Ben Golliver Interview 10-17-17

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Tuesday, October 17th
Ben Golliver of Sports Illustrated joins the show to preview the NBA Opening night and the season ahead

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tire is doing the right things since 1952. Oz and all the excitement of the NFL season college football we talked about today may be playoffs baseball Portland has been somewhat stingy and into Tuesday show. Loss and all that is the start of the NBA season night in tips off. I don't like you say lost in on this well now we're gonna talk about it so it's no longer laws we are shining a light on it and what better person do that with us in our body bend Oliver SI dot com. In a follow on Twitter at then caliber Ben what's up man that was the offseason. All that was good I'm glad he can you are there reduced our real life your priority. Albeit. And a half what they have BACM is it is it's is it cavs have warriors I'll talk DNJ donors are more to it this year. It's going to be you know people complain it ought to keep them all your all that I'd. It kind of ball guys beat predict this cavaliers roster lead you mean LeBron is basically. Build a better he's he's got the ball got a new tradition and started better or should it on then. Traders bet that those guys have been moved to the bench brigade Derek roads where it where. I really big it's going to be bored and etiquette it'll look different if those two teams do you miss it too. We lose a story that the early start recused in Oklahoma City to team that a credible world themselves which won a bold experiment works. Which one dug in etiquette either of those teams will be pushed gold eight what you were here early. Other questions where you've been because I think you an iron lockstep I just think there's way more interesting things about this league other than just crowning two teams that are gonna meet in a finals. And I read the article you posted with rob on the 72 reasons to watch and I really am curious to hear your thought on this so one of them is Kevin Correia taking the crown from LeBron. And I know to rants coming off the NBA news at the finals MVP had incredible performance with LeBron guarding him for most that series. How much of this is basis so crowned taking him being the best player how much is that faced him playing on such a great team whether they're winning the most games. Although Google bag the last five years that big Dick said this would be proud that squared Edgar it hurt not just about it being not bold date. It's in Arabic it unbelievable all around package you've always been a great sport set to go back in the days when Orleans didn't incur. A pre work out. It really made strides eat rapidly is versatility he certainly had more and more important as he goes small complaint or beat him quite a five. It's a completely different look at it really forces other teams didn't bit about it. Much like LeBron did foresee for basically the entire career. I think you know if he acts abroad. You're gonna need elk deer that EE bought produce weapons so far. I don't know I don't know why weren't fourteen years dead yet let it all they did the year he split. Are you good at the Q Bert Berry Cleveland are you a bit odd to be out early would injury brought India do at all. Right now they're broad and wait wait are doc to be older place bulk carrier been brought to be able to beat a lot from abroad. Outlook yet it ain't that old beat beat. He didn't get rid engineer and I figured that people started. It out at me that the one way. The title event Oliver SI dot com give a follow on Twitter app and Oliver and ease NBA season tips off tonight. With a couple a good match and you know we're going into a season as you mentioning him in so many new looks a lot of guys moving around this off season. An out with the guys a ton of awesome story lines what's one out to be 81 team others get a lot of hype that that ten dollars not buying into yet. Eventually settling that they're pretty hard at that are gonna put up all Jorge got beat eBay beat these guys are you read that bit. I wonder how they're going to be at all. Carmelo innuendo and they shot the mean it is job. Wonder if it in a situation where all George. Expecting baby to be treated lakers and beat this French and all that and eat there all the dirty because Westbrook made right. Are any guide. Shot I immediately turned. Early on the Israel and he struggled to do that it can't be at age three I did it decrypt or beat. But again you know Carmelo had a did you get plagued big big bet it courted. Your ability to edit it need be able. Help would be did get pictures or what you do get it to be like. He argued there. It really you're really I don't of people or complaining about it is a bad. God it would prejudice where he got up to badger basically key leaders. So. All those reasons that they're susceptible to injury to tell their main guys need to go Carmelo. We're gonna get into a lot of treat people and situations. I just don't be brought that same level would bowl 08 used to edit audio where we need a bit streak here you know what. You know then when you when you look at Golden State I still think there's a potential for them to maybe play even a little better than they did last year just because that's their first year getting in used to everybody. Let's say they do run Madonna they go through everything they win another championship third in four years. And the future just in basically beams bright with Golden State running the league. Do you think what they hate that they've acquired from a lot of NBA fans because of the team and Kevin Doran. There's a chance that the ring narrative in the way we view championship count for players changes. I think it got the most susceptible and it editor read it yet one sort of an LP yet to get one. Remember it changed the problem. Is reading what you what it was like total delegation urged courier and everybody and are you want to get them anymore. Eight you don't exert don't like it beat you want. It up her. But it did their credit they're written. I'll do it beat. Anytime your diet if they get their third in four years this year they could become a ward five next year you start to Dick about global. I did you do ride. But there's been a backlash. You what some are bad we don't need that support eight and fifteen year. I think people are. A bit better held it together all that and how much and reiki its warriors team had better. They're so they're gonna be watching garbage I mean there are viewed it take our. They're gonna be great. Point is gonna beat beat beat beat. Adamant in addition everybody else. Now got to buckle up man buckle up a lot of bank dollar asset I've got bad bound and thank Eleanor on Twitter will we get ready on them without talking blazers. And another season use of circuit jostling for 82 games. He seems slim down he wants to be the bad boy is there they're bringing in a couple of new rookies it looked like they complain impact. Everybody's trying to argue Meyers Leonard this is the year he found it possible what are your thoughts on the blazers going into the year. And that began could not block did you eat you better. Anyway I think it did hurt and you guys are obviously. Larger by the public by the lake. I think Netanyahu would have been warned that trade about what everybody. Everybody knows the turnaround story Richard tradition of the body that you mentioned that you don't know it. And college years you'd see it or Egypt or worked there. You go out there don't look at twenty in the big league and China and India and deeper into red and you want a big contract that no question about it at the Urban League didn't he didn't eight L. The Meyers Leonard redemption. Story and I'll read it well. Silence their resentment aside relies to bend are bad keep on you you just ended year under a consent you're going into Myers. I want to get out did you meet. Our it is that the advantage Portland and quite bring everybody back I guess they had acquired abroad they dude I'm out. Oh yeah Minnesota Utah Denver Obama to be all in your division. All you build the biggest star or they really big player returning orbital rotation it connects the advantage is the duty to bring everybody back. Are you allowed large net during a repeated bit each year it all elders would be surprised at all it out pretty quick start here. I was gonna say the the miers led to redemption stories continue to be thrown out year after year Ben how many years before you feel like you know a player and do you think Myers can get better. But you don't metered. Plan Papa. We have. It. The eight you. Know what you're going to be due date and get big. Lot of limitations are aware disoriented and you can get it reject you could play. A little story that it's great year. Really devote himself to gave. But sometimes you under scale without argument and you don't. Archer at the end being a big dance or be deadly if you want to get major rotation admitted that he want Jerry to try it. Worried that do it. More than old orchard already mediated not a Smart what you look like said he probably. The strips are executed they really good in theory but you can't anybody that you get the organ and you can't predict that at. You're going to be on the bench and so would every bid I don't at a big triggered a letter. As we all should be even though blazer fans that overreact to one pre season game but they've and so we love about blazer fans are is tonight a is that preview of the east and Western Conference finals. I think the one question mark to be a would be. I think definitely I do like your right big big big east Bible. Wouldn't that they'll lead it. Are you look at carrier big Al Horford ignored it would be able to get a little bit and in recent years injury did anyone of those three guys and bad Betemit op Ed you rot where. They're gonna get it real trouble are real quick re always bagged up repeat out. There have been looked completely different ending the temperature here and back every year got the big drop. It. And I big bay Bellagio and they're quite a lot of young players you'd like. Yeah Jalen brown adjacent and they don't edit the plates and admitted that I'm not sure totally trust that. They did seem like watching Edberg everybody backed age should be leaks they were knocking on the door here. Liberty bell lock everybody sweep and yeah audit I think. On the basketball Twitter everybody gets excited about players. About two years too early lead when their new commodity they get real up. What those guys really develop the double play almost like yeah predicted orbit that. But that your word got it could take a huge leap in open VP conversation maybe they're a lot in it he made it eight. Out of beats it all out in. And I'd like by dark horse he had to sort of RTDs or dot. So you say in my fifty dollar ban on a nine to one odds of John a sense to go bow winning the MVP is a Smart bet. Well actually want to bet on that great like it belief yet he. Would have. I am not obligated aren't they did that he'd be more than earlier by people bought. What the top three or four players and probably towards that it did you didn't shoot 44% reporters. You get in big hug like a Big Dig a little chip that your data's going to be picked. And now. Eagles drop that that's Rangel put some money on stuff some have been settings as said Oliver you know that is a good bad five step Curry's also a good that would make me feel better. Keep it real look at you know about that. That's have a lot of bang dollar SI dot com get a follow on to grab banged Oliver Ben happy NBA season man we know you're going to be busy but we look forward to running into here cinema to senator and have fun watching me lows of the clipper game all right. And articulate it. Our double figures great and new.