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The Sad Truth About Greg Oden

The Greg Oden saga took yet another sad but not shocking turn on Monday when a minor knee surgery turned into micro fracture number three for the big fella. His odds of coming back to do anything in the NBA went from long shot to no shot with this one. I feel bad for Greg, this wasn't his fault. His body just wasn't meant to play NBA ball. As somebody thats in the multiple knee surgery group (that's 7 for me) I sympathize with his plight, but his career was over years ago, just nobody wanted to admit it. We all have this belief that after surgery you get 100 better, not true. Any time you get cut, or tear or break something it takes a little bit off your game. It saps your athleticism a little bit at a time and for the most part once you get the label of injury prone it tends not to go away because your injuries tend to not go away. There's a reason you get the label. I said that about Greg 3 years ago and anybody who took a objective look at him said the same thing. Here's a good article from 2008  where David Thorpe says the same thing, that GO isn't ever going to turn into a impact player and that the Blazers should have cut ties years ago. I feel bad for him, but he's young, rich, and has his whole life in front of him. Here's hoping Greg can see that through the disappointment of his NBA experience.

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02/21/2012 1:54PM
The Sad Truth About Greg Oden
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