Dave Bartoo -- CFB Matrix

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Wednesday, October 11th

Bartoo joins the guys to talk about the Oregon State situation and more!


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Helical it is state bar to the matrix is here there. They out here on the left Adidas. Salon. That's it's kind of win. Image sunny and dry out here at beautiful. Tractor weather for days. He had days analyst tractor it is due red carpet. Not sure whether your yeah. Yeah it is every need to go on down the doubt the highway with a doubles. Of twenty or so that chuck staying. There to guard me under the dryer. Anderson none of that you didn't get that now think that State's crop in the back off oh the dress the steel is that the key yes I love that. Hey so well what do you think what it what are the matrix think about Gary Anderson before yup and bailed. I aren't a lot higher INS. I would I saw the mayor and what do you all browsers. Like our lab and yeah. He daughter and disappointment. I was totally wrong. I I get higher art beat Ike it is. Action there's no positive road back. Are they what he did Wisconsin. Was comparable oh we're. Long on outward where they just turn out good. I don't yet our boat to spectacle places where players out west are we doing to our. That's ever got. It right. Oh I do you really well they had a good. Aren't I felt it yet yeah. Obviously not oh you know giant killer but part courier era I mean it is what are your ears. Your iron. I was really shocked and disappointed dedicate. Yeah and I think. I only there was a personal lives that was an exciting when Gary Anderson got hired an organ state and I don't know how many people could've possibly predicted this and the unprecedented move of a of a coach stepping down and and watching his net money dot I continue to think of anything that that that's like this and since you've been you've been covering college football. Org what bill. Yeah. That and try. At one point. On I bought 10% of Iger. You know I don't wonder. Don't want like you're given all the candidates like like a Bieber all honor the odd you know that is my school and bring it out yeah Ali Utley all the love. All of our ballot or eight. It's just. Got what you ought to be liable all understood it got to the end Oprah. Epic at how well the number of brands and predictability. And this is unpredictable. And it's. Number two this at all all in all ecology. And I'd love to be a while while the last couple weeks. And you do coordinator rankings too. Would Beth this is a terrible question but I wanna know where Oregon State's ducks who would. Well OK but can you know we are. But lever like are only so are your they have had it worse is that is their offensive coordinator light is their co dated two of them are as. I don't know who it is by a date their name or saw a lot. The other and yet. There's no power quite the worst operatives decrypt a court square and it beat out. Its borders. Get it worse. That would polish yeah. You know all your organs they play it would be zero or Ike yeah nobody would where everybody there's. And the players everybody watching it it it would be worse. All mapped out in power are or. Yeah I would of assumed it was BYU because I've watched them play and I believe I don't. I think their profits lower than in states. You're so cute I. Like god. What is well I heard on the news. The best part of my. You'll need. The years so cute Jason and as a drop please my. OK well where should Oregon State look I mean you know you you follow coaches you follow coordinators who do you think can be realistic but good hire for the beavers. Com okay what are the box OK because of it. What are unique unique you can't conventional Wright hit a power output all in my opinion football. That he beat shapes this you know this whole spread. Don't read I think there's a lot of people doing it ought to be unique and back with you. When he I eons. Playing our only or whatever to the top when he I'd like right now. We're seeing a wrote in of this high speed they are not a lot of good writing that go on outside the bar. I'm big coaches that have been very oh our old Allen running something way outside the box. It really what you would do it I think they're right got away of wanting not you don't. But that oh kind of quarterbacks I'll football. Newark new Apollo. Baby you're cute cute cute you need to look at you know hardly anybody ran. You don't trip round that. At Tulane very successfully. Uphold content rendered Georgia Tech programs that don't have a lot of talent you're gonna need any right now. Not much count they're eager and they are winning on the football games because that's probably the most unique hard to compare for all band of nobody's gonna go duplicated. You know I don't read implication itself. Oregon State got would be asked that are in your stamp at the top three on the list I'd be really really shocked. Yes it's easy adjusting because they're the CBS as four signed an article today about that where I forget who was that added to. But he he wrote that that he said he knows comfort now comfortably said that organs they should run the option is that the in a year you're just you're not gonna compete against organ in the USC's of the world on a consistent basis and and he did he eluded the fact like a lot of these schools were there hadn't had any success he brought a Calhoun an air force. Certainly at Georgia Tech and and what they're doing. That it didn't is different and in when we brought that up to put that out on Twitter. Take a lot of organs they'd fans I think that just makes them create I think the thought of going back to running. The flex Boehner running the Eddie bode wishbone I think just at that that's scares a lot of organs defense I don't think it should. He can give you were. A how about that. They'll look at. Okay Oregon State in Georgia Tech have a good comparison here OK bottom three recruiter in both in both conferences right. You know George tech are getting better. Organ state not gonna get much better than mid forties you know low fifties recruiting but look at George track this is. Now they're not perennially top 25 reported that every going to be eager. As. You know you look at dirt detect every once obligate the seniors they get the system in the right side. And boom they're tenant here in the top fifteen but they have a chance of making in the year six while they're never going to be out Cain. By the whole of having a big scenes and you get the right components together. I think is much more solid. Under that kind of offensive scheme. Then going convention are going up tempo. Yes it's funny assistants Paul Johnson took over there and I'm just they would ask Korean state fair and it's terrified at the idea run the option and would you take this in the ACC if you're Georgia Tech. Who by the way like you said is a great recruiter is a very tough academic school to get into your never going to get big name recruits. Would Oregon State takes since two does knew Paul Johnson got their nine and four. Eleven and 36 and 785777. To 611 and three. Three and 99 and 41 bad year yes since he took over in 2000 eight's onion and it's in. Yeah eligible. Now they got a tenure. Yep eight out of ten years and is. Have won their half of the ACC three times and favorite Dave you're saying that Georgia Tech recruits. Here. Like Oregon State. Isn't. A good bet that it actually meet perpich comparison it really is because you're talking. They're bulk bottom three recruiters. And their bowl recruit in the high forties or fifties. They always check out you know Oregon State got out if you run your detects a few rounds but you look at their moving average over the last decade. It's all about the saint. So he app on the and I got up is it not sexy. You know that a lot of teams that run pace like North Carolina and Missouri and their football or anything but sexy. You're ready I mean it is not sexy that that and that's why people have a prominent like comic god really is the but you but it has affected and I looked it up so in the air it depends on what you're looking at their five year average rivals 24 sevenths got ESPN. 404650. To forty. Depending on what's gone as you wanna let's do you think other than the amount to low low who'd you mentioned is the is probably like the he's the quintessential guy that maybe you can get who runs it at navy. Their other guys Calderon and. Well it will not help him now now that guy how to beat her get. You don't want you wonder everyone while I like got from the real. OK that's great what are they won five right now they're they're they're just not argue that the old John and yet they don't get yelled. But I'd still rather have a chance at eight beat the other guy is bad or did not believe that. Okay you want it to culture back. Help people wonder about Willie Brit could run option but he's been all you'll. But do you George sucker that were one or two I look at Georgia southern war during and after the guy. He had eight iron. On to our other he's having a bigger pack 2800. Last week but option. That would be probably the argued it out of maker really look at I have all better that would be it died a look at how well. If you win 93 and nine and for his two years and during the Georgia southern mom. And they recruit in the Juan what on earth they don't. I mean Garnett. It all and now didn't she say yesterday you were talking about the bottom 25 Georgia southern was the worst he got all of colorful than that CBS says that the worst even now a case of settle a debate Suk likes BYU I like Kansas and important organ state gave. Who would win a in round Robin. Event or. Are you argue. Is it ready get hurt they're seeing it now around Robert. I am right now I I think he's got to be what you're Nat. Can't let it get it or they right now. Whatever that there ought to be. Ugly. Oddly. Terrible terrible and just. Yeah I'd EYE a diet umpire. Squatter when he picked. You know sir there apple like bet that those those are terrible. Early. So here check this out OK your league is ready you know for the new bar to drop them and it has zone page drops. But the eleven. OK so last question you said that you. There is an erosion of high speed pacing college football. You think. That's the trend and. There's you know it is number one. We had seven years. Average pay to play increasing college ball up until two years ago every single year. He averaged. Seven or hear that two years ago. It. A little bit aren't you're more than a year or so we're seeing receipt offense slowed. Oral awkward maintaining a high paced are not are. You know so right now look at the top it all in key. One or 131. Dirty sock. Almost better to court date okay. They urged boasts that the practice you know steps percent. Though you only five of the this case plate she only to them. In the actual top twenty. Are they good on the other end and you look at when he aren't slow eighteen. Top ten injured out. I don't know not a EC football slowed down. You're also in what I'm reading in the numbers are seeing eat at started each adopt. And so I think what we're seeing at this whole don't read this this. This error Eric K don't read. Is slowly coming into the eight epic coach who wept but nobody out heat we're starting to stop. And it's slowing down and started actually speed. A better brand of football now out there see better score this year the all bets would be better. And value are all sold. Out today were there are yours. Well think it is always appreciate chicken and let your insight. Anytime you may call that.