Dave Bartoo Interview 12.12.17

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Tuesday, December 12th

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner doing the right thing since 1952. OK with the ladies and gentlemen off the tractor college football matrix. Oh yeah. And a whole lot of us it's more like in the truck right now I'm on I've I've got to our studio I forgot it was dirty Jews they already. Yeah well it's instituted. Where you had two. More. Let's let's play the final game of where is Dave Barr to going to right now. I want about pound baby on downtown. Pretty neat yeah that's this is. Pretty boy out out out out. That's. For this year. OK so I'm looking to analyst here at got a list. Of the 2018. College football coaching changes. What do I mean this carousel was as wild as ever on these changes who do you think did the best. It. Oh. You have some look at look at it everybody that's out there. Think number one university UCLA did the best spotlight. An outing Ehrlich Eric compare Erica you have. 30 lead. And coaches out there. And cheer when you look at his numbers. Every which way possible I mean this is little league football coach and persona like UCLA you'd basically that occurred this century. A land somebody like that. Is is really ridiculous out. And there was you know art Robert we re pretty hard. But handout is very easily. A one by or away whoever ended up with Chip Kelly won the silly season Bob why because they're not other coach out there. That was available. That it even close to his level right now. And so if you take him in I know it's not the same thing when he was an organ and into the game she's a little bit but if you just take his coach effect. And then you add into the town that started there UCLA. What are we talking about here in the first couple years with with him and under the yeah Bruin regime. Change op of pain. Or people in the conference. Realistically I mean you look at what you did at Oregon and one of the factors we also look at it we look at what coaches do you. Relative to the spread it. How well. Whether they winner copper. But what is the actual school war. Compare that they retire. What will they get as more people. Every okay. And what they're predicting a line is their average football so we think Italy are you what Eddie coached. In terms of how well formed above or below. Coverage point separation. One in the last decade in preparation on bigger bite. My guess is Chip Kelly. Chip Kelly. And you elect you is they. Are why. Usually aren't thirteen fourteen. And at the big trick that. Just a little bit. Harder our on our way a recruiter. Big kick that up and start. Yeah and or fast or you're rock. Not that nationally. Averaging. Around their best warrior. I UCLA are getting so. You can't go or to be better or. L work out. I think chapel not only is she your heart out right now it is sure do. Art editor Eric Eric Eric. They're not beat Erik per year. But I really. Shelley's all bet is he just. Chase. Not much. And you look at all of what is that it at a bell and work it out all were all. Our. Our Spurrier. They keep it. It took for these guys they are still really. A Kosovo a matrix is gay bar to here so did you think was a better hired Jonathan Smith or Mario crystal ball. I really. Want this I. I was like yeah that's inland now I am now you know like either of them. Now early may. Or. You're not. Wait Washington. It. Well again he he was called the plays was the co coordinator but the last two year. You're you're cursor you get a life. The least that yeah. Lucky it went. Higher. A look at higher at Ole. Is alt a mortgage or keep order everything went that you know I think or paid I think there was a lot higher ceiling they could have bought it now. Got a bet apple want to watch ball has had leaked it all year. First chuck are like I'll look at is if you're going. It's a how were they at all at four and Africa bet. Pretty old beat me or washing up on the higher there I think there were out there aren't that yell all their work. That we ire at what all though the other wanted to or. How worried now. Now they're targeted at the border area. No I don't see how the doubt on our age we try to that we we are like. Now more up side that he urged all over at our you'll a couple of years. But eat it without being for this well it hired coach. Proper what I see well. Are you oh what a great yeah a couple of years that was my. She on L at rockers really really good recruiter a couple of years. But from OT yeah and what chart. In an L or perhaps something that you really we are all higher because. All fired or all that question is due to let. You know we talked about it shellac the biggest. Ire they. Our C it was eating Italy. And you are or are they don't see you know. It or deal with simply worry or GM. Chief you know odd couple hiring or audio. Which you might look at royal opera or a year. Evidently they won Wyoming she'll get all at the or later I'd there was absolutely atrocious bought an outburst. Portraiture or at least what all that your guy to beat change as whole this position op Ed. When when he would like caller. It was really a coach so I hope our I don't all the stay right Errol is Leavitt leaves it all oh yen. That or process does not a very appealing now. Aren't great that are. Once this is that you look at Bob Morgan Morgan State and and there was motives behind each one of those tires for organ state. I should be they went after some sitting coaches they were told no and then the job the Smith thing was a a thing for the boosters if it Jonathan Smith didn't played Oregon State he's not even considered for that job and then crystal ball same thing if he's not there. For the for the one year. If if he was still Alabama's offensive line coach even if he had the title of co coordinator at Alabama they never would look to him. Both of those seemed like just that kind of the right guy right place weird circumstances for the for the hires. One of those. That are bigger one Harry Potter movies where. Cities that I get it right between what is right what it. And I got a deal this wedding all these are pretty easy pretty athletic even though. There may have been a better eye out there. Scott process. You add tickled by that appear Nebraska fan I would be. How are you not. And you look at it urged. The dike at a G five it is pretty numbers look it has offered deep or numbers. You know at every point it it has been a double what I had a five. And you know you fired at a pace that literally right I got higher. You know also I think part she is when you're when you're making a higher the athletic director are you that a lot to. One adapt as well motivated point she'll make the air base. Number of what might we are watching they are pouring in because you or so what about. It out even what about tiger aren't people are at. Not the base excited about the money falling about apple happening Cabrera the plot. Minister on habit don't quieter. But I think this Saturday option you know that that contract that yours thirty dollars. I think well got a much as because there's no way out to somebody else besides rob. In that part is what fast as the about a lot of higher doses. I never understood why you don't just go get the best guy I mean I guess I do understand the trying to energize the fan base and but that those that whether it's a short term fix. Why not just go hire the guy that you think is the very best guy as opposed to find the guys it's a Michigan man or Nebraska guy or he understands the you know the school. I am and I I've to this day I I will never I will never understand that rationale when it comes to making the most important hire in you in for your program. Yep that got available at bat by you know stand up islet yet but there's groups of may have come down higher. Okay is you have your best available they don't share it sure bottle lot or that. Who is absolute doubt they'll are yet are jolly. I don't chair you know what it back at our got to tell a guy. Then your second group that's in this that your group that bought. Ought to do it. Uptight group that loves hire from within the next an app that that back that anger in other of the spam that is always well although don't pan and it absolutely about our jobs. OK you have that and then your one. Is this just short termer this who don't want to really likes the recruiting are they want a higher. That that keeps everything very steady and keep or tried in the program. One of these guys. Are a lot. Was well caught got to count. Okay this is excited alumni. This is this small lot of you look at China sea they want mark. That's another segment at the anger so you're never going to be able to get everybody. In the whole obsessed. Opened. I think down cheerful what the athletic director is most comparable without our hat certainly what it was higher again. They of the continuity. And Oregon State that's more of a you know I'm I don't want the program around for a long time I don't think either one that would best available. I may well have fun downtown we know you're headed our probably to spice. Or perhaps one of the other new clubs and I've yet to. Yeah you have not given them your patronage and unite here now I get around the steroids the holiday season you know. It's a deck where product IR like active Chatham Ross island bridge action I can be at the studio. You but it. You know Soviet doubles point early accelerate their doubles point you know right there at the point sand with a double in his. Not coming here yeah well I Giuliani's dream or religion where it in the segments and you come down Eli Manning up and hang out here in a. I'm. You could get it's. From.