Chris Low Interview 8-21-17

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Monday, August 21st

ESPN College Football reporter Chris Low joined the guys to discuss his impressions of the preseason AP Top 25 poll released earlier today.


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What's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for takes some time out to listen to the podcast of our show brought to buy less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1950 to be discussing college football the AP top 25 poll is released we've got to be fun to bring our friend Chris Lowe ESP in college football writer on Twitter apps see low ESP and get my follow. For all college football news and join his show Chris did you did you partake in watching the clips. I did and I'm actually in Connecticut is that the a yesterday had course shall we did have quite as committed view. If so post it yourself to a test still pretty neat nonetheless. Yes yes it was tots when he five comes out I saw an interesting blurred from you a from you after the top two if I was released. And he said at least one team every year since ode to his started the year ranked in the AP's top ten. Only to finish the year unranked. Who is it this year I thought it was a good question that you asked who would you pinpoint it passed. Into an apple about that Lance and I think probably. Oklahoma might be the the most likely candidate because I think there's a lot of teams in the big twelve pretty close pretty comparable. In the elite speed up on each other Oklahoma State and other team and a cup can. From Matt that he can't stripping of the creek bulking up big action should government first year. Is going to be better than optical think Charlie Strong you know what's great speed limit games straight here but he recruited well I think you leave our government. A pretty nice roster that bit in a year one. The long ones you make some noise you know I think Oklahoma. At seven under going through transition there'll got a lot of faith that we can rally in the fact he's been here helps. You know he's not a brand new increased the program productive quarter epic help record Richard Burke field. Even younger than I hurt your coach or bigger pressure cooker not our football so XP right now. Computer late August and could probably Oklahoma. And it'll Clemson has ended an interesting team to me because they came on the coach's poll they had 71 place votes they were number five in the same thing here in the eight people they come in. And number five but they're there replace a lot of guys have gone the NFL. Most notably dish Tom Watson their quarterback. Are they one of those programs that just read tools and reload every year are you buying them a number five what your thoughts on Clemson at this point in the year. I'm in entity academic exchange you did or not treated at the first inning and the championship at all Latin. That has started an extreme water treatment out though. In an another biker Wear our colors you know there's a lot to golf. They're not quite well. Watch it was terrific it sensational. Out triple. And the last two years even coordinated. But acting when you look at the program what have those millions and later. Trying to recruit his audience where egos in the Georgia war repeat it in line. And that's what people talk about you go back court last looked up eaters fiction and look at. The people great and because of Milosevic at peak it's up Alec is keep reloading and eat. Being pure and good prediction that no drop off. Christian Wilkins come back this year. A barbecue than it took a while majority can't put all. He developed total program. Looted the shot watts per. But I think they absolutely one of those programs like Ohio State like Alabama. Like for a state that year in year out. They're going to be right here in the mixed record the conversation really becomes the schedule your brakes to stay healthy and now probably Casey issue would close and it will be our. Now we're joined by college football writer Chris Lowe Is where you can find his great work on tour at clo ESPN. We were discussing the AP note no real surprises I think from the pac twelve perspectives of four teams that were voted. In the top 25. But tell one of the programs just outside I guess technically they'd be ranked 33 if you count of where the receiving votes were. The organ docs are right out today just behind you trot in from the pac twelve perspective. We using the organ that's will be in there in the final top 25 to the end of the season. Well I think they've got a trainer and I think what I like. That it laughing but for a portrait if you know what will it total field. But look at whatever. You look at the way. That they are getting yen. Living room getting your doors would cared. Especially out on the web coach another point he's gonna become doubted you back he's a good kid that values their program. Is going to helped crack pretty quickly now would it be or would tell backed this first year. What are top forty top 25 team I don't know. I think it probably bored or whether they are you to victory and again Norwegian wicket to add an extra playing games it. Are they alum from neutral PD teams for players. I have to be on the field until order got a great child to an. You know I am every year so far in the playoffs who feels like T error or pun Antilles and experts are bowling to pencil and a team that. May be comes out of nowhere that that's around fifteen to 25 or hell even sometimes unranked that they think can go on one of those runs. And at and make it to the college football playoff this year though feels like though a lot of experts are just go only chalk and and its base in the same form five teams. And everybody's prediction is that that kind of year you're expecting as well or are you see one of these teams that comes in anywhere from fifteen to 25 making a run at that point. Yet he last year I think was watched by fourteen. An increasing important it's probably would better that. And state last for an appreciable think they get people vote. And appreciated Paul and Libya are state it would be continued to go on the road 00. I mean we're all week you're right one at note she now one playoff pick it apart from you imagine. And I can't for the last few weeks spent time USC. Alabama Florida State at Kent State and Ohio. Clinton I think he controlled they're cute it's hard to imagine that at least Doritos. For Bob don't mix well or somebody else that. That technique and all down not been ruled out yet migrated team didn't play you know quarterback I think they're structure of a if essentially going to be cloture what we're used to see in Miami and it's a their glory years you know they get a break a Petri that it can't wait. Create it he title. Appeared that day I mentioned the big twelve a lot of teams that are pretty comparable. I optical can definitely. In the candid kicker you know what I don't know against her wealth he in the other team it's right there on the cut would appear. In Oklahoma State that they may be with Mason Rudolph and watch pre commit back at quarterback receiver combo. It explode from the DP in the country and they play and that defense. Figured when the big twelve in the big culprit. Get back it up to Oklahoma State and other spirit can't compete by the cheers. There are people watch pretty close this year. And I'm Chris Lowe ESPN college football writer joining us now. You mentioned a lot of very interesting things this season kicks off this week in organ state playing against Colorado State I believe you talk kicks it off as well. What is something that's what's the most interesting things from your perspective when you look at college football's a hole. What is the most intriguing part about season two you. Well and I think it's two things well actually what it would be the fact that Alabama reported stayed open. To absolute juggernaut Dirk countered by the country. And in guide early thinkers bill the defending goat like I think it well and it's a good football game it's a man went to quarter. It is achieved to cheer first rematch in the playoff since the playoffs started now. When actually rematch both of them get the well I don't know it would exceed. But if let's say Alabama loses the game and pretty close with legal picture but it should get treated when it should compile. They're gonna be an album by first of reports that eight. You know and and so we have seen it yet where two teams are worried. Have a treat quake can deploy L I think that the king about this season that can count can be triggered Saban. You know we're pretty intertwined crucial coordinator knowledge you know Torrey. So. Or let's say retreat to that pretty intrigue. Obviously you know routine now where. They keep and I'll beat the heat and you'll watch good state likely. You look at the way they're scheduled trip up they get US whole tickets Friday nineteen year. Look fault you start on the guys in. Read a piece that we get and they have a prediction that you have a quarterback. And here crocodile arch action in baker may true ability you know Arnold wrote in. Don't forget about faulty if you really good quarterback. Received an in your pocket and about a week that it might. And as a cougar last year up at he had a big eater and our rule electrical work in Detrick outscored. Record worker Likud beacon to coordinator. I hereby nominate bulky big debt putrid better I think Washington State for entry quit a bit ago. And it shouldn't be beat that this year. Right and I'm glad you brought up that Alabama for a stake income site for and I Simon I think it's like the fourth time or fifth time in college football history and number one has opened with. A pre season top five ranked team hasn't happened in thirty years or so much. Can you foresee two loss team making and it in the console play Evan and I game brings it up because of one of those teams loses close instead they slip up again later in the year. Is it college football playoff committee ready to welcome a two loss team in the playoff. Well that they didn't welcome Penn State last year you know and say I want to pick it came to compete. There there was one kept caged their gratitude state and you know at area. Were clobbered by Michigan and also law can earlier. I think kicking and I think that I think he could walk people getting an election area probably for that happened though. There's got to be able chaos and the options where may be. And then say that the pac twelve and SEC year what everybody repeats of everybody. Here a couple to a lot champions. But I do like the fact that the committee sit there and looked at higher rent. I think and I think they've done. Not just great pocketed beauty. Are not just how they look what they were doing in the treatment but what it either that or treated. Booted feet where they beat him show picture question yes I think its future plot in an addict circumstances and to be just right. They're real good stuff Chris slow ESPN college football writer on Twitter at C lo ESPN and to find is great work. I'm Chris we always recent time things are jumping on and talk it's in college football with us. You've got guys that do.