Cory Hall -- Oregon State Head Football Coach

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Wednesday, October 18th
Cory joins the guys during the bye week after the team's close loss to Colorado. 

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Right 348 Oregon State falls to Colorado last week in 3633. But their best effort of the season surprising a lot of folks that don't take this weekend off. And then they will host Stanford one week from tomorrow. Their interim coach Cory hall joins us now here on the fan I wanna. Kind of wanna give you congratulations but I mean united win but congratulations it was a good effort. But I mean that's kind of there's. But you know it. I'll take them. Three shakes. Appreciates that taken notice. And I'm here is really about like a routine metrodome. Employees regard ministers you know one animated who has been played are four quarters after that. And that those progress step in the right direction. Yet the second half to Dana a house of horrors and after everything they've been through. I don't know if anyone knew what to expect him and I certainly didn't and wouldn't have shocked yes. You know if things hadn't gone none had gone very well did you have a sense. Of of how this was gonna go where you like the rest of us who just kinda hoping and praying that that things turned out. Well I'm implementing it on the part of the community it would compete. Com and that energy and the camaraderie and everything that practice was different and who I mean I expect him. And every time you go out compete. You know kind of across from the upon that you expect to win. I think that the effort would be there. And that it put together four quarters solutions now these are talking about situations and down a little I'm intricate details. Know each each quarter each here east and go back to and from Orange you'd cracked it. To make person that close to perfect as you can possibly be and he continued to established in developed an art and it. So on defense we at least had seen signs of a progress are on the opposite side of the ball there hasn't been much. So you know you're not an offensive guy the dolphins did. Change overnight. What was it did that all the sudden this offense that had been dormant for the last two months what was that the Dick clicks and and homes in the Israel with a glut on the ball and in Stewart around a little bit and and really had. Dolphins identity for the first time this year. I think they've played each other and they play a you know. Like people like a football 80% you know eighty content. Mental and tweak it and physical or not because now it's on campus and fiscal our election. Hands down because you know policies and threw out he's he's due this critical aspect W tourney. And he builds about accordingly. It's it's adult collectively coming together and being strong mentally. Does it make great teams great. That is what separates every once so I think that these players that are great job of coming together mentally and being stronger. What everyone's seen it to date so that and then sometimes you know that it takes a certain situation to poke in the way you look them. I make you understand where you are with the situation is and you know that was that was forgotten overdone and the wayward and you know it was a point beauty castle. Or he can stand strong together and ordered him to touch close to. This is Korey Hall the beavers a did you watch here at the height video they put together of your of your rousing post game speech. You know. I picked him up on and they believe that ran out in my house yeah actually that's a about it and I look at it and I promise you that the amount of time that I after that date. I looked at a discount wasn't our night oh what looked to be. At the beginning of the America I think I saw Andre. On it and and I think that it looks like my next appointment to but I have yet to be. It would sit down and actually watch it either or edict to industrial strength shouldn't talk analyst at one of those who mapped each. Does just about right. And so I still had to do watch it but I promise looks like I'll I know what it's Ballmer took to the airport there. Pretty good man I mean it's like it's it's inspiring and and I lebed is is obviously directly from the heart but it's really weird watching yourself like. You know we do radio run TV units and a Q inspiring itself is it possible for you Corey helped the fire of Korea all. Up at. I'm Molly are if I'm Molly is. I don't know inspired a beyond this all cause right. Yeah I heard it but. It's a little appeared. Week to hear. And you mentioned. Humidity I'm sure you've been polled and an a thousand different directions. Better or worse different and just share your first thoughts now on me only been a system for Turkey urged you've been ahead which. Verve for you know two weeks. What is this what is this Bim like the adjustment period for you. Immediate. Believe it's now. Again it's more. Whole. Earned in how you go from one specific position. To an entire team around on a hole and that's the most different and and obviously. That are never. Been allotted. Actually. Sitting in the game plan. It's near misses here and there and so retirement is really on the practice and practical obstacles players that I need to. So that are you know managing and then and being coached. Only your outlook editor at their current archer great assistance around me. This religious nor tomorrow's release these are managed parties come in and make sure they continued Tuesday in case. Ball and interest and impeach him. Kayaker them. Passing a lot of football and I upped its rounded them play you're not cut like Paramount Tomo live elected government now. My lungs. Burned like there are happily cut and run and just like him and and every different level of of this sport imaginable so my thing is just early two time assert still at the moment who are these these young athletes and make sure. That they continued to tablet are ignited and him look like and that there. We'll play. Well good effort against Colorado. Looking good. Enjoyed by a weakest in good luck against Stanford thanks for checking in. Your.