Dirt & Sprague 6.20.18 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Wednesday, June 20th
Stat or Story, fav/best baseball movies, and more!

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Dirt and spray gun generated those trends it's gonna be best available but that is called Theodore. Maybe Michael Porter junior from this story and keep in mind that that draft picks could be traded even once its selective picking up through free agency. This is a draft which edition of dirt and spray to rescue nicer way buildings to enter your summer out of project and remodeling stories online at SC July WAY. Dot com. Dirt and sprayed on Jay Nady I think it's really sucks Australia and do is follow our despray heavy Wednesday Giuliani. Thanks via what does he come Portland scored cedar tanning in the fan. At some point this final hour idea once to unity full justification of Mike Lynch stinking. Angels in the outfield is the best baseball movie of all time and that's only got to get to we got to poll question on that. That is created quite the discussion entered spring on Twitter hey I I know Mike wants to jump in right now I can actually defend him. I would eat how you just phrased it a guy. Very simple Al Campbell look it's got to the bottom of the hour how's that okay hold on an ad figure going a little fake news click Beattie a little. 55305. And I disagree with Mike on this opinion by. I think he tees it's a point where you're thrown among the duplicates of acumen up ads either you gobbled by the way on the outlook question I entered strain on Twitter and if you're option is not on there it can't be right in though we got a lot of right and we got a lot of -- Seattle gets sadder story coming up here a few minutes let's get to this one now I it was the bigger it was a big deal the end of last week and we just the kind of witnessing what's gonna happen and we at least officially now have a response at least a towel. San Antonio is gonna try to handle this in the short term. And we don't have any information other than what Marie we have been told and that is they Gregg Popovich traveled to. Southern California to meet with Hawaii led thirty wanted to doable for the NBA draft which is obviously tomorrow. And apparently for weeks this is according to. Ramona show board and well edged. The Popovich was working for weeks to set up a meeting with Leonard to try and discussed just say what went down what you know what you want what's the future here. And you thought it was able to sit down on them in on that happened the yesterday apparently in San Diego. We get a Popovich any chance to be able to rekindle this thing even though it's already been linked to the media. I I can't. Completely dismiss Gregg Popovich and what he means to players and in this league. And some wonder if he's may be losses touch little bit given what the team is done the last couple years LaMarcus wanted out after one year or two years cool why now being the next guy. There may be an element to that in addition to retirement has been spread around at 22 when he. But when Greg obvious can get a room and if he addresses the elephants in said room. Jim throwing quite Leonard's people under the bus Tony Parker's comments manage you know we keep being kind. Unmanned U Ginobili liked. And kind of just tell why you are our guy we wanna give you this super Max contract we want to build a championship team we're gonna do that now I give them a shot I know the lakers are the destination that he he threw out there and you know he wants to be back on the Wesco sees California guy himself. But anytime Greg top of the tickets and room with a player. Which is why didn't complete dismissed LeBron stuff. I Howell is give him a shot he can by the way what was on. ESPN this morning. And for those curious on on what it would take on the wide dynamic in the trade this is what he had to say. There's an old. Sports Illustrated cover Uga should look up from 1997 and there's a picture of my Michael Jordan on the source either absolutely you know and I think it you know a couple bad for the and he's. As an ordinance over into Tampa. No I stated Snyder. I felt like we already status of validity to it we meet him and Adam silver tacked an outdoors 2.0 yeah that was a point. Anyways IE you know it to summon up the basically descended in Boston might have the best package for them we Jalen brown in some draft picks. The lakers are right there obviously the room route Cleveland calling and asking around and Ryan were so that really good point. Cleveland calling you can say will though trying to keep LeBron that actually might be LeBron pushing them to feel out and see who wants to come play with him in Cleveland. Down hey I wanna I'd I'm OK stick around here but yes makes up and happened to me is day and the lakers thing is happy and he could end up their bide. There are saying his family does is big this there are Ohio Wednesday love Cleveland journeys kids might wanna go to the same high school. He might be testing the market to see what can he bring in. To help him stay in Cleveland in winning Cleveland yeah I and it sounds like their handling this Catalina Marlins did would withstand this past offseason if remember they didn't really gives any guidelines. Miami didn't in that trade. Bidding give any guidelines of what they wanted they basically just said she shot. What do you what do you feel like offering us they're not saying we want certain draft picks are we want certain players are. They afford to do a deal did this is what we're gonna want in return. They're basically. According to wall Luigi rode the teams have been reaching out to one. They're their first message has been okay our main priority is to sued this relationship and trying to inquire lettered in San Antonio. But did their second messages Ben but hey if he gets it a point. Throw us an offer. And villages will see where your rap but they're not giving any any indication on on what can potentially blind return. And you don't like he I am I'm with you in terms of you have to give him credit. Because empire that they said is because he just went through this with another star player last offseason I mean LaMarcus Aldridge had the same exact thing where he wanted out. Cease Abdallah Popovic Bob image can be instantly change the way he coached him and the market seems to be happy. With the decision that he made any end up sticking around in and backed off on his I want out of fewer demands. The different part of this one Null is. You know the markets a line that analysts feel a little bit like it wasn't like we heard rumors of him being disgruntled both years in San Antonio. Or it was a growing thing where he was leaking stuff to the media about I want towel or. There were players on the team taking shots at him about his toughness are not playing through injuries. Like that's where I think it's cool Y one. I comedy give Popovich may be a 10% chance of trying cleanest thing up just because he is Gregg Popovich you have to give them that respect him but when you have so they like his brewing for so long. I feel like you you almost get to the point where if your co while Leonard you're even too stubborn to go back from what you had said. Especially that you got to the point last week where your people leaks this or the media right but if that hadn't of happened because you go back even two weeks ago the rumor out of San Antonio is he's gonna sign the extension he's not going anywhere. Then last week as well everybody's leaking it out that he wants out of San Antonio to firmly to go to Los Angeles that's a pretty. I almost a look at him like tail between legs that you you led to get to the point re leaked to the media and then you sit down he'd change your mind again. I think he's gonna be. Too stubborn to go back on his word adapt yet and in LaMarcus extension was a pretty big one too was a super player that was so adamant he wanted out and did not like Craig puppets. And that that's why you give him the benefit and let reload is going to get the information she I am sure Rania could get the information Chris Haines can somebody's getting get this leaked to them. About what went down in this meeting what was said and if if there was any. Mending. Mending of the of the two sides drivers make this work to maybe get that super Max. And to maybe try to say okay. Why is in now he's coming back now what's our next step. Truly go recruit crudely go try to bring here. To put ourselves in a title contending situation one and also I mean it's if published got the message in the media citywide to me it's important to wasn't meeting and I wanted to talk about it today is if it was made clear to him that nothing was getting nothing that he said was going to be able to be fixed year. All that what does that do for tomorrow night legged are there teams that are calling with a top five pick trying to get. Is is that a potential train that could go down on the next 24 hours signing is an empty but I we don't know what was said of the meeting. We don't know how convincing a lot of it was a while Leonard back Donald would that's none of that we noble we know they sat down. And if he was adamant about I don't care what you guys do or say I'm not playing in San Antonio anymore. Maybe it's a trade could go down the next day or two at abbey pretty fund. And add some excitement no doubts DM BA draft I would give him a baseball stuff coming up bottom of the hour a couple of a couple of stories for an end tablet Sox baseball movies because why not that's always fun to do but let's get your favorite segments favorite segments that are story. A Michael and sedition next on the champ. That's our first batters story talented and it's a baseball stuff coming a bottom of the hour as we'll talk baseball movies was the based best baseball movie able time 55305. We have some Lackey injuries to get you in some historic peace is to talk about. When both teams and players I almost wanna go non hot take dying to simply say does there have to be one best based only meal times now there's a whole bunch about my love all of them if you had to pick one. Which only deepen what if you wanna pick full can't manage cheating and can't sit on four fences cheating on one to sit on that one sensor and but it's that's come in the bottom of the hour but it is better storyteller we got today might. Pray. Your first number. Is 5656. There's the number in thousands. Gritty New Zealand personal trainer spent on a proposal to his girlfriend. Or is it being number it's in millions of combined salary left on the contract of Dwight Howard and two of the mosque and food Japan to. I'll let go at it this is a stool. For an angry. Stewart all plan. And that. It's a step it. That there is like 56 point two million dollars or something combined not to be few miles job next second two year yeah Dwight Howard's deals. The the story although I've seen different numbers just being original when I found 70000. Dollars this guy spent. On the proposal to his girlfriend in New Zealand he brought her to a soccer stadium or rugby field or whatever the he had a pink ranger over. With the balloons any huge pink president patties obviously a big engage agreement helicopter flew in there. Why did you spend 70000. Dollars to propose to news. Wow I didn't eat it. I did not spend 70000 dollars most of my now wife and I. And guess what we've both got same answer. I didn't come anywhere close to so many alaskans and on the wedding asked that what's up Mike might follow me what is it what is his net worth plays his dad is to billionaire because of PG. He is a the world's number quote unquote the world's number one on line trainer I think he's honest the storm is number one online trades an event. Bro out candidate gets all that money for him what's his name. His name is Joseph racquet sure it's a huge guy. I he's the world's number one trader I would hope so lazy a big guy tall. I can't tell from the pictures he's there now there's a guy and it's again getting real viral because he's like 67. And his girlfriend. Is taking these pictures in their apartment. He's a piece of personal trainer as well on a body builders. And he stands next like refrigerators. He comes on the stair case yeah she looks massive task like their their apartment looks way too small so he blew up. And now he's gone viral he's got like 580000. Followers. Does when it was that guy and a component. The fiancee and then posted on his Seagram thank you. For customized in my car and the attack the people and customize it so now is still there yeah. A sales pitch kind of things I reveal something to you guys who hit. I met somebody that takes for tasks photographs in Florida I can't goes around the country does he summoned a harsher people who weren't photography. And I was sit down have a beer with this person and they told me. Data on it's a grand if you get 101000 or more followers. That's when companies will start reaching out and bogeyed his product dorm it will pay ever. A little something. Just to post pictures of our stuff and I said OK that's the number you have to read science gonna make money hagel following an answer and I Peter Johnson I said what if I paid for fake followers what does that entail. And she says nothing. You can pay for thirteen thousand followers right now and companies will see you at thirteen thousand and they were still reach out they won't care and IS here. The best way to make money you spent some initially as an investment and then all of a sudden you got companies thing you have those personal ides of free things out of it I think there's a low threshold. 100000 or whatever followers and then you make actually good money. Everything below I think is basically it'll give you the product you've put it on your hands to Graham hash tag Adam whatever he can get free swagger. When Freddy's headphones there ego and wanna. Yeah I here's your second number is 2424. Days of the number in the thousands and a three foot long joint of marijuana cost at an auction. I'm for a safety record currently held by Cristiano Ronaldo of goals scored in the European Championship. It's the year European Championship outside in what credible we talk about that anyway but yet the European championships the tournament like the world to European Championship. I don't know I guess I'm goals is a good amount as an Adam on how many of these Yemeni BC played in over the years this is the stat. You stack here. A little story. This is a story text seed joint of marijuana cost 24000. Dollars and sold at auction. For shower and all those as the world record 29 goals and in the European Championship. I just reading an article today he has sold many records. In your club worldwide competitions plays for Portugal. He's got most UEFA club competition goals those goals for Real Madrid most European Championship goals. Most Portugal caps and those Portugal goals he's just I just washing scores goalless morning yep there in my garage and. They've played again and then on they beeped. The beaten path. Who was sentenced. Grew a city there or not I ran I played Spain in lost. Broncos give Morocco seanez trotted out. Real quick Mike your soccer guy cannon just sort of whose ego is messy or is it repelled a half and I feel like every single soccer person to give you different answer and Pelé is better both alone I think Jordan. I think Messi is probably the more skilled player like in terms of honesty don't but I think we're all goes to show cast because we're all those one more for us. Devalue that links him only six sixes 63 cash and I'd keep my way to mega sized marijuana cigarette contains more than a pwn to read it as well as six ounces of concentrated in two ounces of bubble bath. Which he's been much money on that dimension that is wrapped in rolling papers may have 24 karat gold leaves for a 5000 dollars alone. This is stupid out that is stupidity stupid waste of money. Last number is 2505. Is it the amount of women who skinny dipped in Ireland to set a world record. Or is it to drop an average attendance from last year to this year from the Oakland days. I think that's in time they went by about 50 you live from 8006000. This is a stat. I hope this is a story by the way for the numbers bigger than I was sitting dropped more than nominate a story this is a story can. 1505. Women. Banded together right Guinness world record for largest skinny dips as part of an event to raise money for local charities in Ireland. Looking at the pictures. Not really anybody's super attractive women in the clippers are all his backside thanks. But no one knew he beads in my life and that's the way it was man was an inning actually won deceit. And I thoroughly when you start drink in hand if you're going. To set a record I would think you'd get more hot stuff. I like it to be a part of this right is going to be a lot of nude women who cares to him but none in the pictures on CN. Fuel standards. And other job and attendants 2946. For the days they went from. On average 181500. Something to 151000 so. Any adamant that tickets sold to us now people McCain's continued actually count of the people to go to the turnstiles at school. Not loaning their number is if they did they go bodies vs tickets can I'd probably guess do you think there at 2000. Nadal I there's there's weekend games in certain series that will carry the average job but those Wednesday's game sometime don't they know they're bad Yemeni events and like 6000 games I'd say they're probably 101000. Average if you average out that we get attendance in the attendance with teams commended people actually wanted to lodged I'd say their season average in the stadiums probably around ten can raise vs BA's. On Tuesday afternoon how many people are there 43. And a half that she'd asked. That's. I just started that I don't like come back when I got the first one wrong. Back to back right nestled comeback Debian has the first time all the view of disagreed on every single one of my sense stores and a makes it more enjoyable gunpoint from a taxer. Let's not act like everything new TVs was dying easy unique and but it is an ambulance he kind of had this attitude yields might yet when our island and I c'mon you know I got to like on number here did you donated. Not well I was is. So I was what cal. Is responsive than it was hilarious and I had a dummy lashing out Newport Beach I I was in middle school. No maybe even late elementary school this is like a family trip to Europe that I was in my fifth straight answers peach fuzz Jersey dad did I was Jack to go to a nude beach is as a fifth trader what you mean this is awesome and then you lock up to these cities like seven year olds. Played poker smoking cigarettes and coughing and it just was not good. Not the vision and I was opened for there topping naked. We landed on signs of not attractive there is bad make it let me tell you folks that was that make it tennis baseball stuff shall we. Record breaking numbers from a player a team in a couple of crazy injuries all of that next but first here's Michael sports center. This is a draft with the addition of dirt and spray depressed you nicer way building center on an idea of saying to us. We'll let it. Sorry the wonder years. Is not starting the we do have 24 minutes of great radio left. I missed that shows a Netflix rely don't back it. It's for Lapointe geo big thing for Winnie Cooper I did everything from Mini Cooper. I think guys are on our agent and even. Ten to twelve years older than us we all had a thing for Winnie Cooper and financed fail. She's made the hot topic on the stand now for like cats point four hours when this first come up Mike was this a but it is a yesterday Ayers is a while ago doesn't awhile ago OK as voluble as texture Texan and a dusting him this morning judge went into this deal are you on Golf Channel. For bringing this back into the realm because there is an article doing stuff like this is the ally Dixon up every now and then there is an article on the big league ranking the ten best baseball movies of all time and it's a big lead in big lead the al-Qaeda and those rancorous and make it click for every single one a drumbeat knots and I gave them all the clicks that was trees from their tab ten to report live and you know they wrote me enterprise that I'm older and I know they wrote me him and but they had their doctor and and in -- America and I agree whatever so we did a book question on this and this is I think that's why dusting camera and up today was because of that list and they were talking about it listener Texan it and but it is now become public knowledge to all the people who didn't know what prior that your favorite. Baseball movie. Is angels in the outfield. Correct my favorite is only uses in the outfield not. I don't think that's the best thank you baseball money you worded that I know I airline of the buzzer why does my suit up for best movie it is now it is the most of style or movie for me. Probably in my entire childhood a muscle Austin. But a 150 times are front more than VHS out. We endorsement. Now realizes fans now. I guess it came almost five years Californians and the man who yes that's right just a that's because the offense this. Why don't you go to Odessa this delta for my childhood church elder for a loving them move I was five when it came out I can and I Jenny for right yeah so it was it was a obviously young Mike gets a movie about baseball I love baseball. It comes out I get it on VHS I watch it for ever. You know it's one of those were lake you have the big proof he plastic VHS thing and you'll like Yale opening employing around that you always hear is watching the movie. It was facts I want to so many times that to this day it's my if they remove baseball movie. A shoots up until what I asked why it was that movie is akin not to say a marble is it about angels in the Al Sheila did did a bump because for a lot of people in our generation that movie is the sand lot allied ally of the sand lot in the semi to betterment and an interest in the outfield. But. Came out by the way just fire right on the same made a couple of years later a year earlier your earlier freeze up and would have been full for. Right I can kind of understand an extra year in. None of our look at I'd just I'd my parents ever bought me the sand lot. One of my best friends down the street owned it and I'll watch it isn't at his house without man I want to like three or four time to write a kind of compared to what I owned on VHS. So. That is my favorite movie for baseball baseball wise is endlessly outfield having you and teased a lot to do this day. I know we want to right now yet I would watch are now I've seen it on TV once and I watched it but I could tell I want to go out of my way to launch and I take Danny Glover was a terrible manager. Terrible manager. Not ever an awful team wanted to rely on angels heated moderately and analytic a great father figure there. Vital is probably integrate bothers me here fifty G adopted. Jordan go to Gordon Joseph Gordon-Levitt Kerry Joseph Levitt and any even more. He brought them back a month later. We had a better life. He was all alone down in the Q is that crotchety. Baseball hermit who didn't want children and I'm so as believes he's sold on adopting these two kids now now by an ad they are better off with Nan at the Foster home she made jello for them you is not a bad fast Foster mom know. Most Foster parents is supposed to not be bad people downloading had a really good cast. Every day I did we can joke about there's joking there's Tex going either way on the Gentex and a good or bad or. A lot of people who supported us there are their are which I'm I'm surprised but not only here on the station supported if you don't if you. It was a bad movie I think it is catch people off guard with that is if you asked if US a bad movie company you do if you have made is a demo if he has a hundred baseball fans what's your favorite that's what's your favorite baseball movie right how many out of a hundred are gonna name you angels in the outfield. You're out you're coming up a little earlier that there aren't here right not many the angels came out of left field as well. And it won them the pennant. But the later there's there's. There's multiple answers to this question because they do with the ink what Mike is saying resonates. With anybody of any age range. You have been installed to pay absolutely. But you ask my would you watch it now I mean he probably will but if you seeking to watch a baseball movie would you pick that no other is seeking to watch this a movie about the Major League. Just for like I'd want to comment on you and I know how it's it's your different person to ask you what the question it was the best baseball movie of all time. I that's probably bull Durham for Maine but I can I went Patterson and minor in her prime here. She's. Yeah and that's where. From the baseball groupie gotten in now one there's two it got I'm with Mike on on this regard I think there's two different answers to this question I think you can have a favorite baseball Little League with. As an accessory she's him his daddy issues or don't let me answer I think as he's now Johnny one Hillary don't want that. There's an there's a favorite is totally in as the best days trauma they're two different answer. And my favorite I haven't missed out depicted a movie that I still can't watch all the time and if it's ever on TV a stumble on it it was on Netflix and I want to make 800 times. A favorite is a lonely at all times is Sam law. But in my opinion the best I go against the grain a little bit on the best baseball movie as I love every single one of bump my best one is the natural. They're natural how high that movie does inform me that to me is the best base formerly of all time bad not as somebody who loves Major League pulled their own yeah. All I all of them Imus Soviets and upset some people I don't like that movie you like a natural. Roy Hobbs now pick me let her body now. I don't know what it is probably be friends anybody else may lead to get move. Shows Olbermann I'm not here. Well might be over once they get on motorcycle and out of the choice of baseball movies it's not doing it for me. That would mean be my top five. You're an idiot I'm gonna go a step further I'm really upset people I think for love of the game is better. True love a big scheme I'd rather watch John's or wave pretend to be a pitcher can our catcher and then watched Kevin Costner and struggle with the internal battle have a cost eternal love and emotion and dealing with a perfect game while being at the ripe old age of like 45 years old. For the love of the game is a gamble and obviously you aussies dry cleaners says dear tee it up everything that I like how. Had love story movie now the best movie you know what channel they show for the love of the game on CM TA lifetime channel you are so it's an oxygen movie. The best movie get the hell out of here this its field of dreams what are we over think and that's. Because that's not the best is the best movie. You got Darth Vader is and it's a master at series moonlight Graham is an eight IMO light. You've got a guy from Major League at Ku and try to steal a kid's mom is in it does that the mean bra I. I can't believe you just said it for the love of the game is better than that and ultimately boils down to the island am believe Digisette my name's on the show a man I was a little bit about me. I never got to have a catch of my death of he's not dead. But again I never got to have a catch of my guess is still call click should do now do you could drive up and seemed the only way to really different when you're not a kid I. I still play catch with my dad Abby got to do his kids your parents both chose to be active in your lives. I never got to catch of my dad that's fine having you pay in a field of dreams is the best base only that I. Is nine outside cried during that Jesse that's OK I love you I just like children like two months ago Matt guys stumble on that lonely around then. I can't get over Europe can and for the love of the game anytime I hear car coming up travel I think it's my dad coming home. Never is. I don't oil laughs but I just I they'll actually made that last part can what what's wrong with me not liking one of the movies on your list it's not that is that you elevated for the love of the gable for it. If you said fueled the dream has been in the national. Idol I'm no art sale online Major League bold are all observed in the OK I've. For it for any of those so lax I don't like one of the movies what is it was a problem with that we've Sammy say it village greens highly overrated they don't like that movie. Don't let things like Dennis say to Randy and I let it bother me and I will have on don't let it fester this is gonna fester is our village or shall in the middle of the NFL season is somehow gonna bring this back and throw my you know any that you think for the love of the game is a good baseball movie. For the record it is I don't mind that movie that. While there what do you agony for stabbed and naturally you're an invited from the what is her name Kelly Preston here and just got here and invited yadier. An invite for the wedding and that's why straight now you sit here like natural rescind your invitation. I we didn't get our baseball no bachelor party I think now get to the those on the other side what one player what one team are doing it's pretty remarkable if ordered state back in action tonight clothes that show their next on offense. This is a draft which edition of dirt and spreading you brats you guys are way melding sensor and 1080 both friend. A lot of contact the San text 955305. Get by the way you two through Dennis Quaid. And somebody JC went on the rookie where yes that's forty year old also really underrated may pitch for the rays doesn't want to either that that that message of this though I will say I love all baseball movies there's not one he'd appointed that I don't like. Yet minded it their all I only have one little big league missed like 3000. Yeah I didn't I didn't mr. 3000 not a great movie but and not terrible. Discover my enemy of Fred McGriff hitting 500 home runs and come back Fred. Get a crime doubtful out endorsements are dirt from the I was it is not the worse though there are worse movies that mr. 3000. But here's the beauty of sports movies you have to acknowledge you have to be able to one B open minded of other people not liking your favorite. And to you also have to acknowledge. These are not great movies you just like the sport so much and they made a movie about it yes in us relatives or some of them that rise above that joke has Major League is a great comedy share as it ID put it in the colleague John Read Larry's don't have to watch during baseball season and field of dreams is not beyond that it's kind of baseball but it's not really of it's a Stanley love struck and minutes of fatherly saying it in on there's more to adult as the baseball like bull Durham is a baseball movie yet. Holder is also about a guy getting older him and the woman who stuck around the team and I'm falling to look like every sports the small town love story has the extra. Both picked. Bull Durham is a rom com I don't I don't to baseball rob driving almost every almost every sportsman of the house to have that secondary thing else is he just. Final is the reason that was voting spots. Who can't come out alive fury like I assume it's talent Stewart donated to on the Baxter is that many did Texan last segment this maybe chuckled suit as amazing just don't like the natural because Robert Redford doesn't take you sure up. Which I do believe there are shirtless scenes of Robert Redford in that Movielink and shot instead of sound and you believe that is and that's part of it I someone texted supported me. There was one there yet and yet you guys adding that every out of fuel not agreeing with me on and that's okay apps it lets you took up a quick does the Yankees get this and they get four more home yesterday to beat the Mariners seven to two through hardball by the way. Team they beat. It's half the ski on it to key on key did you account I can't make anymore sports net saddle us all the polls. Yes that's where sports gambling gets Unita advocate for that yeah enacted their Keon I yankees have four more home runs as mandated mariners seven did you they're on pace for 273. Home runs this season which would top the Major League Baseball record. Said by the 1997. Seattle Mariner's new Agha got off to a good start yesterday in that big series with Seattle. Four home runs hit. And you know stand I believe was the one that said it. Or maybe used judge I can't tell party mark how can this not be fun for people. 'cause it's the Yankees have we solo home runs though we do it's also it is it's good for baseball. You guys are at baseball doesn't mean you're gonna love that people don't like the Yankees being that he don't get it can ever be a lovable Yankee team now. Now last year was close and a man and stand in that ships say old. But almost all of the players in the team are homegrown right now a strip. Or trade it's not like big symington and staff at 300 million our guys in the one is these dig in the contract. Yeah I think it's good it's good it's it's just like had a dominant team in the lakers to create a super team in LA it'll be good for the NBA but the economic that is going to be a homegrown situation I did this is my friends are guys grant should it doesn't how many guys they hold onto. Rana. I do if I mean amicus and obviously but I think this year is going to be vote caller call last year that they'll be likable. Because. If they go assignment child or harper something for an obscene contract next year that and today a 100% again because people like judge. People like DD where they signed those guys and she DD where's she getting it to be a contract of you give me any mention on Alia you sub TD other areas to him by yah I don't know what they would do but. You know the deployment Charlotte third again. Emma morale that the other one is Mike Trout. He is he is on -- have the greatest war. In history of baseball. He currently I saw crazy stuff like in his last ten games easily made seven ounce. He leads the majors right now and home runs runs walks on base percentage OP SO PS plus total bases and intentional walk us believable. And as crazy and he said he's never one player of the week. He has a 11 at like three years of homelessness doesn't in fifteen so Steve he should be winning at this week and guess what it means for the angels. There once again an average baseball team Lego Mike's a ship go point by AARP one of text line. GB eighty being killed should have been the beginning of John Glick I totally agree he does that help all started tied it altogether since he lost his mind of this dog and sense now. Wow dude GTV. Now you kill my two it's really good points. Take it step today if you miss any of atlas truck tires I'd guess ten and cannot count as you try it tomorrow it is going to be a heavy draft show. Any draft shows he NBA draft Casey I don't. The good guys two of thirty NN day and Oliver at 13130. Bend Oliver will join us who get shall set for the NBA draft in the big night. Ahead we'll talk to you tomorrow at man takes a big part of our Wednesday in a mole on his exodus into 1080 the fan.