Cory Hall -- Oregon State Interim Head Football Coach

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Wednesday, October 11th

Cory joins the guys to talk about the transition from Gary Andersen to Cory Hall. 


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Well this guy played all week. With the Bengals I believe I think he was the defense of back in the NFL I'm not mistaken and look at this nice in the captain share a do you believe we do have W beavers coach. On an interim basis is set Korey Hall Corey hello. I had a regular. Or did pretty. Hillary ulyetza. He could she displayed. And Florida are. I'm fine now I'm really well actually. Just. There are getting everybody ready yeah oh yeah. Yeah you gotta play the game I guess did you did you see this common. Absolutely not. You know so you know I thought it got it took everybody by surprise you know you surprises everyone else. So what when did you find out and end what happened in the howdy. You know what did you know that did Gary addressed the team just walk us through kind of what it's been like. And you know what Monday. At hindered occurred so. Monday morning. Eagerly went to meet its staff. He came in uniform this is the collaborative decision. An outcome on decision. Men. You know of course goes to the but it you know leaping into. But part of this game so on and I understood understood and I understand it is that Richard peaks so. You know here's art scene. News great road team is very emotional. But obviously. Everyone here holes. Coaching entirely gone so I would open. That was easy to hear. Again you know not everybody can communicate well all period point on. Now so you know I don't play that down and go play the next play solid and that's my mentality that that the everybody's mentality that played it ain't so they really haven't had time really think about their word. That opportunity was presented it to me. I accept it. And I accepted to just move onward and bounce forward and that is represented children were present. Coach Anderson represent the brand represented you know Gabon. And Greg so. I'd just distorted dormant Arab. So when did you find out that you were going to be the coach in N who informed you that you're gonna be the coach release offered you the job. Armed Scott Barnes. Some news out here I spoke with him most Saturday night. I'm late Sunday night and the he presented with the opportunity and I. And and an understated if you can answer this. But you know there there have been reports of maybe turmoil amongst the coaching staff we've seen. How's text messages that have been released that kind of and I don't allude to it Dave don't painted the best pitcher inside the locker room months cushions thousand. Then a position coach now one of the coordinators. Ends up with the job. You know is. How is the the morale right now or guess the camaraderie beat between the coaches and is that some in the US to do to try to find a way to demand this and and bring it together assisting doesn't crack. Well I mean look the way. And ends and chemistry issues you know the way and faced with questions Obama to be very honest with. On the coast I coached my position and and and tapped television. To that so. There's a very important step they have been I don't either. Eric. Now just being here you know. And being around these guys everyone has been great. To this point. Ground. I can't see say then I outwardly no. Anything in common and what happens for anybody here and start of the great we had a meeting. Aren't. Our Caremark. What what my beliefs are. Bill that would no questions because I believe everybody's sure the same belief system. And we've moved we've Obama would move forward now everybody's. He worked well together you know and most importantly vicious script I mean look at the got a collectively for the Asia and then. For these players so. Whatever whatever was done or whatever it's you know in the past. I mean. Because. That the. Wouldn't do it me. I have got to do it but it has met in Indonesia are two positions previously chip out. Because that was not my focus that was not market earned my concern hurt the cornerbacks. And now let me that you from the accident. You know an entire team so I mean everyone's been great the players have been great. The coaches have been her personal they've been great. So I'm. I'm not really I'll market there about that but I honestly. This is Korey Hall he is the interim coach of the beavers scary Anderson out so that coaches meeting. What was that like what was what was the tone of the coaches meeting. But the animated almost known your friendships and their critics you know look at here. So laden. I mean that's gotta be hard to do you know our our aren't heard whose amid slower Burroughs and compliment or just you know totally like that would in the workspace start the one who gave me. My first proper shot. I'd collegiate football you know you'd lose terms. It is he. You know put them you know transit in this you know it was never easy as a player. Oh I would expect it to be any easier now being. Being in the profession of being a coach. So. The year you mentioned that you know to be in a position coaching a television won't you you can't have television anymore you know are responsible for. The entire program I mean what kind of adjustment is this for new going from worried about. You know six guys on the team to now warn about the you know 85 guys on scholarship. Not just making sure everybody is taking care you know aren't barriers that are mostly stable everybody's. Ready to go and play a game on Saturday. The focus on. Compete and win against Colorado home. You know energize that scene. In. Maegashira leisure and you know that you know these confused coaches here. Most importantly. Two that you know telemann mrs. For the players by the player. You must filter that now into marker at the height of the you know and it was just to step back into the college and you know transform the lives of non. Non athletes so that that then. You know Marleau and and that's what they expectation that the chancellor the assistant coaches is to to do what coaches do. You know take these players where they can't take themselves. Put them in positions to be successful. And brown that in the focus and you know that's the environment around here just to continue out. The plan their coach Anderson had. And continue to build and can he get better. Every day. Both snitching spike here in. As as the DBs coach the defensive guy the offense is where help is most needed Gary obvious he wasn't happy with how that was going. How hands on will you be now transitioning into his share with the offense or will he just let the offensive coaches do what they do. Well I could be Gartner bird I'm wonderful professional coaches in other professional and America look themselves in the manner. So. That they did before you know I don't have. I don't have a need to calm right now at this moment in time on it. Make him any any changes or micromanage you need to be you know Oklahoma professional you know people who I have respect or better. You know coast in this sport or a lot of here. Are. My first ever meeting word simple when it was direct. What awaited. And I mean everybody that's what we play which way to land and that's Pollock and ask for you know right now at this time so I would not be interfering. At all. To this point. Who have Topeka. How are you handling the recruiting class. Process they have their own it's what they're not a player mode. You're committed here. Org great football and orchestrate a quote committed to you'd. And mountain you know a lot of relationships. That have been developed you know between myself. And players and coaches on the staff and players and some. The biggest thing is. Palestinian receipt. I mean you don't stop what you do could you. There are inaccessible. About a I don't quit right some are gone now move on. Then moved toward him in established in this brand and building this program. So on the recruiting process. I mean it hasn't stopped he's got to reach out to those guys and let them notably he's okay. I mean we still got six weeks left ago. And which focus on this week you know we're we're proud as we can say that you Gartner reported abuse apparently and politically you're more. Is ISIS' a job that your interest in and and and having full time. To get out what you're saying that this is that not that I would not want me that's always DeMarco goes. To be. Their coach at the collegiate level and you know amount I have an opportunity. To release. It I have an opportunity release. Put it put put the portal a winning effort you know on the an impression. Tour you know people across country. Initially and again. I'd I haven't thought about it this is actually probably the first on the dog answered that question. Because mark my thought process hasn't even been to that point Marin has actually wanna talk about tunnel vision. Israeli. Just. Focused on this Saturday and Colorado. So I haven't even really pop up that to be honest. Problem thinking about all the different each you know them assignments throughout the day you know now that. But I two. You know I could handle and have to make sure these these players are okay. We'd even touches with Gary Dee Dee Williams Elton. Most definitely welcomed her. Most definitely coaching is he has been a part of major decisions about how to make in my life over the past whether or years. Report and so and we wouldn't stop now. Yeah you see is he OK I mean. It's just it's kind of weird for all of us out here. A lot of this is serious emotional well it means. Because they understand what was it's slower. This team needed it what was first what he thought was very. You know where where are all parties involved which from what I understand that mutual also obviously coach Terry is either to Earth's and hurt Lieberman and so should say you wrote an honest absolutely. Not this is T. It is he is he just is probably you know. I heard is as we are absolutely he's human we all are. And so. Coach Anderson he's going to be fine. East you're very well missed. Now again it's this. It's something that you hear about. Every single season how different is this happening at home here tomorrow. Korey hall's new coach at the beavers they have a home game against Colorado this weekend will we approve a percent any obviously very busy so we appreciate taking the time. Thanks Craig you.