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Remembering Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston passed away over the weekend and while no official cause has been given, the general public all knows that her addictions to drugs and alcohol over the years will end up being the culprit.  If fact those demons over the last decade have over shadowed what was an amazing talent. While I was never huge fan in that I never bought an album or saw her in concert, I will never forget the day in 1991 when Whitey Houston gave what is in my opinion, the greatest rendition of the greatest anthem this world has ever heard.  The moment was perfect with the Gulf War fresh in all our minds and the super bowl as her backdrop she went out gave the country the collective chills. I dare you to watch the video and not get goose bumps. Performers would do well to watch this before they go out and butcher the anthem the next time they are asked to step up to the mike. It was simple and beautiful. And I won’t ever forget it. 

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02/13/2012 2:46PM
Remembering Whitney Houston
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03/06/2012 10:31AM
That's how I'll remember Mrs Houston
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