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The only good thing Chris Berman has done in years

Sir Mix A Lot+Chris Berman+MLB homerun derby=pure gold
Click here for the goodness

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07/10/2012 2:56PM
The only good thing Chris Berman has done in years
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10/08/2012 8:07PM
You are an idiot
You guys are the weakest sportscasters ever. Your show sucks. I turn it off whenever you come on the air! ANd tonight I listened to you bag on the Timbers, how no one in the bar wanted to watch San Diego V New Orleans? You are so out of touch it's a fucking joke! Yes - I turned it off AGAIN! B/C I would rather listen to the road noise than you morons talk about Mila Kunis! Delta Bravos!!
10/21/2012 7:18PM
perhaps he can pick football winners?
wizards of smart at the fan can't pick football winners. LOL
10/30/2012 7:18AM
Sandy and Oregon connection
Hey, Big Suke, you were wrong. They DID find an Oregon connection to Sandy. "Oregon woman waits out storm in New York." No lie! I saw it on KATU, but I'd bet other stations have something similar.
04/15/2014 4:51PM
You are stupid
worst sportscaster in life n you are ignorant. I heard you talk about student athletes going to bed hurry, that a lie, how much do they get paid monthly???
04/15/2014 4:57PM
You are stupid
At a D1 school, athletes get at least $900 monthly and they typically have roommates. They get food from the school where is the rest of their money going you piece of %%#%. I heard u talk to this guy that called in on the issue and you sounded stupid, no argument is one way, u fat &&&&&&.
06/06/2014 4:17PM
You Rock Big Suke
Love your show! I am one of the lucky one's and get to listen all day while at work. I enjoy your comments on just about every matter. Thanks for representing the Northwest and keeping it real! keep up the good work!
03/11/2015 1:57PM
possible poll question
What is better? Straight flat bill baseball caps or ones with curved bills. I vote for curved bills! A lot of folk have strong feelings about this... including my grandkids which are on the opposite side of the hat brouhaha!
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