Craig Robinson 6-16-17

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, June 16th

Comedian Craig Robinson, from The Office, Pineapple Express, Hot Tub Time Machine & more, joins the show!


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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence has presented by less Schwab tire is doing the right things since 1952. Were pretty excited we got a guest in studio. Craig Robinson he's giving it helium comedy. If tonight and driven on a weekend at. I just don't even know. What to introduce you with because you've been in so many great projects and it is losing teachers agree to just letting you and a well. Hey eat peaches and cream. Which isn't cleaned. Pitches and could. And. There you go there we go Greg gonna be a musical performance endovascular. Well. I said man hey how ya know I regretted grand. Mastic yeah he's on on you know I got to start with a right. The office is most recognize that all our kids off the holiest site. How does it says this but on the office. And you know hot tub time machine is close and and but the offices as is I think it's too pretty the office. I would say Pineapple Express too is a pretty good yeah beats being in organ Pineapple Express has definitely is certain sentiment we appreciate. Brigadier hazel under invoices credit for all there is crazy Joseph minded you did you. Almost messed him up there is for a temporary result I didn't know you were you on the Mike and Joseph Maher baton out and on the window blue dog a day tell me I'm number one with the middle finger during my updates all the time so it's all right. Domi favorite Jeff yes some parents are right for. A yes yes trying to express where it would organ I guess it's it's pretty big time here I. I have heard a long life but you know what interest in the lead enough. Australia Eden. Winter in December to five places. Hum including Adelaide Brisbane Melbourne hurts and was too little and Cindy Lou and everybody. Won't notice me from Brooklyn and a solid really nice and yeah Burleigh look LaMont. Blue LaMont Brooklyn that nine's big in Australia Brooklyn man man boomer mine we have people texting and it'd eastbound and down for them to mind blown. A Brooklyn. He's gonna down yes he's on Dell's pretty good I'm getting Osama outtakes and he's done he's an idea that. Did it didn't attack at a loss at the that they mend saying that then Will Ferrell man. Commerce. You also have a new show coming out this fall right on fox a disarmed by trailer for UC dosage right when Adam Scott now. Oh no concern as an Anderson. No kidding yeah I'm gonna go to. Get this for you what do gaga and I. The trailer ties throughout scenario god you it is yeah yeah yeah. There's yes Gholston Arafat's sweet spot it's. After the Simpson before a Family Guy personally so yes and he may starting October 1 witnessed Adam Scott. It's is this finding is as you know is silly is is is but just like it's a nice you know. Series is like gets them to do with the paranormal owns this them it's a mix of things going up it was very cool way to comic came out. There and I'm excited about it. Well what's what do you do lawyer in Harlem we always like does comedians that I was street Louis or go to las outside a night because I know everybody likes going in ninety when they're here is there anything that's on the docket of things he got a seafood you gotta eat and in my path. I actually. I've referred to as the story of pro links but from. On us and crowing sound Nike store vs pro wings or are you kidding me enough and you're gonna draw. Winning album although I am O over my head out yeah big joke you know I really don't know they really know what's your legs aren't the start over OK now I. I think it does a pro leagues is now always like did sobered seeing Jim's shoes like oh okay Gibson came up on the from from. Taylor grocery store something you know. Arm so you don't like throwing store and you guys is tricks and onto hard. Yeah. Not had the retort to lose your regular Joes like us think it was. Yeah half. Okay yeah it's a reaction would give me don't aren't that into it yeah I liked it sound like to go make you start let's go to the growing storm. Does that hasn't red wings have yeah. Anyway analyst colleagues now. Not. It's about last night in that went to. Can we did show had done you some time great great you know you is their first show Thursday night sold out you know you go able came out they were playing have a fun it was Alston. Left there are only too well we go to our. The good slick you're good ultimately went to the governor of flip had a beautiful time yes funny smell the basement yeah look Chris Martinez of looking look at it and then yeah it looked worn this proposal weird gave me in the end win over some good slip let sue we'll go to. The double diamond blue diamond no cannot I was in houses don't want only the band a good fools really good Amanda. The blue dog was even hear him play a function cameras so yeah that was our some. Was costs and their friends just friends and in. And then we're gonna go to won't go. Yeah. Larry there dirty guy like you go Hollywood's dirty and we're we're we're we're we were minor details like you know this is gives them easily we will what will go and talk. With the port as far as good for the city's grip over the warm clothes a Mikey taught in the background. It's that is so there we went and got a full awful you know. From alumnus. Food truck. Yeah. We're. Yeah it's sizes. Lot of these candidates not held and remember the name of said who drives everybody does village don't. I don't remember over the next okay but these guys are some of him he was his very efficient else we got Greg Robinson and an awful was delicious he's got shows that helium comedy dealing without winning dot com is where you can find tickets go check him out colossal man less than we got almost Paulson superhero would be pretty bad a superhero. Is currently have an awful law schools save people's lives make it a better yeah and doing all well. This is assuming as a burger blue whalers calories so you you're pretty big in the music as you did your intro singing peaches and cream. You used to teach though right how did you get your intro into acting and comedy but what was your start into that. A one to beat box competition. And I scoot and beginning college has to be taken off so there. I started taking this seriously in the at. I went to this contest and I didn't. But those Bebo cost contests. To do was. They have to open Mike first. And soul. Com and going up on open Mike and I do my beat UN lobby box yeah yeah I mean to him and his little moment. Yeah it's. It's. It's. To get leaked to. It's wide deliver wanna be broadcast and a test. Tom I could instant. I want premium it was like OK no I cannot be Bosnia get the horn against the number do you wanna hit everybody's gun. It's soon get even get admitted that he acts. Yeah. Double blood. But. That wasn't as you can within nine ball. Great round it's across the board here if we go about movie three and enjoy what did you Malaysia you sports fan. Yes yes I was I would have we had to fired Joseph and as far as that's cool is this a creepy vibe in there okay Angela Pena. I don't know if they hear me yelling into near yeah I Joba has gone on yeah they don't fire Joseph Georgia and no don't do that quote we do that. C'mon. Who is this interview is gone viral with some something man I'm dumb down around him really doing good I do is is voicing. Age. An animated food an easy job. Well if your celery yes but if you're. Grids they're somewhere they're goes to detect it depends on the the food you're voicing yes exactly because together. For grits I had to I had to you know I'd have become agree I did like cute and too. Agreed he agreed for a few days it's not easy fit in a box you know sand. And fast and it'll 170 inch TV get nabbed box in right now India and be a great. To someone it's not easy do you know. How delicious critz are there you know and if I do I was just in New Orleans last week him no Lindsay is call will reveal an optimist our favorite actor Ed bash are part of their YouTube. You'll want to be the best part of your mission and I was at a buddy of mine I'm in the wedding a policy that is international parties the last three weeks Tahoe in Norman's. Best of parties you know it's a thing bestseller parties. More women that's wanting to unfairness of marriages will only have way more fun at their best bass rep party. Don't we can have a best buy because they they bring a right people you know neglect at that can come you know they bring Gibbs put his hands and cups and straws you know. The massive parties always some bull somebody. Wore shorts and a whole group can get a strip club is always something gonna. Why don't. I think you have you checked out pictures on his phone. I think that we we had in mind and we had a good time we are also some printed pages and pouring out who would you go to penthouse Nelly tonight and pentagon are gonna called a name out in one of the pictures he has machetes after we get off involves his body with a dollar bill between his butt cheeks and a stripper grabbing it with a mouse. So they they Dave did some things here or has your phone throw it all of us an idea of the commercial Mars dirt and so I'll show you some of the action on the commercial break. It was fun though you elect New Orleans and some of the phones to get a closer idea Yale. I loved alumnus and other players like. The few movies there oh if we had a friend you millionaire and I I had just come from like doing ethics rules Omaha Tubbs. And and the any and every year to tallying you know like who wants to also mention and people like you know using rays ahead whether this particular reason a season. They say it onto the New Orleans physicals were different or your. And I'll say I'll do it in our tunnels and to some push back. But it was like OK Craig you've got you go four and I'd like a lot. The USR and threw a bomb found union 150 people can't tell you guys don't urban street every night did you get off suburban we did we will need to know don't we don't Mercer it's a lot dwindling a Frenchman and an encouragement and came up through Berman. But yeah it was. I'll bullet how many hurricanes and and those hand grenade drinks baggage is it goes down quiz so much fun Americans is how many people were at seven feet. Almighty god unseen in one house. And I got every via some are being be like three blocks off suburban street are my guide them how much fun with you you would shows it was so I bet you drank from. It was yeah this decision complaints or else would sell at the illicit well look he got back Sunday it's Friday he's still slow play did still take on sells drugs knows that I don't like discuss slow it does particularly. Those listeners and the validated data bases Bailey's right now I can blame onto camera right now. Now where the ugly show in the stories we're the only radio show that doesn't get to be on TV Jess and they're like yeah. That's a bit just watches us all day staring match a year on the cameras that are managed just because you want to say what he definitely gives off a vibe it's I we Craig Robinson in studio he's going to be helium comedy real quick force Craig what's what can people expect from Craig Robinson what we know you in the project due on TV and in movies vs what she's doing stand up. See. Let me see can you. Expect this Gabi music that I know there's music. Whose music. Concerns. It's notable kicked him like three minutes ago and certainly Portland's got two good ones to him. And it is. Is. Take death that it is. Pay here how about this or get. Do TO horn queued up to argue the lord like the little guy in coming into. Here here's here's a joke you can expect Coca. Why. Did the man. Get fired. From the orange juice factory. I don't know why Craig. He couldn't concentrate. And that's the months and nine hole. Greg Robb is he's amid helium comedy club go check him out. He's got a few I don't know let's joke with some of late has tickets available young comedy dot com over and it is on Twitter at mr. Craig Robinson Craig dates are jumping and it's man Mount Pleasant thank you for having me thank you Portland. Well. No doubt it going to do did you go home and if you just say they're like Google probe a gold bulls logo Portland known odd I can discount. Brave my FICO. All right now. Flow of the buzz is that one there I'm sorry. Well we appreciate the ever Greg Robinson Healy does Texas go check it out mr. Craig Robinson blog Twitter will be back with more on 1082 for tomorrow.