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Dirt & Sprague
Friday, November 24th
LIVE from the PK80 Invitational, Dirt & Sprague talk the tournament, Portland sports fans, College Basketball, and much more!

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. One judge. Yeah. This is a civil war weekend edition of dirt and spray. By failing. I break Alon and watch one of the nation's oldest college rivalries or against the war at Galen is frozen orange. This Saturday civil war weekly. Dirt and spray gun 1080. I'll try to do is well above two in the rose city it is time for their sprayed off Portland sports leader to. 1080 the fan. Brent is great alongside as always it either Johnson we are alive you are hearing just lives inside the confines of the beautiful notice that are here and downtown Portland basically for the PK eighty invitational. Happy Black Friday to everybody out there. Everybody has been shopping for about seven and a half eight hours now it's chaos if you have already encountered it I am really is people been trampled yet at a Wal-Mart is that gone on the last that I I was leaving some families how's that it was probably 940 I was gonna stop the target to C within hackers now Black Friday deals are on Thursday ad leaks in the Thursday night. Literally don't partying. I went one time like there was that one spot availed us is that I'm not doing this I went home. Really then I woke up early this morning site practice and having another Thanksgiving meal today which by the way found my food today Turkey I got my god he was an odd there is your update. Prep my food and I went to Fridays over off of but TV highway deep in Beaverton. And it was packed I mean this soc media at a fresh tires a reader I was crazy our socks. Really that expensive I never noticed that I'll socks I mean that's a good deal on socks but it's not like you're safe in the bank and up mindful price Sox right put their name like it's Nike socks theirs and Kate get sanders' office Antonia. I had this is it that I'm doing this because the girlfriend and her family. They are annual Black Friday shoppers are we talking to a hammer like they. It used to be worse it used to be pretty early in the morning and I think today they kicked him back a little bit when about seven ourselves and up super early which I appreciated but. Yet they they live with this stuff and they loved it I don't get it that the idea of waking up early on Friday morning. After Thanksgiving like I rolled out of bed at like 830 today. And I still headed to a Turkey hangover. I still have one right now and it's like four hours later yeah it is get that tryptophan into your system Gately too much food you're not moving very fast. The idea of waking up the next morning at 4 o'clock and going shopping it just doesn't seem appealing to me I took three doubts yesterday got a new three. Think about that I mean I ate so much food as. You know I was that a little bit at does this morning on Mike my my drive around in. He was like why don't we eat these boots more than once a year and I guys that like yeah yeah handle it at that great thinking guys Steve by. It knows yeah I mean if you lead to three plates which idea loaded up with stuffing great happy everything whole thing. It's a three Napster or I could bang out now and I was out I I I woke up obviously little sluggish from Wednesday night needed a quick nap in the morning. And then night as soon as that was done eating a couple of meals I've. Fell asleep on the floor for about an hour and a half. It felt great yeah it did and then I was in bed by like 830 last night I go and I couldn't quite that are left without. I tried to make it to the end of I think I did it just make it to the end of the Redskins game. And I wanted to see the organ UConn game and how that was get a finish out once those yeah I was that was lights out done for the night you'd have a lot of stops did you. Yes they have Thanksgiving I just went to the girlfriends in the morn N they literally they're like 1 o'clock heaters it is their favorite folks had to go to work so we ate like 1 o'clock there and then we headed down in my folks cents by a little more food yeah. That the double shift of eating its is a lot to handle you almost. And I went to my mom's and I mean we loaded up in my mom's. And that we had to go to my wife's aunt's house. And we show up late there and their pressuring ST I I physically could need anymore I mean I think no I don't want and it's like surprise and then they brought up this Costco cost a makes these. Like rectangular shapes that are layered but there I mean just incredible. Busted out one idea. Open about an immediate UPS they know for cell Loc is slides up and running if you're gonna grab her grab a slice epic you know what I wanna give. A little recognition here. I'm I'm really not getting wanna say this totally get how people get addicted to food I really do because I sat there and I thought. Is amazing deal like this to have. It's a nonstop no filter no limit just go yes go go go oh stretchy pants are on the list yet you don't want to third you weak third on the same everybody's everybody's telling you to go eat more till yeah it's not like you gotta feel shame of like a currency still eating out everybody's force feeding you more food and the thing that sucks about running aside from running itself in and even runners always like running Sox are running is off nobody likes right now I don't if you will run its exercise but I've I've done it so much this past year. That I have now limited like what I eat how much of it I eat that when you get the Thanksgiving. Your stomach is yes what's going on there running out of fuel and went home and everything's bursting open I do. Mike controversial hot ticket the day though I'm actually get a disagree with dusty. I eating those foods I thought I think there like outside of Thanksgiving. I never sit around and have a craving for those foods you eat mashed potatoes mashed potatoes occasion and the more of a baked potato gun and a mashed potato guy but yet you eat baked potatoes from time to time but. I can't think of another time of the year that I'm sit around trading stuffing I love stuffing but it is now it comes to the forefront in my mind. Cyrus is he makes it Emmitt like you know good Mexican food Barack of the move for Chinese and I later. It ought to pizza sounds good those kind of food items yeah as I I'm I'm never sitting around and like July craving a Turkey. Yeah oddly it makes sense that well I think it's the uniqueness of it being one day we all look forward to what you eat all those dudes to cram down and then you'll like I had I had my fill for another year you're not really into eight. In that way though can easily to Turkey sandwiched. Right yes yes he will have a Turkey sent like cooking it the way that we cooked turkeys on Thanksgiving right they should thank their lucky stars that chickens were born inmates smaller ethnic. Because if they were. We we'd be just visited Turkey as we are with ticket in my opinion if each day to day yes it chickens were turkeys and turkeys or chickens we would have. Kentucky fried Turkey late attitude you bloom a mileage deal it would it would it be completely flat out it's chicken cuts for. Thirty minutes it's much easier to cut yes I'm I'm I'm had a taste better on size I'm close tickets way better than Turkey. Absolutely despite not even in the same ball right Turkey's panic team needs a little drive I give you the choice of the needs a seven days a week take Thanksgiving at the equating your take in ticket seven days a week out not even thinking about it yesterday the debate was why we have Turkey now everybody loves him so much. I have it right I like has more than I like Turkey I have to ask you guys have ever had ground Turkey before. Yeah as a background thirty countries amazing I have a year round. Yeah grad notre right around thirty algebra because that's a healthier versions I don't like tacos or ground Turkey. And stuff for you put him pasta sauce or something if you make it but this the other thing McKenna oh my eyes this yesterday too was it was my first time at the girlfriends house for Thanksgiving. And they don't they don't even go like conventional. Like they do a rack of ribs last they had meatballs meatball they have little Wiener is like it was all like it was all over the map and I got to tell you. It really I loved it. I had a couple of pieces of Turkey here there a kind but the meatballs were the biggest hit remain at the meat balls were just delicious. And the rack of ribs was a great change of pace because it's a better than Turkey. How right. Nobody did deny that ribs are better than Turkey are they not cut out to that so I I drove for an spam I get a nice little slap original idea or you can have it. And it dried Turkey when he got to go at. I'm gonna go at the reds to go to three yeah and that kind of my eyes. You know the cool thing about it and being gay is the more we evolve the more we think of creative dishes in. People breakaway from the chains of great grandparent tradition at death. I think we're becoming more open minded is at the apple other we don't have to have Turkey and are more accepting of other ingredients I I have family. Who is in town for this PK eight term because a huge basketball fans. And I think has changed as a Thanksgiving to the right. I had Domino's. If they believed there dated haven't either are what I want they're just they're here for basketball until this Thanksgiving next speaker said that people are not beholden themselves and strictly having the stuffing mashed potatoes in the Turkey I like that I like that we're more open minded that way that was my and I take it today sit around and be an awful and not moving off the -- just like you know what I don't need this and that once a year I'm kind of glad that these food items are just have one every 365 days and you move on yet I mean of the items that are available at Thanksgiving rolls you -- your round yes and I would say dose that was my like the late night snack last night as I -- like ED rolls left over and I probably pounded likes that problem. It was just the re drunk. No I just those roles are delicious and soaks it up those little warm dinner rolls yeah I think of a butter on August fossils chemical and only to have the better thing either takes too long phone book. And a time to spreads like two bites it's got to tip it in my cranberry sauce mashed potatoes and a mouth let's go that way to gravy on there we are live like we mentioned at him load a senator. Just stop of section 108109. A eleven entryway come say hi anybody else market today are we the only ones has got to be somebody else where now as a lot of people working today about a retail folks probably work and people like you get overtime yeah time have all that you know I didn't know I got to give credit you for yesterday. I did not put my garbage out Wednesday night thinking they would not pick up garbage on Thanksgiving I was area Ozal and I didn't realize that yeah hat tip of the hat to lag garbage men out there who have to work on Thanksgiving people gotta get up mail got to grind we got to get a world to take euros at TC big we're in front of the men's room so stop it before you had your business shake our hands dumps don't shake hands after you get out of there I don't kick back wash your hands we're allowed to get to today. We've got the apple cup approaching we've got the civil war happening Saturday. We've got to talk about obviously the PK eighty. And the interest level from the city of Portland and then also. I have a problem. With few things involving Portland sports fans. And I and it's it's with the PK eighty -- a sailboat bizarre want to or actor and spray got Peter Johnson and apparatus Sprague. Actor and Sprague ally in the not a center on 1080 and we're back with more after this. This is civil war week on dirt and Spurrier gave brought to you by a Monday on 1080 program. L welcome back hindered straight with you on this Friday afternoon to hear us that with the PK eighty getting ready for the great college football weekend we just had a monster upset. Pittsburgh. Just defeated Miami Miami got quite over yet Al Ed is basically elderly Atlanta closed over yeah I mean learned a few minutes away from this being overpaid is hey when he forced seven Miami just ahead and a touchdown to make it 2414. Now. Well okay well I HDL. Both the shock and a new call an hour fifty don't have TV in front of us here around the concourse of the motive senator I don't know what the hell's going on. I don't have put a poll question of this up so often happens we're gonna have to old takes expose ourselves. As Larry ample question of about Miami losing a cat. Actor and spring there has like seven poll was alive when ham on the poll questions today he really eighty went arts or Connell left over poll question and there's a topic I wanna t.'s first about sounds like Chip Kelly for does not happening anymore. A lot to get through today yet there's a lot to get to. We got the football games of course and day in. There seems to be some interesting conversation and you've got to open my eyes to this does announce searching and on social media. I guess organ state fan because it is PK eighty organ states playing in some garbage invitational somewhere. And if as the Saint John and the biggest opponent might get tournament a sic Johns. Because they're not here in Portland point in the PK eighty there's a conversation amongst beaver fans. Of ditching Nike like they're tired of it they wanna be done with Nike and maybe move on so we put a poll question up and we'll get to this topic should organ state and won it. She who haven't you. Company and gas sponsor. Om and I will get to that topic is wells we've toppled questions actor and straighten the vote but we've mentioned itself under the PK. Portland State butler's tipped off that's going on underway right now getting underway at. And I wanna just the first thing the first thing I've noticed here because the fine folks beat Katie have been outstanding setting everything up. Great accommodations. Fantastic event. This is what I'm gonna say Portland. As is why we don't have nice things is why we can't have nice things. All we want in this city is die hard rabid sports fans are these kind of events these kind of opportunities right. Mike she's just keep Roy Williams Butler. Arkansas. I UConn. I mean we wanna see that stuff. And a tendency has not been good it really hasn't I watched the Portland State who duke game yesterday. The orient UConn game. And I just know from from being here today talking to folks from yesterday. Attendance is not good. And maybe a state holiday plays a factor in but I'm really gonna be curious what today is because I've been disappointed we got a great tournament this year arguably the best. Contrast we'll turn it all time. And we don't even like show up for it yet here's what I had to say about that first I am I I'm not surprised by the lack of attendance so far and on the to wait to efficiently judge our participation in this event Intel I see it play out for the entire weekend. Yesterday makes a ton of sense to me it's Thanksgiving. And that that takes a special breed a sports fan to get up leave their Stanley on Thanksgiving and go watch basketball are kind of entity don't have a rooting interest in it. I get what you don't wanna come spend the entire day it's it's a unique day you're hanging around with family for husbands or boyfriends or whatever it's hard to get away from your significant other thinks giving. They Johnny dollar and I could be there to cut the Turkey. I'm a lot college basketball I think that's a tough sell for sports fans. The other thing is and you know you're right we are walking around in a Butler what state are playing right now. On front of us at the modus Carolinas right now play our airline ran across an implied by the curious I can't see it could have a TV some curious what the attendants look like a brother who's because he's over there watch it. I'm not shocked that Butler Portland State isn't a huge drop. I mean there's not acutely aware state basketball following a health. Here's what I wanna say about it and it's I'm curious but it looks like later tonight there's some bigger games. You know Duke's playing again it's stacked against Texas right actually strike up a tough fight pay explain enact game you got Michigan State UConn playing tonight which is a big games so. You're gonna have opportunities to see marquee matchup some major programs away from Thanksgiving. And I've I would be willing to wager now maybe I'm putting too much. Stock in these sports into Portland I'd be willing to wager these buildings are pretty full on Sunday. What they'll weightlessness or you're away from Black Friday families are probably heading back and traveling away so you don't have that obligation a of handling people that are in town. I think a lot of folks to be around for those marquee games on Sunday I just kind of surprised I was gonna use that you weren't shocked at Thanksgiving I guess that's a great reason. But also spray got you to consider this this this isn't a great college basketball area and we've always known. I know I I just kind of thought this would be something that Italy France and die hard yet yeah Blake Ellis is the rule like I'm on what you. I don't watch as much college basketball. As some of the fans here right. But you tell me to Carolina duke I mean. They give me going now somebody could taxes they lie where either yes maybe so and it. Well I know I was working here today but I'll be watching most of these events are giving thing thing for you to them in Atlantic Atlanta yeah maybe I guess that is flipped this on myself but still. I'm wait yeah I guess await for the weekend to really give up. Honest opinion about this but yeah. A show up like this and I wind up likeness and a we want this opportunity. And it happens and it's probably never gonna happen again or maybe it does or who knows but. I got as I know I wanna see the city of Portland show that we care about. Yet and that's where I yet because it was obscene to me sit around yesterday watching I decide I love watching sports on Thanksgiving football games college games on the NFL games are great tradition. I've found myself because this is in Portland. Watching a lot of the games yesterday I watch a good chunk of the UP North Carolina game I watched most about Portland State. Duke game Portland State by the way they got hosed by I want to talk about back yet they got hosed and I was far for them about it it's so cool to watch them beat duke in the first that would be great. Everybody thought duke is gonna roll the same number one team in the country. I would have fun to see them lose so. I was obvious that watch a lot of the organ UConn game and about that one looked like it was pretty full on TV obviously at the local team involved with the ducks and that makes more sense I am again I have a family member whose and I got to of that session's all day yesterday. He's at that game wasn't bad but it was still pretty sparse yet still priest pars so and that structure is I'd be curious to see where it goes but it just it solidifies my opinion that this is in. I just don't think this is a broke college basketball rich area even even with a program like Oregon went to a final four last year. That that that's the darkness of the fans it comes and goes yeah it does yeah it it takes you won't even get into and that's a pro it works final four last year. But if yes most dot cancels or paying attention around packed wall play. The last that was the first or in game that I want to concede any other games leading up to that so. It's just the timing of it and end this being an area that's not a die hard college basketball area that feeds into its very distinct if you put this in. The south the you know you know North Carolina country you put this in New York it's packed every day in Indiana yet with this in Chicago like you put this in an area that is passion about the sport college basketball. There's not an empty seat in the house I guess this is more my AM. I need to see a lot of like them mindedness in this regard of I loved sports so much and I feel like there is a huge. A great percentage of diehard sports fan in Portland I also feel like. You could say Portland's not his rabbit is as a Lotta a harness that people hate when I say that but I just I think that's back. And I think this is a great case study for. Where sports random and and how crazy people are in craving this kind of an event that is right this is not like you mentioned. College basketball in Portland. It's just not big analyzer TM is good or an NBA town and our college bask you're right that's a 100% correct. But this is a special situation where you get this was it you never get to see a person unless you travel to go see I see your same act as I kind of had a mindset like you yesterday. You know I'll be there try to do in the shallot check out some of the games that's probably all of those two. Walking around today and I pop my head and in the motives RC me into the coliseum. CN North Carolina warm you know like walking around they're warm said Roy Williams over there. Okay. Washed up athlete shirtless kinda yeah I was like god I put in my time I don't need to keep working out of them are a little bit that I it. It it hit me when I got here today it like how cool this is. And I didn't hit me yes it is watched on TV I was like that's cool dudes playing at the memorial coliseum. Doesn't really connect but walking around here being at the facility today yeah I do this is kick ass me as the best college basketball tournament that's ever existed absolutely at Jason's why guards hanging out with us right now in Portland pilots deer get ready for their game. It's gonna I'm coming back Sunday I'm happy I was I'm gonna support Saturday are about to get that. And I'm come back Sunday I wanna watch the championships. I mean c'mon at turner like visited app. And as you know is right it's you know somebody say that you guys are seen Major League Baseball would work here. I imagine it every sport is apples to oranges like if we had an NBA all stars kind of weekend here that's not including a local team. You're kidding me are you get my. Yep we're riding on this Sunday would be packed and and for those it I just got to reach hammer that argument again but Portland app outpaced the national average of World Series ratings if you go back and break it down game by game somebody did this. And my spare apparently as the one that we did it out. That they looked at the game by game ratings and there were that the Portland MarketWatch the World Series and higher average than the national audience so. Yes this is that baseball would work through this and it's an apples oranges comparison Thanksgiving weekend lot of other things that are going well before we get into the football stuff I. I can't leave them teasing this wanna talk about Portland State got hosed by raps. Against the Duke Blue Devils. They almost beat him kissing had a great game against duke duke pulled away obviously won by double digits but. I want to talk about I came a little bit for those that wars sitting around in. I think the cowboy game was on at that time in that game socked a dad and impede a blowout. So with our about Portland State getting screwed by officials talk about that next the first Joseph with a sports update. This is civil war week on dirt and scrape it brought to you like it Monday on 1080 girlfriend. Yeah welcome back hindered spray review we have got a hot debate right now. A similar spread we have that bad to be making. And third just told me to spread he's gonna gimme for this game nineteen and half a million in nineteen an absolute BS I -- it's only one point that's what you're asking for no it's not you were asking for 21 and a half points on Monday I was asking for 21 S embargo on north of violent it's going to be a push or you're gonna win now wolf for sadly I don't wanna push because and one of us is not compatible next here and that's not fun so we can't have applies. I feel like ninety and a half there's a pretty fair spread organs they lost by 21 on the road to Arizona. Okay Arizona's a good team all right and I lost by twenty to organ. Yeah about a you can play Apple's orders light winds near forty Stanford beat. Or ordered by forty points in order stayed almost beat Stanford so maybe you should be given me points by that theory. I'm mistaken idol or is love Arizona didn't he realized wow anyone it's a rivalry game today and it nineteen and half his affairs it's a big spread by 5305 is nineteen and a half point spread. Fair enough. To probable aligned for it as I wanna live action notice that dirt I'm a dog alarms last chance do I think you got to give him like that's when he and a half tests or two point one how to make things investing here I think c'mon I won't go to any one and a half. Yeah definitely it's gotta be less than 41 points character it's going and have you got against Atlanta when there's that led 21 point win is a blowout win right but when he and a half you would win that. Okay finally get a one point Perry got a if you want why not give Italy an app by they went by twenty Eminem a minute from my TV on a damn window. I don't lose my mind on Saturday Longoria are combined in a game every deal we got our point spread that some war vet tech games tomorrow. I actually accurately I didn't think I was gonna ask tiger about this but. Portland State duke was up basketball game yesterday Portland say it was beating duke at halftime. 4945. Yesterday that was awesome and I have just one thing to say. Why did the officials have to ruin everything. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about. They await him in the second half of this game as hometown calls for the non hometown team no kidding it ended up to. Shooting 42 free throws. Portland State well. Alec a lot of these calls let's give duke credit more athletic creating fouls that happens we know. That's ridiculous that was absolutely ridiculous they called the technical on that kid. Also gave me is that personal ballot anywhere sit on he was sitting in front of the scores Taylor must hollered something right they teed him up as a difference the outing or two tile pad I saw that on T yeah I wanted at 4000 and something happened and arrests that wasn't even Geary gave another technical gap. And outburst of all give Portland State some credit that was a fun game I turned over and watch that. And they came close but ultimately you know do all the way the second about scored in 5430 cubic. Not the officiating get out of the way lets kids play basketball and everything was I mean that was a bummer to see him fall short essay that was like my main rooting interest as the afternoon went on outside of because we have some scratch on the Redskins covering our had cements it as scratch and then cover in the last night was pulled purport it's like one of those early term games to get where a fifteen to upset too. Evidence Sokol a lot's happened Portland State was hot there were knocking down shots early. A lot of local products on that team so yeah it's it's fun to watch him I get a chance against the duty but that really to me was the theme of the day yesterday. For as fun as this tournament is and how exciting it is that all these teams here. The officiating was just awful afternoon don't know that and end I mean that that Oregon once I got a lot because that was the one and I did watch from start to finish. 53000. MacKey. Fifth think about that. And a forty minute game to women at. 53 fouls were called. That's repeat and at what point do you just say look it's a pre season tournament. Yes or maybe there's there is a lot of bumping going on out there but I'm playing now and and it felt like it was gonna get to a point where. Both teams are gonna out there starting lineups balance out. Both teams are in the bonus basically the entire game and there was zero flow like college basketball. From time to time is hard enough to wash it with. But they knew that in that would there's no flow there's no back and forth and it's just constant herky jerky stop and students free throws. At that was that was on watchable for a decent stretched and public officiating it's been terrible for I just stopped being the story you should be the story I just wanna watch basketball I don't wanna the worry about. You blowing a whistle every other possession that that that's really frustrated mean. You know I allow was pulled for Portland setup that was cool that they were even competing with duke duke so supremely talented. And Portland State's right there you know taken closing given blows right back and ultimately they lose to duke the other thing in. I don't know how to decipher this if did duke fan travel or. Have we completely underestimated the Portland market in thinking that duke fan. Absolutely thrives here in Portland because I'm telling you right now we're on the concourse. Almost every other fan is at least at duke fan and we were sitting pre game right near where bill this is calling the action courtside. You looked up in the stands and all you saw we're duking publishers and their necks are up next in the notice senator after Butler an important statement today and that it. I think he's addicted to barter. I there's truth to both answer though they duke fans travel welcome that's all they got and it's really passionate fan base but also when you have situations like this it it reminds Yemen front runners are are out there who are lower people that have nothing to do it do. Other than just watching a successful team on TV for years because it's duke. There's a lot of it it's like they're they're the Yankees of college basketball. Yes he YE Yankee fan they're always on TV when I was a kid there it's winnable series. The same way it would do and I think I do think there's a lot of fans that traveled and others a lot of Michigan State fans that traveled. This walking around in years and stores and people hear a lot of folks is that screw with the Thanksgiving we're gonna come out precious kind of a cool thing to view for all of I mean you got the day off having most of them got Thursday Friday off from work anyway so you just fly out Wednesday night you know I'm and you get a chance watch Stephen he's I mean these are diehard fan bases duke Michigan State North Carolina but I mean he's a big time fan bases countdown basketball. So I do think there's a lot of travel but the reason there's the most duke is because of front runner fans in this area that repeatedly that guy I just I really kind of wanna stop some of arming go hey. Did you travel here or you always lived here pretty hotly eleven Beaverton. Opinion have you. I don't get a bit fan. Not just click through for winners got yet you went to where oh north Salem highs as well okay that's it makes a lot of sense political activist community college which your parents go to school bing got a couch. Well OK but you just happen to be duke fan as it is at duke and Carolina represented everywhere they go answer and I just I've ever been in the final floor and and CNN the number of North Carolina fans there it was that was an Arizona. Yeah and that's along I mean there are fans because I thought I was crazy for drive and that's when he hours to go to Los a final four ordered plan I'm literally got to our tailgate before the game. And there were North Carolina fans sat next to a set tailgate about a dozen of them nice people yelling I'm an adjustment it was gonna be big gamer excited getting a lot of fun yeah. That all twelve of them next is that our tailgate they drove from North Carolina awful man they don't I thought I was an idiot for driver of Portland they drove from North Carolina to come out there at the idea that point if I'm Matt rabid. I'm applying for credit card and am paying that sucker up later I'm flying I'm not I'm not right from the North Carolina. All the way to Arizona to watch my team player I'm sorry I love my teams. But I don't think I can do that commute I have to fly an ounce of Saddam nearly did and I Nolan Portland surprised to see how many know like I'm don't let me as he is so packed that it would do but yes it's an adhered did stand not you know whether duke fans are out there. It's not like there's opportunities to go watch him. You know our NBA teams count and you can see how many are in the other fan base you don't have that I mean I know dukes played here what twice. It played nearly Dunleavy in in Singler over the years but yeah up outside of that it's not like dudes here every year and you get a chance to watch him know that I went Vietnam. They play when the regionals was Spokane regional they were it was at the act like they were in a regional somewhere close to us I can't remember where I can actually you know an epic. I would disconnect counter with that you can wind you're not alone there are yet player. Probably a couple thousand duke fans. And two the second thing I would say is. She you know if you are the only one I feel like if you love to it's strictly because of basketball and if you love them as a basketball. You're any small minority of college basketball fan in Portland with their beat duke beat up somewhere to Bartlett Steve occasionally if it thinks right. Evan and get updated Saturday and Saturday article execute you in seeking out of the war or whatever Duke's playing north terrace at whatever it is that you think there would be meet up or my eighth. Think and that's just a football thing and I'm translating. It should because that's nothing for it one at their take on duke is a dislodged from where Jackie and I I really want punched race now in the face and if ironic process in my might have to go down courtside for that the game take a break. And locked down there and see if I get a chance trip them value of dried up soon victories and now and it didn't end. It did not give your days and days he's got hair dyed beard dukes fan when he reacts to defend your team. And you also kind of embrace the hate that's how I feel I can happen that way you have to. They had people agent for reasons yeah about an 82 days ago I had absolutely and all right. We'll move on from my duke they play at Texas taxing them to stick around and I came after our show it starts at 230 a couple of top five picks that ball game Marvin Bagley the third and then now the mom a kid from Texas which hit seven footer. And Shaka Smart vs my Chatzky which maybe shock is part in because something to pull an upset. So I should be good matchup today I coming up next what we get to the organ state question we have Korea. I wanna pass on this Chip Kelly nugget because now it appears. Florida and Chip Kelly. Are no longer gonna happen and we'll explain next her this break with you want ten. I. This is civil war we'd done dirt and Sprague gave brought in by a landing on 1080 battle trail and or. I welcome back did 1248 on 108 Vander sprayed with you live at the bonus and in the PK invitational. Think I'd do an old media friend of ours up them by. Get ready for the edit the team coming up here about an hour and a half yup Butler in Portland State playing right now I really like. Apologies as the Portland State coach is escaping my mind he seems like a really good coach. What he's done it's very early on for Portland State which is having them be competitive as we mentioned last segment event. I think they've won four games prior to that so. But I wanna move on to some football news I saw this from up pat forty of Yahoo! Sports bombshells all over the place and has a good sports today this is going to be a good sports me and I really think the organ state hires can be coming any minute now. I would be on watch for that again hole. No I like I'm just saying I I had cheated on on Wednesday show he did anti tell me that they have their person and it's just a matter of when they can announce it vs. When it's ready and all that stuff so. I just think these next five days in sports it's going to be fascinating for us this comes from pap forty via Yahoo! Sports. Florida has moved on from Chip Kelly as potential next head coach multiple sources have told him. Florida administrators met with Kelly last Sunday in New Hampshire in remain in contact with him earlier this week but no deal was forthcoming between the team that do. Florida has kept its options open allowing gauged with Kelly. It is now prepare to pursue those other candidates. With Kelly out of the picture of the gators likely. We'll focus on Central Florida coach Scott. Processed and now Nebraska fan everywhere is holding their breath yeah. Free get out balled up under a table rocking back and forth asking the football gods to not allow Scott frost to take what I think is the better job in Gainesville. You know I think this is it's interesting and three parts one I think it's really bad news for Nebraska fans and it's really bad news for organ fans I think most organ fans aren't lockstep not wanting to Kelly to be back in the conference because that's just weird to have that relationship he would be coaching out at that ought to stadium next year. If he takes the UCLA job so the fact and Florida's reportedly moved on. It makes it sound like he's more than likely to become the next thing coach. At UCL I saw I think that fans are a little ticked off by that and as you mentioned Nebraska fans got to panic at random and may have been. All in on Scott frost sees the all the moderate and wanna bring him back he's having great success at Central Florida a proven himself as a coach. And it felt like that fan based program was starting to put all the rigs in the Scott frost basket. And this is just another wild card you thrown in the next because Florida is a better job he's already in the state of Florida he's been recruiting the state of Florida. And it's going to be tougher to decide which in the job. You would rather have it submit to tougher task I think to win at Nebraska but the on the modern ties there are so it's not a guarantee any more than he's giving the next coach at Nebraska and for Florida on this why are you I don't understand the deadline I honestly don't like I get that maybe. Maybe you you feel like chip Kelly's plan was yeah a little bit and he's taking too long and you want him to commit to you right away but. If you've firmly believe as it sounded like they did because they were all laughter and recruit them flying up to me within. You really believe that he's your next tech coach that he is the best guy for that job. You're just get a move on because he hasn't given you yes yet and he hasn't made up his mind yet I don't quite understand that thinking we're not in the middle of the offseason here. They're sees as not even done yet they have another game this weekend. So I I I don't understand the logic in this morning to move on right away it doesn't bow. A day I think your reasoning is is sound in just wondering all this it doesn't validate against it I think it just strictly this kind of smells like to meet or at least there's a field there. Ship is being a little more standoffish than they'd like. And I think they ultimately want to make whoever they go hire let's say it's rosters for argument sake. I think they wanna make themselves sound way more devoted. To a guy interested in them than somebody who died a fallback option yes and Chip Kelly I think we noticed based on the first flirting with the NFL and it coming back organ that eventually leaving. I think it's a very undecided individual. He doesn't wanna feel rushed he's not going to be. Plowing down to how you want things to go he's gonna do it chip way. And I. I think maybe Florida is the kind of program that goes out we don't wanna do it that way and we want you to be huge in us as much as worries continue and maybe that's not happening. And now they feel they can go get frost by the way who es point USF and mrs. Ford to New Year's Day six ball yet they went this there and then New Year's sixth home and you know like I guess I can't blame Florida. And also to me once UCLA became open and he kind of did some reading it immediately read between the lines of these articles. Did you kind of get a feel maybe chip was more interested in UCLA or at least to have that feel like app. A little more quiet your Pasadena you still a great recruiting ground. On its program that would be invested in the program. Vs Florida and and we know how great the facilities are the recruiting grounds. But if I'm Scott frost. I don't even know this the contest to me we had them beat color analyst for Nebraska football. And I his name is escaping me but we had a moment where they're played organ. If we grow up process name. And he actually said something alive opening. He said. Scott frost relationship with a brass is not as great as people think it is outlet it wasn't a happy ending now it was not a happy ending for him and so if you're Scott frost you've established a a pretty good program in Florida Keys you have. I had to stay there your already great recruiting grounds were established yourself high school coaches out. We have Florida behind I mean that's I EIA that's the tough part of of just what's more appealing to you and and I think that's interesting of Italy we've done this would ship of wondering where he's gonna go wondering where his mind that at the end of the day. We got to remember we don't know on his his sources out there reporting and it's the same thing with Scott frost and in the relationship could have been torn twenty years ago. Admitting he's always wanted to go back and be apart and be around Tom Osborne again and and coach and his alma mater. Nebraska itself. But it's idiocy to see Allen all plays out that they UCLA law much yet if this ends up happening it feels like at this point all signs are pointing to what happening. As it's it's an if signal from him brilliance I understand all the reasoning that you laid out I mean it's not as they have a prime time job you're not and as much of a pressure cooker fishbowl if you will. It's not like you know three years and they're gonna be relying on you. To win a national championship. But even Jim Mora had this little early member Jim Mora have back to back years I believe where he won ten games or came down close to it. And there are a lot of folks it's an act disappointing year but it ever pretty classy Selig disappointing years self. I think no matter where you go the pressure's gonna mounds and chip Kelly's get a comment would name recognition no matter the job he takes and I think people will be expecting what he did at a bargain they're gonna expect you to comment right away. At the recruiting laid out for you go out there and went quietly sit with the amount of money he's gonna get mr. he's gonna get a huge contract yeah. So let's I guess I would take the Florida job everyday of the week. As a no brainer for me to go to Florida. No Brent I understand there's more pressure to get LA though everything presented at the Florida you've got out retreat USC. USC's always it'd be that the face school of ballet I've already got our group Miami Florida State I'd get extent I get it over in order to save into the world order you look I mean I guarantee if you go back the last 25 years look at the recruiting class were quick final last year they were number ten in the country yeah him happily. I guarantee you go look at the last 25 years. You won't find a year Florida has been outside the top fifteen in recruiting class. And UCLA's had some solid years I mean they have years and they sneak up and elect now to you Steelers got to give recruiting class and are in that area. Florida consistently is their urine in year round it's Gainesville at the swamp it's one of the biggest stadiums in college football to rabid fan base. I guess I am that Allen doesn't make sense I get you don't want the pressure but it's a it's a much. Better job out there I mean I'm I'm having trouble finding years and I even in the top ten. Little moment top five I mean. Not that this is I guess shocking because we know how talented those athletes are in the state of Florida and how good of a a gate Florida is but. Yeah according to pat forty of Yahoo! Sports he is saying that Florida's moved on and not waiting for chipped anymore they're gonna move on now and now they're targeting Scott frost on I think you're logic is right no I think it's them not wanting. Not wanting it to appear like they they got turned down by Chip Kelly and it's a fallback option and whoever else they and it all ended here if you're a 100% invested in terms of time spent with emails and phone calls and all that. On Chip Kelly you miss. What's your fall back maybe they don't have one and now that kind of scares would have liked you don't wanna lose out of gotta gotta fight somebody else and yet AI actors Q earlier and and we we're like we're against him we got a bloated our two. I think is that you along time ago we talked about this topic some of Florida I bet you it is a conversation it's the debate Scott processor Chip Kelly is better to hire right now. You know frost learn the system from Cali he stuck around after has moved on any sense established a pretty good programming you see out. Maybe some people just think that's that's the better higher long term. So Scott process the leader in the clubhouse for Florida according to pap forty in terms of the candidate they want their out of the Chip Kelly sweepstakes. And now they're playing South Florida as we speak he's yep is. And we'll continue to monitor that situation aren't we had a loaded second hour we've got who's joining us at 130 JC and yes there chasing guests who will join us at 130 we'll get into the apple cup. We got some great Mike Leach idea to play freed today but we're gonna start hour two with this. Organ state fans some out there wonder. These organs think their off without Nike heating the beavers to try to separate themselves from the Nike ties of holding them back at all. 55305 bridge where appears tax slider break we're back with more power to live at the -- senator. The PK invitational Portland sports leader and 82 fans.