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Thoughts and ruminations from the Super bowl

  • Lots of overreaction as usual from the game. Brady is still one of the best of all time and Eli is a very very good QB but not one of the best to ever play. He’s not in the top 5 in the league right now.( well he might be 5 now) That not a bash on him just the reality of it. If Welker catches that pass what do we say about the two QB’s today? The result of the game shouldn’t completely determine one’s worth or legacy.
  • Those teams can play every year. A good match up and very completive. Not necessarily great game but solid with a great finish.
  •  Games that close often come down to just a break one way or another. 3 giants fumbles and they get them all, that doesn’t usually happen.  That was big.
  • The 12 men on the field penalty was even bigger, no excuse for it and it cost them the game.
  • The Pats should have let the G men score with two mins to play and 2 TO remaining. Would have made a huge difference on the last drive.
  • The Gisele mess after the game is a joke; she was being heckled and was frustrated for her husband. She said it to a friend, not for public consumption. Let it go people. This won’t be the downfall of the Pats.
  • Nice halftime show NFL. Don’t even get me started on this one. The middle finger was the least offensive part of that hunk of crap.
  • Eli’s throw and Manningham’s grab, WOW! Just big boy football right there. Its plays like that one that put rings on your fingers
  • Fair or not, I think not this will end the Brady/Montana debate.
  • I would comment on the commercials but I didn’t get to see many. Was a gong show at my place. Lots of people, lots of klds, lost of noise. I was lucky to hear the game. I did like seeing Clint Eastwood though.
  • What the hell are we going to do now that football is over? Saddest day of the year is the Monday after the SB.

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02/06/2012 2:23PM
Thoughts and ruminations from the Super bowl
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