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Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, March 22nd
Dirt not excited for tonight's final 16 matchups; Should television networks show kids crying at sporting events on tv?; NFL news & notes; Mark Schlabach on the tourney, Arizona, and college football

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence has presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. This week as extras sweep them. This is a final sixteen and tradition of Jordan's brand new. Rusty but they ate away the titan of Hawaiian restaurants. Two locations 2454 east birth cyber 52 and Woodstock dirt and spray gun ten AB. And. I would imagine there and spray in ways you all. Our number two if you missed our winds 1080 the fan dot com less Schwab tires podcast after the show between you doubt that any news in an actor and Sprague it. I want wire Abbas office he is the war. 89%. Close locked in don't talk to me and getting out of this country and today you guys going to Europe for two weeks don't you dare stop and talk to our boss now. Because you'll letter of some words he needs to get done before he flies out here for two days on a time crunch we have to have like basically two meetings after the show yesterday and yeah eating and in a separate meeting afterward rightward GM and at all and before he leaves for vacation right where's he going he's going to Prague write blog at least go to Prague for two weeks sounds amazing. Is gonna do much to drink seeing him to sight seeing it's going to be incredible gels them. The funny part is he's flying out tomorrow he's big duty isn't any slab tomorrow along duke is playing so hopefully the Els they got the TVs legalized game soul thing usually when you fly am big flights like that they've got the TV package offered so. I doubt he misses the game that now I'm not wrong if they get Ted true TV although if it is duke it should be in a bigger network there probably will be but the tournament tips off again the sweet sixteen is here my man. I don't have many teams collapse so I need to really root for those teams remaining to move on to the elite eight I'm pat I'm way past that point I mean I'd probably there's no way I probably when my bracket pool that I'm in title to my bracket since since the opening Friday at protecting up I've looked at my scissors or. Yeah obviously it's kind of are all know what I can remember I've picked anymore calm but I I think we get some really good games tonight I don't know how excited they get people but I think we can match ups you know hard sell me on these games I don't know I'm not a hard sell because I don't know have these teams very well and gave Sarah like. Loyola Chicago vs Nevada as your first 1 at 4 o'clock today that's the 117 matchup for the elite eight. Loyola Chicago is fun to watch I think having a one Cinderella story go on Iran into the sweet sixteen I I like that is it Nevada Cinderella story that's the weird part is against Cinderella Cinderella guy and I don't wanna see that it's all about David and Goliath from me in the turn meant. I want. Goliath thing Goliath square now so they can take on David. Who looks. Or no David and David and David what do you guys is that I'm denying this and ai and so on Friday you got some Goliath vs Goliath. I now bride gets a good match of some front Friday's Friday's actions pretty decent NRA. I think look you got not only Chicago and Havana. I see you're gonna get a Cinderella in there. Then you get a seventh seeded Texas named who just how. Housed North Carolina that they did an M is pretty fun to watch taking on a three seeded Michigan team that had to win asked a buzzer. And and you get Kansas State Kentucky. Orders for a steak and Zach what zig and zag and that's something for you than it is yet the northwest rooting interest really and that game. Tonight in tonight's games is aren't doing much forming I'd like did the whole Cinderella story is awesome land or not can people off like a loyalist Chicago's knocking off teams like Miami in the first round. That's kick ass and it's fun I don't like it a couple of Cinderella is because did that to me it takes away from the drama a little bit not a you know. Process about a forget Caribbean in the sweet sixteen but tonight's action I got a mid does not too much army brigadier if you're open and if you're generally in the sweet sixteen tomorrow is when you do what you got Kansas vs climb sensing Clemson play a couple times are pretty fun team to lodge. West Virginia and Villanova and it is point Vilma who has got to be the favorite to win it just the way that they've played. And you got Heidi bearable against them I'm on board with that you've got behind in coach K facing off against each other. Against Syracuse rather boring for me to watch but do concede if they can go on his rubble these freshmen. And then Texas Tech him pretty easy there's engineering students at Purdue they're trying to come up with a leg acceptable brace for their Santa yeah I saw Isaak. Haas is has his elbow problem and he dislocated his elbow on the first game they've had a brace and it was supposed to help my time to be able to play in the NCAA said did not meet the requirements for acceptable where. Which gets a lot of people. All really hot and bothered about the NCAA Ian. How much of a stickler they are but I yap Purdue is working and trying to still get a brace forum so they can try to get him back out there yet and let somebody said it's. Why is it a hard sell watches the March Madness sweet sixteen it shouldn't believe peeing. Matter I'd Aaron. Now maybe it's 'cause my tournaments are my brackets cooks and I don't have aid. I don't have a strong rooting interest in any of these teams I does that I'm not quite there was determined that I am and some years it's all about the match ups to meet. And determined because I said this before I'll say it again the product is pretty bad investigate game winning shots. College basketball's a terrible product wasn't as compared the NBA you mentioned you know Thursday. But look I mean for Friday for what you're seeing Syracuse duke. Cleansing Kansas. Texas Tech Purdue West Virginia knows those are those are all good game he had though that's going to be in a fun one and you know and I'll say I'm gonna hope that all these games tonight end up being really close. I would love that because it would give you reason to watch a game maybe you don't have as much interest in dirt. But right now on paper Friday for sure sells you a lot harder than Thursday does not even close. Would you rather. Who Illinois Chicago and Nevada or AT&T players only broadcast TNT players on the broadcasts. Well or the team to the NBA teams planned Loyola Chicago in Nevada. Yeah I do I don't like the players only stuff so you would rather watch Loyola Chicago in Nevada did watch the players only game that was before Portland Leo Casey busting game yeah. I think she does come with spray tanner wow Tyree played I would I would change my mind when you meet that nonsense and watch it should that in all over the got you know that Boston was getting too because I can read now. No but I would I would I would take an NBA game over a college game in India the leak I'm not disagreeing with you we've talked about that before the quality of ask was not training college but. Everything's on the line that chambers is so Casey can lose and still be the foresee that stroke. And it's Nancy NFL cultural argument going tonight's game spied a book I'm gonna watch target Iran I was watching surprisingly years you're going to hate you drink CM a hundred years. It's gonna chug a Jared on zag or Thursday OR I Thursday. Qaeda is there a TNT NBA doubleheader tonight. Had visits using it Thursday they met I'd imagine maybe they're taking the night off 'cause of the tournament would be my guess and that's when it begins on Tuesday. Thanking as our members in a national TV schedule I think it might be taken as one I just NB ATV hasn't yet casually say in an off that so you would they do for the tournament I don't think they had little last week if I'm not mistaken because it Thursday games determine just started. So I think they stayed away from that as well yeah I. As Canada's Canada's sense I get I hope it proves you wrong I hope the games that are really excited because I will be watching. But it's it's of the dredging launch and say I have to watch for work watch from me okay somebody says open the wall that make it interesting a devious spreads right now. Kentucky Kansas State Kentucky a five point favorite yeah I Jimmy Kentucky. Okay Leland Loyola Chicago Nevada is a one point spread in favor Nevada I've seen each team play one time this year I'm not want to throws going on that why that's the best part about it to your base he would if I was in Vegas yes I'm not let's throw away some shady money to. That for these hypothetical dammit if it's I was at a -- loyal to Chicago just because of their more enjoyable story okay text -- in Michigan Michigan is two and a half point favorite I might like the underdog now elected dog and -- and M has been a lot of -- a lot like them smoke and UNC way they did in the second round did you see that williams' kids Louisville and his teammate on the sideline knew what he was gonna do Anna did it at the same time there and games yeah I was on the sideline a year -- homes. And in Florida State tends -- zags -- six point favorites -- that your -- task is nervous about that yeah I got -- got a lot of zag fans in my life they're going to be off fired up tonight. It's just at an you know part of this and I will. I will admit this thing part of this too is is because the experience and enjoy that I had an internment last year. I nothing's gonna be able to top that for Munich last year I was getting radio watch organ played a sweet sixteen game against Michigan. As fired up for that and it's just not quite as it not even having a packed full team Ed. It dampens the impact a little bit of form against Gonzaga loses tonight he got nobody close TM messy. Let's maybe Nevada moves on but that's not considered the same. Spokane Andrew's side chimed in you must be Lutheran because of the all these Catholic schools left and attorney your hate our side. Ironically I am lutherans. A Maryland. Great observation so called this is not a Catholic thing no I promise I have nothing against Catholics I didn't know you're claim in. A denomination a balloon man military gonna lose rancher shot us the saint James it's happened last time you into church service was. Move. Not an actress whose guy. It's been over a year Fultz is we'll throw that out there always is coming up hey you know I'd. Gods everywhere what I think there but tired and my dad when I'm asleep -- I. Got -- I it has been above the only one that's down on tonight's game and I think any tax will be will be really don't like there's got to be one person that agrees with me I'm by Israel by tonight's game sucked TU 5535 yes or no also should we be showing kids on TV. Crying when their teams lose this has got a lot of people outraged including Jeff frosts. Tiger of that next on the fan. Yeah. This is a final sixteen recognition of dirt and spray and it grabs you by the 80 wait that's titan of Hawaiian restaurants on serenaded the prayer room. And got some NFL story lines to get to the the Panthers. Worth over two and a half million dollars to Michael Bennett gets clown by an actress in a rap battle also talks about why the Seahawks fell off. You get to all that coming up. He got one person that agreed with you on the bad I I had a two people now somebody assimilated into the tournament's still going I thought and last Friday that is in agreement third. And then there was one other guys sided with me and I got it I got to. Two people that are onboard but yeah out of the masses I don't know if that's enough for you but well killing six people listens to add the sexist not too bad I'll value percent zero we've got to add listening. Hey are you OK with kids being shown crying about their team's losing because this is drawn a lot of outrage. And backlash why is wire about race about that because they think it's inappropriate. To put kids on display. For that. Is it OK to show a grown up cry and yes. Not yet because the Internet. Because of the Internet and the Internet and the means median ninety ease basically gather worried about that but here is a funny thing. And okra before we get to your response only as a kid there kid I don't OK before we hear opinion having we know it is and Jeff rust has his two cents to. CBS an exact was asked about this for CBS I quite enjoyed Dennis. He was asked. If they were going to stop or he wanted to defend it and he said quote it's part of the drama in the storytelling in the tournament. It's part of the emotion we try to capture the emotion and we try to strike that right balance he says they don't overly go to one person. They like to even it out and occasionally you seek EC kids on your TV crying. ESPN was asked about this. And ESP and you know it ESPN did. They went we don't do that well we would now be are gonna show your child crime show that. Of course they did. There's real outrage about this though. I like guys and somebody says vetoing you can cram on TV to adequately. Little grief he met up. Up similar this journey to my idol guy. I don't I don't quite understand is when I die in a couple of times a show on the crying kids and it's been like a kid of a coach or legacy in other family members apart of the staff that kind of thing and they're like upset that their parent. They're jazz lost in a big game in the tournament. I think I I'd love to see in the crying kids it's not like a laughing or making funny did you shows the emotion of the sport against her favorite thing about it. My favorite tournament moments was a gal that was in the band that was crying and kept playing our instrument member electoral. And her team it just us a big game within put the fight song after worse he's a college student I know I know is different than kids but to me it shows the emotional the event we've all did mad kid I cried into kid after blazer losses big ones in the playoffs like. We've all been enamel but I'd don't quite get the backlash over this. I think it. With the college kids it's one thing okay they're eighteen years old thinking go buy cigarettes they're drinking beer whatever they put out stupid videos of themselves making a hold themselves all the time. They can handle being on TV crime and it's like the Little League World Series where the kids are twelve and thirteen years old. And then you know they get back home it's big kids on the block her school. And I guarantee you they're yeah and some crap for a bunch of those kids about crying on national TV. It does on that hey I was playing in that game you market not to be there well you know that would be my responded towards urging year old is guaranteed great clap back. And through. Venture of the big smack oh isn't developmentally say it's your kid arrest while. Are you angry Indy write a letter do you any email what media I mean not. Like. You can be a little bit upset about something and think something is wrong without. Writing a letter to your congressman and try to change the world. You're not saying yeah AA so I mean yeah it's it's a bit like you know that can cite several it was she wouldn't Madonna but I'm not gonna write a letter to the CBS sports CEO. And say I can't leave you showed my child crying a lot of Little League World Series right scarred him for life you gonna do a Little League World Series because you said showing kids crying on TV that was the first thing. Yes I thought I ESPN doesn't do that though. And what happens to. I know I'm not that's not a shot at the American don't know Jose Guillen they generally both series they wouldn't do this thing when you show kids on T yeah Brian you kidding me they show those kids mile away and as I understand. And you lose a little law he's favored players. It's in Italy Mike Trout isn't that cute that crying we would never do it is get the hell out of here ESP dual. Justin shot of the losing team in their huddle after the game we know what to coach Hagen the players don't erratic in the grill and have a close yet when kids face. I would not within their likes it is amazing like they they've had eight moments when they focus on the same kid the whole time it's a guy and I get data wanna see one kid crying for like five men on they don't show with a kid crying over and over and over they show when the kids happy. And then they show us Lou is excellent reaction there's a kid that he got an operative the team but they showed him in the tournament. And his team get a shot and he was going nuts and they showed him. And then like a second later the other team it's a shot. They went back to him anyways devastated he was crying his hands rinds and half it was funny he was right. Well but it before and after a year Ed did I was at like game seven Western Conference finals 2000. In LA. Women cried my ass off for most it is no problem to camera showed Maine. Wail away Tina and I think that is even different. Then liked athlete kids at sea world's waste your and it's funny because you're mentioning the kids go back to the block or they go back to their neighbor whatever. Now that we are trying to the blazers lost needed to deserve to get made fun. Okay but that's finally let western dumbest finals game seven as a kid get it to be DeLia but if you're got a national TV crime in the stands and you know you parliament and it was like prisoners and college basketball game my title this I'd college basketball I think they're fine on years tiles during world soccer icon. Oh year old kids just Gunter used heartbreak yet of losing attorney general idea. Season. Okay that makes more sense now. Because I was just gonna say probably that are in some protect our people really mad about this yet they are people are people visited CBS and I just getting is flooded with like complaints from people all over the country about these kids being shown on TV there was a northwestern kid last it was pretty famous and I was gonna say like somebody brought that up flute girl that you brought up the college student yet has she plays his plan to piccolo somebody said that she got to go on Fallon and play with the roots rat that ended up being OK right. And then I misunderstood her first hours is thinking like on oh no it's just the turn of just the tournament but. On the kid part act like we always keep up for kids because we think back to experience we have. How do we even know kids make fun of other kids like that anymore. I've been to schools with kids that are 1013. And now my daughter is six in kindergarten. Kids in school are way different than they were when I was there and I nicer you land we used to pick on people people used to pick on us that was like that normally get a win allowed mourn of going now it's like combed by Yao hold hands you got mentor is that he just got this whole school system that's different there's a little holes you're not saying they're nice but I'm dissing I think it's a lot different and I think a lot of parents project what happened to them. As soon it's gonna happen there. Yeah that make it did not the bus and here's the other day is running their kids and same bus stop to call her stupid Sadie. Stoops they've used to say you tell little punch that kid right in the face it and where to cancel it. Next time CDU about a snags in rightness suck coal parenting one on one just about to face at his punch it to his right there don't tell my nephew and my nephews eight -- going and I told parole no I taught in the hockey fight Pulitzer over the kids then we'll have healed or upper cut him in this comic you'll never see a common as a gimmick or a little throat jab. Now when you only do this if you can't get out of the situation blind man and alienated this is what you do. Broad jab or people assured over the ahead at his gestures Sprague kids who differ on your kids because they don't have their stuff stolen. The three times a kid's gotta be gangsters I don't know what to tell you and temporary appointees still enough stuff too scared and I kind of an actress challenger Joseph times gallon no early. Yeah I do is it I I've got myself in the shoes of this killing a five word is if I watch you determine on TV the body of mine was shown on TV crying and I'm like elementary school or middle school however old these kids are. My reaction would never be doing you cried on TV would be you've got to go to game as kind of cool view is that pretty close. And as what the argument be if I was said crying kid I would come back and simply respond with yeah words you watch the game. Did you show on TV right I guess kind of badge of honor lady watch your game at home you pour bastard that was set their four rows off the. This is you thinking of this when your due to what you stop laid eyes are you thirtieth you know I would 29 out sharpen up to got to come back like down eleven. But again my ass is that they gave you watch a home let's face that you're nickname is dirt I don't think you're super sharp about anything that's been. It's a big Sarah did not have a nickname during an eleven yet that didn't come until later in life as well I care winning that 1213. Yeah somebody's saying no my nickname colleges to come into high school ask fifteenth sixteenth. Some isn't really on a child therapist nothing's changed it's probably worse in your face Sprague one person his experiences. Camped. After the norm my experience can't be any give just doesn't count down Monica. His job therapists must understand what he's doing I experiencing weighed more than me on that front I'm just saying I've been around multiple different schools and it says and I know it's different based on what my school system was like yeah I just like they've been doing this forever like kids crying line thing though a given that any ill and had that leads to a lot of the the bowling so maybe and I were parents come from on that front I I think when I'm when I'm saying he's been around forever is the kids crying in tournaments like this is not they just haven't done in his senior generals being going on domestic crowd ice to cry when I struck out baseball. I'd be so episodes that I cry. You get so mad he cried. A and do that when I struck out early yeah. Hopefully enough at three strikeout came that would mark I have I did a few of those boots to. Not every time like the first time you know outside get the bad Easter I count each write down its embarrass seniors have to my do it yeah I'd is I feel like we've been showing kids trying to determine for a long time missiles what's different that it's never been an issue so why you wise is an issue now I don't quite get that it's got to be the Internet. That's the only explanation I'll listen to. It's got to be the unit that's my only thought via the means. The snap Chad the spreading it around all that crap that's the only thing they've got to be worried about his. What is different then. As the only thing that. It's all about the shaming is whatever insert blank shaming here. That's been through it as we can go down hole rabbit on that stuff yeah. But I don't Morgan upset defense is fast already upset people I don't have. Fascinating congress irons I don't one upset people even more than diary have. I just enjoyed yes the end I like CBS saying suck it we don't care personal kids I some reason I cry every Friday it was spring in line. I just ruling and like I say about this whole story was EST on their pedestal we don't show crying kid was it rust blew my mind and are no. Whitfield has -- they showed they're crying kids the Little League World Series every you do and the idea was always a team and that team meeting afterwards that goes viral of the coach giving the inspirational speech of the team that lost yeah about life lessons and keep battling through and he got a bunch of kids down there. They weathered jerseys over their face wiping their tears away they showed that on the the little roasters like ABC they show that final game in front of millions of people. Let's get to cry left and right. Under arabians lesbian is right there a don't show it as an NC played great at. There's no hiding their their first few games are on ESPN and they go to UC. It's yet it's one yet one entity. I let's go to some NFL news or knows a lot going on in the National Football League would do that next bumpers here's Jeff rust with a sports update. This is a final sixteen recognition of dirt and spray gets rough to you by the 80 wait the titan of Hawaiian restaurants on ten Canadian program. Again 136. No drew Thursdays are going wild. March slingbox and enjoy his command in ten minutes from now we're excited for that one ESP NE wrote a piece about college who bought the story lines things to watch players to watch on that style of solace and run pactel. Also he was the one NE SP and a reported Sean Miller has wiretap. Talking about a 100000 dollars Golan to idea Andrei eaten so yeah now we don't know when that story I don't know much on that one thing it's that. At some point couple NFL news and those though Florio. Matt Ryan and we always talk about quarterbacks is contracts Aaron Rodgers is a name against brought up quite often. I'm Matt Ryan is another one I don't. I don't know people realizes he is now in the final year of the five year 103 million dollar extension he's already made a hundred million in his career not to shabby for Matt Ryan. But falcons. GM Thomas Dmitry Haas came out and talk to reporters yesterday and they're continuing to negotiate. But reiterated there is no timetable on getting your contract extension completed. For the one time MVP. Any juicy story going into the final year of his deal and Atlanta. Yet another quarterback I think in this season or at some point during the year we're gonna talk about him now being nice they guy. It's is gonna keep going up up and up you gotten Tim mead Jimmy G-20 seven Kirk cousins at 28. You're going to have Matt Ryan probably yet. At what thirty he had Aaron Rodgers is going to be Mary the highest in the headlines Arum well he should be I mean if I'm Aaron Rodgers I'm telling my agent I have to be the highest paid guy in this league. Or maybe he wants to go to Tom Brady route any looks it is team and says. They made a couple interesting moves but we need to make more so we need more words salary cap space he has agreed endorsement deals. May be seed chooses to go the route of we had teen friendly deal more signing bonus money. And take a little bit about a pay cuddled Tom Brady at ask because I think. I wanna say it was around this age. Where Brady started do that he started to take less money into your ideal yet team friendly deals and figure out ways to get money. In different approaches without. Kill their salary cap. It also helps when you're married to a super model that makes lot of money makes a little easier on Tommy Boy Abbot time Aaron Rodgers is Dayton Danica Patrick I think she served pretty well for herself financially and if they break up I'm Cheryl end up with some smoke filled act. Actress or athlete or my own self is doing all right so while one other quarterback no by the US are there's not that it's as shocked as I was adjusting the honesty John Lynch is talking about the niners quarterback plans. And he actually kind of admitted will we all. Wondered and that was it their number one plan AA was just rolled the bank and Kirk cousins this offseason. And even for Kyle Shanahan after they got Jimmy drop lol there was it. And swings the other is goes it was approve it because they he knew who Kirk cousins was it coach Kirk cousins and if Rob Lowe did not play well and those last really start six games in San Cisco. If he had struggled stumbled through a bunch of takes whatever the case. They've basically said yeah we what is so gone out front a ton of money Kirk cousins and made a mark guy in my Jimmy you lock but it was the weight problem played today said all right we got something here he's gonna be our quarterback and they obviously give the deal they get I thought it was that easy to get that level of honesty from GM well they. They seem to be I I can't speak on the ownership group because it's still the York family but. I think that transparency. Is transparency and different approach that Shanahan and lynch seemed to have thus far early on. One year in now. It seems to be drastically different that what you were dealing with when you had trim bulky as the Jia. And you had multiple people coming in and out as a head coach down Harbaugh knew it's much more stable yet seems more stable now east on the approve it factory go out there win games shows she can get it done that level right now. With the organization the weights running to me it feels a lot more stable than it what it was firm for three seasons general yeah. I trade no quickly in the NFL Pierre Paul disappear Paul was sent from the giants of the box tree 20184. Round pick like this move. Some teams yeah giants get a couple more picks and the Buccaneers at a patter pass rusher they get dead money but counseling be clear some money on the salary cap and then you get a pass rusher who played pretty decently. For Tampa Bay and you can see if they can take advantage of that while he still. Maybe to back into this prime yeah yeah like a move to one of the note by the Indiana told us what made me chuckle we've not got the Panthers it's been noted that final hour. All I am the NCA some the last Damir is a buyer Kevin buyer to the titans defense back. Ole. There was forget how to pronounce his last name's. Sure sure Romeo go gaga so he is. He was named and all pro safety. This year in the NFL. Deion Sanders phenomenal prime tanner around town he released a list of who we thought the best safeties defensive backs run the National Football League need did not include fired. From Tennessee and buyer could we didn't say how do you make this statement not include the first two. The 21 team all AP pro safeties. Deon Sanders who responded that tweet saying. You're looking at who writers tell you who's the best I know who players and former players shows the best I rest my case. You continued to be a fan and I will continue to be the man. So the slight problem here is the under is no he has Deion does not know Kevin buyer is does not realize he is indeed not only in financial safety he was an all pro safety but only former athletes in size of the game though he's a you keep being a fan. All be the man that one backfired Berenson would you do realize that I am a player in the NFL's some it's an NFL news and Austria. Around the National Football League they are. Mark save us gonna join us as we got a lot to ask him about he'd be out Brooke piece about Sean Miller Arizona FBI will ask about Dak get an update on the story also in an article on pac twelve. Football talking about players' names coaches everybody to watch march Labonte ESPN is next on offense. This is a final sixteen in recognition of dirt and spray did write to you by the 808 the titan of Hawaiian restaurants on terror maybe you both room. Pressures on the Astros are different from past messages execute in crunch time in history illuminate when. Wind this greatest feeling in the world when you lose that's the lowest in war its current stutter move a look at the hottest topics in sports Brian do you mind crunch should. Is 995 per month so why would you ever pay more for a gym membership. Your anger is directed by Gretchen has always Nye ninety's about a month so why would you ever pay more free gym membership really sad for our next guest again about a million things when asked him about from all sorts of different college. Perspectives marsh Labonte join and showed him a follow wants her out mark underscore Schlabach espn.com. Columnist I wanna start mark with a debate that we've had a mogul gets a football because the article he wrote this week we'll ask you questions about Arizona. Where is your excitement level for the sweet sixteen games tonight because we had a debate about just how exciting they are the matches were person march Labonte on tonight's games. An economic shot in the watched Michigan tech is you know we've played them can. Duplicate what they did against North Carolina last weekend I mean obviously Illinois Chicago Loyola Chicago. What a few that ride keep going on common Atlanta. In the two games there you know Kentucky Kansas State should Libya. Big blue route down in Atlanta out but you know and make. It's a good mix you know double digit seeds curriculum but more entry. You get those Cinderella isn't there which is always great you know one team might I basically through my bracket away because Arizona lost their opening game. And I know you're familiar with the sword because it's has been ongoing and it leads into the tournament I'm just curious with everything it's been going on with the Arizona wiretapping story they emerge with you. Can you get into details on an update on that and you've had people that are refuted that accent or how that whole things gone down. Bottom billing package let stand by reporting in the original report you know there was some. Questions on the time line which were corrected. If there's not been one syllable. Change in the original pot comes forward and you know as we're gonna keep continuing to report it as you know those wiretaps and all the documents that we're cease from the agent Andy Miller's office and other places. Are under seal and what appeals lifted you know we'll start trying to out. Exactly what's in there but based on my reporting. Over the last three weeks you know I've got no reason to have. Think that the original report structuring. Give any idea when you think we're we're finally getting get tests are we are in years down the road near opinions. How about the years let you know which it was sooner than similar thank you pretty. You know what that first trial and probably for October and that the case. Involving you needed executives James Gado moral code Christian Dawkins who was a router working training Miller that's scheduled for October. Whether or not it goes to trial then we'll have to wait for the armed folders enormous amount. Well discovery which may delay it an epic you know to trial involving your assistant coaches. And Russia on the show to a person they Auburn assistant. Almost two trials are scheduled for 2000 in nineteen actually it could be several months. He never Tyler Marshall about ESPN columnist and a follow. Ons that are at marked underscores slip by you wrote a piece this week just kind of spring football primer for everybody and in story lines of people coaches who watched. And every conference before riggins is specifics about the facts well known as he mentioned here at lay and I think he's based out of south Sudan there and SEC country. Just how low is. The the perception of the packed walls outside of our taxable Bobble. Right football we're back. I guess now I don't gobble up determined that specifically does that at all. Ali you know obviously. The struggle last year but I mean you know I I think there are some good coaches I think Chip Kelly used Gil de. Could be a home on like GeMS Shumlin has a better result. Especially with the quarterback there. Palme you know Stanford and it is always solid struggled a little bit last year but you know attractive bright slogans or promotion decision. Her room or you know coaching changes haven't helped. It's ship collapsed when. You know not take Kristobal could get him back on. You know I want to Maurice he'll Iowa to more utter total to more out of Arizona State like Colorado took a big step back so. I mean you know they didn't apply now when he Yang. Or Washington. We'll have a chance to do that this coming year maybe everything's all right. USC I think after loses remarked Arnold you know it's gonna take a couple of more years trying to get back with. You know I think I think in the right direction but certainly in the last couple years movement somewhat this point. You know it's it's funny because out here the pac twelve the one able record margin in the pac twelve just completely crapping the bed in the tournament. It's not been good for the conference perception but out here in my opinion I know I differ from some. We're a little more lax to you know I I just simply say we'll see whether rat next year I don't really care about conference perception a just care about championship. How obsessed do you think people in the south are with the pac twelve if you read a story about the actual how into it do they get down there. About the fact well yeah. Robert much. I've got not yet he he had maybe the break and I don't think there's that conference affiliation with. You know that instantly path and into the little bit on the with the ACC basketball. Obviously but it. You know in terms that he should get easier actually. You know McConnell to the pac twelve for the most part battle I don't think there's this collective. Grown economic team loses the ball OK keep LaMont was only a few years ago. The Big Ten was very similar situation. What the pac twelve right now I can remember writing. I'm pretty nasty column on the New Year's Day when the Big Ten or one and six and then shortly thereafter. Urban Meyer realized they oddball. We can Michigan's Antonio Michigan State Colin you know accomplished ordered women are things can turnaround pretty. Now we're Tyler Marshall and by ESPN columnist and a follow once or app market. Underscore slave is there any way shape perform at their the Herm Edwards hired Arizona State works out well. And are more note. Wait. A couple of that. Yeah there were competitive at times. Under Todd Graham but amnesia and out of crucial law. And registered it seems as some stuff what Latin music out toward these quarterbacks coach and has basically yeah. In 1989 Ray Anderson and I knew him when he worked for the last while in these former national PA guy. And I just you know to try to run that's saying with whose pro model. Will see an epic from -- lot of catching up to do in terms of recruiting. And how that works you know he's got some things about. Having to recruit parents. You know which were kind of alarming a Virginia college coach that he got a little mommy. If you can get a kid and he was kind of surprised by that so. You know and you can be up to club. How many teams using the tackles and having the national championship conversation this year realistically. They hear yeah. Not happening Washington GAAP income and back to inject grounding. Chris Peterson. You know top options coaches in the country. You know August earlier studies will write stamper interject Costello continue to develop and he was healthy. And bright glow you know wasn't being felt like he was a year ago. Because some of the key gotten off on Arctic ever really office or on stamp goes you know they're going to be good. I think effort could potentially be in the next but I think Washington is probably the best the best chance. He caddies for C year one going under Chris violent you know you mention of the players lobbied formed to be the new guy when tiger. I'll bounce the Florida statement in rewarding very well with the performance and the Vegas pulled in glacial for Alan but this guy crystal ball and an and is back story how do you see that our continued Jeanne. No I mean I got it can be good coach of any need get a good job like you got fired and and they got a bit real and Iverson's to a growth which Davis and worked under Nick Saban which which usually clocks. You know prop may be that the best pro prospect among the big twelve quarterbacks just Herbert. On the on a couple of receivers. I think he has a fact he was that would retain Jim Leavitt is because coordinators did a really good job of creating net defense a year ago cup markers Julio. You'll see QBs coach I think it is good continuity. On the staff. You know Andre. Tiger knew before he collapsed at the biggest thing that lacked under under our belt which was. The deeper and you got to play defense and even if you're gonna. Well on the up tempo and scoreboard which we've got to stop people I think I think Mario and those. Wins next seeming denial of the sport in public glow in popular in much can we afford it felt like he thinks. You know he covered six of more year. You know I and I audit aboard. These. He grown tired of it yet boarded. I'm Elliot car dealership and lacked a lot was over Larry totally. Purchased a couple of golf courses. Probably use parodies and and retirement could. Well usually you sick I'd be surprised because. I'm kind of guy gets mail so that Harley drags on a little bit of holes that's as far away as better than seven or eight more years of when a national championship there and it. Or gotten out who got to take every day when he looks. It. I guess is secret I gotta get on a diet marshalling by ESPN columnist and a follow on tour app market underscore slip by. They should we always love talking college football the update on the Arizona story really appreciate it now things take a few minutes for us your Portland. Thank god apparently Europeans. There you go march slave by ESPN columnist. Just. Oh all right are he ST as by the Arizona report. Six I east east MI pretty firmly and Miller called him and ESPN out and you had. Sports Illustrated refuted that report another timeline has been under scrutiny a lot. I'm some people believe their timeline fixed still isn't correct. But he stands by though wiretapping stories so maybe it's ninety Andrei heightened maybe it's somebody else. Lisa timeline would suggest is much pools C he'll be in either vindicated or people are really gonna have a problem with his reporting on the dad's Rosie animation to keep that in mind because he's sandwich rounds signing it to begin tell our total we we talked about that on the show and I I still stand my by my opinion on that march seems like a really good guy but. You can't have a journalism flub like that like when year indicating gating information from FBI stuff with sports. And your wrong. I got a problem with that and so Woolsey he'll either be an indicator again we will be wondering why he got his report and with with it yeah. S of the trials due to begin in October he also idea primer on spring full bogon read on ESPN if you wanted to check it out he gives players to watch coach is to watch story lines to watch the pac twelve. Newcomers to watch as well also lie a good and sort of march reading on college football always believe or not ties writer on the corner was spring games. Coming up here shortly Greg seventy by crunch that is always nine any found them and so why would you repeat more free gym membership to find out more about spring and it worked out. Actress dot com wants to get sue any final hour of the show take a look inside wrest back plums coming up at 215. Sarah we go from there at 230 give back innocent tournaments stuff we have some fun with the audio to play for yet. I was starters and we have not gotten to yet though and that is. Carolina Panthers are for sale. When a job three billion dollars on that's next on the sand.