Andrew Nemec - recruiting expert for 1080 The FAN and The Oregonian - 12.6.17

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Wednesday, December 6th
Andrew Nemec joins Dusty and Cam to discuss the recruiting fallout from Willie Taggart leaving Oregon and a big weekend coming up for the Beavs.

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Thanks listen into the dusty in jam in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire senators were I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1952. He. All right so the fallout from the tag leaving the university or NBM one point number one recruiting class in the country now in jeopardy. For the ducks and it did. Talk about it with us is are treating insider from the you're gonna you know organ live in Connecticut joins us good morning Andrea they demand. I'm well you know well. Thank you waking up early I know that since she did their record being beat. A lot of people reach out your late at night so 730 is like. The crack of dawn for you so we appreciate him and I'm not. Where you thought what is. The fall out recruiting wise from Oregon win to win the Willie tegra Neil's first dropped. What did you hear from recruits. Immediately. Well I actually started hearing things about serious concern. About the Oregon program. Good morning before so yeah yesterday morning. Is win. Recruits kind of started this thing you know one. Regardless of whether he goes there's days organ hasn't been honest with us and that was coming from you know the coaching staff we don't feel like we're being given. Real information. In hand through a group chat they have a group chat and all the recruits Syrian and normally and he kind of streamline. Their. Recruiting pitch to other recruits in the air they talk about it wanna go after dosages on over basic are equal things. Back group chat term release our yesterday morning aunt and there was talk. A huge chunk of this class Deke admitting. Together to prove a point essentially to say you know why this isn't this isn't right. The way were being treated as a right we're being told something that seems very unlikely to be true. DePaul staff would stay intact. And so things actually really started yesterday morning on since that time. Oregon has locked. Three commitments from three or star recruit I expect him to lead Agnieszka and more here in the next week. Most of this class. More than half. After that class could. A lot of the recruits have decided now from that group chat that they will be speaking. Their official visit this weekend organ originally had scheduled a massive recruiting weekend for December 18. That got moved out because of the Las Vegas ball. Some of the kids are saying he can't visit Hewitt or gonna offer the organ doesn't have a whole lot of answers to questions that they may not have answers to quite yet. A lot of the kids are planning deacon. Injures this kind of standard procedure with a lot of the coaches and howl. They communicate with the as you say group Chad that they do they decide say a guy's stick together communicate this and how often is this happening with some of these coaches that are out their doing and how believable are them because. From my perspective on the outside I don't know with the idea that a young recruit and put any stock in what a coach is tell mean telling signed sealed and delivered with that coach. On the grounds and where I'm going to be yet. Sure you'll addressing the group chat and most well organized. Recruiting efforts now encourage. A group chat create they they create and on with your group which your future group that makes it much harder he commit. When you have to help 151617. Year best friend or your close friend social programs are encouraging that. And the programs that are doing it are trying to turn losing yet. Now the flip side of that is if you Hoosier coach. And that all bonded and Errol kind of one voice. This can beat all it is that you lose any number of recruit so. You know. It's neat it's a good look in terms and if you have stability it's it's a great cool. If you don't and you leisure coach you can you can be massive problem as far as the trust issue. I think it's really gives a comic or dramatic and restore linebacker MG having committed or in. A couple of days ago he could you know all Wendy can you say. Don't commit to a coach commit to a school. And you know he said he understands that he considered academics he considered facility. Civil even in a modern recruit and keep what you go on an official as you go on an unofficial it's. Or you just go you know take it upon yourself to look at here. The university. Paid for your visit for an official visit. And then you're only really hosted by football people you don't get to know you don't build personal connection with a professor you don't build a personal action dean of students. You'd meet all secure it will be real personal connection to university almost always the coaching staff. And like buttered on as humans we often make decisions based on personal connections that we built. And Kris and of course a lot to commit. Based on a Coke not because. You know the coach is the end all be all their college experience. But he's the only goal. At the university presents during the modern recruiting process that they do you know that could Castro the program they're gonna commit. And genetic our recruiting experts from the Oregon in organ live dot com foam. On Twitter at Internet like now. You said you mentioned that some of these kids feel like their lights it was that. From Willie Taggart. Or from the rest of the staff I mean does this trickle down to deem Marcus trail Mario crystal ball Jim Leavitt to guys have been pound the pavement. You know the kids haven't named names as far as. The coaches haven't. Necessarily. Told the truth I know there's you know it's up in the air right now as to whether or not Jim Leavitt is ruby. Officially gone from organ or they're still silver lining. But if he was certainly pitching to recruit that he was planning on game regardless of Willie Taggart decision. And no longer seems to be 100%. The case. And I can beat you wore that one little pop can between it's something I've never lie to it there's something on the recruiting he's obviously feeling may be a little bit guilty conscience. As far as I thought nobody eating saying that he apple pie and yet he comes that would tweak thing you know I told the truth chromatic you know which permits or whatever. I think there were some coaches who combed this led some kids I think it's even possible says. It Willie Taggart Cunningham once put out the door when he met with pilots shot Coke or star quarterback from Arizona. While he finished he you know he did sell the org. Willie Taggart recruiting pitch in home visit. I'm just you know the morning before eclipse. You Florida State I used by accordingly there is equally tiger would receive. He sold hi Lucia on on himself you know what let's you know let's build this relationship we have of course you and I have a very close relationship. On any kind of used his arsenal relationship. With pilot shot interest into of course is Florida State does not have a quarterback and their current class. Already offered Pilar shock earlier in recruiting process so at least some of that cap that you would affect it. Willie was kind of hole being the key to get a visit out of Russia says he still. Committed to organist a solid wood or one of the you'd say that. But that that kind of pick a different home. Now Willie Taggart is gone and would likely gone at the time of that of that at home as. With the city and as any others you just mentioned one is there anyone else that you feel solvers given that commitment to organist is say no matter what I'm still. And I'm gonna be part of the docs. He's and I don't. Discount deal arm he's here because you know I wanna be an accurate and honest is possible the problem is a lot of kids see that Nicole Lee when they head coach les. Because they believed to drunk and wholly understand and I can treat your authorities now. And kids think their systems are always going to stay. When they're when I coach we didn't immediately say my until 100% solid Cuba we cracks them on that. It comes down Q who wanted my coach stage you know Christopher Randolph though it restart Robert Weiner crew has been extremely. Weak local. About how he's 100% doc. His dad and also tweeted. You know it'll you know crystal ball leaves in your routine fall out from the recruit to it aren't going to be happy well I imagine he's talking about himself. And as well. Even the key to see they're a 100% committed I think you have to. Be a little bit careful and saying mandate they might pick up the one that I think is under percent not going anywhere. Three star running back Travis dying. Organs when he beat time off for him he was organs first commitment. He's the younger brother organ linebacker Troy got I think the others want to be together. And so I think for sure they will keep Travis be on that. I can get certain assistant leave I don't think you can sit on a percent certainty that anyone other than a guy is it's. You know a lot of these players on on the organ rosters from doing this for several years now. Many have you heard from any current players and heavy resigning current players that that were recruited to organ. That you built a relationship about how they feel from the Willie Taggart fall on how it was all handled. Yeah organ is very careful about he can't he can't talk to an in law I understand this kind of situation. It's naturally want to know what's going on so I had a few players reach out to eat and I've been close with over the years kind of what do you know your right now. Because there burger and they're they're young hit. I think there's a growing sentiment. In that program. The players certainly expressed it to rubble and eating eating that they would like Mario Cristobal who remain the head coach. On the other question I've gotten a bunch is. How how focused this group right now on preparation Las Vegas or at least yesterday after the focus list. Was whether or not their head coach was still in a Peter that players only meeting. And it at around one liberty where they discuss it or Willie Taggart and on the team that he was leaving. A lot of players especially the Florida players according to Brady Brees. Well we will be upset by that news. It's a difficult is a difficult time but it certainly. And this weekend Jonathan Smith did has his first big recruiting weekend as head coach of the beads. Who is coming into town I know a lot of commits are already going to be in town but how is Jonathan Smith done on the board recruiting trail. I doctoral release strong. Door you know like we talked about it for the one of the things he was gonna have to deal was quickly evaluate who we wanted in this class at. Make sure that he built a connection with them. I'm a bears of their commitment double digit commitment. 678 of them. We will be in town this week and under the connecting you know that at an early crack at things stay here and and it's the core group I mean it really is the group acute today. Probably on paper would most likely guys that they would wanna keep. Of those guys almost all of them will be in our ballot I think that was huge he's also host Pete Forestar athlete eagle hole. You know right they Gary Anderson the critical work I. Course our prospects during his ten year and only one problem I'd say odd to actually ever ate it on the field the rest either didn't make it because an academic or. Or not appeal the issue or something along those lines. He's ghosting worse are happy equal hall who's should have no issues. As far as qualifying. Organs he has also made extra long pushed are ready for or star wide receiver I say Kirk. I actually think it is a very very good chance at our with a bad bad. I would seem Jonathan Smith is going to add to force our commitment collapsed. Fairly quickly. He's done a remarkable job I hate again when you first get a job the big thing is. Figure you wanna keep it and make sure you encourage those that day. Within a recruiting classic and you can mean sure we check out our. And then in his first big league at pocono or star prospect. Of the Morgan seated at our time doing all fall. OK and here here's this with Syria I if I have I don't know if you heard this Andrews and KJ Carter Samuels. Former or grad treachery it's kind of a recruiting but think of this he's been at the university Washington. Jonathan Smith knows him he's a grad transfer could we see something that have you heard any rumblings a connection with that young man coming in for one year organ state. Yes I think I think certainly I've heard rumblings certainly. That is me. Think. Possibility. And our Internet makes you the were pretty sure right here on the stand Thursday's. At seven. Coming up and take out his work at the Oregon in an organ live dot com Andrew thinks it's time man. Thank you very much always loved your show.