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Ok, it's womens soccer so I can't break into a full USA USA chant or take down old glory and make a victory lap around my block, but it was pretty cool to see so many people getting caught up in a little American pride. Take a look.

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07/11/2011 2:31PM
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07/12/2011 4:03PM
Happy to see us win at something abroad
Congrats ladies on a great victory!
08/22/2011 3:24PM
Why not make it clear and say Dumb (you) and Dumber do not like the DUCKS! It is so obvious.......
09/14/2011 6:17AM
Hey Jason
I understand your complete disregard for any womens sports. I was baptized a Mormon so I feel I have a little insight into the thinking that goes on. Do you spend your off time telling your daughters that no matter what they do or try to acheive, or the level of success they find. Nobody cares because your a female. Are you an Elder? Because you sure come across as and old school, keep women in they're place dude. Hey, I didn't say I was a practicing member. By the way, the WNBA kicks a. It's not a dunk a thon for people who can't play. It's a skills contest for people who play below the rim. I could dunk in 8th grade. I didn't see you lining up to watch me. I encorage (sp) an open disscussion with you on the subject of womens sports. Paul
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