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Chick Picks with Joanna

Week 13

11/24/2011 5:37PM
Week 13
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11/28/2011 4:31PM
Love the Chick Pick addition to the site. But I think it's somewhat disrespectful (to you) to promote your blog with only your first name. Everyone else's lists their whole, grown-up name, except for Big Suke. But at least he gets a two-name by line credit. “PAC-12 chick picks with Joanna” sounds like a blog by a made up person or a child. So consider this a formal request of THE FAN management to rename your column “PAC-12 chick picks with Joanna Russell.” And while we’re at it, how about we just switch it to “Chick picks with Joanna”? I’d love to see you start predicting NFL and (soon) NBA games. /n pratt (beaverton)
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