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Last Call - Alamo Bowl Edition 12/29/12

The Last Call guys discuss and breakdown the Alamo Bowl. How much blame goes to Cody Vaz? What about Mike Riley? The guys give their honest opinions.

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12/29/2012 11:40PM
Last Call - Alamo Bowl Edition 12/29/12
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12/30/2012 11:42AM
Vaz horrible, Riley the blame
Vaz was horrible from the first series. Riley is one to blame for leaving him in the game. The stage and the game were too big for him!
12/30/2012 2:38PM
Coach to blame
I believe the OSU coach was watching a different game from me. Vas was awful . The other OSU quarterback came in the game in the first half and lit it up with a touchdown as the result. What happens on the next series, here comes Vaz again for the rest of the game.
12/30/2012 5:42PM
Riley is his own worst enemy
Uw game was very similar. Riley staying put with qb that is obviously struggling. Play calling is horrible.
12/30/2012 7:25PM
Riley's fault
Very poor coaching! Should have finished with a 12-1 record..
12/30/2012 7:49PM
Linemen out of shape
In the first half, the Beavs dominated defensively, and gave away points (turnovers) and failed missed opportunities offensively (Vaz played poorly). In the second half, the D-line couldn't apply pressure on Ash and he had all day to find and hit receivers. The D-line was sucking wind. Offensively, the offensive line couldn't block anybody, (again conditioning) and Vaz had no time, and he was too immobile to elude rush and make plays. I suspect Mannion would have done better against the rush but it would have been difficult for him also. Bottom line, Beavs lost the second half at the lines of scrimmage, and Vaz's poor play in first half kept Texas in the game. I don't know what Riley sees in Vaz. He is worthless under pressure.
12/30/2012 8:08PM
Riley as Coach
Riley still needing signature win to prove he can take program any higher. Though team is young and recruiting is picking up.
12/30/2012 9:08PM
ditto of coaching at the seattle game.needs to decern when a player is having a crummy game and make a change.
12/30/2012 9:10PM
Young Team?
Yes, the Beavers are relatively young but so are many other teams inthe Pac 12. Oregon for examnple has 25 freshmen or sophomores on their 44 player 2 deep, as many or more than the Beavers. They seem to do pretty well with youth, so dont think that the Beavers have any advantage because of youth. The game last night should have been a victory for OSU. Instead, poor coaching led to a collapse of epic porportions and can only be described as OSU "Coug'd" the game!
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