Casey Holdahl Interview 10-18-17

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Wednesday, October 18th
Blazer's reporter Casey Holdahl joins the show before the season opener

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence has presented by less Schwab tire is doing the right thing since 1952. Also a tackler blazers their season begins down. In Phoenix and answer it right now down to Phoenix for the show Casey hauled on Twitter antsy hold. As the blazers. Open their 2017. Season against the Phoenix Suns this evening Kasey what's up man are we ready for another season start. I believe so I'm definitely I'm deathly ready move on from pre season so whatever that. Amber could start and the game just it was fun though yeah get it. How how hard is it key detail is by the scenes on something real quake. How hard is life you're you're married guy how hard is life as a beat writer when the NBA season starts and then all the way to events. A couple of things I had a wonderful wife though that that that would make it much easier and two I don't have kids which also makes it a bit easier for you as well but. A card and end. Really fret though once Steve the regular season gets around I've already kind of been working my typical work schedule for at least a week everywhere had a three game trip last well. And I traveled with creepy as well so. They know what. Written and get there were already kind of into our rhythm but is typical you know you met holiday Asia expert page listings like cut and you know I think that we don't have kids. My you know volatile on the other time so that that's not great for her as well so difficult but you know it a couple of good job as well go ye don't need to put it announced that it would. NASA never silent Casey old law antsy hold onto it are also check out the red city report by Cassidy and Joseph Freeman do. You know we've been talking about this team today Casey and it's funny what we've seen a lot of responses on both ends of the spectrum really optimistic. Things clicked Turkish plays welding wing you know close to fifty games or. The other half of sandy can't trust nurture AG's hasn't been healthy crowds gonna what do we think was too tough no way they get there. What what what would you say your feeling is more optimistic or pessimistic going into the season. I mean I I feel like looking at this team I would feel more optimistic going into the season that would lack of it and you know because the markets I think. The hope is that maybe. You figured out completely haven't turner let he's and we were starting that he might be applied this year and being more comfortable this year than it was last year perhaps that equals. Quicker transition for him. And scheduled fairly easy in the early going so I think open well you know if it really kind of put their nose to the grindstone and really make an effort to to bring consistent quality effort early in the season that they can avoid them the course start that at over the last season's so you know I think there is cause for optimism you know. Obviously in the last. They weren't didn't make any of them lose it that promote their opponent in terms top talent that they do views you know additional local lanigan and ends. And that Collins could have some sort of impact this year and to having market help he and and in shape for Croat under the twenty games to meet at injured again all the things come together I think. You know I I think it. It's reasonable to you to be excited about currently is going to even. I mean you don't. The patenting them and other month stay in almost a lot I think right now. Reasons Hewitt took about whether. You know Damon CJ we're not shy of voicing their. 12 or opinions on getting talent here in Portland Melo being a big example. They also did the Paul George staying in and make maybe Paula George would have been a blazer Richard decided to take the best deal available. And set of being a canal you being grudge holding individual. But. How much. I put this how much does that affecting CJ where they they keep trying that they become a keep striking out on getting guys that they specifically want. Well I I but I don't think they love it and it and that you'd think that. You know they're they're going to continue to be you know adamant that they need to act talented team. But I mean I think the collectible or sign for the next what three or four years neither. And kind of options in their contract. I think the that they've seen what other players. Kind of altered elder players are doing of their teams in terms. Kind of trying to to push the team into making changes. And I think that they're going seeking to do that and and I think that you know it viewership is willing to listen to those goes request but I don't think it really. I don't think they're coming into this. Even with a negative feeling like and they didn't do anything to help us. In the he's I know that perhaps the time they did it felt like maybe. More could've been done and to act talented team. I know that they Wyndham. Windy and it's important in trade you know ten men and gamer and I quote and the fact I would trade basically for cash. I know that that that kind of bothered the label but not from what they pick up like it was really critical piece the team more mistake here that. We are not making moves to get players were making moves to kind of short things financially and and you know players. Okay about the finance aren't they they wanna black women and not their job so you know it's not like they're. They were still that they weren't able to get any of any of those pop global power player I think they help with the light. You know going into the defeat him there when healthy was dark rich you know on the team that that they can be a better team last year and the other part to it is. I think they realize it about a bomb them. You know like it did there responsibly played better to put themselves in position to be came to other guys wanna come. Well I mean it didn't take responsibility for that as well you know not just. It's got a deal optical declared they know that they have to you have to. Make it environments. Where players might come here so I mean not settlement so I think they noted you know I can get I think that. That empties into the spring eternal so I'm sure that they that they took out that the that they can be a better team they were last year you'd think there are. Up to the L level of the legal paper. Of the world. MBI is to put about them playing better as volume which I would Casey old all SE hold on Twitter. An injured other suitor for podcast then joined him and Joseph Freeman you know. Well what are the other side bars about this season for me Casey is watching how all that the rookies play and and what kind of impact they had you know we saw us wanting a we all of them in the summer league you look good moments and pre season. Colin stroke one of the summer league in the think he was taking such forward in the pre season. What role what impact do you expect him to have and how long is gonna take them to contribute. Are you are I think that it. I think wanna get an ad that the entire time I think they'll get a commend and contribute right away. You know I think initially it was thought that. Perhaps you might have a chance to sneak into the starting lineup. You know even went on I kind of pulled away from that I think the wind and he'd get start you kind of lose what. You want one in which is that you know we can get its shot. The board and he could be a scorer with the second unit so. I mean I would be present policy in place that can minute early in the season. I think called it a little further up the key is you know you EU from players and coaches that. In illustrate that he made during training camp where were significant and I think there's. Offense that. Where maybe after summer league it was thought that. You know that god might not be ready to go until later on in the teens and I get the sense from again from players and coaches that. They know that that time from a bump up low because act that you know what you bring on the defensive and at that position. It's something that they don't really have all over the so I think that that necessity is going to kind of maybe. Clear the way for him to get them spot minutes earlier than that I what is expected. A couple months ago so I think you're gonna people look at quail thing gonna be missed playing time at least early at least and special college. But I do think they want in the guy who. You know he's he's. And yet body. Plays in India position at kind of stretch or three and I think he's got there there excited about kind of unleashing something he can do is I would expect he'd. You know he's still essentially put quite a bit. We know real quick on this ones. And JC we know dean is CJ can give budgets. Any concern about not having any real shooting threats on the roster or are you not concerned about that. I'm concerned for shirt not in and you. That we got quite a few questions about these about your play like crap. Report cheating them out in some respect let you know like looked into three's game though you know you figure that's probably not that it. Typical replaced by. Google on the short of it is the trailblazers. What an opposite to required to shoot open shot adequately. And they don't have a whole lot of artwork don't Hershey I think that. You know that opens the mou are able to move to continue to achieve the kind of showed improvement each of last year's street 5% I think the hope is that opera can mean it was more than shooter you saw two years ago she last year. Been beaten around the use the circuit and it requires that your I fully expect that happen. And I think open is open while the pack up and shut green little creepy and who's been working on this this report shot you know. Last three years. It would be able you're going to be real reliable a bit more in terms shootings show. You know until they actually what do it I mean out hyping it deftly cut for concern. And obviously you know people. Were worsening day at moral can deduct a spot because of the fact that you a great shooter from rude but you know I think at that point they're just gonna have. Outlook have to deal with it and they'll probably issue putrid or is legitimate app in the past Ricky. I'm great stuff Casey all all four months in rats you'll check out there at city report podcast with him. And Joseph Freeman Casey is greats the blaze is back it's great to have him back on the show have fun tonight down in Phoenix and now hopefully we'll catch up again here soon. There.