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Reason 1,786,867 why I think far too many coaches are D-bags

Augie Garrido is one of the greatest coaches in NCAA history. He has lead Texas to 5 National Titles and more wins than you can count. Yet the man is a colossal ass. I've played under guys like this, my offensive line coach once called me a pussy for possibly having a neck condition that could paralyze me and end my playing days. On my way as a 19 year old kid to get a MRI that could determine if I ever played again, by the way I had been playing with this for 8 games and was taking pain killing shots in my neck each week to play, he stopped me on my way to the hospiyal and called me the fore mentioned insult and said I would never play again because I was soft and was looking for a reason to quit. He would later say he did it to motivate me to come back sooner and over come my injury and then take credit for my toughness and grit as he called it. Gee thanks coach. I was reminded of my old coach when I watched this video. I find it embarrassing that guys like this are allowed to mold young athletes and are praised for their accomplishments. I would hope that at some point Garrido sees this clip and realizes it's just baseball and that his actions are shamefull. Get a hobby coach.

05/04/2011 12:48PM
Reason 1,786,867 why I think far too many coaches are D-bags
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05/09/2011 4:31PM
Who would want to play for someone like that? I couldn't do it. Not even for a scholarship. I sure as hell wouldn't want my son playing for him. David
05/25/2011 12:53AM
team augie
Quit being a girl...your grown men playing a sport getting a full ride to do so...augie is the man plain and simple..if your scared go to church
10/18/2011 5:52PM
team augie what?
You are clearly an idiot. I bet you never even suited up for any kind of sport. There are ways to get your point across that are more professional AND effective than this. Moron.
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