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What a real NFL career looks like

Former NFL tight end Nate Jackson writes a great piece outlining what for a a lot of guys, me included, life in the NFL is really like. And surprise surprise it not the 6 to 12 year love fest that Roger Goodell wants you to think it is. It's a must read for anybody who thinks that NFL players are to fault in this whole labor mess and should just be happy with what ever the owners give them.

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04/26/2011 2:40PM
What a real NFL career looks like
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04/28/2011 4:12PM
Weird Chicken
So the guy break the the law and goes to the game. Hey maybe you can say sweep just once. I don't care FT ball's its baseball, NHL and blazers. They just had a strike over $$$$$$$$$$$$$
05/02/2011 9:46AM
Totally agree
I usually come down on the side of the owners on these things, but to me the NFL labor issue has always been about very greedy owners. The only thing I agree with the owners on is rookie pay scale and actually that would help the current players. But you have some real crazy owners in every sport and the NFL is no different. What I have found in life is the more money you have the crazier you are allowed to be. The NFL is so successful these team owners are awash in $.
07/16/2011 7:26PM
i enjoyed that article.made alot of sense
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