Dirt & Sprague 6.20.18 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Wednesday, June 20th
Sprague might be turning into motorcycle guy, this throws everyone for a loop...Dwight Howard traded (again), and tying that in with the Blazers. 

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Dirt and spray gun. Have my vote. This is good drive to a traditional dirt and spread it brought you nicer way buildings and here's summer out of project and remodeling stories online at SH YW a Y dot com durden sprayed on 1080. Would you knew this day of prayer and all right in his twelve. Rose city it is time for durden spray on Portland sports leader. Ten being the man. Brandon Sprague and Peter Johnston in with you on is happy happy hump day. And you can start commie motorcycles sprayed motorcycles. For you by a motorcycle I. I have fallen into the negatively motorcycle guy I've fallen in did the densely being motorcycle guy wow. I don't know what kind of look I don't know I know next to nothing about motorcycles and kinds and types and what you would want a body right so tell me what kind of motorcycle regular by here so there was when I first was talking about this with some folks I just. I'm envisioning a scene in dumb and dumber for free closed out he's got the sleeve is sanity. Miles a gallon of this on its labs amount to theft no will be quite bigger bite him that when I first started thinking about this. I was looking at dual sport. Bikes ones that can go on the road in and ones ago little off humbly trail riding physically and off road might motorcycle. Sometimes I commend the work and I'd just say to myself do I even know you. And this this I'm not gonna like this is one of those moments for me right now I am questioning if I know anything about you I have a friend who has a cousin who as a tunnel and in the general area that sounds about right now so they have all these trails and they went riding on dirt bikes they said we see it to a sports and I can right there on the bikes and in just go off the pass. And I was like you know I that's not really my thing and then we start looking at videos they started read about a little bit yeah that'd be kind of fun I've always kind of wanted to do motorcycles vote my fear of dying in crashes only stop me share. Until a point where I don't know if that's stopping me anymore he's nothing to live for you lord don't matter so now I've moved on from dual sport. Which like I just told you go road and right road right. Two more of a street fight but not. Can he be a Harley guy would like big handlebar is way above your head I don't like the eight bars is not a big fan I'm not a big fan of that I'm looking more like a due tot he monster. If you Google zuccotti monster right now you'll see the bike that I'm kind of like an okay do Connie months it says sports to bike. Because I don't like the handlebars downloading the guys that don't mean all the credit get a motorcycle like that yeah. You know pulled to work in math and why not Aaron sports stars are really in right now after. I'm not say it or not and I just never envision you as the motorcycle guy like you judge me for nice if their Harley with a huge handlebars that little bit and a little bit but again I will say I don't know anything about Laura's isolated motorcycle guy thinks this is really cool and you're like earning props I don't know I don't know exactly I think it's cool. That style of motorcycles seems like he incidental and you know right now really fast you're really on saved as your satellite up over the bite the entire way a guy that's the Lyle is envisioned person's gonna die I don't believe they're kind of slow riding their pay then you lean it back a little bed and figure underestimating the power of hardly none. Underestimate any ideas are much like us this stereotype but it's it's what I've I believe about a sense by. I feel like you would more casually right around and Arlene then you would in a bike like this are you you Google do Connie monster yeah. And you're looking at a ten looks like I guess speed demon now it's not it's not a passive like 380 miles an hour on the no not from zero to sixty in my two seconds man let another body heat is on a Harley and I spent forgive me I've forgot the name of it but it's a sports stir it's kind of built similar to that slated to really sweet. He says when he gets about 65 to seven. It starts to get to a vibration. So I can uncomfortable feel it happening heated by one to go fast okay about one because he loves motorcycles. He doesn't even though seventy on it. He's he's a roll around on 6065 since this. I it Lesnar brings them pretty valid point here right. Is this a midlife crisis. Attack would you say it's a midlife crisis I mean I hope I don't think in that it's a midlife crisis employment you're not going down in your mid sixties but I'm a little this is at a live fields Prager. Like you have told me things in the past you played tennis in high school yet linked waiting Barclays tennis my hair -- back on the outside state playoffs I think what is happening sort replaced him a lesson president Ronald playing tennis in no I was into tennis at all would you have identified Sprague is a high school tennis player now a blood actually a warning rob with a prize award an impediment to somewhere your holier a -- hello cyanide I judge people like judge books by their cover and I judge or -- -- -- -- -- judge your buck and I was like chapter -- -- is like this chapter doesn't belong in his book you're also really in a monster trucks the monster truck apple let me away and that's where does this coming from why are you a -- a monster trucks finally yourself my step dad drove monster trucks before he. He had a Leo difficulties in life and now before those Jake and he was a monster truck drivers that we used to go to shows a mall while we see goad them. Rose Garden crazy to. You yeah. Eager eager for him raced against the grave digger so when I was like five. I step daddy drove monster trucks wells was the kids is to be into those little Siebert Jolie did. It's. I happen. Exists is that I'm throwing this into that category now and you being a NASCAR and monster trucks and playing tennis in high school now letting you ran around in a motorcycle. The only thing I ask you view it is just for the purpose of the show right as yell we're in this thing together. Sir if you're gonna become motorcycle guy I don't when she did dabble I don't want you go one Tel one foot I want you to dive headfirst in a motorcycle guy. I want you to buy some leather chaps I want you coming in at work and leather jacket. I want some like bad to the bone T shirts and a little motors he got to get a Bandana wearing underneath your helmet like. If you're going to be motorcycle guy for the sake they showed dive headfirst into being motorcycle guy I feel like there's a few different motorcycle guy he's in your confusing them into ones and I was diapers I connected one motorcycle guy neck tattoo lot of leathers and jabs you're wondering and a murder you have a Canon guy right bedecked guy I had an uncle ended up doing that he disappeared he joined a -- getting -- we didn't see him again it is it's just ship that was a midlife crisis what happened Iran. But this is something I haven't figured out like a month now. And I'm I'm thinking about going in pain negate the motorcycle schools license. And the wholeness and a comic doing the right way. I'm not diving in head first year in China or some research trying to understand it I will say the cornea is thing I'm doing as motorcycle guy now. I will by the proper gear in 82 left have a thick jackets some have like protective yeah for the arms. I'm gonna buy a specialized helmet in hand that is shaped like the predator. The movie to predator. I don't know if you Google creditor motorcycle helmet you see exactly what I'm looking upon brave this the way at a company like racist act two holy crap since he's dying and predator motorcycle helmet get out my resumes on Nall I don't know bad ass. Not face one's just the black ones I'm Buehrle physical. Account like those. Thank you don't let it beat you do you mean you would look like the predator you might amount of predator movies I think it is that there's a like things flap in the wind as you drive now they're they're pretty weighed down now because I mechanical or in the back I don't want to come in front of my face so I can't see any it checked with hair blown out of your eyes take you ride your motorcycle your fake dreadlocks are in the way I've always that is about motorcycles have always done. Would be really fun for like cruising. You know like scenic highway I have to do I swear to god that's the only reason I wanna get when I want how I got a couple buddies and drive down to close out those for urged a day trippers ads in that kind of motorcycling hacking into idols I can ever be gain in day out motorcycle guy I don't know it went from newer motors I know I do that like once in awhile in the summer but I'm not gonna be. Hard core motorcycle guy I got kids until four months from now when he wasn't so much interns and are sort I mean that's there's going to be points. Might happen if you wanna go cruising why are you buying a bike that doesn't allow you to kind of sit back and look at it and everything I know that I can actually is really it it does that really well I just don't like the the handlebars up killing those guys on Harley's are sitting in their arms just I don't wanna do that I want to be able to sit. Where I can only four or concede straight up and that's of that Michael IG did of I've read about this a little bit I've done a little glittery shirt here. This came out left field man is now it's laugh field is by Q is that there's a price tag on that I don't quite. I'm ready for hurdler texting and putting Florida dirt solo show all wild animal amid spraying pluck out a couple. His dirty. Just rate the eulogy now like blood staters man it's dangerous thing it is very danger staying. This Leslie take courses that's way got to be Smart about it if I'm sorry to surprise you like this that the and in your kitchen this off guard you. Really think you give off motorcycle guy vibe you eat on Lindsey here a long distance runner. If anything you're riding a bicycle hole. I mean I have a bicycle yet you're not motorcycle guy. What does that mean when I see can't be touting a motorcycle guys out there are skinny long distance runners it eat limited meet. It's not a fun to see a doctor and judge your book this is not go hand in hand here okay acted like I know percentages I. I'd like to Europe cultured personnel and you can dabble in the you know on both sides of the blood never in a million years that I expected to be motorcycle why you paint me into this corner somebody standing cannot be a tank Warner's all right let me do what I wanted to do TM is still America if I saw my rights Kenny are you gonna be read your engine motorcycle guy. Mine and I'm gonna. And in Canada it. Still might be my favorite south part of suitable tar heel out motorcycle guy and I'll be that guy and Iraq. All right let's find out what's on tap for today show. What's growing I'm not page to be sold on McCain to be crying there's a lot of scoring and as you say oh I gotta go do that this is what's on tap. Ford by intelligence. Our government more and had the reasons I'm Jenny yeah. Brewing company. Are worn on the beat online at pelican brewing dot com. People's organs healthy it. Brian Ryan tweeting this could be here. Brands re doing motorbikes right the right gear matters don't listen to thirds. I do not taken this seriously how many do it got to do that I don't have to I went so we're talking and they the he's he's commenting your creditor Helmand. Zell is complementing yeah I didn't I didn't say don't get to year I just the predator moment threw me off a little bit I feel like the whole thing is throwing you off yeah. I'm surprised you and I get like a bat man helmet and I kind of I looked did stuff like that and again Darth Vader man. Tune with the voice I didn't even think it feeder help. And now you're forced to. Look there's a Darth Vader motorcycle helmet search for a large Georgia rule one be pretty bad ass and be canticle the but the fact there was record Darth Nader if only in very good he's more of it she bucket guy. And it you know you and I. Have made Iran is there any bike browser out there. 5530 filings anonymous or jerk up by April I was gonna have some bike pros and a they're out there what is summer listening on their bikes right now and be critical. We got a good show today as you can hear Mike Lynch and for Jason swagger I loved yesterday's lag comes up to a draft the show. I'm out tomorrow guys that we know are all right we didn't we didn't know that hello guys who are in this week again and it's debatable. We know why at a mr. Ross why he goes oh loss is making me go to meetings he can't make. The Waco foods Portland open to which dirty myself immediately lifting go all he gets to golf eighteen holes. Tomorrow can't miss meeting got Libya that this was like yesterday to me. This is the is this attacks yet Al evidently to read at 11:29 AM collateralized canonize heads up it didn't tell us till 3 o'clock so that that's that just means to me to determine director when coping and Joseph can't cover buckle do Colin and you can covered during spring. He didn't tell me the day did you can't cover here and it did you think my view he just said. I didn't even see the sex until twelve and you get the privilege of you can't do our show today and I saw and I went to you can't do it LL wait today I just got back from what once. They need to shower and I think if they're now right and he goes on Wednesday and I'm like. Tomorrow next Wednesday yeah I AM and it was today yeah wells like you're gonna tell them. By the way these meetings are the most overblown it's not going to be it's a K and we still doing this in August where enough not to go golf eighteen holes exactly what the meeting I just love that he told me without telling me when all yeah the panic in me like I needed to be their fifteen minutes ago when he told me at 1130 DA and that's very swipe card I'm now wondering on your motorcycle if you can get his side car and I can write around it yeah so that -- car on that thing let's do this show from a motorcycle I had a buddies shoot me a picture of a guy with a side carting kids and it is can be used in hospitals and all the sidecar guy caught nah I'll go along. I wannabes take our guy team out writer on an aside Carl it's so I feel like sidecar guys more in danger than guy on motorcycle. I need to get in accidents like our guys gold first pick our guys Canada. And an axe I gotta say as a sidecar guy in something Miller as your on top of it. So there's an accident he may station inside the side Carlos Allard the ground and at the site cars the bull. And stop you just yet it's just FY IR guy owlen. Hello all right we have gone way of advice I've I might because now he's infected us with the prime time over the clock ability in genetic that they have on that shows Abbas man. This is Mike winters fault. We got a good show has allowed things to get to today we look at some NBA draft nuggets of Portland TrailBlazer fringe should be mad. A trade went down Adam silver defends the NBA Mike Riley potentially gone from Corvallis. A missing restatement was recorded saying this and I'm not buying that it's legitimate. Also the greatest prank ever played. At the World Cup as sent from one of our. The Yankees are gonna break the home run record. There was a quiet meeting will hear oh wait tiger in Morse now is guessing on that Mike Trout is amazing. And we've got stat or story so got a busy show or a director and spray at Peter Johnson now operating Sprague coming up next Dwight Howard traded. His support team in four years in 2009 when he went to the finals of the magic. Would you believe me if I told you this was going to be his career. 55 DO buys Pentax finder is break back with more on the fan. This is a draft regulation of dirt and spray he brought to you nicer way buildings that. Answer until navy both Israel there. Feel like nationally. He's next don't. So zoo can exist tax me. All the publicist on a motorcycle guy got the motorcycles and taxed as someone who rode motorcycles you'll crash the first six months she ride it's just a matter how bad that's a guarantee. Just say you know that going in. And for the love of god do not get a predator helmet like you're learning to ride out a way to know what you're doing then still don't get it but at least wait a year or two I've tried to spear you read our ridicule from real IC that's a good thing that's been advised rather do that I would connect that to a guy that I know like golf guy like that my golf guide that shows that that doesn't know how to golf that's really bad a golf red buys all the stops and wears slacks and has a white belt. That he shows up that that the range that in my can feel Nike's Tiger Woods nannies seem hit a couple of shots. It is neck as a 113. And you weren't nice slacks and a light bill. Get out your body. A gain helmet thing looks. I think if I'm gonna dive into and eventually I just I. You know if motorcycle guys even our time is waited to get a lot of good feedback from motorcycle guy defend tax line when it someway to helmet is a later conversation I'm not gonna start off his witness a century helmet later added I hope it has like a predator sound effect on you can press the button at a stoplight got like a red beam on apple leases on some of the predator noise I may ultimately get to highlight a lot and I just feel like if you like them and just who cares just go get it. Starting out a problem we will not have that saw gives mechanic that. I am gonna take it very seriously though because I know I I believe what he is saying. But I I'm not in sitting crashing in the first six months you're going to crash in the first six months like what does that mean though with a car. Can you ever is gonna follow her you know there is out of socks to thank you person rather than just interpret to tax. But I I would just say like as I know people that have written and they've never been an accident my brother in law's been writing for five years he's never been an accident. But I guess that depends what you're defining yeah has yet occurred. He might have to curb but he's never been like irk by it right he's never gonna fly any eighty yards on the highway so that's what he means an OK but if he means like a car is gonna rearrange ride lower. Sigh I might get also and he might just mean you're gonna fall like yeah yeah irregular and Lance ran in for me. Obviously I ought to write a bike but I haven't ridden a bike in years and years and years. And the first time I went back on one it was like. What is happening highlighted balance if you start slowly like fall decide to catch yourself fall despite capsule Petit figured out again. Doing that and motorcycles probably does more dangerous. I think Michigan one of those old man three we'll ones. Followed them safety ones like the Detroit it's nice stadium one that was rhetoric and that's our guys to look happy that president saying they aren't happy people make funny about their country is held you know get a little bit safer if you get an accident right in round or in the will be posting a budget with a reason I really liked despite two. Just kind of doing some Breeden in and dig and this spike is smaller the smaller build I think it weighs 500 pounds or lessen. It's easier for guys that might be six footer taller. Out lights they can. They have no problem judgeship stand imbalance you just the kind of lead the one leg overdose OK it's not really a big problem for yet it is NBA he basically needs are gonna drop and followed your bike at some point action aside and then that this probably a given browser to try and you're trying to figure it out you're going around weird angles and some Vietnam. I can see that you just keel over Poulter at Arkansas's first and practice and that's a motorcycle school as you go to these parking lots a similar time in Beaverton when I lived there. Listing they Saturday I think it's like five hours to ask you about the new rides you know I'd get a valid point here and that is backing up my a sidecar. Argument. If you at a side guard this thing and you have my fat ass sitting in that sidecar pretty good wait don't we are balancing out your not tipping over that things not Colin anywhere we we are once sturdy motorcycle machine at that point a serious question then we'll move on to them through a course like four questions a time. If I ended up being sidecar guy. The white slight case you're gonna do this. I want you to take kids or want us I want genocide car. If I was sidecar guy and I came in here on out Friday and yet how on earth. And we said let's go to the bar of the road it's a mile and a half as good drinking and driving on a motorcycle great idea and and and sorry you know and I don't we're going to the bar okay. Would you honestly did in the side car. It would get the Cy Young go eyes sprayer I've never seen you drive a motorcycle for a no because I wouldn't know if you got an accident not because you would either a show up with bruises scratches or you have like a hole in your hands or you wouldn't make it to work so if you made it that far without getting in an accident you said they're to have to decide car yet I don't know proper and no way I'm getting him outside car. Trustee but I will drive in my car behind you and see how you drive myself and that I won't go okay. May go right next what does he knew I was writing it was like three years down route you knew I'd write for three years ago I thought I trust your billions chemical America. Trust me now live I'm not gonna ask you Cummins a week indicting him there till 130. I'd like breathing it's really I enjoy it asks one of my hobby to get a good job to doubt we do we have a great life jumble it man I'll try not to look at our what's the course like pull questions of the day as we talk a lot of motorcycles we will get to some real sports here I. And I include a motorcycle poll question now somehow some way but I can't tell mumble but in my head of he got a good 155305. I feel like this Sprague will die question is to morbid yet let's not go that route a solo shows side. Good idea bad idea for spring to get a motorcycle. They can think always gonna die by saying bad idea but Bryce out on that's an option how about spread once a motorcycle midlife crisis. Nice to get one midlife crisis is pretty solid about how Campbell thought that up. You know once we got Mike Riley apparently leading sort of state again what's going on there he's going to the AAF whatever the hell that is. What do you make of it good for handle where's the loyalty or I don't care. We SE fund trade hypothetical for you would you pull the trigger on this deals he Gemma columns plus the 24 pick to Memphis. For Chandler Parsons in the fourth pick yes he did the fourth pick out of it or know not enough for CJ right now 52 to 48 close split. Of people saying Mel that's not enough the fourth overall pick not enough for CJ McCollum. I never asked because somehow he's someone on this box sent an email on the rock responded we got to missile angels in the outfield conversation before the show this is created by Mike Lynch by the way so we ask what is the best baseball movie of all time is not included you have to respond I went with four classics so we got a lot of write in votes obviously so the four classics at takes boulder on the natural Major League or field of dreams tank and Mike Lynch is by the way for the record. He thinks a lot of other movies are great but his personal take is angels in the angels in the Al as discussed on prime time this has been dimmed as brought back by Justine can I have. Been ripped apart by the for a closer to discuss the so far as you know suit and does seeing camp yeah. And I'm not backing down all of the movie don't back down a little angry do you men die ideals then I'll have done on hill I got. I don't a lot ails the station. As we know I'm cheap guy who doesn't dressed properly. And I just got a dining LC got to identify who you are. So there's a cooers like apple question of the day may shrink at Coors Light XP app and its rewards for vines and Coors Light aren't let's get into it now coming up next. Dwight Howard traded in how we should (%expletive) off Portland TrailBlazer fan that's next the first Mike with a sports update. They began it opens test. Streaks you don't play as fast and done them much fast yet. This is a draft which edition of dirt and sprayed you brats you nicer way buildings and terror on ten AB both friend. All right welcome back to 12350. I am. The Charlotte hornets agreed to send Dwight Howard. To Brooklyn nets for him to stay mas jobs. And to the second round picks and cash. This was reported by Adrian ward now Steve ESPN. Charlotte was determined to move Howard who had 23 point eight million dollars left but it's an expiring contracts to one year remaining. The hornets will receive the nets' second round pick number 45 this Thursday. And eight and number 20/20 12 round pick. According to his sources Moscow has two years and 32 point seven million left on his contract. Charlotte general manager Mitch Kupchak. Signed mas got a Wii four year 64 million dollar deal. With the LA lakers two years ago so for the second time he's agreed to bring on that monstrous contract that he gave Mann's got to him which by the way we'll get to this coming up here in ten minutes herself. That was regarded as may be the second's. Or third worst contract in the summer of 2016 this is the second time it's been traded Aussie chant of those kind of deals which is something we will dive into. A second time is been traded from a multiple teams I wanted to I want white Howard real quick before we get to the blazers. Dwight Howard is now on his fourth team in four season. Eddie as he went to the NBA finals in 2009. He was along with Turkoglu in. Deliveries on that team. Jameer Nelson and I was injured on their way up. Let's see who is another guy Courtney leave. Courtney Lee yet Courtney Lee was he had his shot and they won game one of the finals I believe he had to put in at the was a good inbounds play a number that innate betting they went on to lose four straight out so no I think that series and six other in my head anyway as he was the finals and don't I. If I tell you post that finals matchup because we talked about the cold takes that are out there about hate you want to I don't LeBron after that happened. But I would have told you hey. See this take it Colin because never gonna happen again and he's gonna get to a point where he is hated. Not wanted. And overpaid and traded multiple times every single season and a guy that nobody apparently want a ritual Spotify towards you and only nine this is how his career was gonna go after getting to the NBA finals couldn't have seen this coming I couldn't I I think it's a double. It's a double whammy against him on number one and he just isn't a good teammate to doesn't sound like a good guy and locker room and other I've seen a couple of reports and read a couple of articles out of Charlotte today. Of people basically saying there how. Happy that he's gone nobody in that locker like dim his schtick got old they said they were just tired but now with them and you know this is one that goes against an argument that you and I make occasionally. You should be willing to take a chance on a locker room cancer because clearly it does he was enabled said. His teammates weren't able to get past that Charlotte. The the other double whammy that's going against him is he just doesn't fit in the NBA anymore he. If you look at his numbers are not bad it's not like Dwight Howard has fought off a cliff and forgotten how to play it's not like he's been banged up and missed a bunch of games. Last year. He average seventeen points and twelve and a half rebounds a game if nor did that we would be right ideology and America just get it takes seventeen and 1012 and a half boards a game and shoot 55%. From the floor right spun me up that's great. But when you how to that it can't shoot free throws he'd be Carol he could only play in the paint he can't leave the paint. It just it just doesn't sit in this model of the MBA and I think there's been a couple of guys that have kind of been casualties of the of the new modern basketball but. None more so than Dwight Howard because he could still play at a high level. You go back and look at his last three or four years I mean it's always double doubles he doesn't average single digits he's averaging close to 1213 rebounds every year. He never shoots below 55% from the floor the numbers are still there. It's just not the kind of basketball teams want to play more you know the numbers are good. Stint you know on paper but there also Qaeda and the aren't day because when you look at the teams he's been playing for and what they've done now those used in rocket teams weren't bad. But he goes the lakers after the Alando debacle the way that India with Stan Van Gundy drinking Diet Pepsi tying my how Dwight Howard basically. Was this and that and Dwight Howard comes doesn't know that standing and he was talking to a piece examined. Does all this fake you know persona in front of the cameras. After that moment it was done to see when the lakers everybody's saying him in gnashing Kobe or the super team there one year their face Sox they broke it up right away Nashville apart and Howard just didn't work with Kobe doll can be aided him. And then he goes to Houston. They had some success and he's there wasn't any Western Conference finals right they went to mid western Imus finals and in that quickly. Dissolved into well we got a break him out of this because he's not worth it on and also again it didn't fit with the style of basketball that they wanted to play I just wonder like the numbers are there and we talked about their kids but here's the thing in Charlotte when you have Kemba Walker and really that's about it like nick Tim's not terrible but he's not rack change in the landscape of your franchise. It's hard to do much when your big and you get those numbers you almost sick you're him on a team like Charlotte last year for example. You almost need to add DM near thirty and fifteen. For your team to win loss wise be drastically different in the current climate the MBA is not that kind of player and he's not that kind of player yet to back surgeries and he went through two of home. The personality thing he's just always kill them now what is what is always kind of left me he. Confused about him is the personality problem. And how he just has a disconnect in locker rooms does is the weapons thirteen fourteen at that happened to hum I think every team he's been with has at some point said that he was not good the locker room him. He's not that guy we see in front of the camera that he isn't a lock tomorrow. And so we know that he's not a great locker room presence but we don't know the extent like how does that happen. If you Maggie asked me last year's Dwight are going to be good Charlotte's locker I probably would've said no. But did you see every come out and and he will be like yap he got old quick what does that mean easy playing jokes the whole time I actually kid I am probably thinks he's. I did CI that we get old for your teammates what was the last time these best player and his team. As I said I left Orlando right. You know but I'd say this though he was good and he says he was good in and that's where like having dizzy you mention that the numbers have been on paper what does that translate to he's he's been on awful basketball team's last two years and he's gonna be another one excerpt of Brooklyn gonna sock again. He was in Atlanta years goes in Charlotte last of these are playoff teams but. I think his blazer fans we can go back mentally and remember watching that first round series and loaded the shot in game six. Number some of those games it was Dwight Howard scoring like twenty straight points at stretches. We would you Robin Lopez could have could not summoned to save his life they would just dump it low block in the end or not to be doing turn around anyway an end. For some reason they would go away from it and then even in the Western Conference finals you're that they had. Let's not forget Dwight Howard I believe was still on the floor when they made a big comeback it was James Harden. Who was sitting on the bench in not showing up in the policies and so was he the catalyst that led them to the conference files and used to know all but I didn't think there was that big of a gap between him departed. I've I view him pretty similarly at this point in his career to a guy like Carmelo Anthony. It's always been a question of attitude. And clearly that has not changed for Dwight I haven't I hear much about Carmelo on his attitude in an Oklahoma City but he did come on after the year and say he wasn't used the right way out I think that there is little something to that Stephen Adams slicing that posts about getting hurt him now right getting him out of there an accident that those kind of guys I still view them as if they could just change their mentality and maybe change the way they do things on the for a little bit I still think they can be contributing members on the basketball team. But it just if you're not willing to change and adapt and fit into a scheme in 2018. You're old dame is not gonna work like Howard's been in the league now for like thirteen years he's in his mid thirties. And you're just not the same player that used to yet. To adapt I mean this is a hall of clay a hall of fame big guy. That is done things that not a lot of players have done in this league and I know he is not a likeable guy get that. I'm not to refund them either tried to not acknowledge the player he has been in his career. I think he'd be sorely mistaken you're talking defense of player of the year you're talking all NBA. You're talking MVP candidate at one point and even the years that. He was much maligned. In an LA thing did not go well autographs for everybody that you're right Kobe in his personality types couldn't be further away. Minus the LA thing lets you can't act like she's been an absolute scrub like patents obesity throughout easily and I understand because I mean hornets game to watch it now but. He he you we might like you might be on to something he may be. A player that can do something but here's the problem his contracts terrible share Brooklyn's gonna be bad so doesn't matter what his numbers are because it won't change their trajectory. What is a team that's contending really gonna wanna pay that guy after Brooklyn because he's an expire yes whenever I'm on these yellow Laurie left on his deal feasible to. Contract he could go get one's name a team how many teams can you name. That you think he goes there they can try to get him to focus in. And give them a year or two of actual solid production not distractions locker. I have to be a winning caliber TD got to go in and fit into a team it's gonna win 5060 games and have a chance went out because you're not gonna get in a bind that role in Atlanta as it made it hasn't worked last year not going to be Boston knocked it in Boston. Honestly none of the teams wanna sign him what I'm telling her about to sign him JaVale McGee is probably Olympic gold state. After he was to be the same but the Y is different though right like Dwight has the eagle McGee never had he has the money McGee never had. And yes ninety times better career than me here have. Yeah I gaffe. It is it would just depend on in two years who needs a Sadr was it was look at drug guys think he's in the ring chaser. If aren't what does he chasing it does when your career the guys made a ton of money he's you know how much easier to make this up coming here Tony eighty point three so act that's good amount money and at this point given saved enough. It that that would be my mindset and there's got to be somebody out or they could use a defensive guy and they can't make may become off the bench. He's got a grabbed a thirteen rebounds a game he's a great rebounder he's got to play good interior defense against a do that. But aegis EE can't fitted with some of these teams elect to get up and down and run in space the floor just he's a dinosaur all right well I I am curious about this as that trade goes down Portland may have missed an opportunity. And it should frustrate you a little bit we'll tell you what that is next on the fan. This is a draft precondition of dirt inspiration you crack team nicer way buildings answer on 1080 friend. Are we got a loaded second hour a lot of things to get to him. I wanna read this one real quick. At his camp mark is Smart just try to take a charge on a kid running to the pizza line. That is not a joke he legitimately stepped in front of a kid to take a charge as he was running to go eat pizza. We need mark is Smart on our team I would love Marcus Martin blazer uniform every team needs markets Smart. Speaking of the blazers who would a mother Dwight Howard trade. And Timothy Moscow office on the other end of this deal this is gonna by the way helped get Charlotte. Under the tax line I believe is how would explained yet because he's not making as much per year but there are two years left on the mas got to deal right. So they've decided yet league contract Mitch Kupchak coincidentally signs into it goes to Charlotte and brings him over. He's been traded twice now since signing for years 64 million dollars of you go back to the summer sixteen. And I think if you ranked improperly you would go Chandler Parsons is the worst contract yeah that's fair Llewellyn king is second. Evan Turner's third. And Moscow office fourth yeah. Which by the way let's not forget is -- combo with the magic gave him that was pretty bad taste so there's your top five worst contracts from the summer sixteen. Evan Turner is a contract that. You know all shake kind of feels like is told us through different ways and I can't move it's impossible. Moscow's been traded twice now. Vanish on a hike in who covers the MBA at large said there is no contract is untreatable I have always believed that. And teams are always looking unique ways to help themselves. I know people are not fond of Dwight Howard I get it are really deal. But do you wish Portland would have jumped in here. And said take Evan Turner. And you'll be able of attacks we'll take Dwight Howard for one year I for one year he's expiring we know that. Will get rid of the Evan Turner contractor you glad they stayed out of it war. Did you see this deal from Fargo wide how can we not trade Evan Turner. I I view it two ways one wages mention why is the amend term contract on movable Glenn now Timothy mas Gaza has been dealt twice mom and I also view it in the line of I would have done this deal and RP it if this deal was flips and just to get ready Evan Turner contract it meant. You had to take on Dwight Howard is bad personality in his bloated contract from one year yes sign me up all do that. In the grand scheme of things it's collateral in the culture inside the locker room Damian Miller does a good enough leader that he doesn't let this kind of stuff. He a faster if you will some of his teammates and some of the younger players and that's death out of a fit. He's a free agent he's gone after one sees anyone even remember him when you look back on the blazers organization ten years down the road. Anything to get out from the two years remaining on that deal that this is a great trade. Did you just to get him he did get a bad deal off of your books get one years so it's an expiring contract. Maybe it is a team even it looks for a player like that in the trade deadline that once expiring contract for themselves or they want a player of this caliber of the deadline. It just gives you so much more flexibility in if you could move Timothy mas golf. You should be able to move Evan Turner yes somebody Texans since sorry but youngest younger shatter will be I'll always be Marv movable with a bad contract in ET who can't shoot really only works in the half court offense he may be. One of the most undesirable. Role players in the NBA. I have no doubt he is no fairy desired and collect the story where he text friends and family are shocked he was the blazers off from seven million. You can move it. You could move it you could you can tell us this you tell us that we actually sealed on the show tomorrow at 1230. Harsh grow our kind of thoughts sometimes he disagrees with on things I talked in my teens about stuff ozone which is green on. So I'll get his thoughts on that Aussie band dollars and Desormeaux 130s well so we'll ask both of them what they think. But even step away from having Dwight Howard I do you don't want to white fine I get a deal. This has got to just be a little bit of a slap in the face right like for a player that we all know including the old Shea you know this is not a good fit. I think she is a good player he's got great he's the player he just has to be in the right situation Boston for example. Utilized him well it worked with what they were that year. I think you can move him and the fact that they haven't and the fact that you've had Mozgov treated twice now. I just I think that's an indictment Arnold Shaq and it's another thing now fans that are demanding him to be fire right now it's another thing they can pile on and add to it. It reminds you too dad if you're gonna move something like that during gonna have to take garbage back in return well and and that's right I tunnels below Shays unwilling to do that -- this team was 500 I look hey I appreciate that how wire thirteen game win streak last region in a while like somebody takes this in blazes have been trying to get what real bombs like sultan Gerald lawless jail blazers is no excuse to bring in a bomb. Like to light and that's her I just I am I wholeheartedly disagree with that rate sultan was your from what one season. We still enjoyed bowling and everytime he comes back to Portland making donut jokes about how he's trapped like. That general in the blazers that had no bearing on how good or bad the blazers were wee bit Battie was here for one year he was bad and any moved on. If you bring an got into play Howard from one season what's the worst that's going to happen. Pleased is a well I yearly deal meaning the worse let's get ruined damion looked emailers who led that ruin him as a leader is gonna let that ruin the chemistry inside the locker room for one year right. I just I don't Bynum us fear factors and I think you have to look at. Would you rather eat that who sandwich for one season to give yourself some flexibility next off season. Because the sad reality of it is right now it looks like we're holding on a whole bunch of bad contracts for two more years. They're not trade numbers nobody that wants some nexus of a lot easier in terms of moving assets and maybe it is and maybe you have more flexibility there but I would rather have a Contra 123 million dollars coming off the books next offseason. That is still be scrambling and trying to find a way to trade a player right clearly doesn't stated disorganization at NASA's name in the draft. This tomorrow we the 24 pay. Yeah we talked about yesterday hypotheticals there's been no rumblings that Portland is. Involved with anything. And that's kind of at all Shays MO the if world's tweet summing it means O'Shea Lee did to them but. Nobody else's we get remotely anything about Portland. It's it's been quiet ride and a free Simmons. Is the only one that we've talked about her hurting they are out and ninety you're located in play college baskets clearly going to be a project at twenty Ford could have good outside or it could just be mail whenever wrapped. Well I think you look at the exit by the Charlotte Brooklyn one too easy mentioned Charlie getting under the luxury tax which is important for them. In a wanna be repeater. And that's a Portland and last year in G and trading Allen Crabbe and knows the same thing that is doing this why are we gonna pay this guys is money let's get rid of him and that was a good deal to get rid of the bad Allen Crabbe contract. As he did nothing as fast your Brooklyn. So that's a dated for Brooklyn side of it is crazy the way they've lined everything for themselves. After next season the only player that they are still gonna have under contract. And lest they pick up options and that kind of thing is Allen Crabbe. They are gonna have they're gonna have the ability to go on spend money on whoever they want whoever they would indeed go go pick any player your ticket let you go get him into years and at that that's a decent spot to be like we make fun of Brooklyn all the time from bad they've been in the trade that made to Boston and setting up this. That's all true. But they've at least done a good job now of aligning themselves for not this this upcoming season but next offseason to have a ton of flexibility. They might have sixteen million dollars in caps basically two sheriffs players some people have links fiery if he does degree of Boston might really like the Brooklyn situation they'll play a Brooklyn language icing on this will bring this back in our number two on read this Texas we go to break you guys act as if Evan Turner is actually useless he's still well liked in locker room and does produce on the court mas golf is doing neither. And is paid less money by the way. Answer this question honestly listen to that text that it would Neil she treated if you could right now. 'cause we can what does that say about him being quote unquote not useless on the court if a team thinks he can be useful for what they want him. Also he just he just wondered neo she's on the horn and all what what's going on in Portland diving assets I think plays of France media etc. I don't think anybody and really knows what the planets. And that's something we're all going to be wondering tomorrow night and heading into free agency we got a lot of second hour a lot of things to get to. And outlook to start with the blazers and then move from there our tutor in spring back with more on the fan.