Dirt & Sprague 2.16.18 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, February 16th
Dieter Kurtenbach joins the show to talk A's side of MLB to PDX stuff, CBB scandal, NFL FA Qb's, and more

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Oh and I want to. Elected system can. This is dirt and spray vaccine to. Ice Phil both content former. Sandy Dirk Johnson and Brendan sprayed. Well you know what if they were shot times but I have to live and find them because they're Costco brands like the worst thing to do. Durden sprayed on 1080 I know soon. And welcome back an hour to move from there is. Re really happy Friday just. Many of the shower after that last commercial break. Sometimes you're just not a good human being you know you just need good. Any doubt in your life but it can lie and it can ask question though screw started that conversation. Editor John Nester aidid's. Point and I jammed and I've finished it down and I've passed its alleged than lynch Alley you did to you and then I felt bad about throwing the initial apps there's like why and I steel and now I thought well. All right well we allowed to get to hear in the sag and out over it was great line was great lime probably on the NBA all star weekend yet let's listen Glenn on three point contest until camp's chance any deep he seemed LeBron vs teams staff who's gonna win what's the spread the gap. Yasser way we'll do that third I Dieter I was on girder Dieter Kurt bock. Of the San Jose Mercury news sports columnist down in the Bay Area he'll join us at 130 we'll talk about the Oakland a's what is he hearing about the Oakland days. How does the city feel about the Oakland days as Portland continues to eyeball that situation from afar but I wanna talk a little AJ McCarron. Teach you about the second hour. He he won his ruling yesterday against the Bengals. And now he is an unrestricted free agent. The bad angles appear to not have any interest in them. Thus leaving the door open for other teams. To see if they can get AJ McCarron as their starting quarterback season and this market for quarterbacks is probably is crazies it's then. I can't even recall and I'm not even telling you these quarterbacks are gonna win Super Bowls right you just don't see an NFC title game quarterback. Be on the market you don't see Kirk cousins who puts a top ten stats every year be on the market. And a guy like AJ McCarron who many had coveted is a prized. Starter. Just look when a ruling like got to become freeagent. Yet it really is a unique market decide season because you also have to take into account that you got what probably four guys there that are gonna go on the first round of the draft likely. That Arnold Rosen Allen. And baker mayfield so you add that up with the guys are going to be potentially on the market this offseason you could have ten quarterbacks available. That some could trying to argue could all be starting in the National Football League next are now it's not gonna work out that way falls might not be traded from Philly I think Minnesota tries to keep. One of their guys even if they Reese got signed for cousins I think I'll try may be keep Teddy is a back up for somebody else. As their secondary option. And this is another one to throw into the mix and a vision to see where he stands. Amongst teams you know AJ McCarron. Never really bully away when he was in Alabama he goes into the NFL he plays because Andy Dalton goes down a couple of years ago. And the numbers were not awful they were great but they weren't awful it and the four games he started the end of the regular season a couple of years back. In six touchdowns and two interceptions played in the playoff game. I had a touchdown and a heck about 250 or so yards against Pittsburgh and they they should have won that game if not for bone headed plays by. The guys who always make bone headed plays for the Cincinnati Bengals and now while we're with the out of any would have more playoff wins than any Dalton so. This is an interesting line and I think it's wanna keep an eye on because. If you're not in the market to pay Kirk cousins top dollar. Is your not in the market to get one of those guys in the top ten and I don't think it's how far outside the realm of possibility that all four guys going like the top twelve. Just how desperate some teams are for quarterbacks. If you're taken cheaper alternatives yeah this has to be one yelled I think Bradford will probably command a little bit more money whether it's fair or not I know is that the injury concern he had this 71%. Complete trust him three years ago he was really in really accurate. So maybe you're looking at the two cheapest options being Teddy Bridgewater and AJ McCarron there's a chance the vikings. Could make a case for keeping British waters so the team is trying to save money. Maybe get the most value out of the position. You can do worse than agent. Care dvds get Mike Glenn and money or do you think it's gonna be higher than my Clement has. It's tough because I if I would've sat here and said there's no way in hell somebody's gonna pay Michael won and that kind of money in and the bears did. And then they took a quarterback and top five which didn't make any darn sense yes. But yeah I've if somebody's want him Mike Glenn and not much why aren't the dangles interest in trading Dalton. And going with McCarron out of curiosity like this what they're stuck to Iraq a place because if you trade dull yet to tag him. Because he's not gonna receive wants out of Cincinnati AB is not been happy with the way they have nobody tried to traded to Cleveland last year him. In Cleveland off fretting a second and third round pick in the deal fell through so they knew we wanted to. It ever try to trade him. And so if you move don't then you have to franchise tag McCarron. If you want to stick around and then you're in that what's his tag price tag price wouldn't be bad ankle it's the same number for every player if you tag it as you get the starting quarterback tag it's not a different it's at I thought I thought the tag was based on the percentage of your stats tonight trying to match up I think it is all determined on the position that you play and that's why Jimmy Graham when he thought the tag number years back right wanted to be tagged as a wide receiver Chris wide receiver and running more money than tight ends in the franchise tag and I even with that though. I mean you would at least have a fresh start. And a quarterback that you think has the ability maiming that's it there in those offices they've been around him I'm with you there I don't believe that he can do wade played. If your sense C. And you're looking like Dalton's done he has isn't bad but he's not winning playoff games for you maybe if you're since the terror down and you rebuild his what you do that's the Smart and they brought their coach back. That was a shocking move for them that's holes for a cover everybody. Everybody was done national writers everybody's since he's Joba is gonna be open. And in the dangles bring back Marvin Lewis. And you're just like west. Doing did this to be I I think you know a lot of folks and asked about Cleveland throughout this offseason. Cleveland's gonna take a quarterback in the draft whether it's number one number four with a day you know move some picks to move and in the middle of the round and take a guy like gallery may whoever might be. They're gonna take a quarterback in the first round there's no way they don't. But the sentiment is may be you go out there and get of that trend to come in for a couple years and play. And not force somebody into a dish on Kaiser's situation where he claims out because he's got nothing around and you're asking a rookie to win games with the terrible organization. This to me is a perfect fit that you give AJ McCarron a shot. And if he's willing to sign there after you draft what at least some really good though. Then you had that's a great problem to have because then you have a guy that you trusted that you drafted right and you have a guy that's played on one of them is tradable here is the catch 22 of that. He plays well let's say he leads Cleveland to a surprising seven wins let's go crazy global I know it's nuts. They went seven games he puts up good numbers. Yeah you can't I don't know if you're a great place because the trade your rookie quarterback after a year to. And Josh Rosen or Josh our. What is they turn into Super Bowl type quarterbacks. You know I mean he gets stuck between you do what your future is going to be a big year in a position the island and that's a bid said I don't know that's a great place to get a better place to be in their app right now will bright handing seemingly limitless and having to is better than having done right right and and you would be in a Philly Tampa situation is Philly could move nick falls that they wanted to probably not going to. I'll look it's quite as extreme that because you'd be playing the bad. Who is just getting his first couple starts and he's he said what he's going years three or four. The trend is Doug Allen is I think this will be year four for him ugly out so right he's mean he's still relatively young and NFL terms this winner Rodgers got his start after Brett Favre the last. It's not like he is nick pulls been around for awhile but you also tell you how obese died in Carson wins. This is the reverse this is if McCarron goes to Cleveland plays really well and you draft a quarterback. You may think you know what you have and that road team practice that you don't know what he is on the field and game bright. So it's tougher to part with both well yeah I and in this volleys by three years of lead and play on sixteen analysts will be here for and I think sixty Wazir that he was hurt if I'm not mistaken so we played those games and as when he started was in 2015. I'm in last year he attempted fourteen passes and appeared in three games so he was a garbage time quarterback only. This past seasons as MB hasn't played any significant time since his rookie year and 2015 but I got this I think it because. We'll put Kirk cousins on a certain plateau. You would probably say he's my best available right for sure minutes it's a debate about is it worth the money but there's no doubt he's the best quarterback available. Then I think most people would probably lose case keen on coming off the that he had in Minnesota and this is excluding. The rookie quarterbacks are coming in and then nick falls to me at least at this point seems like he's going to be off the market. But tactic change if he once and decides he wants a starting gig Billy wants to first for that I I don't know the team and they ambulances say is gonna be ready for week one but we don't you know -- if you need a quarterback is or three games next that can be the difference to winning the division are not in having a guy like falls has accomplished so. That kind of leaves you with Sam Bradford. Teddy Bridgewater and AJ McCarron. And I'd I was thinking about this 'cause it it felt like an easy answer to me and I I purple question up on his actors bring on Twitter. I I think at this point I would probably take AJ McCarron of the bunch like at the contract's length and amount per year was similar. I've never they like Sam Bradford even on the completion percentage is great two years ago he doesn't stay healthy can't stay on the football field. I I want more than anything for Teddy Bridgewater succeed I love Teddy Bridgewater but the guy has not played meaningful football two years now he's coming off one of the most horrific injuries who ever seen in sports. We haven't seen it yet ask right. So yeah I think it if you asked me if I'm down to those three guys the market settles and I'm an NFL GM is looking for a quarterback in the contract length and amount is the same I would go with AJ McCarron. So you go all dozens. 'cause errant cousin is keen on that AJ McCarron yeah over and over Bradford and overtake leverage on the Bradford won as a it's a. Wild card but it feels like maybe that's what it is right now we'll see so AJ McCarron wins. His ruling against the Bengals he is now a free agent will see who's gonna step up and up pay these guys that's. That's the next big domino in the NFL is where all the quarterback movements canopy and and what teams are gonna try to find gad and hopefully can lead them. To the post season. All right am not good news for college basketball yesterday. Is your team involved and are you terrified that your teams involved pretty good about bombshell yesterday in college hoops. Talk about that next and and Peter Curtin mock San Jose Mercury news would join us to discuss the Oakland AEA's situation. And their stadium deal all that is next on 1080 the fan. And spray gun ten Damione Lewis soon. I'm an agreement with the listener I think McCarron is going to. Take the man offered her favorite meals away quarterback. After he can ice survives there are no place depends. Kirk cousins risen above the mediocre label. Alia okay yeah let that Alex Smith is he's still an ass now oh OK Alex Smith four cousins did okay. So in that case any others a chance. I also got Iman and. Baker may fields of the list to. Are you can't know I am baker may not I did as baker mayfield and a long way before you and I college shotgun like six months ago I did him when he was attached. And gives him when he hit Texas Tech against him when he was turned down Katy Perry I did what he was born. It was awkward that's just weird might just want to you know hospital did missing baby and it's dad's like me he's going to be judge dad's dead at college pars F Dieter curtain by its gonna join us from San Jose Mercury news he is a sports columnist down in the bay we'll talk Oakland a's with him. But let's get this I NCAA basketball story now kind. The business that. Does not this Quinn's really came out we interviewed. And yeah he was talking about how because there's some people are. Organizations are programs that are dirty as everybody is well in this article came button to which I would say I think most people are. That matter in this sport Pete Hamel of Yahoo! Sports. Released a pretty big bombshell yesterday college you corruption case you may remember the Lou full USC Arizona. Just to name a couple that were involved it goes much deeper according to family just assistance. This is going to hit a lot of hall of fame coach is big time programs and lottery picks. And I he has won one paragraph this is how cal back it'd be in terms of NCAA rules multiple sources told Yahoo! Sports. The material obtained threatens the fundamental structure integrity of this or. As there's potentially is minis fifty college basketball programs. That could end up compromised. In some. Way. As the ducks in Syracuse Orange. These opium companies will be involved please don't be involved I think that's an every fan of a good basketball programs sot when they saw this story well rice let's just. Assume that we are all involved. Well not me. If were involved and you really pissed as we have in the term in every year for involved at all different issues I eating and not winning yes that's I guess I say we as in the fans and our graduates. Perennially good basketball teams should be scared yeah everybody shed because this and it's going to be be mentioned a hall of fame coaches that are going on down. You know what I think this has ultimately the chance to be. A good thing for the sport that we've known this is coming it's all started when they arrested folks in always at five months ago four months ago. And all the assistant coaches are swept up NN pitino went down. And UGU knew that they were gonna continue to investigate something at some point was gonna come out and people are gonna get thrown under the bus. Lose their jobs and sanctions would be handed out. But when when you talk about music you have the line of bases in this is could you know could fundamentally change things. Com to me that that has a chance to be good for college basketball like you can't keep. Kicking the can down the road and NB this shady in have this much stuff going on behind the scenes. Without at some point it coming to light in new. Being forced to address are right maybe we should change the way we operate our business because clearly. This is now working if this wraps up hall of fame coaches NBA agents assisting coaches current players. NBA player like you if you wrap everybody incidents may be it's finally the steps that we need to look in the mirror and say all right. Let let's change the way this all goes down. Is a funny way to kind of wrap it up near the end for repeat them all. He he talks about when the cases are gonna start the trial dates all that. And easy basically sums it up and says Intel in the instantly turn and only played amid the soundtrack to tick tick tick tick tick tick a potential chaos. He adds what would happen if the information under protective order were to be released before the selection show on March 11. A source who has been briefed on the case laughed and said quote you might see Tennessee Chattanooga as a two seed and to a judges tell me. You urges raining all over our turn and operate but actually be kind of fun though. Why everybody often just get a budget zig mainly exact level at best teams on his Tennessee tech vs. Resort in North Dakota State in the final what you're. Would you rather have that or the potential for. The last in a Y old real tournament with all the teams involved. Like is it one of these Tina's in the last year on all what's what are some of these teams gambles for your policies commencement I don't know if it's gonna go back crazy brag good yeah imagine if the punishment is that serious. And all the sudden the Kentucky's and do some sort of like for five years here to play in the tournament. Give me one of those fuel one more year one more big dog run the titles not gonna count 'cause I'm sure that's gonna get stripped to the Timmy one more run all these coaches are well aware. This is then I'm either gonna retire or insignia have to wait three years answering your second joint bonds hit home runs in 2002. You know this isn't sustainable but when they get rid of steroids nobody's gonna hit like this again enjoy it all lasts and still said they're gonna hit a good thing is that it's your thing at night and they're re still denying that he was restaurants are everybody knows is on steroids even back then were you in your younger days like giants fans would be denied did you defend him back now having weed I defended him because everybody was on such access to it was why do you single out my guy because he's the best. If your old teams on steroids to write and always cracks me up like it here it is idle Americans give me crap about that I alike cheered for Nelson Cruz. I would say Brett Boone Bret alone could cuddle up with the guys that Ron Nelson Cruz on steroids on the matter stab. Marina and stability was suspended for fifty games for taking step out of the mystics are gone. Who is going to. If this is Vegas style and this was. Am. A saints were let it there's a table a cat what where you put your chips what programs can escape it. Who the duke. Duke. Duke duke will finally both same duke out of all of the programs. Who do you think is. Slimy enough and a nice way that they can get away with it's pressure dude it's coach Spanish treasure do it right if anybody is get it they entered on coach k's legacy walls for the record but he's wanted to get out of it AI I think of anybody survives its decade I'm I'm gonna go wild card on about. I think north Carolina's gonna find another way to skate. That they us academics and only get out of there gonna say they're gonna attorney insane yet we broke the rules but we followed your rules do it it's you do maybe this is the EU problem they're gonna say. Regular students were also fought allowed to break those also is a live we had a math scholarship students who accepted a bribe from a recruiter right. So you know this is all equally area. I I just I I think in the long this would be a good thing for college basketball. They teach you can't keep the status quo like you have that belief when you're legitimately may be looking at the top. And programs that could be with a season banned for years how long can you keep the status quo going. Well I mean as long as a used gonna survive I writes I had some point you have to look in the mirror and say we live we need to pay guys we needed change that one and done rule or like it some like something as the the Euro has got people that the drug and yankees are always ahead of the curve now they figured out. What not to do. Have an advantage always be cheaters right all we sit right every sport in any way they they can cheat somebody will find a way to cut an edge or cut a quarter. But just to have this widespread. Everybody cheats in college basketball everybody. Is that really the model of the sport to be wanna just give those were not like that tournament if he's gonna pretend that it just doesn't exist and continue to watch enjoy this pork. Well that's they're that's why I'm not shocked or surprised by this stuff you know Michael out on the shows a tease in reality it's not this is college basketball. I might make you saw national title growing up you went to Syracuse. Dirt or Ginn final four you drove to Phoenix right you both have pretty good programs with good futures. Hopefully while yeah hopefully fingers but even like take this away in say they're implicated and it. It's still not taking back those memories she co you know went fine to three years being banned I'll always take that for what we got. Vacating wins is the most empty punishment ever 'cause right. So the record book doesn't say that I saw how I loaded director books even exist in any case I guess they're gonna record book at organ or Syracuse relic listened NCAA worthy and civilly segue all their wins from the U of I got destroyed by Alabama noted photographer anyway they're number one remember losing by forty years Matt Ryan make Katula. Yeah I think Iowa symbol season they should lost four of those games I remember that year now whole season's clinic couldn't exist I'd disappears and have nothing it's a dude behind a curtain pretend to be checked says. Weird what's going on here. That's at the season. But you know I just I say this all the time in its unfortunate because my team's not very good at. But if this is organs that basketball and I'm adding there's a chance to get busted for this but it meant they got to attorney and had a decent Ryan. Looked. OK slap us on the restrictor vacate wins and a two year ball those seasoned hand drive will do OK I cattle distance before the tournament that's a little anarchy is of me but I kind of hope that it it's right before selections and hot and the commentators react to it to the even say anything are they now owe me an and they ignored completely tiptoe around this idea and we'll probably as our partners of the NCAA and android. We'll take March Madness -- CBS am exactly if you start talking about that alleged CBS pain for the tournament to. Detailed pull loan money for those rights probably couple hundred million is facing some light Damian and I paid tiptoe all around act as a ballots NBC pays for the Olympics well I don't know my five channels I. A soupy Campbell writes an article for Yahoo! Sports. About college basketball investigation with the feds it's it's only a matter of time until we find out how many programs policy and coaches except Iraq. Are going to be hit with everything that comes out hot take real quick you know good Dieter Kurt bock. If duke is implicated in they get a two year post season ban. Mike Hsu show ASCII will leave the program for two years due to back surgery. And then he'll return to come back just in time for a nice little post season return on out I'm Abaxis about me for awhile he does that it is teams regularly. I let's doctor Dieter curtain back San Jose Mercury news sports columnist down in the day what Tino about the Oakland days. Good to be important days that's next first Mike with a sports update. I'm not saying why am I mean he's yeah he's not exactly I mean yeah. This is dirt and spray it on 1080. There are other Mac in a Good Friday is the levels are just regular on the fans. Husband's story I think we're all following probably closer than any other going on especially this time a year in sports. And that is. Let's go one time with Major League Baseball Portman. Anytime any story pops up we try and now rated and follow it and we are now excited to bring on. Dieter curtain Bok you can give a follow on Twitter add Decourt Maki is a columnist for the San Jose. Mercury news he wrote a piece back a couple of months ago about the gays in how the potential for relocation. I still exists thanks for the time and we really appreciate your Portland and I wanna start with what's going on today if I've read correctly. I believe the commissioner is in town checking out the Howard terminal site so. I'm curious if that's true how that's going and where these stadium plans are currently out for the Oakland a.'s. The commissioner and our terminal not to get too into the lead but the BA Tibetan looking. You different sites around Oakland makes don't want to speak out now ballpark in Oakland and a popping right now part of the Bay Area group and probably eight to edit anything done in the Bay Area is going to provide any public funding there's city you can provide a public funding. And actor Major League Baseball in the paper district aren't shut down any crop or move this can't go to that isn't it kind of stuck in Oakland Ian. It is our terminals like doesn't work out with there's exception and they're calcium. In their allotment. Concern that the coliseum might just work. Beard also edit that the case. And I don't know what the Oakland basically. They needed it. You know leader and in Portland we have something similarly we have city officials that. You know totally against public spending on things like sports and you clearly can read that from afar what Oakland is doing. What you do get a differing of opinions from from sports fans in this city now they feel. How to how to how do you think people in Oakland feeling just sports fans not the leaders at the sports fans. Yet the support stand I don't think air I think that the sports fans are already sort of alternate side well. I think that. Obviously they would prefer to go the route of not taking public but big but it's a non starter is in the Bay Area. Lou open waters could get a public on eBay didn't need any bit bit district and tried I didn't I mean I began and ended up having to build AT&T park there. It doesn't happen Neil graders and a lot stated that they couldn't get a and Oakland it is emerge but maybe mergers too strong but it certainly lost TG already. In the raiders who will eventually we were told and the warriors are gonna move across the biggest ever and just go out not a total loss but. The deal as pre Inca people are. Opened to at this I think they understand. The reality of Oakland at the hundred million dollar budget deficit just this city coming up here. Couple of years to the number you can't be giving out money you'll baseball team into our back and that it. Now in overtime we Dieter gridlock is a columnist for the San Jose Mercury news item a follow on their ad. Kurt bock and as you mentioned now we were in this you know Howard terminal sites and that's the next step in after that it's potentially back to the coliseum a EL. And this has been an issue for a long time and Oakland and I'm just curious if there's any rumbling down there. Of what a timeline would be from either a the commissioner whom adamantly once a new ballpark. Obviously the ownership group knows that they needed new ballpark but they've been working on this for years is there a timeline do you think. And they're gonna continue to exhaust things until they just throw their hands up in the air and said there's nothing we can do. I don't know there is a point of no return where it essentially the delta team or somebody else to comment with private money. I don't think that that it's an establishment. EH are going to lose their this year here. In the next two years ago there to tie breaker. Did let out at BBA don't have the money they can create the amount of revenue that they need. Without a new ballpark and it is all about to come off so. I think that that's stupid to. There's definitely definitely upward you know and should be even looking to distribute cult he's been inadequate for years but. Now there but now the bottom line in jeopardy they're really really look at to make this afternoon. Mr. Reid in the Howard terminal site the second. Aybar played a I don't think it's a Bible tight at all at a critical patient. And pretty intricate and interesting neighborhood but I you don't see it happening in and that we just pretty much where we only spent. You hear any rumblings about Portland like we know Portland is included on the list of cities that Manfred and other writers have mentioned before of MLB wanting to expand or move to. What he what is a feeling you get when you talk about he's a little bit around there with other media types and whatnot. About Portland's realistic chances of getting the days assuming they can't get a stadium there. Well I don't know who would be dying Americans really but who wanted the epic action by Major League Baseball game and we're not really a at that stage yet but I think you can go from 01 under pretty quick. I'll. If it's determined that there is no good option pretty gains in Oakland or at least one that could create the money that BHD that they eat out so. Until we get there it's hard to really say there's there's a lot of really good options when it all theoretical but. All of a pony up the cash you're gonna run into a lot of the same problem in Portland as you have in in Oakland. Which is to submit a bill that. The middle the ball park you know billion dollar ballpark or whatever our own. On her own and clutched a couple billion per baseball team a lot of money that they couldn't happen but. Until we actually have a team up for sale or they're really shopping and that's a topic is right now I it would be well art paper at any. And you mention about were totally Dieter Kurt bock columnist for the San Jose Mercury news you even mentioned the San Jose situation. And on that that's been like designated giants territory by both obviously the giants who don't one another team down there but. But also by Major League Baseball is is there any chance that decades reversed or is that a pretty. 100% blocked in stance that nothing is gonna happen down there with DA's. Major League based on a day went to court over its like that the resolution or Major League Baseball one and get them to get a giant maintained. That territory. I don't think that they're going to. It'll take time to do give NBA debate ought to go to maintain and the giants territory they should they should give it. That would be very easy resolution but what way to catch up. That's like T pain and a pretty good picture so maybe I'd probably your nose question. Which was Gerald Smith prediction of how many years are we look in and then what do you think ends up happening with the days. I think that works out a lot of spinning the tires. For another two or three years now and I think ultimately the days go for sale and there's going to be a lot of bidders a lot of different cities. And I think that they'd probably. Find a way you stay in the Bay Area. I think that there are so many. So many parts block it need to kind of beyond done between now and an alternate pretty and it did it go and it could be at Texaco. And your 228. Org he's I don't know. I don't know what. You know a bit odd they're really built a ball Arco and you're trying to be optimistic and think important yeah. I think that one looks patent. It is meant to adhere. They make you happy to know that foxsports.com. Basically it's no traffic. I. Think the paycheck to tell us. How that they're not and it bigoted or get it they eat a bag or. Yeah I thought we I mean we had you on like a month before we are talking hoops with you and died in that whole thing went down and again we're gonna go video and low ball the BR nobody wants out flights as videos. Let me I'm not a videotape workers are not. How did it all the places that I could all eat out and we are lot so I'm. Certainly reveling in. Now you're doing a great job man keep it up down there. They Dieter Kurt bock great stuff Bay Area columnist for the San Jose. Mercury news and it will leave you hopeful yes absolutely he I am what I mean pretty Gamal pull over to have to stay in touch with him. As. Obviously as this story unfolds because the one issue that he highlighted that. Is is a matter of fact and I just don't see anyway that it changes. They're not getting get a new ballpark and Oakland now I had are not happening and they're not getting get a new ballpark in Oakland every cited they've tried an attempted to work out. Has failed now to commissioners in town and these visiting this Howard terminal site. Now on the other side I will Somalia a little bit about that site in on some of the trip nation of people have he doesn't believe that they build a ballpark there but that's for the a's have now. So at their site they wanna be on the water like the giants and the warriors and other looking at Howard terminals so we'll talk a little bit more about that next also a fun question for today. Now that it you know we all know we live in Portland so everybody probably as he did he doubles is an art cavity was let's let's put a fun game if the a's are to move here we have a poll question on this today. You wanna keep the name change. 55305%. Next on. Russia yeah. Tigris Brent Dubai crunch fitness always 995 months so why would you ever pay more free gym membership. Always fun to talk about it. Casey all the don't feel wet blanket by the already thriller blank and onion PDA's that timing here on. You know I don't know wasn't I don't know about the end that I don't understand about. Key anti baseball Portland guy I don't even know if he's anti but I got a I tell them not a million toughness about him but at an anti baseball and Portland general a half. If if it doesn't take any public money to build a stadium and make it happen in offensive against the sure yet. What's where what's your beef non there is no idea what's your issue none to be hat that I. I'd rather than a private money goes roads. And private money that well right now. I mean I'm assuming that's like what the five that doesn't know I don't I don't donate money to cities to rebuild roads that's not how. I think that's one thing that I don't get a leg you don't have to be a baseball person you could not like to sport you can say you don't wanna supported you don't want it here. But if it doesn't take any public financing to build the stadium which. We're never gonna get that done in Portland so if it does end up happening here it's gonna be. Outside of the grant and his or even pass in the 150 million dollars and is already in place. It's not going to be any public money I don't understand the we don't want you don't. Oh OK because you know like you don't have to go go to games he's if you got it LS soccer palatable out there don't go to timbers games and I have no problem filling those seats up there wildly successful because they're enough fans in the area and they have like a 5000 person wait list you wanted to see that ultimate. Lee this is. It a boil it really does boil down to what year was talking about ago. They have a three year window here. It is three years and I again this is the tower we don't know the group they're gonna remain anonymous and for various reasons and they showed. It is getting a 2.0 I think in that times in a three years. How much do you how how many people know about them behind the scenes how much does rob Manfred know about that group. How much does I think he knows everything he needs to know about that OK but how much is the Oakland a's ownership group know about it two years down the road are they familiar with who the are and what they have to offer to buy a team. And bring up. Because that is what's important is making sure your hat is in the rain and you legitimately have a chance is no different in bidding on a house. You know you wanna put in a certain price point and you wanna make sure. The owner who potentially has to choosing you and a group of other people. You stand out and you make for compelling argument to get that team it's the same freaking thing. And so even though this group is remaining anonymous app I would like to know and this is something I probably won't. How much behind the scenes are day in. Conversations with the right people within MLB because is he mentioned they're probably not gonna get this terminal site down and Oakland. They don't have another option so you be looking at two years revenue sharing going out the window. At that point the ownership group probably gets incredibly impatient. Doesn't wanna build. And you're looking at three years this team could be up for sale yet is the group in Portland that we know exist we just don't know much about them are they ready to go at that point. Yeah and and that's right out of you know that's gonna take three years because it everything you read down there Iman the commissioners in town and old Clinton and his visiting this Howard terminal site but. There is a ton of negatives about that site as as Peter mentioned there's Noelle public transportation. With Dan I think it's a half hour walk. Is what they said to the nearest Bart station have you been there I have not out of the recipes that chronicle on at this morning gas following this closely. It's a twenty to thirty minute walk from the closest. But now public transportation the Bart station down there and that's a big issue for them that if you don't have an easy way for people to get there without having to drive and park. You think about they're not being any sort of public transportation ablaze against how many blazer fans take public transportation to the modus Centre right. I mean time will go back to you look at the Max right you know after anywhere on gamer blazer game or concert and see how many people are loaded on of that thing. They don't wanna deal with parking so that's a big issue for them. And everything that I've read like this is just the days are same the same thing about decided they said about previous sites but most people don't believe it's going to work. And they don't have any other options after this after this it's to the coliseum either rebuilding our terrible read structuring or whatever but it's not near downtown and insights not great they've won and out of that site forever so. Those are your options that are left in Oakland sonic Middleton takes three years and it was two years is the revenue sharing that he met and that they would they wanna have something settled by 20/20 one which is when the revenue sharing goes away. And DA's handouts are going to be gone and they can't rely on making a profit every single year. By not filling terrible park and not paying players they they benefit right now from the system and act goes away. Two years from now and you mentioned dealership in Portland everything I've heard about them is they have met with folks from Major League Baseball. They were out the winner meetings they are planning about finding a site currently trying to identify the right piece of land in this area. And they're just I think they're waiting for their moment to strike right and get people behind the scenes we need to know who they are. They know who they are like that they they know with a group is as that's my hope is that they have figured that out yeah relationships have already begun all of that and I don't think has of the Oakland because Oakland not yet to the point at least sitting down what people in and floating the idea of selling team. But when they do. The group will. Raid but I do you remember wind Chris Hansen tried to by the teams to bring back the Sonics and leading into that before he offered he had been on several interviews and he had mentioned. He'd kind of gotten wind that the loose were looking to get rid of data and you know they're casino thing wasn't working for them as well financially they were. They were trying to figure things out and they want teams anymore and day in a guy like Hanson who's a money manager. Down in California but he has a Seattle ties he basically gets wind of this yeah. And relationships start to form a keep me informed keep in the loop. I'm absolutely interest it and it. Yeah. Gadget at December to keep fallen in on also doubled on cares have been our baseball folks let's find. That's okay they'll like we've we talked blazers there's nervousness and if I'm honored as an audience for everything we talked about it talked about basketball earlier and somebody said basketball's boring place on talk right out of the summit with everybody somebody attacks I don't see how anyone can honestly believe that no public money would be needed. To be fair trade offs are legit only to a point. As even public stadium money would not be available for other community properties like transit or education because it would likely be hotel taxes. And such and to which I would just say to that. I'm I'm like we can only go off the information we actually have. And we were told through a story this is prize it. This is a 150 million dollar what is at the day of the grant a grant that was patties got taxing Major League Baseball player salary ironically it's not lights you've got to go out there build a billion dollar. Huge stadium and you can go build. I went what did you say the smallest attendance stadium was the echo. Not I think it's still Tampa okay that would take him out of it echoes a recently newpark right that was built lasts. Seven years yeah. I think the San Diego one is like twenties. Three thousand. 24. That's what you have to build in Portland doesn't need a bigger one and that is the beautiful park. I don't know where location would be we'd know ideally where we would like it to be Britain Sally here to go out there and spend a billion dollars give a 150. You know he's then. 850 to build a ballpark yeah 150 of it comes from grant. You can put together a group and it seems to be at least through the reports and what we do know they have that he had just from log in at some numbers Marlins park which is one of the newer ones don't that's a 36000. Capacity. Pittsburgh in PNC that's a 38. Progressive Field in Cleveland's 35000. And Minnesota's new stadium is 38000 Tropicana 31 that's the smallest okay. The saying goes and maybe I'm wrong on which one smalls but pet co is forty just in just ride out this effect was bigger than you know an end and a lower thirty. Yeah I did you don't need bigger than that no new ballpark they don't Atlanta and herb Cumberland or to board forty went out honey Cobb County. 41000. But but you have some examples a newer ones have been targets fields knew that opened in 2000 attendants 38 right PNC open in 2000 ones are not super new but that's 38 Marlins park is open a couple of years back that's 36. That's that's kind of what you're and that's kind of what you're looking for everything's a pipe dream tell it's not right. Sure yeah I mean it in on in and I tend to lean on the cited it's it's gonna happen and I'm never had a group before. No it any any obvious index for a deal going on but right. Every other conversation as happened last four years on this topic. There were no legs to it it was Lynn last for a basic early publishing something saying or make it happen or. Lying on money from an try to build a casino on they'll build the stadium for yen and some people for whatever reason didn't want to casino. That was the situation last time and that's at least one thing that keeps me optimistic is the group. From everything I've heard and everybody I talk to is in place and they're having the meetings and doing the work and they're supposed to be doing. They're ready for when them will throw when the moment strikes whether it's Oakland Tampa whether it's expansion there are sitting there waiting in the wings they realize it's not right now. Because Major League baseball's not going to expand and tell Oakland and Tampa is settled. And so they're waiting to see if Oakland Tampa can settle ends they'd been need to move I think they strike on one of those of that does work. And they're sitting there waiting in the wings for expansion so they're ready to go the group is saying they have the money it's all privately financed and done. Time will tell but thanks again to Dieter Kurt bock who came on to talk about the situation with the Oakland a's could miss that interview will podcasted after the show. 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