Dirt and Sprague 10.16.17 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, October 16th
Crunch time, Rodgers injury, NFL Whiparound, and more!

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Move. And. This is stirred and spray because your got fired. You lose your job don't hire him. Just to stay away from. It's like Sports Radio continues stand now with dirt so this was standing under Johnson and Brendon Frey is afraid. Just call him pray in question and angry McRae dirt and spray gun 1080. You know unless it. I don't imagine our two thirds of good news here on Portland sports leader. Ten leading the fan we'll get to Aaron Rodgers. I asked the question what then no got into Oregon State. Where hall and the Joseph Crawford told made up of and then we'll get back in the some college football's not give intent currents time. But let's get to our at a solar brown. Froze it. I'm here. EEE. Yeah. You're suppose they have that's just out some things I want in I don't I don't and is and has done ads think tonight's contest the autumn wind as a reader. Higher in the breeders'. C'mon at the little suppression. So it's sort of like court to collect you don't do you don't remember the Berman. Yeah I ask me. Do you I just go drill hole so not really does do do do a yeah Ohio. We'll Crawford doesn't listen to the show I let's start here Burleson at 1 o'clock on Mondays and let's start at last night's game between the wind was giants missing every one and the Denver Broncos coming off a bye. Lewis and ruled the pockets of the white roses might complete. Good afternoon. Did you pump five yard touchdown pass that. Think room we're talking complementary football futures rise this offense good field position taking advantage of them. Could play calling. There's the call it giants radio network at New Orleans dark Kwan fantasy football you deserve a trophy a free meal and 21 over the weekend he rest 417. Yards. And I don't know how the hell out of the lowly giants get their first win of the year 2310 I'm Simon this is my biggest surprise of the week and I didn't see discount and in a million years Eli Manning didn't do a Tonya was only 1119 for a 120 yards of running back nobody's ever heard of and a two lane in his fourth year in the NFL. Those run 120 yards against one of the better defense in the league and and now Denver's wondering where the health the Trevor Symbian is I think they just kind of not been out of the bye week but. You got LB's healthy moving forward is a nice little stat real quick Denver bronco fans seems to be the most emotional only talk about me on the radio show. Does want you to bear this in mind for the crowd it's a 100% sold on Ximian. The Broncos are one in six all time and Simien throws forty or more passes. Their all into this year when he's attempted at least. Forty pat that's just us now they went full he's not that guy on a neighbor down early there on seventeen on demand to throw their way out and it's it's it's not a recipes for success for them are let's go to Kansas City where Vegas had a hunch about last the last undefeated team going down this weekend and. Turn it turns out that they were ranked third. Oh. Romo had gotten better with Manson stop being did talk over him. He couldn't control it there I. Hey if it was a crazy play Hanson Romo mania on bell had his best game any air rushing for 179. Yards and a touchdown him Antonio Brown. Combined for 346. Of the Steelers total 439. Yards of offense they knock off the chiefs. In arrowhead Pittsburgh. Has won five straight over Kansas City they got their number I think all the people knocked out survivor pulls into Pittsburgh over Jacksonville last week or are ticked saying wolf thanks for showing up this week Pittsburgh. Others the Steelers have been waiting to see step on the defense decide Roethlisberger doing enough. And then riding one of the best cornerbacks in the league and lay beyond doubt that's what we've been wanting to Seattle and they finally showed up and you know not a huge shock and as we look at the spread last week and we said why is it only three set was going on here. That's for each other number in the past even Kevin Todd said he liked about right on the money line. I think that did two things simple and really the most one it was their ability to run the football against a good Kansas City defense. A lady on Melbourne from buck 79 and then shutting down Korean Han Alex Smith was fine in this game and a typical performance. 246 yards and touchdowns no picks. They held three month to 21 yards on nine carries that's reasoning on the game Andy Reid clock management I've been preaching it for years man and he decides to go for a fourth down instead of taking the field goal with seven minutes ago because he feels Reich that he asked to get a touchdown. Instead of feel all right let's go to hot Atlanta where the falcons cannot stop blowing leads seven. 46 Bryant over. They're Greg Gumbel airs CDS the falcons from seventeen points and a dolphins team that a combined. Scored 22 points their previous three million. And I didn't matter though defends defense to Miami's Matt Ryan about ends offense in the second half and they get the road win twenty to seventeen. Such a great thousand. Watching the first half this game on this is chuckling because it's it's been fun to watch Jay Cutler sock it to seven. In those faces on the sidelines to Jay Cutler being down in the dumps. I didn't see this calendar towards wanted out and in the second half you said it is tees and it I mean the falcons cannot stop blowing leads. It's a game you have to win especially for team. A coming off the bye week they lost their last game the buffalo at home their home again. I look at the schedule before they had to go to a New England on a Sunday night next week good luck with that. Into the jets and jets aren't any easy give me any more the -- even play in the Panthers the cowboys and their in Seattle their home against Tampa home against Minnesota. The schedules brutal these are games that they should be winning in their finding ways it will lead how about a high scoring affair in the Big Easy. Saints lions on fox five defense of touchdowns were scored the lions saints game Matt Stafford had a tough day. And the lions almost came back they were down 35. Cut it to fourteen. And then cut it to seven and before throwing a pick six in the end zone you know elected this Goran dodger Brees is gonna win you your fantasy weekend no he was god awful. Three interceptions returned for a touchdown a only one touchdowns thrown and the saints win fifteen to 38 at both quarterbacks really struggled in this game five picks combine the two mobile dimensional the defense and touchdowns about the saints getting rid of Adrian Peterson ending written for a 114. Alvin tomorrow went for 75 yards on the ground they rushed for almost 200 yards that's not what you expect out of a saints offense especially against a defense I think we all respected. In Detroit in enlisted me was I mean we opened the show talking about can you figure things out Dino who teams are. This game was the epitome of that this weekend. Who are the alliance for the saints. I think is still so many questions about which is left with more questions than answers after watching this one I and finally a strange way for the patriots to secure their way in the meadowlands against the jets. Sorry I need though he's not in a role I didn't even know that was a role. Occurred to Hostin is a theory in Jenkins as his would be touched down. It's turned into not only not being enticed Alba fumbles last touch back and gave the patriots the ball. And the jets could never recover from there the past whose defense was awful yet again. Surviving get a big divisional win over New York yeah I think the bigger surprise then that was patriots on this going 24 points in this case. And little extended break and come up play memorandum Thursday night against Tampa the week before CHU expect them to be fresh he had drunk how's he going into touchdown catches. That set a good game but only scored 24 points against the jets defense. Didn't see that comment and I still maintain that's one of the worst calls I've seen you can cite whenever. Lie along a little bulky one that was a touchdown and any ruled it takes away that touchdown as an absolute joke and finally this is kind of just to cool note no audio here. Teddy Bridgewater officially cleared to return to practice and many around the vikings believe we will see Bridgewater back this season. Still may be a Max of three more weeks free actually has a chance to return but good for Teddy v.s and get back on the field one of the most horrific injuries we've ever seen. What happened to him at practice and on contact going down that's awesome to see that he's back in. And makes you wonder what Minnesota does a quarterback and they still can't figure out there hasn't been terrible skin and is not ads are not in Iraq means that they've benefited from Roger's going down the first core that was a game it was still 1410 behalf and they were going against Brett Hundley. Who threw three interceptions and Anke and only won by thirteen but you know hasn't been dynamic he's had his struggles I strolled on the road against Chicago Bradford still banged out. Was watching on that plays out to be interesting now we'll talk about Oregon State. But first. Let's talk about this coming up next the worst possible thing that could've happening Green Bay did is Aaron Rodgers goes down with a broken collarbone. Should Green Bay trust Brett Conley will discuss that next on the Fam it's gonna bounce after the segment Mike Lynch takes over. As we're gonna talk to Morgan State football he was down there they're honoring the giant killers. Can I get a bottle that news and it's really expensive night can't he can't get a bottle winning in a BI but I answered a questionnaire and oh go ahead I can sell you one. But I aid. Don't have just like a liquor surplus a surplus of liquor I gotta say that was one of the cooler parts of the civil war last year onset of organ losing was across from walking around the bunch of those twenty twos that are tailgate giant Telus does yes like he had you boxes and boxes usually too I think we have more of those that I've got is who actually do what's it's like to you get a 22 how much would you give me the burden for if I want to violent the burden is expensive and expensive Burman has a fifty dollar model Gail looks now it's let's be really did happen it is. I wouldn't open it to athletic I have for years to wait fifty years I got to strike zone time. Upset a top five team eat drink it are number one sense ordinary means it's a fifty years we'll look at this is a fifty year anniversary yet yet as they say yeah that's not a they're not going to be good for fifty years on did you guys semi heeled a mash giant killers Dwight Hughes now. Well you know into let's give you some shout out here. Organ state to carry this week in and I was glad to hear that because frankly. This giant killer wave their writing the last year and a half two years really and apple without outcrop from the reality is is now it's probably on the team. But they don't have any highlights. They don't put any of this crap on merge they don't take full advantage of what's been going on with that label. Unless Alex Crawford comes around and puts his ass and to making a documentary about it so well done kudos again as he started a wave and organs and I was great it was. The dead schools that are really good job with the fiftieth anniversary celebration this week and I. So you know Anderson as we can be critical the Oregon State. Athletic department may be for ways they've run things are done things. Do you like not showing people were the alumni tailgate is of the UC football game and cot you know comment if I don't have as I understand. They they nailed this weekend it was really impressed yet seem like a good atmosphere people energized to be there in. People or better like it the crowd was small but it was like loyal and energy jet on TV I tragedies on TV didn't look like it was as. That is I thought it would be it's as hard because the perception has been skewed by how crappy this season is an crowds and it's all been smaller recent stadiums cell. Screw muzzle talk about it wordy into the segment have a guitar that was fun to watch man that was an entirely different team I got to where I came from. Somebody tweeting me and you know I I had a put it out and I responded to it and the more I thought about it of the weakened the Mora trying to buy into a big conspiracy theory guy. Some glamorous stupid but this 1 night I am I can't help but think about is it true. Sabotage. I have no other explanation. For why we saw that Oregon State team haven't seen them all year long. All holes and I'll explain elaborate please call a hold on hold on being solid play calling ball in the hot beach we know we hated his staff I know and only news on that didn't we. Jack. Let me say this before we go I had easier sabotage the year before legal aliens living on the marianas. Can we see this for a couple more weeks first. Are you out with the because this is this is a and I thank you highlighted it perfectly on Twitter and a conversation with Casey all the all this weekend. This was their Caleb can Alice game yes the team the way they're playing awful naymick milling gets fired. They go on the road and beat the bulls and we're all wondering wait what the hell where was that they got a new coach they played fired up for whatever reason they found their way into a win. And then what happened there as the year. They went back to being me awful team that they work they had that brief moment in the sun and play Stanford next minute fated cell. Before we buy into it they were tanking the offense on purpose to fire Gary Anderson or get him out of there. Let's see this for a couple weeks if they play great offensively for like the next month. What is Gregor I'd I'd be wondering where the hell is at the first five weeks of the season but I'm not to overreact to one for here's the other thing too is that I'm I'm totally with you dude I'm not saying that that's going to be who they are every game go on Ford to get Stanford next in bright eyed. That Stanford's gonna roll on. So easily Texas is that a triple option a Georgia Tech is running in Miami looks really good to bad it would work for in state on. This is my whole point on going back to you have to be unique some niche unique program. They didn't look good running what they ran Saturday albeit against not a very good Colorado at combined in noble I'm seeing you can get those athletes to run an offense you don't have to be a triple option program. I just I'm sorry I don't buy that. You can be a triple option team if you blind well yeah but you stand out ordered the matter in a bull team. You don't have to be that they know they they didn't think. If people argue the only way they're gonna win is by hiring a triple option coach it's ridiculous I would be excited to see it would be unique yet because I've like a that would be cool if you got the right triple washing coach -- yes dal ship or you don't have to you like does not look yeah that's the only option that organ say it has to remain as a program that here's here's the other kicker about that came in you know Samie taxing current sucks is that part of it absolutely it was. But doubles are different sets date there's substitution patterns for different the play calling was different that was not a team that I've seen all season long agreed and a big part of his Colorado coming in flat thinking they're playing a team whose coach has quit and Oregon State is the worst human conflict didn't look like a different player but it looked like a different playbook I I agree with yeah and I don't roll. I don't know a lot by even dared to whistling and around why he went to open the bag until this point in the season and it doesn't make any says. Yet the most palpable thing for me was the energy Ifill and we'd kind of OS huge is kind of seemed morose like the rest of the CDs Tennessean like yeah Alley. Atrocities they just seemed kind of dead like there was the only passionate guy you've seen all season was set Collins in Egypt and the team is kind of felt like this. And on Saturday there's a lot of energy you know we saw the video that. Always you tweet out of coach hall in the locker map in the locker room I went to practice on Friday in the guys seem pomp the guys just seem there's a little Ole extract these Willie Taggart were Jews in in in the team this week did you. C and I also by this this is an. Yeah this is probably a theory and I I kind of celibate member when he quit and all we saw was positive reaction from players on him. This doesn't have to mean he doesn't have great relationships I'm wondering how much of that was put out or put on by the coaching staff. To make it look like united front. We're big hey guys let's not let this break guys let's stay together let's think Gary Anderson for bringing in this year. And an eagle on the tweet did you see what men and not say Holland got on Dolly said after the game I did not he was asked if he thought about Gary Anderson at all during that game. Any goes now not one part. Not ever again had and it felt like Israel. Honest answer that we had gotten where a player elected and dusty screw that cap now. He chose to leave he didn't wanna be here we had to go out we still want to go play a football game not thinking about him. Yeah I know and and that should be the response I get an eagle on our. I they have talent at the position we've known that all year and all's good Tyner went healthy can be an effective player. I love watching our peers run and Johnson has been kind of a question mark Scotty get him involved. All four of them had Carrey's they threw the ball appears Ryan on a couple of catches Thomas Tyner to catch. They had athletes and and I remember I go I went back to pre season saying it will attacker set of everybody was questioned in the wide receiver position for the ducks and ease of it I got all these skilled guys sickened by running back and I can throw in the slot. I don't care or other Carolina I'd just like get on the football Taj Griffin backfield slot out I don't care. I'd just wanna get in the football and it was fun to see organs they do it after we can say you know what we got all we got peers we got tanner we got Johnson let's get the ball on their hands as often as we possibly can't. Well the very first play was a run the Tyner and he came from the slot position. They eat they have three running backs on the field of play almost all eyes is go we're using all our scope is so I felt it was a slight okay what are your best players they're all pretty much play running back what are we get a deal and then. I yeah I try not to be the the fan that's coaching from the radio I don't just an opt in but it's clear to pointed out that you're out running backs need to be on the field together especially early are you saying your offense is totally anemic and is not doing anything you like ads car. Bailey should try this out and they did and it was funny and the bees lost it was the most fun and the most competitive bead game we see this year what I. I think having each week as you were down their preference between added and I and I consensus on TV now is glad to see you say they just insult like a different emotion on the sidelines it's yeah man bit the team rallied to guy you know whatever the cause was I just I hope that something they can duplicate and it's something that carries over. I don't buy a week I think this weekend against Stanford next week so look it's going to be a tougher test no doubt but. Just because what you use a good word in just playing with some passion and playing with some energy and fighting. Not gonna win a lot of games ST may be scanned with one maybe they get another one in and get to two wins but how does bring any energy and a passion Sunday and you can control. Yes no doubt about it Korey Hall had his team ready to play they were there but a minute forty was not enough time I don't like the billing edit like was the play calling on last trial did not like that no run attempts whatsoever he had three full timeouts the clock stops on first downs but. Again you seasons Ari dying Q not a good program it was just fun to watch him go out there. Shows some emotion have some fight be in a ball game even though Colorado is not good. And I would just temper the emotions of fans who are fired up from seeing one video of Korey Hall about him being the new interim we're hull and maybe. All of notes let's is posit a little bit let's see how the rest of the season plays out. And order on got a job as an interim guy he did clay help you got a job as an interview that's the mark help bridge got a job today is an interim guy stopped and asked puppet I will say one other thing for beaver sand stop and he's ever interim coach he was it was an interim. Coverage was not. I would classify those four years and it can kind of get made at a high note and left after the ball out of it and buy into that process but. You know whatever number one other thing Alan does say is that I have the opportunity to chat a little bit with Scott Barnes the athletic director had met him before. And far away it was genuinely really impressed and I as a beaver fan. I'm very confident whatever he's gonna do going forward yes like Alito in Nebraska at some point out an illness optimism is back baby and also is yeah I'll jokes asylum was dealt a director hasn't necessarily been dynamic in Oregon State recently. All right good stuff Crawford you talking got a sway over the clock but it was finally it's not some bees with yes see you later thanks for filling in the worst possible thing for Green Bay was Aaron Rodgers injury what they held they do is trust Brett Conley will talk about that next but here is Kraft -- sports update. Let's this is Durbin spurred. Don and eighty anything go. 135 on the fan and I just realized something. It isn't a 35 that every stock in those have this idea of all time especially if you do cellar shall the next day come back. Yeah he tees this segment markets canonized not used to this about if we do have some breaking news in the MBA yeah. I don't know how long the me and let me get this where you hear this mouse would work. They NBA seasons at south tomorrow and a number a couple of months ago the spurs are exporting exploring trade options for LaMarcus Aldridge. You can I do marijuana is flirting with who wanted to get rid of this guy sucks get a Matty eerie jokes in the playoffs well on that change they just signed into a three years seventy million dollar extension. It's going to be whisper through 20/20 one so from the guy that they didn't want this guy Saxe middle I can get an out of here. Two let's keep your four more years spent 72 more million dollars accents right makes cents. Emulate good for him maybe aid couldn't find a trade partner. Wasn't even remotely close and they died well. When I deal and am mine as well keep them it's not bad value for what he gives you I know a lot of people are saying. He's phone off the side of a mountain but statistically he's still Guizhou decent average is. Some of noted that he looked better in camp thus far. Was young that plays out on the season starts tomorrow but Tim good for LA. Afghan area besides bay extension in San Antonio the NBA season that does tip off to right the big news and NFL over the weekend was Aaron Rodgers too if you watched Shirley on the road in Minnesota. He went down I was sacked on that control the ball landed on his right throwing shoulder down. That's it he has suffered a broken collarbone in his throwing shoulder in the green bush Green Bay Packers Twitter accounts suggested that Rodgers could missed remain being. Part of the season. And less maybe they've finally into the playoffs without him and it's amazing how. My chin injury can change the narrative completely because this was a team I think at least I had the opinion sounding a lot of people agree with me. Probably the best the NFC with the way he was playing in the way he was finding ways to win games that come back over the Packers last week. I should be over the cowboys last week and then. This happens primarily comes any throws three takes they lose by thirteen in Minnesota. With case phenom and there's a serious question of canned green may survive without him and then what do you do do you trust Brett how late it move forward or you try and find. Another solution to quarterback. Position well. I I would think you'd wanna open it up a little bit I know it it seems ridiculous to some but I I do by the calling cap or nick. Exploring factor what does it hurt to bring him in for a meeting what does it hurt to bringing him in on. Eight ended a year deal that cost you almost nothing. And have them being a back up you can say well the boycott in in the protests and all right great our Packers is not going to games anymore ya didn't think so so I just don't think that this applies to this organization. But. You know the whole Brett I'm leaving how much can you really trust. You can't I mean he's played well this season terrible it was Minnesota's first pass attempt was an interception. He threw three picks the us in the game he doesn't put any fear in you throwing the ball down the field nobody but then again I just I don't know old. There there's two things about this one is there even a solution out to the begin city entrusted to should egos somewhere else and what's your solution Diebler floating Tony Romo lob they're trying taken out of the Booth even their Tony Romo. As played one meaningful it'll presently put half the meaningful game. And last year that's at adults and are almost played so where Osi gonna go are there quarterbacks getting traded. I'm not necessarily buying that and either stuck between a rock and a hard place and this a couple to be got to remember all the injuries that they had mounted up before this which is just it's it's a brutal string for packer fans. They're offensive line is in doubt the funny got a couple guys back this week but. I don't know if they're good enough to survive without Aaron Rodgers he always I don't I don't think I Jeanette so let's say you you bring in Rome all happens. It's not a team is gonna make much noise in a similar items eagle on trade for Eli Manning or or Philip Rivers are drugs brought any quarterback you want. Is that going to be enough to carry among the top I don't think they're good enough elsewhere on the roster to make up for the last hurrah. Her no I don't mean Romo is the answer in oh Aikman threw that out in the middle games he was calling I don't think Romo coming in is gonna solve anything. And again you know what Asia ransom they're probably isn't any answer but dirt. Again this is my whole point you have to give yourself the best option to win games right they're back up his joked Callahan. Annoying until Cali and I know we was on the practice squad he so Callahan auto parts I think he does spy Alexander ASCII Ohio but not anymore he wants to be a quarterback. If Brett only goes out has the same performance that he just did against Minnesota does he get the saints is weakening Green Bay and adding right now the saints might feel pretty confident about themselves should. If you go have that kind of performance again it does if there's a quite a bit begs the question collar Catholic is a decent. Wondered just wonder about. A ten I don't know. Anomaly now let me inching timing considering he's filing. Arguing collusion against the NFL right now and that was filed just what are your options if it's not after Nathan what other quarterback is out there there isn't one. And how much is Brett only gonna do for you to go to the playoffs. Always I mean is I'm looking agreement I don't think they have a chance now to make it their foreign to you mentioned they get the saints I think Detroit is now about an and that's the next game. Maybe you can win games like Cleveland or Chicago later in the year but. I don't know about Chicago anymore that I'll be at Chicago taster got to go to Pittsburg gotta play good Baltimore defense he got to play the Buccaneers. You got to play Carolina I got to play Minnesota again I mean. It's not an easy slate you know play Detroit twice Joyce and they were trying to figure out who the are now Minnesota has taken a hold of that division of foreign to. They have the head to head wind it looks like it's it's bears and it's is this is a brutal blow for a team. That has is gotten close the last couple years obviously I come up just short and then we knew the injuries were mounting early in the year. And you just felt like I was of the opinion as long as they can get healthy when they needed to. I didn't know if anybody was gonna be able to beat them it was is to get everybody LT by the end of the year Gil goal of the playoffs feeling somewhat confident. And when Aaron Rodgers I was gonna take anybody to BM and now it's completely changes everything and I just I don't think they can make the playoffs. I think they'd be Minnesota yesterday was there Rogers and I think because of how special and talented years. You're a 100% right edges who is eating Aaron Rodgers who are you betting on not be Green Bay I did they lose. But who are you gonna actually kicked to beat Aaron Rodgers and Packers you know they should do is go get Brett Favre. Did you use do you see the petition going around is a guys started a petition now he started a petition to bring Favre back promising that if he comes back to stop making fun of his penis size yet because the pictures is circulating on the Internet about you Brett -- and now. We come back play a couple of games that would be damn entertaining and see what he's got I don't know maybe entertaining any you could watch Brett Favre returning to the Packers got to watch the first game and then watch him beat murders. After Dixon had realized canceled at that year's epic copper fits leave what was last year 2009. As a rally and that was any I don't know man online news in 201011. It tenement. Brett Favre play didn't have all. 2010. This is likely -- that's in Minnesota I mean you're closer to eight years at this point it was five -- eight through eleven touchdowns and nineteen interceptions he's fifty years old I think the year before that was the year the attitude as a nine year was nearly blew the NFC -- into the taken orally is that 2010 doesn't count because he missed like most of that year with an injury is finally played in thirteen games. And around a little bit. You maybe it's the last three games I'm remembering them out around little bit vets notation get Brett Favre again I have probably write out what that so what would push packer fan to want tapper back. It is it is Andy about that because we Horry had a tiger fans join in and say that he hopes that they've maintained throughout the season. Is that it's a lost cause not Rogers an offensive line spank them Rogers might still be able to come back out into the year I know that's important and that's up before the last time he broke his collarbone pregnant from probably was 2013 it was like the same injury and they got him back for the playoffs it was a non it was is non throwing side yet by AM this is on the throwing show and they lost that pigs begin cabinet they lost the 49ers I'm Maggie 2320s they made a lot -- -- make cooperative member that was here he came back for the final week of the season. So he got hurt and weak not week eight he got hurt. He missed weeks nine through sixteen and then he came back we seventy remember they had that improbable touchdown pass in the end Randall Cobb. To beat the bears to win the division in his first game back. And then they went to the playoffs they lost the 49ers twenty to one it. Jesse Jesus say yeah I was hoping you guys to talk me off alleged guy I can't do that creates don't know what's reasonable for the Green Bay Packers moving forward. But if there's a shot an air Rogers comes back for the post season. I think you do whatever you can't tried. Maintain this year and sneak in even as a while carcass of Rogers comes back from an injury like that. Andy complain a playoffs. You have just got to odds to go to the sue Broadway this year's plan up he wants a big to be optimistic about appear packer fan the last time they dated you know who filled in forum. They had three different guys play formally miss game Seneca Wallace. Scott holes scene. And Matt Flynn I got a stat that blow your mind oh since 1992. Only nine games have been played by quarterback not named Favre or Rodgers for agreement. 1992. Only nine there's three of daylight there as three of them in one season right there Allah Seneca Wallace Scott told the and Matt Flynn so green Bay's looking for answers Aaron Rodgers could be done for the year time will tell. I'll find out hopefully still but the Packers and themselves announced that he can be done for the rest the year broken collarbone and is throwing shoulder they lose to Minnesota. And all were all wondering where the Packers go from here the sea Brent how they can get the job done they let's give back in his college football stuff that's a baseball all of file our Michelle but. The world happened college football this weekend and do you think kill four best teams in the country 55305. Christiane is next on tentative fan. Ever pay more for a gym membership Anchorage I. Gym membership on the out of the glorious past Gainesville after the show. It's small on. That's based on the final hour of C a Mike feels about its yanks beat and until all the Dodgers because they're a great series so far. I hate watches and an all time high and a ninth inning last night all man I was fired up and John Lackey verses to dodgers' I didn't. And we just conflicting emotions all over the place I went in that situation I cannot win I hate both equally and I'll talk to Bill Lewis going in Nebraska get back in the pac twelve organ on like coming up. And somberly Marianna gonna play tonight it sounds like. Among and I football there is some breaking news at any NFL though and on the top we were just talking about. And it has been officially announce that Aaron Rodgers needs surgery on his broken collarbone and but by season. Yes surgery meant basically into the year if he didn't do surgery they thought there was a shot he can come back for maybe the last week if not start in the post season assuming there that's our Cheryl Cecile literary writers done for the year and LLC the Packers can't survive at a question what. In the world happening college football this weekend. Chaos and madness indescribable moments like Clemson losing the series house. Happen or Auburn blowing what was that a 1720. I believe there are 28 announcing directive from the trial I issue and I say this author is on the before we get into it Saturday afternoon games were great. The LSU Auburn game was to pick that was a great gimmick and on the wire took a minute effort to become a trio it was our ugly early you had Miami Georgia Tech was an awesome game doesn't bring down and they get the yes Google Oklahoma Texas was a great game from idled all those happened before this one but USC Utah was awesome Michigan Indiana went overtime at me compelled I don't watch much of the missing game. Good day of football I don't know what it is about Michigan this year I don't find them very watchable they're very boring offensively yeah as their problem. What gasoline went into the cost about weekend saying hey no ranked teams are playing each other's cell may be see you next week and not so fast my friend Friday night Friday the thirteenth of course we are things are gonna happen. Number two goes down Clemson lose its Washington State loses and a great team in the country then you fast forward to Saturday as we mentioned Washington of course number five went down. And then Auburn at number ten team in the country went down four teams the top ten. All found a way to lose this weekend and it toss and turn to the polls if you're wondering. Where teams shake up right on the AP top point five not that it means hitting Deng Alabama's number one Penn State's number two Georgia is number three TCU number four. And Wisconsin is number five and this was one of those weekends that just it changes the entire landscape of the conversation because. You start to look at other teams that maybe didn't going in where felt like Clemson and Washington would for sure biewer. Now you're looking. Teams like TCU Wisconsin Miami. Who were all within striking distance of the console port and some of those teams you know they take Miami and I'm a big Mark Richt I think he's a really good football coach credit to them they've been in close games almost every single game they've played in. And may have found ways to coming to get out in and survive with a W point being the fourth Playtex detective had to settle for field goal to take with four seconds ago. I don't trust him though. I do think you can take some of these one loss teams and you can put them up and say. Are they is good as the undefeated in a Wisconsin's getting a lot of respect and credit. And that's been a consistently. Really good program. They've played nobody they have not played a team with a winning record and somehow they should be able they haven't lost they obviously with a winning record even take Washington right Washington loses to Arizona State not a lot of people see coming. Very gaining just eviscerate it nationally from all the continents who don't think that they've played anybody. Respectable on their schedule. Who the hell has Wisconsin played invited to Nebraska as their best when but because there Wisconsin because we've seen a minerals goals because they play in the Big Ten. They tend to get a pass I think it's been in an interest in college football season. On its credit to Syracuse even though that they lost their quarterback at Clemson. To still be able to pull that one out I don't Mikey had a bit elated to watch Dino pavers pull that out now you just worry that he potentially is gonna get taken. I am better program. But college football was a lot of fun this weekend and it was one that I don't know how many people thought it would be because we had no top 25 matchups. Tomorrow many. And I had that weekend even the red river right. I mean Oklahoma was a program that many thought would be blowing Texas out back and forth at a comeback clay why would you say that's for. I love you know beavers I know I don't want him ago. Coming Syracuse and organs in a lot of time in and I didn't hear the form I don't know when it's a good coach moves on I do I do say that allow when I first moved here is at Syracuse or consider very similar programs you guys are just way better basketball on him gels and you have that what you have baseball yeah. So you get. So basketball. Analogy really counted if the Jesus didn't have a baseball team answer but basketball makes. Boo go bucks for Syracuse whereas baseball. I sure as some. Yeah a grudge about the Oklahoma Texas game I do I throw one statement out on that I've watched a lot and I came on Saturday. CML insure the Texas quarterback a freshman Judea and maintained he is one of the more enjoyable quarterbacks what you Contra because he sucks but he's good yes. He's like a good bad quarterback he really don't throw you know what I seen bodies all over the field his jerseys a mess like he's getting beat up he's making plays in his legs like he's damn entertaining to watch it he keeps them engaged and like the way he played against you is seemingly played against Opel probably was as fun it was finalized but. And you mentioned Wisconsin Miami's and these are the teams like antitrust and that's what our poll questions today after this break on Twitter. We had a we asked which one of these teams in college football do you trust the most. Miami. USC. Wisconsin or Michigan. The undefeated or one loss category. The overwhelming favorite Mac in that response. Was costing a 53% of the vote I don't I can't trustee to get beat a team with a winning record 53%. Say the contrast was concert more than they can trust USC well here's the beauty for Wisconsin I only need play anybody in the Big Ten until the title game. I I I don't know discuss how my admittedly that is the big player in Michigan a case of the next Michigan so they got their and their upcoming schedule and get this gauntlet from Wisconsin Maryland. At Illinois. At Indiana home against Iowa home against Michigan at Minnesota that's the rest of their schedule boy that's that's shaped another beat out when this season so far was 3817 at Nebraska last week app BYU if you wanna call that a go when they have not beaten somebody. With a winning record I would still say USC honesty my trust the most I know I've been on the opposite end of that are you hiding in the not trust you see a lot of people all season long. But it you throw them in that conversation I don't trust Wisconsin because I haven't seen play anybody. Michigan did cannot move the ball effectively. On some not buying them offensively. On they got a tough schedule moving forward today and played Penn state senate I see that Penn State games this weekend. And the Miami there's just that there's an unknown factor that like that was a lot of fun to watch them beat George attack and it was a great game. Provisional loss has pretty fortunate fourth corps our fourth down bounce that they got to win that game at home. Sought and so it got to roll with USC but. But even as this an hour up against it but do you think you can identify the four best teams in college football right now. I do I yes I do you do you agree with the top four. Of the eight peering and the AP rankings. Probably okay what let me get lure of four best teams college football do you think you can identify it right now no actually I don't. I don't agree with the gun every spring I can identify OK we'll we'll see if we agree mobile throughout may be our four best teams do that to kick out the final hour pressure brought to buy crunch fitness. Always not ninety travel months so why would you ever pay more free gym membership you can sign up more. A restraint hammer out a crunch dot com we'll start the final hour there are some more college football conversation. We'll get in the build those leaving Washington State for Nebraska what does that mean. For the cougars is Mike Leach going to follow our Washington and Washington State done. And a college football playoff picture. We got to get to the MLB policies in the Astros and the Dodgers are both up 20 can they hold on a win their series and then talk a little one and had the ball. To close the show out lots to get to the final article in order to Sprague on 1080 the fan.