiting wise right because you don't have a ton of players in that part of the country like you have. Be it may be in Ohio where the south or Texas or California. So or. Again to be able to compete the way or didn't would competing under Chip Kelly. It's got a really reached far and wide to grab players but not an easy thing especially now. Origin is not quite the boy you trained eat you know ahead of occur. Or program would certainly seem quite that way that you can be looked at because everybody's sort of the stolen origins stop. So. The most important thing for tiger to the most intriguing thing about what Taggart and you. There won't be is can he recruit. Foreign wide. And origin that is not quite the scene or get mad Chip Kelly. Yes there's Ralph Russo on his thoughts Willie Taggart and organ and I don't think anybody would disagree with that that the parts and I do disagree with low that is is. I think organs still resonates with a lot of young kids really I do it now maybe if you talked his college outside of organ I do and I think the last two recruiting class not the last two but the first Willie tiger recruiting class no one he's putting together next year which is ranked I think right now ninth or tenth in the country. I think it's proven that that you saw a lot of these kids that he was scooping up out of Florida or or the southeast or taxes or wherever it might then. And a lot of the quotes from people asked him why organist and organs the my dream school since I was drawn up you know grown up play in NCA football you think about all these kids are. These recruits that are coming out eyes whether eighteen years old organs run with Chip Kelly started in 2009. Mean these kids for 910 years old when organ rose to prominence and it deep it's not going to be this way forever if you continue to have a couple more down seasons that's with the recruiting classes were remember. But I still think that that fresh on these kids' minds is the uniforms it's it's the offense. And in how big a video game kind of Nike culture is that kids when he played. NCAA football back in the day when you're growing up you would take organ no matter kind of where you were from and maybe they don't have that same cache shape with what is. The offense because a lot of people run that kind of offense now they don't have a with the uniforms may be like they used to because it seems like everybody's coming out of new uniforms do cool stuff in that regard but. I I still think organ has that ability to resonate with football recruits and I think Willie Taggart proven that but the class is put together we. If you sides here at the Bridgeport peers text line at 55305. Somebody says why Washington why does Washington have to be anyway USC they admin relative. In almost twenty years relative are relevant in almost twenty years their past national title is it really tradition. That that's where I would disagree and and the reason I I would say why Washington. They they are in Seattle and would you look at the Woz goes it's a Los Angeles San Francisco Seattle our three biggest cities and even if they only have what you consider a half at least eleven national title. And they were dominant for a long long time over a decade. And so that's why Washington will always be considered in the you can not like Jimmy to root against dumb but that's why they're important. Somebody said when did the pactel last when he college football title ACC Big Ten and SEC. Have all won a title since the pac twelve last one. And that's why the pecking order of the conference's. Mean my personal belief and on the pac twelve junkie. They're probably ranked fourth for most people nationally. An. If we're taught in a whole lot they're different drivers say here's an early death and yet I would say is title contending. Coverage. Eagle is yet for next year he said just give me the day conference is most likely to win a national title. I'd make a fourth for sure I think most people again as you're gonna powering conferences from top to bottom. And I made him over my skis and I put him second no I don't idling your depth thing is wrong but the problem is people don't. Rank way holiday and are you talking about they rank it a different way Yemen the big stadiums Penn State Ohio State Michigan. But there's there's a lot of bad teams in the Big Ten Rutgers Sox Maryland's not very good Purdue was three and nine Illinois was three and nine. They're a which you'd get at a northwest earned. They need to do the same thing ending for the ACC William Clemson at the top floors state of the top grade programs. Syracuse Wake Forest and cease to beat a duke was down last year Virginia was two intend. And there's there's a lot of bottom feeders and those conference as opposed the pac twelve and somebody says can we symbols Arizona schools to the lack. Yeah I think at this point it would be more beneficial for the conference to go back to ten for a year. Is Arizona I don't think Arizona is gonna be good and a issues is always intriguing to me that I only grams of bad totally rich rods back coach either but yeah. The quarterback situation at both programs is a pretty big question mark in Arizona and Arizona State is bringing back many Wilkens and they have Blake Barnett who transferred from Alabama so. Still some question marks to be had in their as well all right Richard Sherman. Did not like he set the wicker sham story. About how he hadn't gotten over these Super Bowl loss. And he also says he didn't ask for the trade will bring a TU next on 1080 the fan. This is my third and spurred on Kennedy both. Welcome back in 1250 here on Portland sports leader 1080 the fan. We. We from time to time we get comedians that are doing shows that helium who. Had great relations whose view him. And the interview us. And coming up at ten minutes were pretty sad we've got Craig Robinson is gonna join us and studious gets shows that helium from today through the weekend and we had a coworker. Where I have to ask in this when he comes on and ten minutes I'll grab one of our co workers who we call wouldn't pop yep but Pablo putting well even the polluted I guess he saw Cragg and he asked Craig if he did help and six. The hot tub in the back and I just I shook my head I go from Craig Robinson there's a lot of things racing through a mind of I'd consider me I'd consider punching him in the face probably. Having caddie Craig Robinson's nice to nap giving you an answer Nath. I get a and that really is to go to as well like that's what put most recognized him for his hot tub time machine that's a good question is what he gets most recognized that was going to be my first question don't Ascot. Can I won't run now and it's and it's on my sheets and trying to write it down you do what you wanna do prank. Hey Richard Sherman did not like this story written about him from seven wicker sham. On espn.com that he was still but her and upset by the Super Bowl loss to patriots yet that there's no reason he raided an offensive coordinator on the silent after throwing a pass at the one yard line it had nothing to do with losing the suitable nothing at all nothing to see your pleas from bond bull part of that story that was highlighted was the relationship between the defense Richard Sherman Michael Benedict said Iraq and Russell Wilson. And in the story. It's for trade that they're upset that Russell Wilson gets preferential treatment. Well Richard Sherman spoke to the media and he gave his two cents on his relationship. With their quarterback. Especially that it's it's fantastic I mean we're we're teammates. You know it's it's like to families like everybody else in the family we've bite one another just like I'm fine for others are two guys out there and find brain damaged by frost and we have a great appreciation for how tough a court accusing what he's played through. You know lesser price to a number of injuries and he's not doing that because and I just got blocked him his job but he's doing effort guys next to me and we appreciate that you know we think he's great quarterback. But it doesn't matter what we say because you don't eat because of course hit me a bit today the leaders say that to our to our. To the cows come home but one guy says he has stories he's heard a rumor about this about somebody I'm always saying some and that's true. It should be pointed out I don't know if he was going off a rumor as much as he was he talked to people anonymously that works is the oxide that locker yeah have you noticed this from him in Bennett Bennett went on The Breakfast Club in New York. They have podshow and he basically winning captain said on now we can win a game without Russell will his grave we will also well there's kind of an ammo with both of them in their media tour right now you have feels like they got the same talking points a little bit they'd like to drop some fake news TMZ on yeah when things report like this out of the locker might look it's funny that they ask him how the relationship visit Russell Wilson the first thing is it's it's great. We're teammates yet it is a teammate. That's that's what he went with I don't think they're the best of friends off the field I think a probably very different people. I'll also feel but what Michael Bennett said. Not a 100% sure they could win games without him they only be good without them but they weren't data without an and I think they both realize that I still I firmly believe there's there's some jealousy inside that locker room. Just the headlines that he got. Going all the way back to the first should they won the Super Bowl and if if they hold the interception against him from losing. To me that's ridiculous that was all the play calling could throw a better pass yes Beatles throw the ball from the one yard line when the Super Bowl how much you don't give up a ten point Lee yeah it was dominate defense that's on them to your point fingers at the wrong person and that instance sell I think that the locker room relationship is okay they're probably not great friends and may be the animosity is overblown a tab but it has been funny they're talking points have been pretty similar he also he said we're not time to play a but he also said that he did not ask for the trade. So contrary to Adam show after reporting. He was not the one to say that he wanted to be traded just said that him and Schneider well. Talked about seizure stuff and that it's a business at the end of the day the one thing I was at and I loved that bad press conference first off I love that he did a press conference because in toxin median along time. The second was he did kind of apologized from raiding Pete Carroll and then Darrel bevel he'd be owned up to he didn't do it last year when he did it on the sideline he'd said it was my fault there you know we're just passions of problems silence a gimme a break man. All the TV cameras cut that we know Oakland down so at least had to be at the point and at this point any OTAs or whatever camp you're in right now is to say eight. Probably should've done that not the best look clearly so emotional thing I like and Richard Sherman apologize for that will get an update on the US open discuss the dilemma that college football brings to universities but we're gonna start hour two with the star of hot tub time machine karaoke showdown at. Pineapple Express the office comedian Craig Robinson will join us in studio next he's got shows that helium. And he'll be back on 1080 the fan.