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The First TIVO Worthy Game of the College Basketball Season

Having mostly recovered from football season, it's time to start sharing with you all once again. And as I reconnect with those things off the overbeaten path of most sports fans, I find myself looking for a way to get inserted into the college basketball season. I think I have found it. The first truly must see game of the season...#4 San Diego State @ #9 BYU. This has everything you want in a late January match up...well, almost: two top ten teams, a marquee talent, and seeding potential in the tournament all riding on it. So what if happens to be in the Mountain West? I know the Big East has already had a handful of these types of matchups, but they are going to put 8 or 9 teams in the tournament and most of them will be 4 seeds or higher. Wednesday night's tilt will have lasting consequences for both teams that will linger into March. Can either of these teams impress the selection committee enough to be in line for a 1 seed? Is Jimmer Fredette the next "Great White Hope"? What channel is the game on? Oops, there is the almost I was referring to. I will be one of the fortunate ones to the see this on CBS College Sports Network, albeit not in HD, but hopefully you can find a friend or favorite watering hole to take this one in. I'm looking forward to actually enjoying a game that hasn't been overhyped and overshadowed by frivolous banter and rhetoric. Just and honestly intriguing contest with multiple storylines where the next mornings headlines have yet to be written.

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01/25/2011 12:30PM
The First TIVO Worthy Game of the College Basketball Season
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01/26/2011 1:34PM
why isn't this on ESPN?
Imma Texas fan and love that the Longhorns r on tv tonite but y isn't this game on ESPN? I think giving Jimmer some national coverage would b a good thing
01/27/2011 12:21PM
College Basketball
Yes, it would have been great to be able to see the BYU/SDSU game. I love college basketball. Yes, I know that football is #1 and the Blazers are #2 in Portland, but I really wish your show would talk some college hoops occasionally. Tonight (Thursday) there is Gonzaga/St. Mary's, Wash/Wash St. and Arizona/UCLA, but I doubt Ropp and Suke have noticed. I do like the show. Suke is great about football. Unfortunately, after that he knows way more about movies and obscure TV shows than he does about other sports. One thing I have found over the years, the more regular season college BB games you see, the more you enjoy the NCAA tournament because the players are familiar. Please realize, I am a fan, not a maniac. I watch 3-4 games a week on TV. If we can't talk about it now, what about after the Super Bowl at least? What are we going to hear, the NFL Draft ad infinitum? ZZZZZZ
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