Dirt & Sprague 2.16.18 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, February 16th
Spragueing The Line, Peyton as an analyst, and how do you feel about Heimlich starting the 1st game for the Beavs. 

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Well. I didn't think he had it and you. I'm hoping better. This is stirred and spray. You walk over great it was NB under Johnson and Brendan spray and I sell it to you Soledad. Hope they can live with. We started the game we never got the play for blood remember a dirt and spray is gone and maybe I was just looked. Power from both soon. Hey let's do this funnel our guards parade on a Friday. Good Friday isn't alone. We're heading into a three day weekend if you're not I'm sorry. But I'm enjoy them on a Monday. Straight line coming up bodily our pitchers take sponsors in Ari got a few mum being sent. Thoughts of Peyton Manning at some point he is the new hot commodity in the broadcasting world them. Monday Night Football you looked so good. They're going to be a good broadcaster I'm curious 55305. But I do to start with this and not to get all like intense and give to a a touchy subject but it's on my mind because the season is officially begun and we've had text about this event tweets about it today. Mike cited in a sports on her updates the Oregon State baseball season has begun. Today is their first game they're playing New Mexico and are currently have five to two. In the top of the eight an eagle beavers how about that go beavers how about that and the the question and I have not to re litigate the whole story. As I don't wanna do that right now right. I'm just curious how beaver fans are Croat Sheen. From a fan's standpoint who the situation of Luke Heimlich being on the hill he pitched today started six innings four hits two runs struck out four. And he is out of the game now they've gone in the bullpen they went to the bullpen in the seventh so he threw six innings today and he's in line ticket to win his first of the season. What are the emotions for use of behavioral mom knowing he's starting opening day. I mean emotions. I'm weird I'm not. The normal diehard Bieber fan with baseball. I've always I've never been shy this site I support down back he's been incredible coach it's it would those two national tiles were a lot of fun. But I I tend to follow College Baseball very closely. As they do some of the other sports they have yeah. Overall my feeling has not changed about Lou kind lake. When this story originally came up from the word go any end and then even with Carrie acres fees they came out a couple weeks ago ya. I can't actually walked away from both those with the conclusion that. If you put those together that whole piece goes to pieces together as well and peace. It makes a little more sense and that's like all angles like the full story right it's a backside on Heimlich to Sam leisure. And then eight you get like the the proceedings in corps didn't in everything on that happened. But mile Roth who is not changed. Good luck to pack Casey in the beavers this year when he's on the mound I'm just I'm not I'm not gonna root I'm not gonna root against but I'm just. If we go to a game we have an annual tradition we've been going to a beaver game once a year yes immediately you mis whacked yeah we like to go down and have smears once base if they'd just. Times out that way this year we Gaudin and he's on the bomb. I'm not clapping. Marketability kid he's done what he needed do. Society says when you do it is asked you and you pass with flying colors you get another chance wrecked he's done that. So go out their do you saying. I don't have to cheer for you I'm not gonna boo or root against you but I just don't have to cheer for you and that's. Basically my opinion when the original story came out. I disagree with lot of beer fans because it is to not lie H. The weighted everything was unfolding. But you know they pagers peace thrown out there there was another one thrown out their from a different web site. You get some more information to their ultimately my aid you in feelings have not changed on this topic. Gold beavers but when he pitches. I'm completely numb to anything that happened so I am not I'm not rooting for yeah. Yeah I it is it's going to be anything to follow this here because I know a lot of our in state fans have have dug their heels in and defending him. And you know it's almost like two different conversations for me because wind is. A thug as a child offense still arguing his. His innocence that he did nothing wrong and it was a witch hunt by the your bony end. And on look at the Ayers piece it proves that he was innocent the whole time and he's got this religious sacrament I don't I don't think that he's proved he was our innocent -- any at all and and I think that's at that that crowd loses me. The the other side of it though too is as you mentioned and he is an example of what we wind. Our. Criminal justice system to do. Again it is a good event of a juvenile committing a crime. What is the goal fur. For the way that they are punished it's so that they can be. They can learn from what they did he's a great rehabilitation make Hillary pay they pay their upon it they categorize their punishment pride and they are rehabilitated back into society yes so I feel like it's almost it's like a whole bunch of different conversations and one of how did Oregon State handle it. Some folks are trying to argue his innocence which just that that argument it's completely lost on me. And to me that's a whole different conversation and about what the judicial system should look like because he he paid his price he went through everything that he had to go through. And there has not been an issue that has cropped up since then and it's his. As it was really difficult things settings to talk about and it's a tough story for everybody to follow. And it is going to be. The cloud hanging over the Oregon State baseball team all season long like this was not gonna go away he is their best pitcher he was their best pitcher last year yeah they are the number two team in the country coming into the season and everybody thinks that they have a chance. To win a national title this year I'm heating pitch at the end indeed my digital World Series. I don't or in the regional a documentary pitch in the regionals or not. But I know we didn't pitch in a World Series I. Remember he got introduced in their last game in Corvallis. And actually got a standing ovation and I that that really bothered me right now that it really really bothered in the heat of the moment that was are ready yet those are the bad luck but it is something that organizations have to accept because this is going to be an issue and it's not critical if we're all season no and you know that they're feeling I guess on the tax line is kind of what I expect the -- some people on a couple of these are beer fans absolutely disgusted by they're not. They're a disappoint gated in and act in a route form yeah. And you need get a couple other people that thought the or Tony and his smear job then they didn't do their due diligence in journals and that's kind of why I say. You knew you can read to carry acres peace. And I remember this and highs against the tyrant has ensued. Made a good point like you reading you just wonder why is the religion thing being drives out of rhetoric in ways that actually giving us information form nothing to do with the story no open I think if you combined the two. Of the back story of the pleading guilty to family like if you combine those two stories it should be the story. And Dan. You take that from what it is if you walk away and ego well. Maybe his family was a bunch a simple tens and they made him plead guilty because they just wanted this to go way. Fine I can't make you have a different opinion if you say dude if you're innocent you never plead guilty to that say that. That charge and most heinous things he could be yes it's the worse they used yes and you plead guilty to it. Observant people don't care what your religious background is or that maybe your family wasn't. Smart enough today can be you know whatever your opinion on that is I still think those two pieces combine our one big piece and that's the whole picture. But my feelings have not changed. And it's a weird place to be. In right yeah and I ask you you you were high it wasn't the same thing obviously but like when the Altman in the race that was going on as is up to very strange place to be it still makes me uncomfortable. As an organ basketball right at that that has not gone away from has all been basically. He admitted that he had did some things wrong right and we all know that stuff everything was done in that instance. It team was in the final four last year and I'm not saying this changed. Anything about that team in that Ron too she went to Phoenix but there's an element that when you see it sometimes you're reminding you might have had some acts weird thing you know. All right and how I deal with that now an and it's the reason why when you're a fan a team you you never want to throw rocks and glass house because at some point. You EU was a sample have to go through something like this run organ state fans. They may they took a lot of shots at Oregon fans for the way the deal would celebrate all men and yes more runs in the success of the program how dare you do that right now the shoe is on the other foot and that it's the same token there's a lot of organ fans out there that now take shut how did you do that beaver fans how could you support that. There in a group we all have to go through this at some point or another. And as fans and I I just. I think the only message that I would have for any fan out there because I go through this is an Oregon Tennessee just mentioned with their basketball program and I still go through to this day. Is to eat you have to try and take the glasses off and think about the situation if it was happening on a team that you did not root for how would you feel about the story. It is so it's the same thing we are tightly a similar politics again if it's somebody in your party does something you don't care. But as somebody the other party doesn't mean even expanding its how dare you like that like Republicans tried to impeach Clinton and they did impeach Clinton in the ninety's. For cheating on his wife in lying about it well look what's going on now lot of stories out there but. There's not the same level of outrage from one side and that goes both ways and I think it's important to. And any and every block of light and is imported take a step back take this animal and say how how how should I feel about the story. And the fact of what baseball team or basketball team football team they play four should be the last point that you consider. When you're trying to determine your feelings about it you know and I had an organ safe and it takes the Centex I've 553 of five is at what point Sprague do we give the kid a pass in twenty years for example you're at the same story deals the door open for you are you're not going to say thank you because of his past. What's the difference between success on the mound. In his success twenty years from now and again I this is hard to it's hard to put into words like. I don't wish any ill will towards the kid now or two I'm in now these totally later on when I when he would ever yeah. I don't wish ill will towards him. I I we guess I would simply say I don't have to root Foreman not rooting against him I'm in different. And that's an odd place for me to kind of Guillen says he is a father of of of two daughters great. I would also just say it's a situation went almost wanna talk to him directly about it. I don't believe he had any quota that dagger story right I don't believe so now and it was all quotes from therapy as synagogue errors and I haven't had any sit down story interview with anybody and there's a lot of questions that need to be act and asked and answered it and until that happens if it ever does maybe doesn't egos of the big someday but Intel that does I. I can't help but chain I can't change the way I feel about it you know twenty years from now I don't know but right now in this moment. It's it's a weird place to be a solar is states faced all season started today Luke Conley was on the hill they are winning five to three or should be tried to. And the eighth inning over New Mexico Heimlich pitched through six innings gave up two runs. And that's the sort of they're your eye Norway oversight yeah and one final two sides I think what you brought up should be reiterated when more times he is an example of rehabilitating. Some of the you know what he was going through in what he wise. Easing is a good example of don't completely give up on a human right. And in the second thing is. I guess part of this that comes back is when that story originally broke. Now was only information we had. I was really discussed with organ state. And I do and I and I'm in debt to organ state -- wife at all that right. I was really disgusted that date dot it was a Smart idea at a home game the first game after that story came out to introduce him on the Jumbotron. And he got a standing ovation that was. That. Is about as upset with anything org is that is the most of signing it ever been an organ state. It's not remotely close that one is what really still kind of sticks. In the back of my mind how all disappointed and upset I was that day. And it's not completely fair everything but then I'll still. That that Sodom that memory in feeling still pop up yep so uninteresting story to follow throughout the course the year. Through a private let's light it up a little bit Peyton Manning in the Booth what do you think. He'd be good on a call and city go to fox ESP again next on offense cause. And he got a straight line coming up bottom of the hour did you think sponsors and 55 real client who's gonna win the three point contest. Doug Johnson on the moon. Lumber king for your Friday ready for a beer on a night you. You know Ryan White might made a good point lake. Pretty even keel but. Thoughtful tax the gas tax signed today that topic can really (%expletive) people Ollie triggers all sorts of phantoms and folks out. Which I get amber all fans at the end of the day like we'll have responses like that topics like that I mean that's transcending sports and now you're going to the S territory of why I think the whole offshoot of that too is getting into. The the difference of opinion in terms of led the criminal justice system is supposed to do. Because I got just let it read back to back texture OK I've somebody said are you saying criminals who committed crimes and their use should be a pariah for ten years twenties life. Was his sentence not already finished right which is the argument he paid his price yet they I thought already said that like he paid his debt you did I know yeah I only was this hearing your little bit of Qaeda delivering the very next tax there is no rehabilitation for a child molester I did fifty and a half years in prison and they do not change there is something wrong. With their wiring and it's that's why it's such a complex issue because you're talking about. Like this is what we want from our judicial system we want them to be rehabilitated and put back into society you're not going to lock them up for life. For something no matter how heinous it is ripe age of fifteen that they do. But it was the crime that he is accused in pled guilty of committing. Again this was armed robbery in he'd played his time or did his time and got out is this still an ongoing story if that is. And he stole horror if it'll whatever the case may be it's not the same it's in the crime makes a but the tougher I also thing the other. Our it and you know it's already a complex thing I think the other part that adds to a dirt is. Jared from subway gets busted for this you know child pornography goes to prison. POS never won a seem again he's almost a forty year old man. Hi I'm Mike is like fourteen is fourteen or fifteen or timeliness started out. Aegis will where's the line for it you know and anywhere you can be rehabilitated if you believe that you can for something like that. Verses you get a Jared fall goal and it's go the hell away and had a dark cold somewhere right nobody cares rat. You know and then there's you know the whole issue love how much are in state new and and now and how they handled this that there's a lot of different out uses conversation about. Mom I still don't think we have all of the now tell he's always we don't know any Casey hasn't done. And on again an in depth interview about as he doesn't really like talking about it and now he's any probably never will. On to be honest with the other little villages dodge questions they want to a lot of interviews highlight will be made available to the media at some point is gonna stock Major League teams about it though 'cause he could have been a first round pick last year without the story oh he would have been probably a top fifteen out in the draft would have a dog but he's back this yourself. I about this that is another story just to lighten the mood a little bit is there's a two network race for Peyton Manning. Now in the after after Tony Romo had a great debut year in the Booth and everybody loved him. He is the number one target for both ESPN and fox ESPN is far more aggressive in its pursuit to New York Post reports. They are willing to quote backed up the truck and go all owed ticket Peyton Manning as their Monday Night Football analysts of course after Jon Gruden left. To become the head coach of the Oakland Raiders and I he had a salary of more than I think six and a half million or something he made it a little money was the highest paid employee buy is piano when he was out ESPN and if it even pay may be a good color analyst. I know. He's really assess if that's if he's like you we asked this about Romo and I didn't know we did we ask him about rubble and Jay Cutler because they able to jobs and broadcasting numbers we never heard Jay Cutler we may. Because we don't know what's future holds for Jay bright. We kind of got any answer from Romo I know the play predicting thing war on some people at the end of the year but for the most part it seemed like most people were in on Tony Romo colony game and I don't know what cannot commentator Peyton Manning would be he clearly has a really good personality. Does he bring a little comedic relief to aid. Is he goes super serious football guy in and does break stuff down right does he have the Romo enthusiasm really why I am. A does he have that or criticize people. I don't know lol. If he will that was the issue in Jon Gruden a lot of folks had as he never said a negative thing about and that wasn't an issue with Romo Romo did not hold back yeah Hayden have a problem and he liked me trying to Blake or arousal that he did and that's like the threshold you have to be willing to cross to be deemed a great analyst you have to be willing to criticize I think that's why gruden got on got to make sure he would like I love this guy let this guy right greatly by this guy I'll tell you what man I love this guy like Blaine Gabbert has all Ruth right and I like gruden but there was a certain irritations and how good he can be as broadcaster because he could be critical. Lot of athletes get this when they go into the Sports Radio world as well. They did you is it feels weird for under the on the other side in nine. Being at an armchair quarterback some people just can't do gruden was one of them. Ice pricing might make this move and go to TV incident may be doing the front office thing like Elway or hell even going to Hollywood to do some stuff. I am I defense and how much money he makes 'cause it sounds like fox once and for their Thursday night football games so it's not going to be as much. But at least there's an F football's Elliott bay you work and technically one week. Was are you doing that men and haven't yet but people are saying Monday night is more grueling because of preparation processes more ready as this is what I read in the sport today that there is and at football it's kind of a throwaway game for fox but ESPN all their production by egos and eminent football yeah it's not their prime time game of the week. Watch pitching part two is Manning they're going after him money is here and it also sounds like they might be tried to get rid of McDonna the other consider replacing him a tacit tore Steve Levy and gave ash. Who. Of those three. I don't do people not like Sean McDonough. And I like McDonald McDonald is great I think I don't think he had to get were forward. You think agree and think it was again I just dumping gruden liked him. So you are really artist so gruden gone gimmick and another partner with secret armor doubles really good. Heating McDonnell wants to do it I think part of this is they're not sure McDonough is really in on doing foot. Better yet tablet I I think McDonnell I thought I thought McDonough was great omen if I loved among college games to what was those names tacit tore up. You know as adore Steve Levy and Dave thrash like media is an anchor I don't love and as a play by play guy like past the idea past sure and I'm not a big deal must organize them now none of Amara McDonald wasn't to be fair before he took over. Because he has nearly has the lawn NFL entities so they don't have a chance to be NFL guys they just have Monday Night Football you can't build selling low track ball guy like fox and CBS Q where how many. NFL games every single week and you gotta have a punch to the broadcasting creeds I don't have that there not a big test of torque fan and either a lie I. Boxing shirt again calling in a fight night video game ourselves and I'm on board with the blood. But I just a Edison about images didn't transit college football forming a must burger. Bring him out of us burger and Peyton Manning would love that you are look at lie that would be one hell of broadcasting Booth right there he's given must Berger a wet Willie stepped. He is kicking up behind lady did to Eli and those commercials during a call and a patent if he makes the decision thing goal. Broadcasting or eating he backs out I think it takes ESPN job. I think ESPN of their on a back to truck up that much they give they offer you nine legged they paid gruden six and a half and they're saying they're gonna back the truck up. It's a KM nine million dollars your concrete turn that down these IE nine but like even seven is like damn you college sixteen games. And potentially get up what not a playoff game because he has yet to lose their playoff game and without these TV deals gone down because sixteenth gave a couple of pre season games against that. Nine million dollars a year has not that or can he get it so fox and ESPN's Jason down. Peyton Manning considering replacing Joseph excuse me John McDonough would test the Tora Steve Levy or. Dave passion and he would need to be on mine and a couple or Thursday night football. With fox I'd get those they sponsors and 55305. Let's lose some money on the also our game three point contest. Dunk contest. Who's gonna win the game and VP all that next but first here's my sports and. This is dirt and spray and dogs and maybe the sale ends Brigham and stretch in the last Greg Milan. I was pregnant and and a good because once had a one timer honest and just two weeks. It's pretty good. So I got. Up in the zone now you guys as you could be a blunder around he does could not he did so well that second time as our phone that not sure if that is true. Regular. Thing. Hey straight line antibody FBI. They can be fifty basketball teams and multiple hall of famers and one game. Spray alive rats you by baseball's so close a couple times but they as India dollar. I was pretty good. All ask I almost got it that's one of my favorites means if you will is when they do like bid team that loses the championship and act has got the trophy at the end of the fishing rod oh. Just tried they had element that Brady catch and he was like right there and the guy had a trophy at the end of the fishing around eyes still offers five times a commercial ever aired I was dying last thing it is a dual oh yeah. I save our. Straight lines sponsored by all star weekend hard to believe the start of the NBA season is right around the corner only a couple of days after the sort of baseball and AE. Come on I mean these. It's great love Brad you by. I have no idea why thank you. Question. And it's the sport right can you take it to you pathetic yes. Which you do it give me team Dallas spray blood red hue but oops all right it's imminent door gotta go it's the FBI can ever for dolls I think you know yes the F Imus yesterday. So it allowed renting Daiei. Straight allies sponsored by war arms pulling fourteen worms out of your eyes and that impresses Sprague polls three takes enemies you know what every week. Since Greg you know humans ever done it plays its European allies sponsored by time trial. It's time travel really did exist innings rate would be make it these picks. I probably still would make that mistake yet stay alive Rajiv on my Valentine's Day average it's pathetic but it's still better and breaks picks. Some people I've rented by Sean McDonough you'll cry like I did in my farewell to John gruden after Sprague. After she breaks bad losing all your money pouch a tank we got some horrible get to them all you you wanna do is gamble and on the all star game and I mean yeah. As the only thing. A year can blitzes that's is B bus stop beat around the bush back. I'm not legitimately going to gamble my money on you know my day Easter can make takes a lot of fun I want to find you losing your imaginary money for this drags on monopoly money nobody can remember what you yellow last week but I'm Sri Los said but I don't really know. We did Olympic medals it's not over yet oh that's right come down their chief lost it. I can miss an NBA all star that's here now days so actually is when asked do you guys have a favorite. For the three point shoot out your and your contestants at least having his idea you know no clues in that we can you guess three. It's a great. Now Clay Johnson won James Harden now. Boy they're two players in this I guarantee I can give you an entire data name players you'd never name them Reggie Miller. Okay Larry Bird at. Devin Booker. OK I like that Paula George. Bradley deal has pulled George could three point shooter oh yeah. 64 he says it did not realize at about 7% immigrants on an everyday Bradley deal a crack Klay Thompson. Kyle Lowry. Eric Gordon and the T would never guess not a million years Tobias Harris. And Wayne Ellington. It just whale it too late for notes. Under. The Miami Heat and Miami you know I'm generally Ellington and college joint team to rise hairs is on now I do now can he was his trade okay was suited to get traded to. The clipper. Screwed out of there it's kind of showing that he hasn't been watching the NBA he can do I don't follow general idea that I right now he's a clever and other matters who you picking give me Devin Booker. I I love I love watching Devin Booker play he's a fun player like he is of the terrible teams if you give me one reason to watch the suns play eaten. Had I I went to be a blazer suns game last time they were here. My first I'm getting a chance to watch him in person to caddies a lot of fond guy Mike we've gone with. Klay Thompson. Man bold pick their my. Supplier any of these really a minute let's idol when finally Virginia three point contest period there aren't in your enough students gambling I don't know why do you think Denny you like earlier guy. It did embody all it was a Mississippi and Tobias Harris went from Detroit in the the lakers for dealing with the idea that anybody else not to buy as Harris play for the Detroit Pistons. Has anybody out there before. The cause serious question 55305. OK and you can't answer it's of turn my cup of cat 55 real fire before Blake Griffin was traded. To be Detroit Pistons. Do we have any listeners that in Washington pistons game this year. Gentlemen electric guitar to back up. I'd be willing to bet unless they played the blazers know and I don't think they play the blaze is it Ono and we played LA in Detroit with Blake outside the outside of that cable that was after the trader that sold that doesn't count before that trade happen them most sports fans now. I'm gonna vote no here. Given me a hard time about not known who Tobias Harris played for quite some mice got clay you'd taken dev and like those takes I'm gonna go with air Gordon Eric Gordon okay Eric Gordon voice about I don't know 35 threes a game because they try to shoot a 150 used in camp we got to prop bets on pass along. Odds leery Nance junior wears a vintage cabs or suns Jersey an homage to his father in the dunk contest are one and three egg give me the this is going to happen these draft you at UC historian like I hope they do this he's trying to un retire his dad's number. It was a relief his numbers are tied latest as numbers retired by the cavs Nuno I'd seen in. I heard a different story I he's tried I know he's China where his dad's Jersey but there's like an issue there and I thought it was because it was retired a cat and he's like trying to say hey let me take it down from the rafters and where are right so your take in the yes there odds one of the contestants uses a cell phone as a prop in the dunk contest is one eagle one. Who's the saints wide receiver that did that the end zone Brooks. No not so of usually born Joe Horn that's running joke or we had them he had the phone in the panic Joe Horn was one of my favorites in his prime. I think the phone tricks. Overplayed and an utterly to fund it was cool and phones flipped up yeah. And they were just starting to catch on had to flip phone right now I did it right into the year hole over under most consecutive three point makes in one round to three point contest this one's interesting you okay ten and a half. Row. That's more than there's what five balls per rack right yeah I think for them or how many ball all clay just makes two in years like a year ago. Same book or probably about to say this is false it's an over under are under sorry. An eagle on her about what listen in order to. My Eusebio rush Alfred PM there you make me not wanna go on my usual falls do you make me wanna have been just go to commercial. Mail false. I this last one of their city it's all star weekend and its profits on all week and yeah I know Hillary government arterial odds are two more odds Kevin Hart makes a joke. About patriots losing Super Bowl tearing his pregame introduction in the celebrity game twelve to one odds. Does it happen if nobody watches. I mean it's still Garcia. Give me one. I like his dirty to me making bad sued for KU. It certainly did you hopper about me from guys is turning in you know awkward about these this is supposed to be years I've been you're the gambler here not me now missing no he doesn't I in the last one we'll move on because dirt is completely derail this and awkwardness. That's when he eighteen dunk contest your contestants are. Dennis Smith junior only Bebo Larry inch junior Dennis Mitchell. Your favorite is Dennis Smith junior at minus 105. Only depots plus 150 cans junior class to Tony five and Dennis Mitchell you out last 350. I'm gonna take Larry Nance. Okay. He's a lot of fun to watch. I'm immune Tom Mitchell dot EA says Dennis Mitchell Bally I'm sorry I was reading Dennis Schmidt. I'm reading ECB records and allows reading the odds Ford as a guest but Dennis meant so I don't even elect races like that to doctor Mitchell's myopic. Public and answer actually I haven't feeling about it I don't there's like laying key yes. Who is the guy. There oh. Who's got Miguel McGee and I don't know who won it late last year. Who's on Apple's now the terror Al Levine who's got back with Jack Levine Aaron Gordon you know reminds me Zach would be in terms of like his body types like it's okay you linking like those picks I will say Nance junior with the third worst odds and Donna Mitchell with the worse I like the two worst odds to win it and those are the hours ago does that are good plus 350s a good bet good odds right there. I think Don Mitchell get up now packed a don't spray alive rod you by Laura Ingram because Sprague should stick to Sports Radio not gambling at. Stick to Tripoli go outside skip all spray a line brought to you by a. The NBA all star game pretty muted so waving skills contest for your money out Myers. Trailer rented by Bob Ross because Bob Ross is also announced lies straight line rent you about used to hit it to the drop brought it out out effusive in her cage even my flops are not as bad as breaks X through. There you go. Good good sponsors today folks good segment I that we had that one out of the park Sprague well done false it. The hawks but the best there over under I'll take fall faults I'm pretty stupid. I pay a Rios the other one where do you go from you thought I was hotter whatever didn't I was you know I got at least lagged a leads the cuts on that side of the page so if they're on the run the other side he doesn't touch him on that said he deletes well there's no space to put it side has put their I'm sorry but LA nobody has seen the pistons play game outside of people who play NBA two K eighteen. Trying to tout that. And Ryan says Detroit. They do you still manganese to drink and happened. And if they do. Barry Gallup and as well listeners says I guess see you always guess he folks she gets to Greece right falls at such an American success story. Well answerable questions next on. They don't just up your lane of the weekend at Sally do it every single Friday. Somebody text density guys need to hear yes yes we do yeah am I have my enthusiasm for the show. 1135 dirt turns and goes. It's wanna go get a beer. Okay. There's do is they turn out to be okay show that already false. I'm sorry that's going to be one of my favorite moments in the false over. Over under and you falls Canada app makes a medical false. It's not even within ten seconds. I deleted them actually just team nobody is an Omega three the entire contest seat right mania has gone -- I sums of the year there was a straight lines sponsor brought to buy dirt dirt the only Smart one amongst us not listening disgraced ex I'm a Little Falls. Yeah I give you files. Okay quick thing here before we get to the American success story I think we really media that the successor to liberate and I can and just read Israel Greg there isn't RG three funny response he puts on the on instead Graham today it was a picture of him and browns uniform plan. And it was a browns fan who responded I'm sick of RG 3 why am I still following him you know and RG three responded. Because I'm responsible for your last win. It's the lit the band aid off quick. Okay that hurts now to the American success story. Belle Knox who is her name that name ring a bell to anybody out their Belle Knox her some are single folks maybe. Overlooked Mary's Hokies that's true that's true. This is one of those you know like strippers and porn stars always tell yet you know ideally do this where we set up your money for a go to school Mets go all right. Well how about this she actually did it she's 22 years old in she put herself through deal. By performing in arms she was a porn actress and now she is enrolled in New York Law School and has enough money and she is she's done with the biz she didn't she did all learn to actually go to college yes she's going to be a lawyer most of these individuals. Is he say that I can do anymore in the to get back in that. But first she thought her dreams. You know she got through duke is sixty grand a year by the way a lot of money gloss schools even more. She did something that you wish you would benefit from financially. Not all of us agree with that morally but she did it and she stuck to her word she quit when she got a law school yeah. That's that's interesting about that that's one of those that an accident like live up to it be somebody who's set it nationally did it you know the unfortunate part for though. She has she doesn't mean he's a real name Belle Knox is not her real name now it's Merriam weeks. She'd they are saying that they think she's going by another alias in law school. And she's probably have to do that as she's hired as a lawyer because. Mail us your employer doesn't care that you did porn at some point but right right that's going to be an issue Hampshire right down the day's night and hire her because of it. A gust. Break in the mall there are a little bit and saying you know I'd among live up to what I said yeah and I as for school next time you're at the Iraqi. No they're not all lion may be problems tell you the truth yes don't just assume and I lead on this forum gone beyond it and go to med school cinnamon might really wanna go to law school. Some thing else on American success story ensco way way to end the week. In a couple more questions up today after spraying on Twitter and let me go back end. Followed up loved what free agent cornerback Melissa entice you with the contracts are the same 53%. What would Teddy Bridgewater 26%. AJ McCarron 21%. On was Sam Bradford how about that overwhelming for Teddy Bridgewater. As surprised me a little bit and I figured Bradford will be the winner freedom watch young starting on Sunday 49% said new. 37%. Said. On and off gas 14% said absolutely should be fun on enough is pretty accurate description right are you buying that the Golden State lawyers are vulnerable of vulnerable. 50% said yes Houston can get him in the Western Conference finals thirty. 1% said did nobody got a chance and a 15% said Cleveland 4% said Boston and then finally the fun one of the a's moved to Portland keep the neighbor changed the name. 54% say change at 46%. Say to keep this one of the originals. One of the originals veggies whole story every have a good weekend. Beat beat beat beat him. Do you get the estate office the false. Enjoyed only get everybody six have been a part of our Friday we will talk to you Tuesday at the nail on number one is next to listening to 1080 the fan.