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Inside the Mind of Swag

Weekend Musings...

As the seasons are changing both with the weather and with sports, I found myself sampling many options over the weekend and had some odd conclusions you may enjoy... Why isn't volleyball a more popular spectator sport? I was home early after the golf show Saturday morning channel surfing trying not to wake the slumbering actress hopped up on caffeine and desperate for an acutal live sporting event when I stumbled across the NCAA Men's Volleyball final four. I watched for a while and thought about all those listeners and callers who decry sports like soccer, golf, auto racing, tennis and the like as too slow, uninteresting wastes of time. So here is a sport with extremely athletic participants, where scores occur on each serve. There is a combination of power, skill and teamwork with a fairly urgent pace to it that's not hard to understand or follow. I remember the 1984 Men's US Volleyball team were rock stars with guys like Karch Kiraly, Bob Ctvrlik and Rob Timmons and his red flat top. Seems to me this sport provides most of the things we demand from our relevant sports. Is it too late anymore for a sport to evolve. Doesn't Tiger Woods need to just go away for a while? Maybe it's me, but I just not interested in Tiger Woods going through his mid-life crisis on national television. It may be juicy for some, but I just want to see him play excellent golf, and it appears fairly obvious that he is quite a ways away from that prospect at the present time. He is going to get divorced whether he wants to admit it or not, and his previous pursuits of lesiure are no longer available to him due to the 24/7 watch he under from the tabloids. While golf is often the hobby employed by those in a similar situation, that's Woods' office and doesn't provide the same escape from one's troubles he is looking for. Bottom line for me is that Tiger needs to find a hobby, take a long vacation and then decide how important the goals he set for himself as a teenager are still the ones he wishes to pursue. Until then, quit sucking the life out of golf tournaments diverting attention for the good stories. I'd rather see Suns-Magic in the NBA Finals than Kobe v. LeBron...Darting in out of the NBA Playoff games over the weekend it seems clear to me that the best NBA Finals matchup would be the Phoenix Suns and the Orlando Magic. Two teams who play an up tempo style in a team concept, but still with household names in Steve Nash and Dwight Howard. The conspiracy theorists wouldn't have much to go on as both markets are mid-sized, neither franchise has won an NBA title previously and both have been to the Finals twice before. Plus, they are playing the best basketball of any of the other teams left in the playoffs. How could this fail to deliver for the NBA. With the added benefit of more tv time for Stan Van Gundy and Channing Frye, it would be a shame if the powers that be bring Kobe and LeBron together. The backlash for for overhyping and underdelivering the event will set the NBA back and keep all the conspiracy theorists believing that the league is orchestrating it's desired outcomes by the puppetmaster himself David Stern.

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05/10/2010 12:28PM
Weekend Musings...
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