Ben Reiter Interview 10-23-17

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, October 23rd
Senior Writer for Sports Illustrated, Ben Reiter joins the guys to discuss the World Series match up of the Astros and Dodgers, 3 years after he wrote a cover story predicting the Astros would win the World Series in 2017.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for takes some time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. All right welcome back to endurance break what you happy Monday here on 1080 the fan in the World Series gets going tomorrow. And we and we thought to be a lot of fun dirt and myself have been following this story for over a year now just because we've been fascinated deceive it would actually happen. And a couple years ago Sports Illustrated ran a cover piece. With a picture of the Astros and it says your 2017. World Series champs and that story was written. By our guest now banned writers Sports Illustrated SI dot com on tour have been writers where you can find him on Twitter. And he joins us then you gotta just give us the back story what what led SI and you to come together to to have such a cover and and a good story. Pollack started with just how horrible actress. Mean this as a work team that he would ever seen leaving and I gained three years in a row. Up zero point zero local EV rating being made fun of by Alex trip back on property. This is as bad as yet support the lower wondering you know what that could go on on down. What the big idea here. So herb the year because it periodically checking and you know you can do this is gonna get. You network team they agreed together some pretty unprecedented access. Relate to their room and there are working. And you know I came away. And Andy exactly what they're doing and believing that they can't have a new ideas and a you know. Take apart franchise and rebuild it from the bottom up using it inaccurate and analytic but traditional outing as well. That follow the story. Didn't think that is going to be Cumberland plan to be a cover any bank. Listen to the cover. Against abuse that access and it mistress and you know the cover particular everybody remembers a lot Scotland that too. It was to where we're gonna happen we are back in the end Ortiz is going to be 2070. That's looking so bad. Not bad at all. How surprised were you with how quick that young talent came up and in just started delivering results completely away from what they had been the previous 45 years. Out of the prize for sure you know backing yen fifteen we're sold re overly conservative. Witness protection when they came out of the gate and winning. The wild card in the wild card game right here I don't think the group prop the bit surprised by the time one bit aren't. Out that college terrorist who took according tune of fifteen came up in art historian big league pitching. You know he accepted view everything through the lessons the probability. And it hung at the time what he did and here they come up and immediately become essentially the sort. In the league would come public and easy. And I'll type outcome. He's certainly not everything most things that go according to how we or how the win but to some of them certainly did. Yeah hours I would Ben reiter SI dot com he's getting ready for the World Series starts tomorrow in LA Houston and the the Dodgers on tour happen writer. I feel like I know the answer your gonna gimme but I have to ask this we a lot of times in Sports Radio. We will be very umpires between two teams but if we give an opinion we cannery in for the opinion you wanna be the right down right. Is there any party that will admit that your your kind of Poland for the cover story in the inductees that she wrote to maybe come to fruition. I didn't visceral style. I haven't been about the opening of this group that I have no control over anything that's happened. Down there on the field. And I considered it actually. Sure they could get bit of a thrill to have now this thing. It appears at a time but I think I'm able to enjoy either Lewis. Absolutely we gotta we gotta match it with two really good baseball teams. I'd just Connie your thoughts are on this on this matchup between these two juggernaut. I think yeah I guess one thing I would say is that I regret. Having not put a single dime on this ridiculous. Hey if you're the guy out might have been rooting or one that it not that I think is a very. Very even match up I'm predicting seven game and among the eight I do all predictions. And the only one speaking the truth. So tentative on my own one again. But look I'm picking because. Precisely because of the nature of game seven of the failed yet you imagine. That. They keep that one game definitely being forward you know the pictures or use that they're seeing. Alex Alex in game seven as it is pretty conservative Egypt possibly. Oh for callers and Charlie Morton get the credit. This but that meant that doubt tackling just really didn't even get up and old and still be risky on full rest. To get it much more of the even mastered certainly and you my colleague and as I believe. Now Ben writer Sports Illustrated SI dot com's redefined is great work and he's on Twitter have been right or he's joining us now. I getting us ready for a World Series matchup that hopefully is a legendary one at that. We know a lot about the Dodgers. You say your taking the Astros one of the only add Sports Illustrated to do that. What is something though that if it's gonna go against you worries you the most with this matchup between LA and Houston. Certainly the bullpen is is that one of the things you really Iraq. And we saw that as a vulnerability. In the Chelsea yet. On the other side that the Dodgers bullpen after uses kind of in a question mark. Not that way anymore and we can and his best closer in the league and one would certainly work to bring this year. Wouldn't let. They've gotten great access to men now in Brandon Morrow that she's in fine. Look teaching groups including loss and they treated for botanical and just flat out better. And put a lot of stress on the Houston's starters include Pete which obviously baked and duke. And they did several times and I'll see. But really what you get into depends that the the situation could favor LA. How do you put into words what we've seen from just in Overland. Unbelievable there probability book or listen also at 99. And count outcome. Sure what I'm Nate. A picture. Could seem to be done a couple of years. It seemed like he had a lot. Woody factories and BP A like only the debt athlete and he did hear that out to work. We have diminishing stuff slightly diminishing and Kate. But the work could have oh weaponry that was left and it was when he was when he tried 2627. Cheat sheet and backed candidate this year as well. Next two to again be looking like the best. Big game pitcher in the league it's remarkable. What do you think the turnaround is for him it is it isn't just new atmosphere new environment excitement or is there anything mechanical different about it what howdy I would you explain that then. And a combination of all the above you know you start looking back toward the last couple months and try to the big reason why he's been pulled the trigger on the trade. Because interpreting better yet I think that you've been. Call in victory dipped by being and it seemed excited as an exciting in the Astro. You can see that we're currently in the club they really look and and people up and the thing that. But you come into an environment in which every single. Thing is in flight in allies and they have certainly seen some things that Barack is mechanic and his approach. Think their bit analytic but he's been able to take advantage. I think it's probably mostly mental there's some technical elements to it as well. Our other two players in the daily line of non pictures that you would say the Dodgers have to have this players step up in Houston has to have this players step up. Can plug in depends on the banning orders. I would say perky in the period of just read a number two again. At least against ready. I think that one hit the integrity of the detail yet that you are doing or you're struggling and present them. Syria won it will you know passed a law. Because something's gone forward. For the doubters you know the court here right here and play in the at all yet he's supposedly going to be back at short. Real world period you've got to sort out. 100% confirmed but when he's healthy he is an MVP level that it nearly. Very well actually with Charlie Culbertson. In the in the ten LC yet. But they really need. See here in there as our third big big weapon aside from the unit Justin Turner and you feel we can could secure. I suggest to confirm did Johnny here on this you had you do have Houston in seven using its on seven. There ago Ben writer Sports Illustrated SI dot com. We brought a Mon not only to break down this match between two really good teams. The dirt myself and following the story he wrote the story that was featured on the cover Sports Illustrated in 2014 with a prediction at. Astros win the 2017 World Series it's a really good piece go read about it it involves a process in which they were taking to get to this point. And a bumble hold we're here in 2017 and then writer may be accurate under percent. With the call of Houston winning at thanks so much for the time been great job on that story really was a Santa as agreed. And got to admit if they end up winning and I'll be okay because that is a that's a hell of a prediction.