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Buffalo Wild Wings GameNight


Buffalo Wild Wings GameNight Wednesday July 31st First Hour

Andy and Taylor have had enough with the Oregon athletic department; find out why. 

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07/31/2013 10:40PM
Buffalo Wild Wings GameNight Wednesday July 31st First Hour
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08/01/2013 9:19AM
Have to Stick Up for the Ducks
New Oregon facility is over the top. And Phil Knight gifting may be outta hand. But have to stick up for Ducks. This spending thing is pervasive. Cost of new Duck facility was about $68 mil. Stanford has spent around $160 mil on recent sports stuff, incl $90 mil on new stadium. Current debt held by UC Berkeley on new stadium renovation alone: $445 mil. Duck academic and graduation data also not as bad as other Pac12 schools.
08/01/2013 11:21AM
It's all relative
Can you really compare the ducks spending $68 mil. on the football ops building to Cal and Stanford getting new stadiums? Both stadiums were pretty run down, to me that seems like something that HAD to be done. Yes, football ops buildings are the rage now, like indoor practice facilities, but that doesn't mean you HAVE TO spend $68 mil, which is almost the cost of most stadiums. Can we also compare the costs of Cal's stadium, that is built on more expensive real estate, including a major fault line?
08/01/2013 2:50PM
Remember this is a gift
The ducks leased the land to Phil Knight. Phil Knight put up the money to build the operations center. It did not come out of student/state pockets as is the case for UC Berkeley and most other schools that are spending and going into debt to boost theirrespective football programs. The grandiosity is embarrassing, but this is no sea change as to where the school is spending when it comes education v. football.
08/01/2013 2:53PM
Embarassing indeed, but in the end good for school and state
In 2004-2005, the athletic department’s NCAA disclosure showed a net loss of $131,198. In 2010-2011 the department showed net revenue of over $9.5 million. The athletic department relied on no direct institutional support from the university in 2010-2011, although it did take in student fees of $1.4 million. The athletic department says those student fees cover football and basketball tickets and that none of those funds will be used for the operation of the new building. The increased success and exposure of the Oregon athletics department has led to licensing revenue growing from $750,000 in 2004-2005 to $2.25 million in 2010-2011, with the majority of revenue being retained by the University.
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