Dam Podcast September 13th, 2017

Dirt & Sprague
Wednesday, September 20th

Brandon and Angie Machado, Beaverblitz.com, discuss recruiting down in Corvallis, how the program got to this point, and what it will take to turn things around in the very near future.


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All right welcome back to another edition of the DM podcast Brandon Sprague Canadian fans and Yuma shadow. Beaver blitzer cock in studio today by the way cap bear I dealt with traffic trying to. And doesn't always happen because like we you and I we we live far apart in we got different schedules our kids are different ages and we sometimes telephone sometimes you're in studio but it's good having studio today be cries. Not only were gonna talk about that Oregon State game and I'd prefer to talk to somebody in person more than the phone. We also have Jean in my eyes l.s gonna join our podcasts is sweet so that's doing the same media people and get along as did dean is awesome she's kind yeah I was like. You know the work out her go work out yet I love those videos that you guys were doing. And I there's only like a couple I really don't care for but I don't need any media members played perfectly okay working with people and they do a podcast for the Oregon Ian. So it be nice to get the the collision course humid and podcasts now having fun so edgy it would join us a little later on in the pod but them. I don't I don't know about you you you'd have to speak for bullets but I can just tell you for 1080 the fan. Doing the shows all week thus far. And being on Twitter. And not only was eyes of an angry Bly. I don't think the fans pay the fan base is that app apathy yet I and clearly now on happier excited right now. There anger and anger is a very. It's a tough place to be from a fan perspective. But I think right now based on what we saw that second half against Minnesota a lot like we did against Colorado State and barely beating Portland State heading into conference play. Tying his honor percent warranted what is the reaction because the fan listener. That's a beaver is angry what is it right now for bullets. Same thing and honestly if I'm Oregon State I know the coach is probably hate to you know let angry fan and but. Final Oregon State and the coaching staff I would rather have my fans angry at this point the way the team has has looked an apathetic. Because when I stopped caring. You've lost them often so. You know a lot to get discussions about it what you would do you know I posed the pose the question today on blitz your coach Anderson heading into the bye week next week what. Are your steps should the CEO of the program what do you do. What do they get blown out against was due. Yeah this regardless I think you have to make a move. I don't. Here's the thing that's telling when I say to get to make a move I don't think you make a crazy move. Like clue giving in is a hot topic for people very hot topic. I just don't can you really four games in fired coordinator to me if you do and I get that the expectation of mobile game was there and they've looked like absolute darkness. But four games in. Timmy is you screaming you didn't trust him going into the year and I know that sounds kinda stupid given how bad they've played. But I still feel that way. You fire a lead coordinator like that. You just you are telling me there's a party that did not trust that going into the year because as bad as it's ban I still think that's. I mean that's that's a thirty year season right. And I don't I don't know if I like that move naturedly now if you wanna had a role somewhere else. But one has a good like I don't want a I don't want India to call out a name but I think I think you think about it rolling at that point because of they lose. 45 is not known. I think this is wearing a coach Anderson has that leadership council has some guys on the team that you can that they meet weekly and I think that comes into play because. We're seeing a team that has zero by on the and that way they totally quickness second half so. Being the CEO in person needs to find out why is go one on you know he last week he moved coach clay and code trashing upstairs. In any he made a comment about coach Clinton needing to clear his head. But that was that was last Thursday he minute come 2000 it was dark they haul down to the sideline who you know by now account gets along really well the players. I and you could Clinton can be yelling you know he'll lots of maybe. Paul takes the brunt of that. All week in practice we have seen coach Anderson lake shadowing hop better a coach Clinton really yeah. So that's not a good sign and he's also been in all the meetings. I'm with you though you know as it is there some issue with with coach Kurt and the players. Is that chest you know. I'm not saying please be fired it at some point something has to happen frankly. I am more upset with the play of the offensive line. Olive and anything else yeah I mean look we're we have made and we allowed again in this yes we're really aware of the anger lies and hiding would this team there's there's a lot of different places the anger climate. Here's the thing it doesn't have to be firing and put it could be like hey why don't you go back to doing a different scheme you know lake. What they're doing just enough work clerk and I exactly I can tell me when I again I talk to people that play football and yeah sometimes they think us media types are just get into this because we love and passion we give opinions yeah as a reactor overreact you react. Well OK I get dad and I do I absolutely on human. But I also know enough about football this day your offensive in defense of lines. Our absolute garbage that's not something that just exchange people keep telling me. What happened last year look what happened last year and he turned the corner. You know why they turned the corner it played two of the worst defenses in the country well that's the biggest thing first of all but the second part is the profits of lined up Erica is a product a senior back who they thought was gonna redshirt. Where's the Sean Harlow often. US John Hart and I think I talked about this last week and it's funny connect anti so people this weekend at the tailgate before the game. It's the nasty that sound harsh on how to brought Sean Harlow the change up outlined some because of him is because he played nasty. And I talked players' parents who flat out said this team is not playing nasty commute and I don't think dirty there's a different thing dirty and nasty they just need to play hard play nasty have a little swagger have a little pride. Why I mean I've mentioned the swagger before I get antsy to Portland State I don't feel like I saw much Minnesota. I don't know what it is I can't I can't put some on it and I think that's the frustrating part for people is nobody. Some people closest program and others nobody can really identify what truly the problem is. And to me it's not scheme there's something lingering there's something going on within the program. That we're not aware of or. We just we haven't guessed it I don't know what it is did doesn't it feel like there's something bigger that felt that's wrong completely because you can't just tell me that suddenly this team went from being so competitive. And bringing back a decent amount of these players. To dropping off the face of the earth and looking like maybe one of the bottom six worst teams in the country now. It exactly mean they didn't lose that many eyes. And to look like they don't even care if they're there man I can say that all of them because there's a lot that are still can gushed David Morris that I mean my not sand dollar and there's a lot of guys that are. A 100% in and doing working hard every single plane that. The looks of things at least from you know the TV from the press box or on the sidelines because there's a lot of guys. That look like they've checked out. What is the villain and said this he said this after the gaming it's Minnesota he said there are guys that this season. Dolan is in heaven of quit but they don't wanna play the second half and I just I looked back at this so the Portland State game throw that out they want it. You've only collectively been down by combined ten points in your two games of the half why would dad even exist exactly you you got screwed on a touch Jennings Colorado State should have been tied not down. You should civil in the second half fired up when we got screwed yeah forget this. And in your Minnesota game you're down six and albeit that felt like a bigger six points to me based on what I'd seen the previous two weeks. You were still only down six you should know now yes and you're at home and you should becoming up going. Who and plates like at the competitive juices have to kick it they just have to and they're not. They just not that's the weird thing about this team that's why I'm Gary Anderson exactly and that's why Felix something is a miss that we don't let you know. People outside the locker room are not aware at play in the aid Anderson said 6040s we wonder run pass this year and and they haven't done that and all the numbers go completely opposite way. I'm a little surprised that the offense I don't know about you I just I've been surprised. Current state at that they opened up with some passing and I said. OK I like that and you get back to the run and he just kept passing and Portland State because Ryan. And now with the Minnesota game they'd pass pass pass can't run at all and our peers Gotti carries and all had seven Tyner is not playing. I don't know where they're gone much. I don't I'll call and it was my son the press box this last weekend and watching that offense I had these like flash it felt like Writely. It was it was like a Writely team. They went away. The path the inability to pass and become one and it became one dimensional like predictability ability everything they had no identity. And we laughed about Riley always saying that he was waiting for his teams to find an identity of men but them. You know Anderson came in when he was hired in December 14 at his press conference I'm government he noted this because it was so. Out of what Bieber had seen the previous ten plus years he wanted to quarterback that can beat you with his arms his arm has links in his mind. He is divert it from that completely. Gluten is not going to to. You know run on you which I loved by the way he still doesn't read option but but he none is now telling him he's our rhino is not running he's running sideline to sideline where anything so he's not what's the point that he's. It to me at that's worthless I'd rather mossy Pearson and that is a threat to Brian. And because it's not passing well either so. I don't know it's it's a very high I. I worry that coach Anderson has been too impatient political process and has been trying to change things that change things up and has not let things play out. Take last ya think last is a good example. What you're kind of alluding to there. So last year there they're losing and again about kicks slash close in some like flash is up 21 points on was he right they lose that that lead. Quit when he came on with arising in seat and he made that comment of the air raid and I was like whoa we missed he's mentioning another province and he likes it. I think that's an example where. He kind of got caught up it seemed like in what other teams are doing and because he wasn't winning his dial it was like. Do we have member of were better suited to do business and I kind of body and that for some and he thought he is and and he kept saying no now there it yet. It's like a lot more like airy and then. Been around us to write a nobody calling ground assault was I was just surprised that he was willing to do that means season. Given how close they were against so many decent and good program that's why everybody's freaking out now on packing because. They're not even close known they've gone to complete the other way they're going back to what they were his first year. Com which which leads. And leads to some questions about. Where you wrap long term and I said this I've said this this week and am curiouser two tots I've seen a lot of people say. It's this it's this it's that it's that and there's also a lot of your friends and dumbfounded and I was really trying to pinpoint. How I think personally they got here and it's pretty simple for me one. You lost a couple pretty call was freaking coaches to this is the big one this is what I've really hard to. You look at the recruiting. And the first year giving you get past that you came in late whenever. Last year them okay you got David Morse who's a good player Hudgens was a good get. But I'll give you three games a dvd is three name's Isaac Garcia. It's. Mason ran. And Christian Wallace. Right to those are four star and Isaac was five listening for the four. Music Garcia know he was forced you to force or so to those are foreign Maria was a three but an incredible athlete with a good reputation coming out yes. None of those three have made an impact one of those associate to Prague quarterback your program. Another one. It was supposed to be used dynamic athlete we haven't seen yet when transfer. So I know like you could give me more names and act or more examples. And I just use that in my mind and Miley Craig Evans haven't seen him yet we don't know the status of him. Bomb weakened is I keep looking and it's all comes back to recruiting with where they're at they don't of the horses up front on either side of the ball. And for me coaching matters that time but the part of coaching college is special is easier able to recruit and where you wrap with that because recruits matter. Where is in Utah State. You can get by him be OK in that conference coaching will matter more Wisconsin recruits itself you don't have to sell Wisconsin writes itself. Morgan State is different and I feel like thus far it all comes back to the way they've recruited in the players to have perhaps not gotten. It's a 100% but you know I mean I harp on record in all the time so. Does this brings me to summon that I thought about and your right so Garcia left he was record of ice hockey. To play more than a 43 you know because of tot he was 34 but he wanted to mix in the fourth three is well. Marine and a quarterback. You know he was overwhelmed came in early. Honestly fall he didn't look good he didn't look at all he got a mechanics. Went home worked hard. Came back being told he was gonna get a shot and didn't get around and now even to play and then now they moved to safety and again he's too athletic. To play quarterback or to sit on the bench and hold the clipboard. So removed IDB's but we haven't seen that often so. And at a position that arguably is having. Major travel and safety eyes than yet that and Wallace is one in and he doesn't. Embassy a running back here Wallace all the time and I hate to talk you know of their kids and prestige is not there he's not ready he's not cutting grass hasn't got the whole scheme yet. But then going a little deeper here with recruiting. So I took I went down the list Jim Anderson a tired heat. Focus on bringing in not only did coaches that would coach but he won it all star recruiters. That was like his big thing he kept coach Brennan on stats I was only holdover who was one of the better ones for a yes I would so I went on here and mr. r.s one star recruiter to start recruiters just kinda act and act you know pelican at an anti starving the best about it. So Brendan I consider him rock star. Recruiter David Baldwin has proven and I was I was skeptical they brought him on that he's proven it really solid northern California recruiter. Got entries on cotton Isaiah Hodges that hole. TM PM in California group TJ woods no star Kevin givens I gave no star. Kelly. Two star but as a rock star Chad I'm gonna go with one he's he's doing that Hawaii saying to the hockey was a one bit what that Polly's. But you know not as dynamic may be is some. And then sit talky and coach Odom both. Rock stars yeah so I averaged twelve starts poster should act now with Brendan laughed has left they replace Tim Phillips. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt just because of his ties to Houston in in Louisiana. And the ones targets apart we haven't seen bucket let's just take him out though which is beyond that we can't judge either way let he doesn't count yet OK okay Baldwin two stars in the woods and again and still I hate giving no stars. He's still have tele two star you have coach Chad keep his once our I would say Clinton is and most are now I would say hall is a one. Working on being at two violence aren't into the trashing is is your answer so we went from twelve stars to seven count and that's my own like you know. That's ANC's star ranking system based on what you see following yet you know and I just you know we've seen a lot from wasn't given I have seen a lot of recruiting tough for them clued. Haven't seen in that Howland how normal. That tee and you've just as cynically cover organ stay put kind of maybe overlooking the entire conference when your following certain kids to see who else is fine form. How common is it for coordinators both coordinators to not be great recruiters. You know is that common. You know it's a book when I have I mean you would want those guys to be very. And you know beat those guys that rod rod cheerleader that was like wings door for examines a pleasant good recruiter okay how was banker is a good recruiter Coca you have one there. And it's hard when you bucket down south. You have like this all star cast of recruiters I mean he his whole stack outs at this. Without getting in and act as we ought to get to. That whole staff to me is. Built spaz and mine is me Jim Leavitt. I think the whole staff has built on recruiting completely and and that's what what he wanted to do he didn't have the West Coast ties so we went and found the bag idiot Joseph Salave'a keep Taylor. He he put together by the way it's very odd yet in my sites like I can't see him actually detects that you still weird Lisa Leslie we've gotten. In yellow that we are in purple he looks weird you Trojan Iran and now he looks weird in I didn't handle like that the purple on the go in the Anne Marie and it. Yet whatever color of the ducks weren't that we Q it's weird EA yes he ignored if you're listening to assume the weird well huge debt that thing though is in his sights. I think Gary Anderson's good coach I do on and I I think it's time to really be honest on some stuff. Maybe we just overreacted unwilling to admit that I mean if they come out. All world this week against Russia's state. Great awesome but if they get steamrolled I'm I think you're winning may be just one more game of the year net against one of the Arizona schools and acted as soon you beat both. And beating one of them would just be a miracle so you're close to being one win team on twelve when twelve game season. I think you have to read recalibrate and readjust your feelings on where you're not ready to fire fighting the finders and it's ridiculous stupid first of all that's part of them because they can afford where is that money coming from. Second of all these tired Scott Barnes they wanted Barnes specifically because of the time Terry Anderson. And third. I think it's just OK to say he made some wrong decisions in personnel and he feels like to me he's alluding to that with his comments. And to. He's got he's got a million years of experience here a few years at Wisconsin albeit successful. And one good year Utah State before that was a rebuilt so I still like him I still trust in all wait to process sound a little longer. But I think it's also okay to be honest ago but maybe we got a little over our skis in going your threes and where is hurt and I know that comes from them directly but. Maybe this is more realistically 45. Season tight turnaround to get to where seven wins is that is is okay. And you know I do I think. I think the cancer has completely stymied because I don't think he or anybody in south saw this coming how clueless did he or how stump that he feel like he looked at the press Saturday yeah. He was. So different than it ever seen and he seems like a very confident guy that person an and he is an but he get on coach speak you know I mean I've UP and I've been around as long time I think we can do look at coach presser afterward that. Some of the questions have him. Pot as you know generally tennis at their need you to telling Manny wanted to say something. But any kind of self and then back and coach speak mode but. Yes he was a little taken aback by Alan it now. Well and here's a thing as you mentioned earlier the offensive line is where your biggest anger lies. Is there any way changes. How does he get better recruiting of popular right now. People I think people love recruiting and you think right now because of where it's that people wanna know what goes on right now. I don't know because I mean it's don't help in the mix and he has looked great SMU Houston is lie ahead of the question about and I think he's looked better than. Then you know some of the veterans that you are expecting I expected more from castle rock you know he was a freshman all American couldn't. Most mechanics pointed this out this is a scary part they've now been pushed around by mountain west team a big sky team and a Big Ten team and not as not top of the top caliber intensity voted no it's more like middle of the rain yet Big Ten team so what are like the Washington's. The Stanford's. US millions the USC's. Hell even go look at the stats Arizona's and one rushing team in the conference they're gonna run the ball again and harper run the ball on so. I'd I don't know why judges don't I mean how frightening point frightening to me. Is looking ahead and and we can talk about the the brutal schedule and ahead. But when you look at a team like a Washington. Or USC how he the Russians about it they diddley seventy and the team. Yeah I think they respect serious and too much to do that either get a stop at around 5055. And then it's kind of like that it's a clock that routine. I'm going to watch inning game it can't run the clock out that they run out and I know they'll score are adding that it K three and outs. I'm going to watching game is a fan I don't even go as media member anymore I'll go with a fan. And in the foreign we I'm going to USC Crawford now that's fun. Yes you know they haven't beaten some 64 I travel I know they're not going to be trojans but. Screw it I'll go to a whale of going to LA aware my giant killer had wanted time drink some beer in the coliseum night. I mean I don't think I think they're gonna get steamrolled by Washington State. Nine the Dodgers a come to town there's gonna be almost more purple and orange and black which is a whole other conversation and ending an LA in the loosening Colorado by the way who runs the ball really well. With Lindsay. I think they're gonna do what they wanted to against organs I just it's tough for me because I don't wanna go extreme crazy media member who spouts off hot cakes yeah yeah I also can't help but feel this way based on what I've seen from their rockets are unlikely to line play was different rights. Sides posting guidelines and that's. 20% on site that covers the opponent and it's interesting because I may even last week the Minnesota I. You know every everything in economic and at the same team that came time is still Philip there that there's a better team in the so I picked the leaves a mark time and I have to know one more week what you pagan as we ought not this week another little Minnesota pick up now can't I can't look at the neck I can't look at the next few games and honestly think I think this week I picked 52 to 21. And that's what I went with. Yeah I have a rule why I'm a degenerate. Now like a bad one yet. He made it to that point to it I like to bet on football I don't bet against my teams. Minnesota plus two ID five people icing Covanta Hondo right now and I gave a website that I use. They went get a disease monument. I don't know what Vegas has seen an organ state and by the way I think they're totally misreading this money one point underdogs now rate at its when he won and after 22 depending on your book it only opened fourteen. Or sixteen. Either way I I three score game yeah I think wash its its more than likely get a win that game by 25 points. Vegas can't get a feel for organ state. I. Think generally meet like waiting to see the team that they. You're there let's let's get into that and what team. What our whole feelings on this are based on them finishing their last two games a way to do it is or not. Yeah and and then if Palin asked if they lose to Arizona and Oregon what is the expectation change to for most people what's the feeling of the program going in years three verses where it is now. Just a dock oh yeah they the expectations were not able would you say like 45 wins. Probably 34. I mean there's airs on an organ that their defense is last year worked so horrendous sport and was third to last in the nation. That and Arizona probably bottom thirty. So I mean. That most little look at that they would just looked at losses and the like and. I know but Mike Goss pointed that out he had a good point is I sat there and go low yeah I mean they would Los those and finished with two wins it. What would've gone in the year thing in bowl team now how is it well we'll see but it's purely as coaches talked and talked and we saw practice we saw. In fall camp spring camp. You know they couldn't have been more wrong though now that's the that's the fresh rating part and I know we got to from Clinton and Anderson last weekend and yummy said this on the pod. But the whole this is the week turns around were close to turn around people pleasing million geared geared not close and it felt like kind of on air back to it and I'll have on air point blank but that is how bad it felt it and he couldn't be competitive. Equate. Him on teams they didn't quit. See somebody tweet me was like and kept saying well if they quit quite as bad as kind of own team but. You would know that more than I would he were there I'm almost. I didn't know I did not that's come in Arnold. He was there is that I don't know I remember there was an app activity is that you could stop at the net yet thicket of your drink yeah. Stuff and it can't nobody came and have a good time and you would have a great time while. Yep fifty NC it's just for showing up. Juan I T woody how bad getting beaten and even Washington. It's going to be a lot of purple biting so to uniting Bieber fans are gonna sell the tickets. I'll come and I think it's gonna look a little Boise State fish. Boise State given the alumni said there was more blue than I thought there would be a Clinton canceled their tickets and you know what I can't blame you spend season tickets or make some money go ahead. Why he thinks it's it's bad now they get. Just destroyed by Washington State you wait because that game is gonna be poorly attended and there's Kabila dog barking going on and that husky team by the way is it. They're good day but Ed this is there that could be their conference opener for I'm I'm not missing or know their second conference game. And their teen wants to back to the playoffs they're not coming in there and taking for granted they're coming in their without let's bury these guys. As soon as we possibly can. Chris Peterson to creek coach. Fantastic coach. Talk about it again and it got that team totally buttoned dialed in I mean are you surprised though like I thought that was such tests the home run Grand Slam higher for them. Like he could rightly. In and that nice guy persona. But yet weigh more and his recruiting was is better yeah you know just he feels like combo of really good coach and I these maybe even chip. Offensively the way he's calling plays in in the recruiting aspect to every wanna throw in there and and nick Anderson mean I think you put that. Gary has that and confidence about him. You know me when he chairman Scott he did this past week it there's that confidence that if they keep calling company called confidence yeah. What's the kid in crescent valleys and and we got gene is gonna coliseum adjustment what's the kitty crest about Ali's name. Helena who Fonda college okay I'm marketer repeated just leave it there. I was talking with from Justin Hopkins who does is on web site in its recruiting and covers the docs and I've protection up because he said that kids going on and a visit in a few weeks and. He he said that organ and Nebraska. Are the favorites in his mind and ice I jokingly said you stay away from him Gary Anderson in laughter and he. He goes yeah I I don't I mean I can't give you a 100% feel. But. Did the feeling in getting these and the losing situation is not helping them help and I. Personally I don't have organism in Phoenix you don't have or don't I think USC. And Nebraska is somewhat in the mix and organs is still there but the losing it's how pretty is leading is still issue. I was ASE. That's that's just my in my get past their big that's the big five star right I mean has our SE. And I yeah I talk to someone close as close to that whole situation and you know that that talk is you know. You can go to Nebraska four SE and QB one of many phi X Ers. You come to Oregon State it's your hometown team and you're an instant legend when you walk on campus unless you suck. Endlessly how are you for instance but no idea I mean that's the recruiting pitch. But do you wanna stay in town ethnic minority and LA in he had to Nebraska and and Lincoln Lincoln to cool scene at his brother TJ who played for right yeah act you know back and that they so where they at right now. In recruiting and a Minnesota was a weekend where they you know recruit. They had Chris it was a good weekend for them you know the three star. Tight end Isaiah smalls was in town and in a lot of people been worried about him he's at a LE Dorsey. He loved it he loved everything about Oregon State he's solid he's one other good recruiter to stop by eight blue line and everything loose right Dana art. The losing all the time you know. It's Ian support is the community it's it's the whole picture for them they wanna and that it was OK for him he walked away we we just ran his as does it report he. So you loved. The players and in what they want they want to be hanging out their team is what that's like and that for me that was big to see because he. Is very vocal on social media is tied union Lee's Alley Dorsey so big. Big time recruits around him he's RD recruiting other for so organized to come visit me go com at a Calabasas is actually in a visit. Plea for the Washington game and force our safety linebacker. So he loved it Indy cook you know he cut a deal line he's a big defense of any coach tad is very excited about him so he's committed. And then they brought and a couple guys to take cart was in town easily go unofficial visit but. Isiah. To Fonda I was at its and they too fog and who Fonda Coca from Honolulu was in town linebacker. Three start kids loved his visit hasn't committed has some other trips planned. But they did pick up the commitment from Anthony sperm Lockett three star wide receiver out of new Arlington car. Kid is fast and in these parts I think I saw you guys tweet that out you know Johnson video if you watch his film you for sure watching and at age you're. It's New Orleans some good talent to back. That the kid is a long Strider is execs once X two but has long legs long strides and compete with anybody in a you sent him on and go route. And he's gonna blast by some people. That's great where the out right now I know they're trying to get commits where does the where they stack up like where they ranking in the cut in here looking at country I haven't looked at that recently gotten. Within the conference. Their eleventh twelfth. Who's below us if there is. I haven't looked recently but to them via media Washington State may be. So. How long way to go I mean they have him at seven commits right now yeah early signing is coming up and his fans coming and you know they have to hit the Chico's hard for. Well and that's Ian Craig Evans I'd. Usually we're seeing them. Because the academic stuff we'll start here and went two weeks' gap you know I don't know every time I say. I don't think we see in and then something happens and now you know that we hear may be there's a glimmer axiom on campus he's he's he's Tryon at people's scene you're tied to early as this couple weeks ago he may come back but I just don't think I don't think the coaching staff in their minds is like. Betting it all on him being there and I think they're fully prepared to play a season without and that's and that's a complete Gary Anderson got heat and Gary has some of his guys and that was one of Gary recruited him that was you know he had relationship with him from back when he recruited him at Wisconsin. And Mathis is kind of his his baby and who's a better recruiter Riley or Anderson Anderson really out completely now Anderson's a closer. Riley was. A local woman sleep on a US commit that's awesome. I don't sleep on and. So he's generally a good guy but he would net you that's not when you wanna be that the best guys hit it close I mean let's genius and he'll try yet. I did it for awhile and closings a hard job right incident. I I with a great salesman in fact I could build relationships and I did you know. Talk about the product closings heart yet to actually looks funny and I tell him to give him your to trashy yet determined something like choose the right program so I'm Mary is the closer and I mean I would take him over Reilly in living close kid. And then he had Riley can get squarely on a few guys like you're a walk on candidate for example he Eric Corey kit obvious scholarship man. As a recruiting it's on current marketing it like we won the texting the kid as a walk now as a scholarship players. Hello I often do you wanna do any questions that we can isn't Utley and we knew couple questions dealing gene is again thinking in my zone can become on here pretty soon if your isn't fun ones on on blitz. And Matt too phony says this is choose anyone you desire kept. And case so what is a more idiotic vague pointless coach Pete saying do something respect the process of the vote. Paula to go the route to the institution that he is the biggest huge bank I have ever seen heat that guy did you see what she. This dude at the end of what was in the third quarter. Or this or the first quarter one of these quarters he lines as kids out because ago on either side of the field. He lined them up makes them stop. And many sprint down with them to your dues. Got your little high on leader sure with a sweater over it's Ike. How could you think you law he wants to be to anyone again come on. And about the dumbest criminal and yet something is not great and it looks really dumb on your stadium yet that's. But at least you're doing something and I like the premise because you can't win the day you're rolling the freaking boat you're a golfer. It's the dumbest one I hate that one's perspective pride I've always respect the process the process. Other be nervous this this weekly said that may be the process has broken and the process is not going well all right okay. Is Gary Andersen working with the defense more arrests and occurred may not be safe art just. Anderson trying to help. Both. Again I don't know if they'll fire him after they get look at the destroyed but. Yeah I would not take that has a great sign if I'm Kevin clone. I think most people don't you know if a firing or replacing its coming like I know I've had that happen a couple times in my life. He can do is read it and clue and editing is Smart of got to understand. In my bosses watching me now and then telling and it changed a thing yet and in meetings. I need to turn this around now or I'm not lasting yet. I imagine he owns a home it might be going up for zealot just out of caution. Kyle Sullivan a nice townhouse. TV Bruntlett and JT if you're listening I love all your bringing in and people in Chinese negative but he brings some really really good point. So a lot of us are Nagin asked about how you interpret the negativity is a realistic and he warranty they full line at beaver believer in no vanity peaks and known him for many years. What was. Just what happened to cause such a backwards slide in every area of the program and know we've read about in the Marion situation possibly being a major reason. But what other issues are causing major collapse at every phase of the program and we talked we don't know there's something though definitely going on and guiding this is a long term effect of recruiting. Went a long term three years but I think that is playing apart right now. I think one is biting you were honest we may be guide. Wait too excited based on a four win season and the third is maybe the guys you have that are leading. Aren't really good leaders when Jordan villain in says kids quit that's pretty terrible sign it. The bias and yup I was you know asking Jordan element is pay your senior leader why are you doing something to. Make sure they don't quick. I don't know maybe he's becoming apathetic to it as a guy alone do what you want to do. At that in the press conference on Saturday night he looked like keep it there ready to punch someone a cracking. Bill amended yeah I mean like that passion that. So chat tomorrow and on Twitter says I can just still use that. Quote come here and play early recruiting tactic in year three and have it be effective. Hell yes I mean at this point yeah I would take a high school senior right now putting like deal yet to be like hello did you watch that game that had a why haven't we seen this is from Sam Edwards. Why haven't we seen much or any pistol formation seems like it would be a better map match for an all downhill running style in the shot and you know that's been a question blitz we talked about either under senator pistol. I don't know. I don't think they're gonna change Pennsylvania I think they have their scheme and and they're gonna keep that one. Somebody else that's a good question a few weeks back and winning Indian question but the they sit in my crazy or do you think did to George tech triple option option offense may work with those the players they have and maybe we time and gas pocket as a sorry but. Have thought about that a little bit of just maybe you bust that out once in awhile I'd be willing to try at this point I'd be willing to you know I mean. At the beginning of the season we talked on the podcast you about just. The strength of the steam as the depth at running back and we've seen it in practice we've seen two back sets that we're seeing games to hit the ball on this guy's hand snapped. You know get get both Ambac that they don't know I mean frankly. Right now that's that's Columbia a better weapon I think and kind past champion this one's from Spencer on Twitter my question is how we were all so far off on our assessment of this team pre season. About did we buy the hype up Sammy it's good efforts on it and I think the coaches believed it so. That's. It was fell into the trap trap it's a track. That's what happened to pass him to answer your question we can pinpoint different things in Hampshire and maybe we hear on social media after the podcast. But people will all have their differing thoughts of how it got to this point maybe don't agree my thought on the recruits maybe argued and she's on the coaching there. You think it's this or that that's fine I mean I think we all have our own interpretations of what's going on and under trying to explain something you don't understand. It they got washed in six weeks and two they lost to England for the year and Xavier Crawford is out. As they had done better be ready engineer Brian. Couple young guys. They can duet that David Morris. David Morse has been the best part of their season. I mean it's in the water. Yes Charlotte. For all the good dollars I'm not gonna play you this I guess you like your high school. When my school sitting there not being very good John Park grows but. All right anymore are we done now I think when a good question we'll bring up it's it's too involved in a beat it and the next week but I holed that would try to remember that once. Yeah and will do that next in and do a quick them at thank you 'cause I finally I hope Brandon. And I mean it was a game gene is Colin magnetic unit I was down at the N double team and I heard from. Four or five of the guys that came up to me before the game just to say hey you really into the podcasts abandoned getting people they elect podcast I thank you. So much sound that really meant a lot it was also related to me guys to face with the neighmond. Endesa high. It does mean a lot thank you a prime PD ceemea at a game a B two washing game don't be afraid to come up and say hi. He likes beards and I'll probably be path drunk admittedly but does still stop by say hi. Hi Angie and I really enjoy doing this a thank you so much for listens all right let me get this phone call real quick. Right now we're really excited to bring on the oregonians Gina my Zell host of her own podcast as well for organs they would do any marine in beaver banner podcasts or live dot com on Twitter at Jean in my Zell. How you doing Gina thanks for joining us. I'm younger is another busy week in the in the football world and yeah you know ready for pac twelve play and and it should be it interestingly again that Goldman was fatally. Well and there's a lot to look forward to or just wonder about I think with Oregon State both DBs out against a passing team in this one I just kinda wanna get your general spot on the expectation of fans and maybe even the team verses. Where they're at right now is a program. Yeah and the unit that pretty shocking to be on the edges and the like I'm in the camp I'd we would be a lot more progress. Early on in the scene and a lot like sort of like I was drinking the Kool Aid and I got duke and well that's what. And an outside the program now this is gone. About it about music out at least and even I get secret than work that or at the Portland State. Portland in Canada everything they could hit it back in there at the end of what their kicking game. Yeah nine MI and frustrated and then players and coaches are frustrated at CNET struggled. And really all figured I am not mentally be rapidly that some special teams unit knew it well. Now it's been pretty been pretty shocking and now they entered that gauntlet. The start pact while it where it got that implement its week and then you've got you that you at the Colorado and now. Any pretty dot will see this or eighteen and able. I'm now that the patent kind of it turned over to a pac twelve. Hit a safety net actually wouldn't let you jump in here to ADM question because it just kind of tie in nicely so bill Matthews on Twitter says. How do you think Gary Anderson explains being so wrong about this team and you what did he see Libyan spring and fall that led him to feel so confident and to have him still saying that things could flip. Yeah yeah and I think it's just a situation where I think we also have bought in here that the Crocker at that had been made at the end of Lackey that would finishing the year with. Two consecutive victory it was nice kind of look back on the patent the OK yep that was due straight win by. Back to this point so yeah. And I think that. You know I think or when you look at the opposite side of the ball obviously it leaves. Made a concerted effort to just throw the ball more downfield it's. Yeah maybe some of the passing numbers are compared to last year but now they're running this year but on the other you want to compliment the other now. And a lot of open about Bryan Ollie getting seven air unit and that brought and it's really not being inning and then. On Eddie and that side again and it seemed out of work to do it China to rush the passer and stop their run those are definitely few areas that concern and that's sealed in an issue that it seemed not recorded at that appeared at pull out a lot scratching our kids every scene that played so far but the secondary silently up the car after the evening attracted to Putin that mr. Al from last year so and yet it's hidden in and it's interesting now I think everybody kind of misjudged that and keep the coaches in practice after practice that he thought the players and and again we can only a lot about twenty minutes so we don't see everything by. You know that they're saying that Geithner. Doing pretty well in practice that the energy level and it's fairly high and that they're not not able to get done on Saturdays in particular and I will get done that apple and a really interesting. Nugget so far and will be a battle that make some cracks and sharing pact while clip that announced that in the struggling pretty much at all they are very. College you know a lot on on our part to ask as we you know we just. Always like talking about Oregon State the program is that is. Some of it is just theorizing and beyond ideas of the coaches and maybe what Jerry Anderson is thinking about the program in and where they're going to be echoing Ford but. I I you at a pretty eye opening quote you tweeted from his post game presser. Holler maven a Monday press I can't remember at this point but you had a tweak something a factor here Anderson says. It's on the coaches in the coaches are on me because I am on the one and hired gunman. I'm just curious if you think I'm reading too much into that quote. Because I think I quote tweed it was something and the effect of this puts them on the scorching hot seat based on just how you read that. In my reading too much in or do you think it at this point given out or they looked in all three of their games despite a win. That may be something we didn't expect happened could possibly happen with the coaching staff. Yeah I mean I think that remains to be seen obviously you know no action on the door the meeker like not an. Area. And up like game by. I think more than anything it just that whatever the scene there and perform on Gary Anderson skirt but the continent not on the it did not mean site including an honor to. Implement that kind of an extension. That diet but certainly. You know he he is clearly put public pressure on the coach to figure out I don't think the stretch to say that you know they're trying collected just happened I've actually about that there in practice this week about in the distance. Anything different outlets structured you'd feel it for having unity and the coordinator that lack of pressure every weekend and you know Jerry Anderson. You know use all accounts and I. You know eating. It on the line coach so. At a high yet I'm getting fired and older you can lobster thing happened in art scene a couple of ethnic expiring crop called out. Never say never but that's another thing important elements are a member with this view is that. You've got an all that with Jerry Anderson for a long time when he got Kevin Clinton even mention today and now. Jerry and the nineties that again I think acted and for that you're capping it at the same way you talk to each you know guys like you know it Jack and equipment that was caught in Utah State they'll. Again sometime coaches had to go to up to make a decision by. Neither neither I think Jerry Anderson basically hand picked to be within and so an and I I don't know anything drastic that going to happen. That principle in the event nothing nothing in you know gone wrong. Glades acting more than anything they're definitely not the public pressure on the coach to figure out and get that now and again and number two in college so great even though it seemed apt. So it Gina I know you're down there every single day and the past few weeks our writer Amy shorts has said that the vibe and practice has been maybe a little down every so often. This week she said those things are looking you know the guys seem to be a little more upbeat if he knows the same thing. Yeah I would agree with that it is adjusting its because. Again it's up to gauge exactly what the act like because he's so little by. You know again that's something echoed in the talked about but. Haven't been displeased with the effort in practice sir it's not one of those things it's Jerry Anderson pretty candid about but that nicotine is not you know optic but it's standard did not break it is something that I'd been. A common theme throughout the either Michael got you got acting art or not start back up and that sort of thing but what they haven't given it mentioned yesterday is that during their eleven on eleven got that. That echoed the need to stop letting fundamental airs July because generally when you're not portion of practice court in Kenya working on the debate game planet or Iran against that opponent for the upcoming week by. If government floppy in a certain player is that it doesn't do something correctly like you can't get you know they're there you know kind of don't get their app partly like we need to focus on that because in the given mentioned that to the difference between. Problematic errors and and physical tired like you called a guy. Dropped a passer. On a blocker or something like that but those that things that are popping up in games are popping up on film and that made it can't happen anymore. What that is is that renewed look at weather dot decade. You know that the different type of energy level I'm not sure that he sharper by. That was definitely something on the offensive. Or that they weren't noting that week during practice. Well going into was due I'd you know they got a 101 pass is 87 runs in and I know a lot of that is like they're behind they're trying to come back late. Accent or have you been surprised. By the way their offenses looked this season three games in because we are today the ground assault comments and Dahlia Gary and it's losing 6040. But it feels like the in more than willing to pass this season you surprised there willingness in that in that regard. Yeah I have. Actually and that's something that that Danny wrote about that you were right yesterday. The paper today it's that seem out on electorates rushing attack which we thought the running back. Group was going to be the strength of the team this year and I didn't ask questions obviously about the opposite I'm going to see you then I think and one short of the tribal. Iran in the book Bob died. Yeah you look at them any gains and they are not her down in a lot of situations and in liquid and pretty inconsistent and they and I know that states. Want you draw the pop battered outfield side in labor and around game either so. Yeah back in earlier in Spain and again and that it touches and that gaming at minute that I believe arcane it's geared to actually started the game they were trying to establish more perimeter. Run game and he only eight years I believe so but but when you're on eighteen played mobile apps are there are. Getting an area that you're playing from behind and that played into it as well now yeah they definitely not. Gotten any closer at 1640. It is 40% and maybe at Portland is and they were close that out and they obviously want so you think actor playing from behind being one of them and trying to establish that all vertical passing game that matter but at this scene giving getting and went from their bread water and and that. You know another trying to keep Ryan I'll help you know return to keep. The manuals possible and there are rotate those guys in marriage aren't the rest of the running backs. So far and I've been bread and butter the offense but I think a lot of that's expected particularly after it was a successful season. During fall camp and you use spoke with the it's not so you know what into contributing that to. I would do that cigarettes are. Like tearing into line with one. Well yeah yeah and how about a great question and I'm I think you start with you know some of those. Junior college guys that have come and even Lockheed and someone Micah in a pipe that that they you know it's gotten. Pretty gators use so far as the starting defense that and I mean I remembered I'd like Napoleon when I first talked to Jack K about him that he was going to start from day one not obviously not transpired. You know just surround. What we've seen birdman so far and it's even an a couple of games and then you know elevated of course it's it's pretty well documented he came in its. Fairly cheaply and had to let you connect your conditioning work. I'm outside as you know before practice before getting into the normal well practiced and then. Tied at Sally has been hurt them they're kind of been a multitude of issues but obviously and into the groups that. Does not get into Google it into thirty that that did not go well and then you know he'll struggle Opteron and and I think. It's been an accommodation at a lot of things and of course. Yeah mystery man Greg Evans exactly he hasn't been there yet has been had been predicting a lot on the either able become academically eligible. Term began here and in a few days but. I'm I don't think you can actually count on him at the plant but like I felt like a situation like I believe I actually see him on the field. And yes exactly it's been a lot of stuff and it's. And that it is anger particularly how developed an ending you might reveal that speak to that more more than I could but I'm not that's according method I don't know about the I'm not. Developing and being an hour talking about this earlier today is that not just that the front line but I. Several good Christian groups where. You know guys that you thought would come in and contribute maybe haven't developed in the way that we expected and there are certainly exceptions that you know David Boris tonight they I didn't make the perfect example would not have been ready to go right away it's true freshman by. There are other examples of guys used to you know not developed you're not a great play I think when it's the coaching staff may be expected them to come and help break. Yeah Morse has been studying these convert the tackles the Sherwood he's out. At 7 PM London yeah Augusta. And that helps a lot. In leggy I think you you have an existing. Tie right now as it is a beat writer because you've seen kind of a different mix of emotion with the program right. You get the turn around DC last year where they win their last two and people feel good the way they ended their season. Where are earth where readers hat just in comments when you interact with them whether that social media you'd be stopping you tock to a government a game. Where do you think stands or Aaron no tigers earlier of apathetic. Excitement and anger I where would you weird circles Emmerich. Now. People are anger too. It's amazing how quickly a band aid and it's not the art and I. Hear that. How quickly things can turn where things and that things are terrible and and then to be fired. In the caller it in the order or start to notice that. And I think people are pretty shell shocked by all that he initially and then. App government lacked happens. And it it just yet people are people call coordinator fired on prepare Anderson that he fired and obviously it think that they're a little extreme at least at that point in the season. And I understand the frustration in Iowa has been thinking that the team would make. Crocker again and here I think that I think from about 66 and a kind of take that. Next that they have not. Here happening at least at this point now. Most people an egg drop. Yeah the entire fan base based on between her and our comment section on our live it's not always the most. Currently in Niger in Q can be kind of on the extreme side that. I don't see anybody that's happy right now in my mentions or dare comment sections so. It it's not a happy time in our statement apparently. Once you aggregate some of the same type. That feedback but people are not for it. Can I act and I pay you a compliment before askew. One more question can I just data compliment of a couple times with you on the pie you've said some things that normally I think of I said it. Or Andy's editor anybody else added it would selling every bad thing but the way you say in answer your insects like a happy new you don't allow. Bad play or the play of some individuals to like change the way you talk about to be like I quite admire that I'm not kidding. I don't think you actress. It helped but I'm not an or. Not. Yeah. It might not cover the you know edit my god here though in the Atlanta well you explain why they're playing well and when they're playing poorly to explain why their playing poorly you know. You know commiserate because. And not legal now I am an Arizona fatal bomb go back. Back in you know like in November 2 to beat you like one in nineteen going against each other up but I'm but I'm wondering about. I'd packed all blanked out and I. You kind of got to. And yeah the coaching cliche ailing state court yeah yeah ever lithium and trying to figure out toward that what's going on and like in Iran and then collect. Let people you know help you tell stories. Citing the Arizona State game leads me to to ask this question then the next five games you mentioned him earlier of Washington State Washington USC Colorado and Stanford. If you're if you're if you're injured got what your gut say in in terms of how they're gonna fare in this based on what we've seen. I mean do you see them beating I mean like how are tired you know exactly it's not all bad read and I mean I don't eat there now. I ended victim college football and things can change quickly and thinking get Cadillac. I guess I don't see him being any of those themes when I was that they get the more that you and I thought that was a pastor acting you think maybe maybe they can get that Colorado and down depending on. How they look after them he glared but it's still a pretty good and I even wondered even before all happen in the Mercury game that you get through that stretch and. Even now and November it a bit more manageable like you felt physically emotionally mentally drained by that story. How can you get their laps you gain. Yeah now it. And they need to be like Debbie downer but I feel like a lot of people are fairly realistic about the team but I think that's going to be a really tough stretch unless the team makes a lot of dramatic improvement. They're very quickly. All right one more for you to letting we've covered most of the ground like I said you can judge Gino organ live dot com. Our podcast at Danny Moran as well and onto a tragic demise now. I you're an issue alive you said that you've you've kind of root for the old son doubles to do well do you want Chip Kelly in Tempe. I've heard bad that's crazy. I would be polite and injured being. To do that but I again I did not covered so I'm panning out the Oregonian. I only know from stories that I've heard from other people died. I mean I guess all I've heard that he didn't really like the college studying at our recruiting indentured on all the actress that you got to do it. He liked it right I met this. He's got a job and it and it that. Yeah I mean I was dating back. I would be I would bet that. Sign up for that to you what would happen because again aren't oxidized iron on the data like this quote sleeping giant that it that it sleeping giant remind our lights believe it. Like go under here in 96. About the longtime owner buying yeah. Yes man you like my efforts like favorite athletes and actually you know yet eulogy at the Boller. You're gonna use your personal brush and headed to talk to. Where it now it yeah. I mean like that. Climbing up for that really the entertainment value and it's not work and again I know there a lot of angry people in Phoenix or out so like on my Twitter. Economic doesn't mean you know other people work related oil get my personal life like at the college it back out and blackjack and still be happy about it. Kinda thing going on because of that dispute that negativity it's. I don't like it you generally don't look the Gadgetell me out yet fascinating. Development that are happening and be in. Well keep it up I know everybody appreciates a good attitude and I thank you so much for joining us you can Jack text gene is working organ live dot com on Twitter at Jean in my Zell. Doing a fantastic job on the beat for four. Or enliven the Oregon Ian. Tom thank you so much it's good to have both worlds collide in a year and Danny do a good job on the podcast so it's good to get you on arcing get some perspective and we'll see how this thing's gonna shake out. Because I think you're right everybody's angry so will will find out. What's gonna happen. In the next handful of weeks. Eric thanks guys appreciate it added me on every guy a good step Gina my Zell organ live dot com that gene in my Zell on Twitter. All right we'll be back next week whether another edition of the dam podcast and see how organ state does. Against the cougars we'll talk next week on the damp podcasts.