Chris Haynes 1-23-18

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Tuesday, January 23rd
Former Blazers beat writer now covering the NBA for ESPN, Chris Haynes returns to the show to discuss his recent article on Damian Lillard's recent meeting with Paul Allen, and how it may impact the decisions the team will make before the trade deadline February 8th.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence has presented by less Schwab tire is doing the right thing since 1952. Chris Haines ESPN a teeny Millard in the meeting with Paul Allen he is onto Iraq Krispy gains. Formerly here in the northwest covering the blazers now national with ESPN. Good to have you with us Chris Mann now you're you're killing and on ESP NN. Tom let's let's start with the story that you wrote about Amy Lou that meeting with Paul Allen. Do you know exactly how long this has kind of been festering would dame about frustrations with in the organization. I don't pick liken the true he. Say a little bit has been restaurant. I'd argue forcefully that. He's he's always. Expresses concern. Would little say in stocks. You know they'd pick awkward. Book from your information I got to recently. He just felt like what I was told he's just he just felt like. It was comical which of the top. Being pitted father at least this happened last Thursday actually. And salaam you know I'm couple basically cute dog but. You know that he want to make sure. That. Everybody was seen with a player. Couldn't legacy he's he's heard of before. I'm too good you know prodigy you know I was actually. Mr. Paul olive. A little bored as well as you just you know it's a first. Expressed their voices concerns. And just want to go the plan of attack move forward and let them know that she's she's trying to compete for title. While he has want to respond he turned 28 this summer. So Arctic is just opportunity you know it's click click more of a leadership role there and does that seem what organization hasn't store. If she'd left and Arctic Paulo left to alert it was it was a positive meeting. How should Demi mentioned GM there how shouldn't yellow shape feel about this because we we heard the story a while back in palm was trying to investigate what the problem was as it. The roster is that the talent as a coaching what's the deal and in the article you say that Miller is fully threw his support again behind his head coach. That makes me wonder if he's pointed a finger a little bit Neil O'Shea how should how should the GM feel about this meeting and not being involved in a. I don't know I don't know like. I don't know if it's useful to be able to nearly beating. You know like Saddam. Damon you know they they talk work. Good at this at this point. Being pain felt like he does not need to have conversational tone of the industry where he could you if everybody's plan and agendas. If payroll secretaries. And you have to remember this will go to the first time ever. Had to be with Paul Allen and it is to choose to be in there are hard to believe that poll. That wants maybe Max twice what LaMarcus when he was here. All. I do it is I just feel like. You don't ask you courses I don't know what that means about. You'll be left out of me. I just feel like she Eagles and Eagles and understand where do you stand. But now I just want to know where. Paul Palestinians. And actually he's on the same page and I would be surprised I would be surprised. If Milosevic. Is Paul Allen. Took more handled approachable for our species are people I'll let them be a little bit more enlightened. About what's waddle and soul I'll wouldn't be surprised if he changes course. And try to Rudy helped in the and accelerate this process. He's passing Diana's football team as the playoffs to some maybe he wants to see a winner again Chris Sainz ESPN our guests onto Iraq Krispy pains. You pointed out the roster where currently is that we know about the luxury tax and just how much money they currently have invested in this team. You're also very plugged in with players and how they feel and where the league currently is. What would you say in terms of flexibility. And may be having. The ability to move the roster around enough to put dame in the blazes in title contention is that even feasible within the next year. God help combat. Not beyond this you are. Not the best in you know that predicted that the captain. Understanding god most of the bases and I got try to learn as much much direction here. But it just look at that roster look at that. Three other top five highest paid player that's horribly flawed is Evans or more modest. Two little guys aren't even in the rotation. I just look at that. I would not feet. Happily for even a guy like beyond sort it out and I guess with the garlic young Jordan comes support. You probably have to attack took the approaching for the deal to make things work. Indian not possible with you know I would expect. As late as last night. They're here and that BJ game off the table. Actually your ticket about so poor that the Republican emblem of future. Is that who doesn't details injury or pain idol really picked up who was out there so it took actual question it is. It's going to be really is going to be very difficult to right the ship. It in a time frame so we're. They Mueller won't lose. A cutting years off this article religious schools but. Are acting accused if it there's all of that is. Going to experience. If there you know there's all of a war that took you know get creative. And go outside the war. To go that well known as Paul Allen and so. Arctic. Topic Damian and Paul what. More meetings in the future. And sought because of good paying but our Arctic like thanks oracle. You know what that meant you know point to yes a certain about who is left. You want to see being done right to put the franchise in position to continue titles blocked a morsel. She was just he's put apply pressure. And I picked out a PG justified in doing so. Now I mean you you mentioned the deductible spot this teams in ways not a lot of attractive assets outside a dame CJ may be Dirk inched. Who's who's playing and a contract your self and that it makes us all wonder is trading CJ the rivalry because that's what it will take to get something attractive back that may be. If you if you change the balance of the roster you can win in a higher level. How do you think that would be received by Damian Miller and you just said that he's in the he's not currently available but if they get to that point of wanting to trade CJ. To get something meaningful back cut his Damian Miller responded that. Or although those who build to a vertical I don't I don't know how I want to go. You know you're talking CJ AppleTV was asked about it a couple of dilution that would slash. You know he and his response was very professional like these tremendous business. You know the likes fees or go to prison and same pain knows it is. As far. I don't know how they went public with what the industry is now. Dear what when you're with the situation. Don't know how you respond how you yeah so I don't know that. You know the bears are no more spine as he put all this which in his newsletter about. What you can pot if you just you know this year and one of the wonderful things or the interest either post to be broken up this year. Because dump on me it makes it makes sense when you look at it like if you're going to give us significant player back. Have to give up in the player and I don't be. The organization won't give up payment Lester gets a card reader and in return. Soda I happen and so be the logical. The logical order option is future but right now I'm totals to a Laughlin. I'm gonna put you on the pressure cooker with this one Chris but I'm just kind of curious your two cents. If if you are have to make a bet yes or no would you bet yes or no that the blazers do moves CJ McCollum. At some point in the 2018 year. Our homeland like this IP in order for their home. To get a major player in return a player that's going to. Take them to the next level possibly. They will probably have to policies in not just. Fugitive somebody else so a Notre Dame has the flat dot org or are all huddled in the movement you know. You got that you got a cable somebody. That people want. That people want an expert who analyzed and then. There. I. First up what. Pick your doctor about you which and I appreciate these tropic. I haven't heard anything. In eighteen you know to that nature put. Obviously epic a lot of people feel like she would be that lots. It you know this is kind of clock he started to see ticked with a lot of these are players and franchises when they take over the hump Paul George got a similar point Indiana. And I know he had more success getting to an Eastern Conference finals but he wanted to go somewhere else and have a chance to win and look let's split a hypothetical that they may be armed making some moves but their lateral and their one and 424344. Games every year. That does Damien Miller stick out that the remaining four years of his contract or does he get so worry says you know what I tried now give me out here and I wanna chance to go when. You know what apathy. What would definitely feel look just. I know I know he won't be happy with us. You know what forty games every year that belt in the first round however they can expect look back on what is now so. You know what he's been very loyal guy in that we will Palawan. Yeah you know reassure them that it planned as a due to remain it's probably as. But he also doesn't want has tried to go to waste. Soul. You know optical have to weigh up the week helping last year but it Arctic or what optic what what we gleaned from what after the beating that now. It Apollo. Speaker terms I have a bit delicate would have dialogue war in Africa gained control of the foot over the best player that be won't be on the same page. Now from your own now. There are deceased. And you're stratosphere where they go from here. Our heart our poverty do pick a good thing for the organization or could put force future. How can we have to wait to yup the course. You think you'll be an all star today. I do. Welcome tiger. I'm a little nervous is because they see all these post coming out about NBA writers and some of them are and these mosques their their picks but will sink. Yeah. If you can't if you got it. I'm there gaga sub Chris Haines ESPN MBA writer columnist to find him on tour I Krispy Haynes. Formally hear the northwest of the guy had to go national on us and be a big deal on the on TV and everything but thank you for coming comment we always appreciate the time. The operator got a New York.