Dave Bartoo Interview 11-22-17

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, November 24th
The college football matrix, Dave Bartoo, joining Isaac on the eve Thanksgiving breaking down all the rivalry games and a feel good story for the holidays.

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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm Suk by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. I gave budget goes to bomb matrix where sir Mike you've been putting. And Liam. And cute Thanksgiving creep up down here in California area. Humble. Oh northern California. Northern northern and central California. Which a lot of people referred to a northern California like took on Sacramento and other central California northern California people bumper sticker say get the US and global. Yeah I can. Again you know I think we've all driven through there right on our way to that central California now is your is your studio family there what are you doing there. Yeah I know this is act as were grew up. I'm I'm actually. I'm in the bedroom where I was you know fifty years ago little kid. Papa mama Papa Archie is still down there. Yeah they are they gonna help companies or Washington Cuba they come down here for the holidays and actually. Your ears are terrible side story and I'm sure that people listening right now. A at some point in their lives. They often activity would be really good friend or family member. And I've been down here fourteen years I've been invited. My brother and I got into something I'm not even sure why it. But we didn't copper. Over a decade. And for everybody out there that was being right now that has been a situation where. That little bit stagnant even. Even every day when they think about hate and you have lost somebody and I wish I could reconnect. With. I'll give you hope he is probably an hour but yesterday. In the been talk all day today. Abducted my. Although it did congrats it's great buddy you got to bury the hatchet you know. All right well give tacos with all learn. We we re all the media slightly emotional up and go on Q these civil skirmish. The civil secure damaged or. He's got Oregon big. Yeah having it was a civil skirmish and daughter regain back. You know in my life talked about last week Herbert back lucky you got it you gotta keep that going into that game that was out when he by being in yards. Who rushed in and out popped when he I've been hurt or have given up as long as they is off and let them turn on the ball over on the plus side they eat you look at Arizona's defense hundreds stick in the country coming into the game. Mean even even the adults war was and ended up and you wonder this football game and I think poured into the pot when he might Sheen. They're popped he often took Herbert probably top ten all that with Herbert and you have it in Oregon State defense that is 127. This year in scoring. A dish yeah defense. In what 121 point Brett. Nice at 26 man. Here's yet it is partly yeah it did give out so. I don't gonna be really close game Morgan would win with Burmeister. Now with Herbert charmer and help the war again. In an organ it in the middle of a coaching search which I hope goes the right direction. It should be pretty in at all. About the apple cup we got they can serve what ten temple and underdogs I think. We've got under our. Amendment oh look at what you know wagered about coaching. Could you pretty even hear a lot Mike Leach dialogue Peters a pitiful really be okay. We don't have to throw your wanted to about here but it looked good talent washing up way more talent you look at offense scored. In favor of Washington. Defense or agency. Only paper Washington. You know everything really points about how he's really that football game but you know I mean. There's somebody in the country get credit Mike Leach. You know urged Texas it. Our art our Ali and admit you know Texas Tech I thought maybe some it was a little which ground. You know bad big twelve scheduling we done copper peddling but it still olive coat back. I think he'd be able to do this watching it not only recruiting better. That consistently they're. Mean she's not one of the names on the list like this you're elect. Yes and I I'm with you I think it all this talk about Dan Mullen cracks me up I think Leach is better than Dan Mullen he's just. He's just kind of weird and he gets dismissed as I. This feeling of higher we can agree with that. Okay and all of that they're really good rips or an athletic director because he doesn't have a low war he's got a really high warts and not make anybody look bad. What is being done extraordinary. You don't got a government. How are you don't really really good things but I think Mike Leach is good enough with super talent you remember. There is packed even top fifty how Washington State. He started with talent in the beauty and sixty talent and heart forties but mollen at least had popped when he aren't tell his entire time there. And art and Mike each you have if we really are dealing I don't give a national championship kind of guy. But I don't think Tennessee or UCLA at the national champ to kind of program. Or dart like him army immediately itself this year. There can be really felt that there are two guys in college football a lot to see what pocket change how what their career collect four years each and bought it. He cappuccinos and inching into this good point they mark to custom ball matrix. How close is this Auburn Alabama game two you are already what do you see there. Well I mean what this spread right now ratings morning what's the net five. And you look at your team. You look at you look at Alabama. From there and scoring efficiency. In defense of last week's number two in the country at all and number two in the country because. Auburn number 22 and number 33. He can't tell that about 31 when he three football game but typical home field advantage in college all up three point. You're talking or one. 26 am that's for national point winds hitting it why I think the Y is right in the middle you're gonna bet already touched on a more. If you're gonna bet Alabama I'd like to be giving up fuel oil laps. They're thinking about betting it I would wait and helped moral one music really late like movement I would not want peace in the middle between seven injury. When that game two is until I'm the game is until Saturday Padilla and two loss Auburn to las Ohio State in their conference champs. I'm assuming Auburn is in Ohio State is not is that how you see it. Are. Those cities you look at. The quality we into the top 25 win. Are you look at the strength of schedule Auburn has everything in their paper everything in their paper in terms of that so you know Ohio State. Well there right where there are supposed to be bet they'll walk home to a whole lot. You know they just don't have the quality win and top 25 wind profile now they are. There have been no reports squaring off and in college football right now behind old people are. I use via an Alabama. So there're really really achievement from about. I just. I think we have a whole lot a lot of dominoes a lot of help get into the playoffs right now. How do you MM you know we're not there yet but this. The Clemson Miami game how do you see that going because that's a key one in the college ball playoff race. All this this this one brilliant at it because you look at these two teams. And they're the polar opposite to pick Clinton added this huge bet right now until a light has got be under. Under because year to date you have the number 35 Auckland and once and or is my 21 often in Miami it is true that we are on there you have no. Vs number war. On these this leaves you end up to lean and if you look at collapse or weeks. Number sixty got a number seventeen defense vs to a often barely in the top thirty. I think it is indeed that America. Right now neutral meal I got a 25 point one. The 23 point three. Paper clip. Time now wildest tock of Willie Taggart. Wanting out of Oregon I I saw that you. You tweeted about this I thought it was a good tweed is like Ike. I think who would you seasoning of its defective I don't know which is more ridiculous one that tiger wants out virtues that he's done anything to be coveted elsewhere. Oh look look you know hammered haggard. Our guys I have hammered that guy before he retired Oregon you would be close recruiter he redeem. He didn't care law. The last two places in eight years up at open only turned them around. I don't war with number one recruiter and inner conferencing hired our news there either Alabama the regular eat your heart beat. I mean they are all of the should've been that bad except for one year. So now granted or hurt. OK you made that decision dough in my opinion. Is as he has gotten up to war again. One being looked out for better on one number two I would quit. Why would he be looking for a not at all organs and which aren't you on what might it might make extra half all we see everybody. Student ticket Obama won't. You know I mean that I'd actually looking router a good job. Yeah. The program that led to a national championship games this country prominent programs that they got in heat now welcome Britain other jobs you've got up. Yeah I don't I don't I don't think it is and I now and I I don't buy those reports but you know in them are now behind closed doors you never know if he's happy unhappy whatever but we asked you a beating the beavers should hire yet and we talked about that yet. Yeah we have it now and I can actually talk about that job because they Abbott athlete you pretty oversight on that a lot of the job I do you know he is yeah programs like an org big with a search committee. But we act as oversight we look at all the people Labor Day they've reprimand. And also recommend people that may be art on their list. OK so. Aren't broke some guys got to you've been here albeit it just straight up opinion and down anybody. That you. Heard them talk about I might even but he got it because ever. OK so off the eastern Washington really don't have any numbers on now because. They that you find. On the you know NCA APS global. But he also wants to Powell. He's an exceptional job with the office and turning that around are still play at a really high rip. 'cause. I'd like to inhabit another year to account before you made that decision that this is the kind of guy that money piece by offense. But that being. I think you know what a great fallback position on by the they have a brother Dexter. Jonathan Smith. Washington yeah. I rather if you're gonna take coordinator from Washington take you go to court and easy is it about the West Coast maybe about my country. You know. What we are what are koehlke. I mean is is that what is you don't help urgent outlook liberty corner of my truck up. Dude get a pay cut give him two million year you got anything kick and look what he's done at all but five. Their mid thirties recruit our our guards and a ballot there's still pop art in the country's defense now it's ridiculous. Do we truly. What are you throw in there OK all Michael Leavitt the lot lot of organs but it just wanted to let it can't they want Leavitt why not go get back. Okay the head coach but couldn't hit it on defense internal organs deeper round hardy agreed. Go get in make it what one point three word preamble to our state for two point 93 million dollars a year. They app to great hire. One guy nobody talked about. OK and when we talked about it model on the on the triple option before I think that would be very different. Very good Oregon State we're going to port numbers and their one guy that popped up old pines and nobody has talked about. Okay this is the guy that is power offense. One of the slow keeps games close include the recruiting significantly it has black stop what they plug potent bat I hockey league are. Crazy what they somebody yet at organs because I think would be great but the kind of all and indeed that people wanna run out of their head coach. The stuff paid thanks Dave enjoyed the time down there and I'm glad you reconnect with your bro. It was cool and I hope anybody listening a whole day back gave them a little bit of hope that their beyond doubt about it. And I'm just got to even though we're skeeter always cared a certain age. You got to try to use up so it worked out and I appreciate that but I hope to help somebody else this Thanksgiving. If anybody. Selig. Did by two young Bard.