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Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, March 22nd
Offers for Carolina Panthers up to $2.5 billion; Rust's Bag of Plums; previewing the final 16

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to the podcast of our show brought to buy less Schwab tires doing the right things since 1952. Bad records are easily explained. This is a final sixteen we division of turbines brand new. Rusty by the NATO way to tighten up Hawaiian restaurants two locations point 4:54 eastern side where 52 and Woodstock. Dirt and spray guns and maybe it was a fun chess match to be involved in Australia. Says Dennis final hour dirt is right here on the fan base will be able thus. It's rainy cloudy Thursday. Cross Friday those who got an angle for us. Coming up and ten minutes rushed back to plums what do we got going run outside and inside that thing. And that bag what's in your bag man. Prospect of clubs coming up. And 9:10 minutes I am doing I just made yourself laughter. And smiles don't let it iPad you can San nobody's chime in you god looking down I just have gone mad hatter bank is relax your own your students who else well hang on the funniest person on planet man. Am I by the way Ras I believe found as we have a fun fact on today's. Tournament action forum of the Bakken tournament tock I saw save that for that as segment there is an NFL teams for sale. They are the Carolina Panthers if you remember Jerry Richardson their own arm kind of creep. Mark around him doing genes data look at people's bodies hash tag me too yeah he's been able area so he is out and you sell the franchise and according to Bloomberg. Who reported yesterday. The Panthers has reached a record 2.5. Billion dollars in terms of those are the offer is being made. If you're wondering the record for a professional sports franchise sale in the United States. Was the rockets did doesn't seventeen sold for 2.2 billion cell this is clearly on path to become the DM most expensive franchise sold. In history in American sports and one of the main candidates to purchase the team. As Michael Rubin who is the fanatics owner. He is not apparently willing to go that high and the reason I bring him up is he was reportedly the one that was tied in potentially would show on. And Stefan curry who might be minority partners with him who's although nothing has been made clear whether or not they were actually part is the first place but he says 2.5 billion. That's a little too rich for his blog he's not on board with that yeah use wonder where this number is gonna go. I easing its three billion. I don't heading missile Forbes a valuation of the franchise oddly last year had a Mitt 2.3 billion was the evaluation of them. This thing was sports and many inches see where this goes in the future but the thing with sports franchises it's an exclusive club he get that access. They're never going to be worth these prices again. Specially football. Why we think in twenty years the Carolina Panthers are going to be worth three billion if you wanna sell or not. Soul you just keep leading the franchise valuations gonna go down. I think in football they're not in yeah I I'm not much. Blake dude we're timeout football right we can we continue to point out the ratings decline. The MBA. The M I'll be at times depending on the match of those are two leagues at ratings are doing just fine there's still nowhere near the scene are stationary NFL they're not but they're also dropping pretty significantly for the NFL's liking. I just you spent three billion on the Carolina Panthers is somebody Avaya for four in twenty years. I'm a hard time believing that adds up to say because you could probably gonna make the argument about. Maybe the Panthers would Richardson brought a menacing and is as an expansion team Yahoo! knows what people thought about it valuations back then. There are people for example one of the guys bidding on them I mean as a guy who is his name. Salisbury is his last name and it James. And if he is the founder of a software companies were ten billion dollars he's one of the profits made a bid. So you're getting these kind of folks that are thrown on this this point out these eleven and would you put three and I think about it if I was from the area and I was a fan of the teen and I wanted to own a sports franchise I ten billion dollars later on to get a couple other minority owners did to helping out a little bit of tension in Ida I've whenever probably died. I see what you're saying about the direction of the league I totally get that because there's no doubt the ratings are going down. I also did it's important to note how big that gas still is and if you're getting get the arrests of the people. To continue to stop watching the ball like there's a chunk of folks who don't watch or boycott or whatever and that's been streaming issues as whole bunch of reasons why the ratings are down. But revenue was still there for the league they make far more than any other league's TV deals with the TB money's gonna continue to go up. Despite the ratings go on dollar to editors and a football deal the fox assign a get way more than they got on the last deals so they're not concerned about the ratings go on down and when you look at the TV numbers of like the top when he watched events every year. Seventeen of them are always NFL games at. But bit take what I'm saying they'll look at the Houston Rockets who just sold recently. That last Stoner I think it was a Leslie yanked key bottoms like hunter and was it 88 million. He sold them for wanna say it was over two billion. That is it turn on your not gonna see again you are not gonna see that if you wanna just be an NFL owner an NBA owner great. You've paid your way into an exclusive club I'm just saying on the turn around factor. You cannot see a time where the Carolina Panthers are with four billion dollars so if you buy him for three. Hypothetically we'll see with the go for you by him for three. I don't think you're gonna get that kind of margin anymore that you are right now. I think this is the highest point it's gonna get fun. And I decide disagree with that ideally so I don't buy it for three in using had to keep going up to be worth four in twenty years if if franchises went from where they were fifteen years ago to where they were now why can't they continue to go up because Frontline documentaries and movies were made. Yeah that's I mean look I NFL's regard that's the ads about Lebanon into what symbolized here. Less than a year before. Now. I'm not I still like to its third most watched event in TV history ratings almost don't matter and I'm just simply pointing out I don't think football is ever gonna get bigger. Therefore I don't think these franchise valuations are ever gonna go higher than they are right now you know listen to that argument I think what the odds when I see no numbers potentially but I've been to me that doesn't mean that revenue can't continue to no revenues going to be fine and you mentioned the fox steely discount for Thursday that I'm just saying if a guy buys as the Kansas for three. I don't think he's ever guess a home for four. He's either gonna break my a breakeven. Or she will be under three billion just like in the NBA I think the sport that can rise up at some point. And come a little closer. I think you're gonna see something somewhat similar. It may go up a little more but it's not gonna go much higher. Like we're gonna talk about these franchise entities getting 567. Billion at one point I can never see that happen to tell part is is if we hosted a radio show fifteen years ago we could've probably said the same thing. Right now that team just sold for 600 million dollars or is it ever going to be more than that six and it seemed to solve for one billion dollars is never going to be were to write the rockets guy buy it for under 200 million dollars. Maybe you're right on that I don't know if I would ever seen two billion for the clippers I would allow after that I still can't believe that happened right. But I I this with football specifically. I have a hard time believing one of those teams is gonna go for four has egged mainly just Caroline's answer. The cowboys can go for four IDB's on the cavaliers now remain go far maybe they did 67 ain't no way you maybe they do. By. Yeah I just IBM and Diebler sends a but he said if he may if its okay deal made four billion selling in ten years are gonna make money hand over fist for the next ten years Selena you so three Billy you're still ahead. Natalie you're too cheap it had ethnic. They really say and that it will be worth tons more than Clayson accused rising revenue rising policy about that that's that's I'm talking twenty years I'm not talk in three years from now we'll see where it's at twenty years' contract assuming that ownership group is still there in twenty years and invited the Dillon a little bit of the NFL round up by it's not a doom and gloom it's simply saying there's got to be captain as. Using this is is gonna keep going up and up and up and up. We're gonna get to tender some or pay ten billion for franchise just as people that much money does then yeah they're not gonna hit that kind of revenue for that to be worth it and by the way the cheap note if I had the money I'd by name BA team yesterday. I spent billions on an NBA team. One because I love the NBA and to. Being in that club is pretty kickass. That to me this is a big diss swinging contest for a lot of these guys. You have thirty people air room. Beckons say they have something everybody in the country wants. And you give you one of those thirty people pay a premium for that price and you pregnancies to begin surrounded you want not that. This Demi Moore says he. You want man courtside so the bidding of the Panthers as reportedly reached 2.5. Billion dollars Bloomberg reported and the estimation it was given by Forbes last year was 2.3 billion so so far pretty close Michael Rubin is probably the most known bitter. If fanatics owner and he is not willing to go that high so nobody can tell hi he's willing to go. But Tom had just examples on how far this goes we know Richardson selling of these kids forced out because well against Crete so. C a far this goes audiences into the final number is if it reaches three going to write us at 2.5 and in May be his go to David doesn't mean that's for the sale on the path item by the way to Dallas cowboys' number one in the NFL in revenue last year. 700. Million. Well that's Elisa spoiling even if you can even if you don't sell for four billion that's the cowboys so sure about how much and how much revenue to the cancers generate look at that not 700 million but I'm sure they turned a decent profit. They're not even top ten. Okay do you gimme a minute I'm enemy meant a panel local updates Johnny and assign an island some of the revenue was for the Panthers also coming up next to take a look at cyber aspect clubs. He got for us on this Thursday we'll find out next on ten. This is a final sixteen recognition of dirt and spray get right to you by the 808 to tighten up Hawaiian restaurants on terror and AD welfare I'm. There's a little back and forth with a thousand listeners in God's NFL teams are they worth it evaluations could go up resisted and we hit seen Ling up there were. I don't think we did the selling yet they think you got a ton of franchises that at some point will sell. Any in my point is not to say this is topping out but it what what's the number that it will top out at the cowboys go for five billion iMac and a bad and I that won't shock me at all. And you know somebody taxing in you want net revenue etc. So all I was able to find your in the break. Was. 201678. Million in operating profit for the Panthers 325. Million in revenue cat. So you just gotta be able so all right. Where you go on from that number and then where's that I know I'm right in saying this because the new ownership group wants to make a a billion dollar profit they can own this franchise for the rest of their their lives in passing through their family so a lot of people dawn a lot of people don't buy NFL teams wherever it is forcing is just simply is solid make money a lot of aggression with animal exactly how many teams have been for cell last year DeVon there's a terrible owners said that are that way but for the most part it's a family thing Paul Allen yeah. And ponds dot Nike's lot of it is image is he's he loves sports is passion about about the blaze NCR to build the building here as the ox out of favor rush as they archer alibis he ox so I I think is important keep that in mind too in a Jamaican what was it 78 million dollars in profit. That's operating operating profit down. About about business on. The other sports you do armed mile point was is and thereby can do it I would do it you just don't think the don't think it's gonna keep going up for the NFL you think it'll it'll come back down to earth and the handful or teams due to higher than that nineteenth Indiana the rest of it. Good dead as a good old takes exposed him for still hosting a show on like 25 years I don't know if I wanna be hosting a show in 25 years if you you know to be late sixties to doing this thing down. Hair paired chest hair flying out of the shared I feel like you maybe ball. I'll be we. This is not going to be what it once was flag ahead. With an early age gap while the all the all the listeners will still be taken in the geriatric comes. Remember he didn't want to touch throughout it do. I'm that are members of their reminisces forever thirty years and between you but when an NFL team sells for detailed ten billion dollars Billy Jeff Russ is going to be an island somewhere to say hey remember you idiot you when all it was filled it out he says nobody wanted to buy teams anymore of the good thing for me as I know I'll be at a point were although I don't remember that now I don't care to bring the audio back I roses take a look inside a bag of unchallenged Jeff trusted this last Thursday they were phenomenal and there's there's nowhere go but down mobile see if he can go up. Thank Jeff does the company and Larry Dolan and they have had it's and we like I like to start off with some national day is today is national DuPont today. So are you to her flag it has also national West Virginia today. In there on day one tomorrow should be West Virginia Dan against nova. Since last June primary carrier friends. Now I've just realized I've driven through West Virginia have you I have never been to the fine state of West Virginia picture in your Miley think West Virginia looks like. A gap that's what it looks like you have at Mount Hood animals coming down at that moment and looks like. I tomorrow national chip in dip today there's got to be beautiful parts of West Virginia. Come on. Dana some of the beautiful illustrate it's kind of like that what Arkansas our Kansas. Tomorrow national shipping today. It's also national near miss day and we've all got. And it took about. Near flat but near misses the near miss and guess who. Saturday is national chocolate covered raisin day or his parents of small children know it is it chocolate or group. Do you like chocolate covered raisins now announced the movies or big reason that fans are now that was my candy your choice because again that are kickass. Monday national Spanish day and national newly named yeah. Yes and it was when I'll be observing these split up and kick cats yes I'm not a monster. Should. Yeah now so it's funny because as those people this happened yesterday we had a couple of promotions ladies ask for snacking Dirk goes hand got a cheese I got a string cheese M I'll take that. So they handed to them in there there just pull it looks like dental floss their phone departed as evidence that Finland the strand and endurance likes what he's done. Just immediately what he's talking about music I just Hewlett down and I just biting into the hot dogs called straight out of the package to Narnia now I do not do that but ideally I do eat I do do I do eat hot dogs plane and then I asked her hey Heidi if she catches are like you chose to string the cheese off that's why it's called beltway Steve you left your right to it so easy to legs. No we have to do those moments on and they need it or not. Connected all of my Italian Jewish day. Connect gap to catch connected to teach and they said they poem partners like I just buy into it is heated. And out Wednesday nationals something fantastic day again those probably not appropriate for radio. All the ranks foods come on sticks I'm just glad that you today I'm just glad you pointed out. What tomorrow's going to be and that's national what's better than popcorn is a snack day chip dip to. You can get them down. So airlines these days have been no shortage of ways to dividing categorized passengers the most of those ways involve how much and how much money. Customer spends with them. Now Thai Airways International is evaluating passengers based on their waist size. They announce a 56 inch waistline limit for passengers sitting in business class and Boeing 787 dash nine aircraft. Airline said it introduced to limit you to seatbelt airbags installed prevent the seat belts from being extended. And if you don't airbags all to prevent parents from flying with children on their laps. Thai airway Thai Airways is not the first airline to class my passengers according to their size or weight in November European airlines thin air. Started a program were encouraged passengers to weigh themselves and their luggage before boarding. Voluntary program was designed to give the airline had better sense of the amount of weight its flights would carry. In 2016 Hawaiian Airlines announced a policy that would prevent passengers. Flying from American Samoa to Honolulu. From pre selecting seeds before flights in an effort to optimize weight distribution. The policy was controversial because when it is the sensitive issue in the turmoil has hired you right. Christine and the now defunct Samoa air took things a step further in 2013 by selling ticket prices are my setting to your prices for passengers. Based on their way and the way to do carry ons airline claimed it was the quote unquote fairest way to assign ticket prices so. What's worst finish is somebody taking up your space and airline seat or somebody who stinks. Ali stinks. Why don't wanna be on a flight with somebody it stinks I can deal with space some skinny. Yes he had his as a as a Aaron at you Lamar wider than me what Japan's size I if I fill out to see which can't size which I don't. 36. A patent. The 36 element thirty. Some bad healthy this nice cheeses at this stage. Guys what is wrong with you. Roads like three pants sizes not that big difference I think the last time I was thirty innings we decided that was probably about twelve if that's a weird thirty inch losers is shot at the baby gap. God. What cheers Russ. Ice human 36 I discussed below over the top a bit yea and it isn't an option. I'm built like an apple and stick basically. I was 36 in college as. A disease sagged. I sag a little bit but I actually with a lot bigger we'd like 24 pounds more in college and you know how often do you and you get a venereal disease stopped eating waffles and peanut butter ninth sobs and links get a tape Portman there you jerks if body Sheen on the right here by shaking me you know are used to tell time that people are the only letting their bodies Jamie must skinny people Diane tribunal Jerry bowyer and your metabolism or in every area my my and four times today my cousin said to me a couple weeks ago when I when busy careful spread to blow way. I. Screw you most stunning and almonds and my dad for being healthy so. A six year old from Bender recently made an interesting discoveries she became bored during her sister's JV soccer game and decided to play in the dirt. She happened across Iraq with swirls that reminded her of the rock from alana. In turns out it was a 65 million year old fossil called an end and I it's why. Which is a sea creature that when texting to millions of years ago solid story is as cool and every night fossils themselves are not terribly rare but they're not common in the bend area and central Oregon. But in some cases they have finished somewhere between forty and 50000 dollars and director of Palin's a logical collections and University of Oregon said that because so little is known about this particular find. Does not scientifically significant so just think disapproval. That's came Cassie Selanne immediately by the way you can't make anything on it. He can drive and a human. And then a Cleveland mom battling the flu reportedly needed to get a liver transplant because of the home remedies she used. Stephanie Soriano said she unknowingly poisoned herself with her regiment of over the counter drugs to beat the illness in January. According to WJW. She say quote I was taking Tylenol during the day in towards the evening as well. At night times like its sleeve I took night well then I would wake up around two to 3 in the morning and take their flu as well. Days later her health was seemingly worse as she was rushed to university hospitals of Cleveland medical center. She's going in about it in and out of consciousness she told the news station doctors determined she ingested too much is he to medicine. An ingredient in all three of for medications which was causing damage to her liver she was told she would need a liver transplant to save her life. They told us all the work all the worst case scenarios about could be months. Mean Abiola find a match Porsche however she was only on the transparent as permanent data for the kind of match. And the FDA advises taking no more than 3000 milligrams of acetaminophen per day so you know. And you're you know you're active ingredients are and that's the things I am. Long naturalistic gone is. Medicine stuff I got it I have to be really. Really sick to take something. I don't I don't like taking Ibuprofen I don't like taking handle it like taking Tylenol even headaches that he has to be like is sit stream is I can't handle let's take analyze stuff is kind of creeps me. I'm disabled I never you don't know what that stuff in I don't do I'd never take NightCall. All will only do Sarah flew fine Mike is sick as a dog and I can't move and helps me falsely. But I I I have a phobia of taking that kind of stuff. I'll take just make sure I stagger between them you know whatever cold medicine at cnnfn a couple of hours later taking Advil and stagger and yeah make sure your night. To me too much Tylenol instantly. Yeah it's it's tricky but. You know I was watching a mountain man show these people who live in the middle nowhere. And it's a smaller guy wearing furs and he's got to get ready for the winner any blocks. Like fifteen miles to meet some other hobby it. This guy just like they go together in the woods and they finally is natural remedies because he's got a long problem is but he won't go into as talented as is like people. So this guy just puts all these plans into a jar with water. Makes it I was like just take a teaspoon of this you are actually this is why our friends should probably figure it all out he's probably gonna they're gonna find dad having access extreme and I. Tang on a doctor occasionally some he has that little idea after a night of long drinking it greasy food to Gatorade. Ask you I don't know is he take any medication are you glad the next stage is set greasy for breakfast in pounding Gatorade UP are. I went back to school to finish my degree and my public speaking class edited and an important speech on the prevention and cure hangovers. And one of the things I found apparently assault teams and honey you are very good for alleviating hangover symptoms. I'm kinda honey is fairly highly concentrated effort to themselves which helps break down. Although the overall culture so as a double bacon cheeseburger imaginable naked she used. And send it to me. Appreciate the jokes people I had to ask about a plunge us a solid you went out from last week I think the guy named Beverly and I was good palm's got bigger betting against it plums of their men to the elves. Big old blonde say this is never happened in the NCAA tournament something happening today it's never happened before. And running backs up my argument the first year's roster sports and. This is a final sixteen recognition of dirt and spray get rough to you by the 80 wait the titan of Hawaiian restaurants until a navy both room. OK do 39. They let the MBAs late. Scoreboard watch for in. And NFL known to the final segment of the show I wanna get to him. But I saw this from our wonderful or wonderful Twitter account at 1080 the fan you should go followers station as we get all sorts of great jams up there. So I they queen quote treated ESPN's stats and info said this sense seeding began in 1979. Thursday that is today. Will be the 79 today and wish sweet sixteen games have been played in the men's tournament. This is the first of those 79 days. There has not been a single number one seed in action. News. This is the first time. To the agency today terrible it doesn't help when you have sixteen seed beat a one seed who didn't can't play the ninth seed and then the ninth seed goes and plays. Orient Kentucky's I had tat that our children and heard yeah can I and as you the most proud I AM. Of my absolutely buster bracket. I'm actually proud that Virginia lost early. Because I had Arizona beating them in this round. I didn't have them pass sweet sixteen so I never liked Virginia to begin with going very far in this tournament I know I. Yeah. I think that Monday and al-Qaeda hiding from and I'm just saying I think of everything in this tournament has given me which is not much. Virginia is our West Virginia is a good. And we'll see argue against you VA. Our that Villanova. And I did not have Virginia going far. So at least they got knocked out. Yet today and no number one seeds no number two seeds playing highest seed is Michigan at three in India again Zach is afford seed Kentucky's a five seed money get a seven verses one why do you think Fiji tees that that. Kind of shows what you're talking why does that matter that they would cleaning her ninth seed all I know about that what what day is more exciting today or tomorrow. Well tomorrow but does having two number one seeds play helped tomorrow with tomorrow playing today helped. Yeah I think it would have really meant that one overall seed in the tournament. We want to I was so you and I both know they're boring I ended dungy is excited they're boring I get tablet tomorrow if you didn't have West Virginia Villanova Louisville Villanova beat the second round. Nap if he had a bad team vs West Virginia which party is excited for that game is you are is for Villanova vs West Virginia. Probably probably not only guy is a fun team to wide Kansas loses to insert whatever 89 match of that moisture and that team the nine seeds playing Clemson tomorrow yeah I'm not quite as the same level of excitement. I this is what I've always said about the and having a higher seed or lower I guess in this case doesn't always mean you're getting a better match up. Now our getting the better team well but a Auburn beats Clemson. That's the seed on C better matchup at Clemson beat Auburn and they smoked they did get a smile at that there's a lot of always about the term is we love love sensibly loves Cinderella stories only to a certain point it's right on the first two days of the tournament this is about the point though this is ahead and and I think that's a tough part of somebody's is you're going to have in three of these matchups either a four seater higher advanced that lead to the elite eight. There's a chance today that you can have two number nine seeds and eleven seed going to the elite eight. And that's where I think it it hits the wall for some people I know may be. A little more extreme than others but. If Florida State beats Gonzaga you have a nine seat in the elite eight as Kansas State beats Kentucky of a nine seed in the elite eight. And Loyola Chicago could be easily beat Nevada tonight and you cannot and eleven seed in the elite eight there's three of your team's three of your eight teams. Punching their ticket potentially tonight that's not including Texas say animal and so you get the lower seeds. Winning the four games tonight that's 29 to seven and eleven. There's half of the year leading feel but at what point do you eliminate deceit and recognizes school. Like device a Cinderella do is tax Zain M call fight for you know not quite a catch. But there are seven seed they may win by night nick baker they very well could they blood North Carolina and a great deal on its Florida State a Cinderella deal now they're not because they're in the ACC they can be a nine seed in the elite eight defeating the national championship. And zag team and they cut. I just I think that's the adjusting and difference this year just with the chaos that we've seen on having a one RTC plan the first day of the sweet sixteen. That kind of sums it up now granite and should be pointed out you don't have the same problem tomorrow needs morally it to number one seeds plan. Yet to two seeds tomorrow's imperfect I mean there's no bad matchup you have the chance for eleven seed Syracuse to go on Iran maybe some one seeds can get upset but you have some blue bloods left on the other side teams that have been around the best college basketball a year. And that's the that's the difference you can get today it would be really itching to see if you get hot precedes that wind and I you know I I know what. You're saying you know I I know there's a ton of people that agree with you in to an extent I agree with you. But when you think back memories of the tournament this is why I think this argument to its way overblown. I Colin does a lot he dozens every year we don't wanna see the upsets says the final four. In yes and no Butler. They're back to back years were amazing. The DCU story. George Mason. You can go to the outset of Houston. I mean we can point to a lot of big upsets that happens doesn't remember that rock you remember those more you give you still remember George Mason. You remember anybody else that tournament no I don't. Do you remember who won that here know I know clearly you're that was that's or say no is like I see what you're saying. And it's not that I necessarily all of these disagree but pride seeing a Loyola Chicago go to the final four for example we can go. It's not it's not this team red team but will remember that because I was so unexpected and nobody predicted that. No there's no doubt about that and I name Mueller is he any case because they backed it up as a program my serious accident national championship the next year and they've turned into one of the better programs in college basketball George Mason cracked now from Ron has done squat since then. And then it's anybody's knowledge not to brag BC you turn into an iso program and stock Smart lab they're college last knowledge of how BC's doing now I've heard them. Since they played organ state self. I get apple I think we do remember there at the center of the strutting that's for today's cut on steroids from me. Is that it's not a good mix up I give you have a Loyola Chicago taking on duke tonight. Co organs Agha Oregon zagged right like that to me is a fun matchup to see what they can do but instead of eleven. I'm verses seven more talks more about these games and zag fans are begging Sprague to not pick Gonzaga summit a make you pick the Gonzaga Florida State game of the final segment of the show. And NFL though Fauria and we will scoreboard watch coming up next on offense. A. They've come into the oblivion. They've double and that indeed. Is not to have to. This is a final sixteen origination of dirt and spray your rough T by the ate away the titan of Hawaiian restaurants on 1080 program. Inside of sandbagging with me don't make Sprague picked tech game. 10 yeah and indeed our mpeg two game we are yet you you're gonna pick the game what happened I mean not picking because of the blazer game. I didn't take that game that was because everybody that listens to our show predominantly is a blazer fan and I didn't want to let everybody down in that regard. Does this one we need to put the reverse jinx the taxpayer to the test I'll catch you had a ready or a Friday last Friday DEA took Virginia to cover the spread their line of response he ever lose their luster and money so. Very fair to say no on this and I gags I almost wanna say is myself. If I pick them and they win. Does that silence. It lessens the reverse jinx at lessons that as I was I was sixteen over one or guidelines let's also not forget that on Thursday you gamble on Arizona comes to spreading in buffalo. L.s tomb on that day c'mon kid is always over a thousand days size one money sizable upset sizable. I still would want to. When. We we popular member of the once you get right they honestly don't remember the Lindsay Iran's jobs so let's get a quick again -- and currently is a six point favorite over Florida State umi goes spread no incident does spread pick I actually think Inzaghi who really struggled. Is ultimately going to. Win this game going away I don't trust Leonard Hamilton and I think it they've got it figured out. They did struggle against Ohio State they struggled their first game UNC Greensboro I think is zags haven't figured out I like mark she's crew here. I think it's good matchup form I'm renting the zags I told the zag fan if they can overcome the Sprague reverse jinx this could be their year they could be right if you can overcome the spread reverse jinx is going to be the zags years signal as I have a hard time trusting Florida State internment sheriff. Simply like twice this year. So not dates there are gonna get you and hey frank orca back to the NFL I love the stories so he you've been around forever one of the best running backs and is in league. He has signed close to is college home. He's gonna play for the dolphins a one year deal in Miami yeah I love that he is never gonna retire is that easy appointees fifty he has a misty game in like seven straight season he's still productive he went bad last year that he still is not my words running backs out there does not peak Frank Gore better Eddie lacy nobody's had a bigger turn around in their. There sports life then him of chairing is both Lee seals in college. And then having this NFL career yeah or he's gonna finish I believe he's gonna finish top five rushing all time. I might be wrong on that some forgive me tech's police can help on not one but I know he's at that mark where he's a sure fire first ballot hall of Famer. And he's getting it down as one of my favorite. NFL players of all time I love francoeur he's always been under appreciate jokes on you but you're used up five okay that's what I was thinking and I. IE is far away easy from 4380. Yards away from Curtis Martin's for four for four so hill before Barry Sanders is three and he needs about 12100 yards travelers is that Vanessa plays two years before. All of our time Frank Gore in place two years he could get past Barry Sanders. Them pay is about 2000 yards ahead of them these diet catch Emmitt Smith to crazies running backs stats francoeur will be fourth all time in rushing. And miles Gascon is going to be the all time Washington huskies' rushing leader yes that blew my mind a little bit to know most diehard husky fan if I said miles Gaskin as the best running back husky is he would ever take him when do it you and take him at. All they quit scoreboard watch in the NBA tonight the only team that's close to Portland is that's planes it with the jazz or inaction and I've been there are four back of Portland. New Orleans and action they are at home against the lakers well there's 122 drug right now Americans is currently two and a half games. Behind the blaze stereo to push up in his stimulus front tires by Castaneda the fan dot com has redefined an activity the fan. Actor's trailer tweet it out in March late buck on ESPN columnist great stuff from them on college ball. And Arizona we would talk to you tomorrow at noon enjoyed the sweet sixteen everybody number one is next and listening to 1080 the fan.