Dirt & Sprague 4.13.18 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, April 13th
Blazers keys to the series, Sean Kelley joins the show to preview the Pels, and Spragueing the Line.

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You know you might think about taking Jesus Christ is safe and that too. All this stuff. This is stirred in spray. Jack is saying geez Christ can't hit curve ball went candy under Johnson and Brendan sprint. What the hell's going on out here well they're scared it was I answered Jen is the only answer. We need alive it was a drivers to meet the drivers to take it personal poses eleven nobody seems to know what to get familiar terrain for the wedding with Jordan's. Re going to and maybe that's all we've done one damn here. Don't worry nobody was an anyway those soon some room in. As did his final hour hour and sprayed on a Friday other front historical loan. Remedy that day my. The hopefully this summer wind is close behind rocks your I started while while. Country last night with life at stake pretty good. So I had a moments. Where I fell asleep for five minutes okay able disclosure okay that's all right and then when I came to again. I like the ending. I was into by the way I was exhausted yeah one of those things but I saw a 98%. Of it and buddy I can't wait to dive and even deeper it's it's a fascinating guy Treasury's idea I don't know much of that story and I was talking about this my brother in law is I think for five years older than me a kind. He didn't know this story either he realizes he just I started watching it a week ago and he brought it up and I said you had brought it up on the show. And I was a keynote today teach cheesy which aggression as they teaching me about that aggression we have no right right dating teaches anything in the Parker is district about it and it happened before really my time it's 310 vol one of those public school cover up kind of things like just kind of glance over that line. Reacts a lot like slavery history as is glance over really this 150 years 200 years span and an evident in Benazir. That's always been a young life briefly choice sonic flood it's we're gonna move forward now I enjoy it man is giving off a lot willful reaction segment cities to get through that bad I wanna devote a whole segment as to is talking about that documentary is trying get the and again on what's your name Sheila. Yes she'll though is let's get her on the show she has a bit of a psychotic. All era but oh yeah psychotic. And somewhat sexy vibe to her or anybody else skipped a field had to take me now. Back in the day no Oracle's she'll poisoned him. Shall love your brain is it at that she had that kind of that that Bible I didn't know this is a two class do class Brothers production I did an idea did you plus Brothers are really towns again as a like their work and it's a great documentary. End as ideas but it does sound different out skip Bayless is in and his NBA finals preview. Oh did he do lease breaking the line EC regular edition regular line on the NBA finals let's see how hard he wanted to be ready for skip Bayless is NBA finals prediction on the legacy take LeBron so he can talk about how LeBron was disappointing if he doesn't when the title OK. He has taken. The Philadelphia 76ers. To lose in the NBA finals. To the Oklahoma City Thunder. Not not. He. And I think I'm not he said this on national television audience we this bad boy out. So he said it on TV then he treated his sound give or take forty and a half hour ago call me crazy. Call it a hard overhead I say thunder over sixers for the NBA Donald Ross takes over in the playoffs beat Utah seven. Houston and sixth. Gold Satan seventh. And then beats billions fixes addresses revenge. So that happened decision. Hope give a messy. Old all takes exposes flag it and seminar titled takes exposes 'cause it's not a genuine prediction that I have to drive into a twelve seed to win the NBA bracket. The NCAA bracket to drive home today knowing skip Bayless makes. Six million dollars more than me here our money dude. Lot either way I'm starting that's his salaries so I've resuming nothing its details make six million dollars here yeah and so let's get the blazers series Shelley we have a probable questions on this prompted them quickly. Decide what people were taken so we ask what non game CJ factors into the biggest key for the blazers to win this series. And as of right now all let's see here 30% of people are going with bench scoring as the top key for them to win. Tony 6% said Marcus coming back healthy and contributing. 23%. Say Aminu making 321%. Say use of new wreckage. On Anthony Davis. I tend to think at that number eleven Hartley seems to be an obvious number one this teams is different with them and line up. Whether it's a 100% heartless or 80% heartless I dislike having him back in his ability issued. And space the floor a little bit because he's not a guy you just league wide open for four quarters like amino. But Aminu to me is is that we talked a lot about this in the first hour of the show we ease the swing tractor for me because they are going to leave him wide open. Yeah the entire series and it has a chance to have really changed the course of the series early in game one if he comes out hot but he did against Houston and he did Damon CJ going a little bit. This has a chance to really heat up and if he gets off to a slow start all of a sudden. US numbers behind this may be he start to think there's something to the slop well and I. I hope that it eight he can he clear his head and be okay and just scratch what happened at the end of the season and their last ten games. Nine of which she attempted a 3-D he's in game he did not in those last ten games. He averaged 21% from three. That it I mean that is just abysmal you you shouldn't be at that level associate for a guy that's gonna get decently. A decent amount of looks from Brian from beyond the arc. I hope he's able to get past that mentally we know we cannot be you defensively there's no doubting that and by the way his rebound numbers might not stick out very much. He is a creator of other rebounds he's a guy that will crash the glass and he gets a hand on any tips at way to somebody else. Or he slaps it back off the glass and it creates an opportunity for their offense to get second chance points I think he gives you more than what some of the stats measure. Where you worry is offensively. If that's who Al farouq Aminu is going to be offensively in the post season. Because they're not gonna defend him they're gonna have somebody on him. And that individual is gonna be leaking and drifting toward somebody else and helping. He better hit those shots and he doesn't. Dapper in that you're creating for Damon CJ is this going to be it's is going to be up that much more user Americans we get it he's playing really good basketball. I'd love where I've seen from him and Eric fever seems to be. Roland right now he's locked in now but if you're not getting anything from Alfred I mean you. You kind of start losing track of who can give you something on this team because you have a lot of hit and miss guys. And so the the the ask of demon CG production wise is is gonna go up even more. And you wonder if that's gonna matter in terms of New Orleans and what they've been able to do in the second half because they've been just as hot as Portland in the second half stretch he had to. Did you reasonable answer that poll question was bench scoring and we ask simple question and a what clarity when as he played the fewest minutes in the first round vs New Orleans. The options were content to Napier Baldwin and Collins. Who do you think was the top OK there. Of those for the blazers fans to see the fewest minutes from I would imagine they'd be content but I. Might be wrong because of the rookie fact you are and I was kind of surprised by that pack commenting now 42% of those dead it was Baldwin 3614%. Said Napier and 80%. Said sacked Collins so Collins is the least wind no one wants and they system know that what is it to mull all AM answer persons are let's reverse it basic products it is a wonder they wanna see the fewest minutes from the play well and I don't really blame people for that wade bald win. You've mentioned this report small sample size so it's tough to really have a a real formed opinion on it but like wade Baldwin has not given us a big sample size. And yet you still feel that he's better defensively Shabazz has been. Just not very good and that's the unfortunate part is he hit that stretch right before post season he's a lot like Farooq in. He just told that he doesn't sick with him mentally. I kinda get where people fall in line with pack sizes up you're gonna need the length mass lettuce is among Zach Collins. He is a decent defender he's not worldly but he's pretty decent and to be in the right spots at least challenge guys enough any gives you the perimeter threat. So acting Zach Collins is going to be somewhat. Important in May be one or two of these games we know I'd Davis and what he's been. About guys like sacked Collins this is what wins you series as you get the unexpected from players. Any games 345. Even a six situation. Jack called has been Islam to everybody in the team's been Islam but his shooting numbers are just awful name prone figgins is he to bust out you know is a play minutes Aziz these number two on a big depth chart. On the bench they allowed in Ed Davis normal line and he's he's gonna play minutes and if you get and knocked down some shots I can be is I think your slump is really exists. Your non slippers are really American game even CDs been down a bit of a slump in the rally Wednesday he was struggling for a bit they're too brightly just got Barney attic to game thing where it's struggled yeah played the Dallas game gaining. Yes he did they lost doused with Amy Willard and was giving got hurt in Indian army rolled his ankle in the game. Own and he missed the used to game. That's right Anthony came back a San Antonio yeah and not right usable question for the local. Or exceeding great news for the local broadcasters get settled it later also a fun question Alyssa opposed to us as. It's impossible happens the blazes make to the finals it goes to game seven how would you prefer watch. At Holm with a few friends or in a bar of hundreds of people. That was cut evidenced in question we will bring that up. A bit later but let's stick with the series and there's an easy one and he's among free of yap let's stick with a series only get a perspective from the other side of things shy Kelly's voice the New Orleans pelicans what does he make of the matchup what do folks down there I think about the blazers that's next on offense. It's fun against the other side of things and talk to the opponents that's gonna do shot Kelly's radio voice of the New Orleans pelicans and he's get rated college game one mineral and set things volunteer asks John Kerry lied. Sean thanks so much and I just gonna start with what is the reaction carlin's when you found. The blazes are going to be in a matchup in the first round. Yeah. Our big bird oral and there was a study and it goes taiba enjoyed the curious during the regular season would trailblazers in oh. Blazers outscored the pelicans in the organs total. One point. So it's a great recent matchup. And I know that I am excited to see. Due superstars in in Willard and Davis and then obviously supporting cast regional sites. Of the possible scenarios the pelicans were facing in round one. Do you think the blaze were team they they wouldn't wanna see like how did that stack up in your opinion with with that group. I guess regularly speak for me personally I'd you know I'd I didn't frighten wanna see the rockets and I also didn't wanna see the Utah suggest that. We cute with regarded the rest of the field that you will. Everything was so close. In the standings. And how little stacked up that. Really there's there's no way out for anybody I don't see anybody sweeping another team I think that'll all the series in the western side of the bracket. Are going to be ultra competitive but I think very entertaining. But I wish on Kelly bullies of the New Orleans pelicans. You know adding these two teams are similar to when he started the year ending kind of took off with a strange thing about New Orleans was. Got to the slow start but the DeMarcus Cousins goes down to telling everybody would it add that they are done second best player gets hurt. A for the rest ear and then they take how do you quantify that that cousins goes to talent and they get better. Is it really is quite amazing and and you do recognize. The adjustment period when you look apps. The other being the breakdown of the schedule and results you see the dipped after the cousins injury and his team trying to find themselves a little bit to their four gamer. Losing four out of five so polite that and then the kind of figured it out couple things happened one DeMarcus Cousins. Got on their butts about the weather were playing and slumping after his injury and then Q I think that it just a few games for them Q. Patent reinvent themselves and maybe a little overly dramatic but they certainly had to change the way they played because. Ballot DeMarcus Cousins should actually stress which changes the make up here of your game what you're seeing plates and when Alvin Gentry and and Chris mentioned those guys kind of figured out the new world should look like. What you are with the remaining piece is the roster. Accumulate all of wants everybody kind of dotted it raised their roles and most importantly Anthony davis' and put this team on the back. And it has had an all world. You know last few months of the season so. All those things played into it and his team was able to recover you don't you have to tip your cap to him in the in the way they handled it and move forward because. It'd been real easy this that there are look at this season. If it had gone downhill or discuss it at level ball after the injury and I think most people would've understood the situation but in. Yeah by contrast they also I think now recognize how remarkable that our turnaround was of that adjustment wasn't getting it done. Yeah you know what we've Dalai Sean here in Portland is we talk about New Orleans and you know aside from Anthony Davis who you should worry about it we've had some people go ID no they had this person on the team dated and that person. It's it's your best guess but what do you think from a standpoint due to Damian Miller CJ McCollum in May be meritage out. How do you think people in New Orleans do you view the trailblazers like what are they point to go Alia that guys not any good we can trust New Orleans at that match or what do you think they would point to Portland with weakness. Its arsenal weakness skills yeah I don't know how or you'd look because I think in a lot of ways the blazers and the pelicans. Bowl possessed players that know their roles and impairment embrace those those jobs and you know when you look at Portland the only thing you could say. Would be you know I guess. Don't sit weaknesses. And then obviously there have been. Very strong advantage in all dispute the atmosphere that gesture of Portland and snake had the bad nobody can be. I think to New Orleans fans are probably looking at their bowl against label we we need to do the same here apps that. At levels that just a little bit you know up to one Portland goes to New Orleans but. Yeah obviously they are well aware that Al farouq Aminu played in New Orleans and seven often to rebound but again the most recent meeting between these two games. Also recognize. The deficiencies that the pelicans have an off note in the on the collapse against. Or what I wanna say that Portland and this season's series outscored the pelicans second chance points almost want so. They're well aware of those McDonald a date Q weakness of many you know in the Portland. Troops. Tyler Sean Kelly is the am radio voice the pelicans get a follow on tour ash John Kelly a live game went of the series tomorrow night. At 730. You Mirotic is one of those pieces of blazer fans are kind of wondering is he getting that incident the blazers roster at the deadline because. He was a coveted three point shooter to what is he added to New Orleans and and how how do you grade is kind of fitting in with the rest that roster since he came over in the trade. Well I think you don't agree literally hot at the moment Ellen is is three point shooting that it lasts for the bulls earlier this season didn't quite come around. We're going to be the pelicans wanted it that survey showed up Serb late you know especially the last five games he's back to that. Deadly three point percentage and and truly being kind of stretch for. I don't bigger realized maybe its existence seem enough person to realize really how much of a competitor he isn't house Marty is on the basketball or that helps them. Defensively and I think that that work ethic that we as. It's right in with a strain and they all kind of feel each other and temperaturewise sheet he he jumped in much quicker than I ought. With a group that was pretty tighten at the start went so all those things play into it and and in a lot of ways as we've seen in the last five games when one heritage. Is playing the way answer of late we won't lose it as any team in the NBA right now. Like to see a longer body of work that you're that can be sustained here obviously the seven game series but. All indications are and maybe it's because you shaved the beard and a local wanna find that. So early abuse if you're looking of that. He kind of relax a little bit and generally took it let the game come to him a little bit more and certainly. He's made their starting five much better and you've you've you've seen here in the pelicans most recently not to like epic to retrieve it. Don't think for. If potential chores and an problems for an opponent. In you know it's interesting John because from a media perspective I think it you cutting deals spoiled this year you get to Marcus cousins coming back. He's a big personality a lightning rod of a conversation starter and you have another personality type. That's been documented in Rajon Rondo and Rajon Rondo batting battling some injuries here and there. I'm actually scared to death of him I think if you look from Portland perspective at New Orleans what he potentially can do when he does play in the playoffs. It's frightening because of how well he can distribute the basketball. What seemed like within that locker room and just the change you've seen with him throughout the season in building that chemistry with guys on that roster. I think balkanized cousins and Ron noble or somewhat misunderstood. And I myself was eager to see what Rondo would be like it. At some point sometimes it's a little. Already know this off the chart. Kind of so Bob Knight basketball IQ. Andy Andy knows what it takes him and he's not afraid to voice his opinion and I think that. In a very dynamic locker room he could this thing they've never had before. And the legacy that sometimes it can be a little rating but but most of the time I think it to keep people honest. I think it makes them comparable. Situation they have been a part of because he's already maybe experience that. And look he cranks a government policies is nine point one assists per game. In his career postseason that's got vessel time. And all you have to do look back last year he plays in the first two games for the bulls beat the Celtics and he put Boston on the ropes. The Celtics are done in the first round last year Rondo doesn't get hurt. You got hurt and alternately Boston's it would come back when that series but on what he did probable in the polls last year. If somebody that pelicans are hoping they gain from him this year. Now we're talking wish John Kelly boys the pelican as John tell Eilat on tour. You know we're always in all we get a chance to watch Anthony Davis C aegis is such a freakish basketball clarity and he's a ton of pundits. To view did to the folks down there feel like he gets enough respect nationally like to debut in is under rated her undervalued or. It is CN enough for those national conversations to us satisfy the fans. I don't think I'd care to tell you the truth. And I think that's just kind of a New Orleans thing and maybe that's why can't but it fits in so well there because he doesn't care much you either. The look. The more postseason chances against. Obviously the more safe you know Western Conference player of the month honors like what she was announced yesterday he gets. Obviously that the national conversation continues you'll ball with them but. I think people at home to see him as a guy that has put the team on its back in as carry them back the postseason polished for the first time just wanted to clean so. They love that he loves New Orleans and and I think that. The city in the fan base truly feels good about him representing them and a New Orleans and maybe this is the same here. A market like Portland but in the world that you really really important. And and when that bonds struck which it has been. I it's pretty special you know you see it on the football side ago. Drew Brees is synonymous with knowledge just won't change the city of new loans itself and I think that kind of apple there but he gave it so. The circle back I don't think they care really what the nation's fielding they no other feel about those guys you know one of the world. Yeah I haven't here no doubt without Damian Miller. RIT chatter on this one then the it is I think this series gotta go seven games personally home court advantage could play the factor determining who wins what's your take on eating the series plays out. Yeah I'm kind of in the same Boca that's legal and six problems seven is that evenly matched. So therefore obviously adapted. You have to sit at home court matters something here and and and Portland earned it almost hitting the trip he would and so. And our ability Q2 and put them in the regular season to make this happen. I had to get home for obviously it and be that precede. It it'll be interesting look we all know to us about the playoffs and and that's that the fact that. Until the home team loses regain the series doesn't really start so. It'll be really interest in the see what happens tomorrow and on Tuesday. If if Portland hold serve here all week I think that'll obviously feel good about it Jules advantage going to New Orleans. But at the same time if if the pelicans steal one here. It it it goes through the pressure that gets stuck on Portland and then again I don't wanna would lead on the regular students season's series too much but. Certainly east teams are one up the other sports poll that's why I think you geysers in right in saying that this was going the distance. At least six in my book. And if there is any advantage right now it's a home court advantage until that. Until that changes until looks interminable watched. And had great stuff John Kelly voice the pelicans and a follow on tour ash John Kelly. While we appreciate the time and you're busy enjoy some good food in some good beer and and in enjoy your eyes stay here in Portland and hopefully get a good series. Always love coming here I was excited when we got those assignments so thanks guys. You got great stuff John Kelly voice of the falcons feels the same. It was really innocent as you get the the folks on the Raila blazer fans I would I don't think he riled anybody out as I'm saying I think he was the -- as he was very confident I mean you kept asking him for and we kept trying to seem like what's what was the perceived notion when they found other plants or limits the weakness that they view and -- have won -- you know I mean he was again I mean obviously we don't want play Houston but everybody's priest acts so they were overjoyed didn't. Not really many weaknesses lie I didn't think Ackerman the rockets guy really had that big thing to say if you got upset about Alan. It's interesting to weakness part I I tend not to believe new friends is a very good basketball market. But for the fans I do love basketball down there and follow the pelicans. Interesting meetings that they don't viewed there the blazes is any weakness because I do speak to reverse that. And we would point to a couple began not good here and we got an accident at an app and that he would point to weaknesses there where is down there these maybe you don't see it that's also easier to look internally though because we've seen this team play 82 games we know their flaws we know all the large sir have three but we're also looking. From a lot of people's perspectives when you project out. We're talking and looking at it seemed that most people didn't watch more than two games of all year creature of channels for Kazaa a played four times this year right sol man. A good stuff there against a series stars mas the final thoughts and I cannot close up show hey. It's time to spread the line right did you think sponsors and 55305. To a Spragan line brought you buy today it will read the fake sponsors on the other side. Some money that's next to purchase my sports. This is dirt and spray and John Kennedy also and then. Reagan and I. Spragan. At least. Are you all know you I thought wow what. I is he's still a year and yeah. You took over for and I thought he was Levy I would have done it too when he was on the five dollars a night in your faults. Play Indian town. Prospering in the mind. Burton was. I've been elected them. OK let's get to our spray in line sponsored shelling. Also thought that through a five dual estimate our NBA finals picks can spray doesn't want to turn it's like can't we make our finals and it's like now we'll go round by round and that's cheaper it's like fill out an NCAA tournament bracket after the sweet sixteen. I get Villanueva. Based realize sponsored by the big white board which also doesn't have a sponsor senator spread Euro for too much like a week and abetting for Sprague. Such as a mean a straight line. Brent Dubai mystic hand when you have adult braces never Wear a shirt getting a mystic tan at 31 doesn't sound bad unlike these pigs and history -- ago for low blows today ally blows today's rate live rats about the unwritten rules of Betty little is terrible picks sprays down against high cheeses and his head hey let's do it may be straight lab -- you by charity hugging something your way less likely to get after she finds a little your money on straight tags that's a good. I mean you left me high and dry eyes so I had to resort to something on Friday I was very confused because I heard that. Pursuits phone thing regardless of the station yeah and I'd I'd like sort of listening halfway through all the dirt and all you're saying was hugs right. I'm right right that's my my first thought was. And really got obsessed with talking I went. If they came close to dropping the F bomb a couple times negated yesterday and Miami this happens types and so I said let's caught hiding. And then please refer to is made up threat. I imagine by Derek Jeter even his strategy makes more sense Sprague swells have one really hurts given the attendance numbers. Three read to by the national debt at the Treasury Department just that against sprigs picks every week payoff in about a month that's what my goal is make this country great again at this and in my takes in go the other way a wall be OK great I read Dubai it what do you call a female pelican nevermind because for the next two weeks they're going to be are being number. Yeah I've read to you by minorities at Augusta the only thing harder to find that a decent pick by Sprague. Yes. Israel and by Friday the thirteenth the official lock ups francs picks them. Elaborate Dubai Benson and spray it wouldn't get this fixed right even if the end of the year make them all. Lamar and before we I get pick some redress from later spray lime NC by spam and government cheese because unfortunately sprigs picks. A spritz kids are gonna be eating a lot of this if he keeps losing government assistance that's right it's gonna need I would be doing today so I was single we can pick the first round match ups. Is that the odds on him. So will start quickly in the east the raptors are minus 650 to beat the wizards the wizards have come out and said they love this match up. And Iraq's the more excited they didn't play Philadelphia than they are nervous to play Toronto. Too aroused amounts of their game one is their game seven at. Oh. So there are well aware of the hole playoff reputation for that I'm taking lives you're gonna take Washington and at 18 Madison two in in the won a match I would take Toronto in six I think DeMar DeRozan will turn a corner post season time collar RO BOK. I would take. Toronto to wait a series is six a defeatist thing to say yeah that really wanna see your the second best record in the playoffs and now. Here or the bronze got a lot of flags he never had comments like that cable or. Your pale by UN that's going to be great it's plus 480. A deputy to wizards. Second row our second matchup Boston Milwaukee Boston has almost nobody healthy. And they are still favored minus 150. Against the box. The box. A full dirt right these down IDF began to write this stuff down cash. We got a track these picks a year ago wizards and nail won a match up yeah I'm gonna give me all the dog's video than Cleveland I'll I'll go orally. OK you're gonna go all upsets. Okay well I guess we'll speed through that then I'm gonna go Boston winning against Milwaukee I will go Miami in the upset over Philly actually answer a change our affiliate 36 match OK and I want to Cleveland against in the and a a funny Libyan the one and two seeds eliminated the first round of the east has that ever happened in NBA history one name I been daughter without soccer for the rest of Boston's knock it are you excited about Boston. And the two best players Boston won without everybody the entire season. While until the end they suck at the end that Carrie yeah income loss a little bit it's like see Toronto give to LeBron then lose I enjoy that. Yeah I December of watching him just steal everybody's soul in Toronto is quite amusing. OK so as the Cisco over the Western Conference and since you went out so quickly Houston Minnesota. By the way Houston minus 7000. At a so think about the east match ups out. And now Houston is a minus 7000 favorite. Where he on. I am gonna go accused him Bob. Although I do think this is a competitive series yeah really I honestly dill and I wouldn't be shocked if Minnesota stole a game early in panel used to not okay. Colmes it Santonio Holmes cac Portland an ounce in Portland the last. Oklahoma city Utah I would take Oklahoma City and that cereals K. You're drinking the skip Bayless Kuwait I'm not quite different NBA finals but yes to advance to the second round I I don't trust Utah's offense enough okay I'm in need somebody to get buckets in the half court set a Utah's got great defense will be laws lowering diet. In the Al Casey okay well I'm gonna say Houston I think they when that five I think Golden State sweep San Antonio. And now I am gonna take. Utah to be OKC. I'm upset there Portland New Orleans where you go on we talked about his preeminent briefly our picks yesterday eyes then I would take Portland in six. Mom I I've seen you probably. Three EA Europe two to one and I think he get more heartless back. Hoping for game four this series name is a little rust factor there but. I think this series goes sixes I don't see a four or five quick series from Portland I think it goes six but I will take the blazer I would take the blazers as well and I think it's because of what we just discuss with Sean Kelly. I think the home court will play a factor for them. I think the game game seven at the Mota senator. And I think the they pull out Daimler does just enough Al farouq Aminu does yet again. Where he disappears in the comes back in the disappears. And Marcus out some a lot on defense when he does return and I think they win this series. New Orleans and seven. A guy. Pelicans and seventh. He's taken a pelicans and seven villages realize what you want me to do what I didn't do summit signals can't take that laser yet you cannot take them a kind pelicans and seven thank you welcome we have a lot of people asking just just don't save of interest rates so dumb when you have the reverse jinx factor I haven't here's the problem is our all superstitious is here don't dumb your heart problem and good NFL ending to my season. God its Craig and is intentionally picking against what his head as saying. To then beat the jinx. That doesn't beat the jinx I don't see us in the jinx is what you're saying no you're not on ice you're just gonna is the same as it is your pick they think my energy is enough I have so I have studied this break reverse jinx at length and his. How many Texas heart in his head is an nominees is actually saying it's just it just matters what comes out of his mouth and if this has been scientifically proven it just matters what goes out over the air. Does it matter what his intentions are I just eat we don't we don't need bad juju on blaze okay home court advantages to matters in New Orleans and New Orleans and Jessica. Out tonight and if they're coming up on dollars in client gives well I actually said Portland and I realize what you didn't want me to do so like they are you Obama I will backtrack my words and I'll pick. Rebellions in seven red city collectively says think he's great socket Portland pelican and seven Egon dig in a little bit as that's exactly where my money's going to re live rusty by Lord of the Rings trilogy on the ice breaks makes they actually made money. Brought to you by the dark lord whose bradys to sell his soul to before attempting to make any further picks the day it's very vibrancy byters Franken grads on the rookie broadcaster of the year award apparently you don't have to be rookies actually when Neal Lauren. We're honored to be the rookies of the year broadcasting did not Spragan a lot of six season whereas when you're regularity about display is Sprague LA and I can Sprague alienate casino where you win against the house literally every time you Anthony Davis is gonna alienate still aren't important. I can't wait -- elaborate a team out of Portland what are hawks playoff leads his legs breaks fix it gives you hope for literally six seconds and it's gone well let's let's. That was a rough on last night's straight and I recognize the Abrams road garner opens spray didn't place any bets on them make an out of there and read me -- there are no. I'm renting bide their I was coming up short of the bar illustrates thinks Obama and my legs can't touch the ground hey I am not Asante he's. Alive rented by Dez Bryant didn't just like Sprague got here are Zuckerberg chair idea EI Ed Daniel at least even worse I need a booster seat and I guess you're my computer. Brent Dubai does Greg's agent just like Sprague he has no idea what's going on oil. Great line writes about a Toronto Raptors game seven just like game aides spoke Laura my game six canons you know I've never mind just let ride on his Sprague. This spring I'm writing by dirt way over the clock yet again anyway to restrict on zag and the blazers thank you very much yes Sprague. But I Gonzaga. What is there thickness. Oh sorry it was probably show up next on offense. One time and an outrage migrant. Valued now outraged. If I don't like was supposed to be dealership on Wednesday heavily from this but I think we're told me. Monday Monday Tuesday dead Wednesday everything is the last and then. Why guards kudos to that little dabble he had Mike sub in for him for the last hour here. And then we saw him walking around just talking on the phone line if it just go to the notice senator and he wants it it's anger around him. It's one extra hour off. A little Friday but. Siegel wide block or Buckley. Justine camps guy. He goes by O clock that is a lock he's been signing step in our system has buck. Okay so I. He seems to get the hang of it pretty well it takes a while a figure that stuff now that's that's tough vacillating cumin for like three days in the know what held there do a spot was like you know wall all have a ready by Wednesday it would make it. Just started probably not hang out with them all week as LeSabre is better light over expect. How long you're gonna need to do something mid two under. I does it right by Wednesday it's like not to let it be with them all week with his game plan right in and you're ready you're ready are great exactly. Is it more surprising that he Gordon or Mark Sanchez got popped for PED suspensions. More surprising. You still get to say here and NFL quarterback I can see why you do that deep Gordon. It did it in you didn't gain any weight it was a blockade soaking lack tab key might be skinny is me. Yeah no he's in he's probably is getting easier towels Steve Gordon. I am tell did I guess probably 6263. So we really might be the same size and heated TDs in gain no weight if he does that today Mark Sanchez probable for game PED suspension. 511 wildly off on that 511. In nine years old and that happened in game one of the blazers pelicans series and while we're jacked up I'm not do you sort and can't wait it should be a great series. Those things heated talk about from back to back days previous imagine finale funny we'll get to react to a game and that's what the whole show on Monday is going to be cloudy we've got other things to get to now three straight hours of blazers rally in stocks when we state run media here and today a lot of fun folks enjoy it if this is an analyst rob techpodcasts it'd depend on company that Marcus or veil offensive coordinator of the dusty was on. And then John. Telling the voice of the New Orleans pelicans was on his blog and find those after this break. And activated the sample tonight after the show. Not that under the press of everybody has a great great weekend Isaac insist they're coming MX eleven of the multi center for the Nike hoop summit you'd also hear that right here on the Chambliss wagon as the as soon as they are done. This evening should be a lot of public soc if Monday Night Shyamalan is next listening to 1080 the fan.