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Bert Randolph Sugar (June 7, 1937 -March 25, 2012),

Bert Sugar passed away over the weekend at the age of 75. I can say in all honesty that Bert crammed more life into those 75 years than most of us mere mortals could get in with twice the time. I am grateful I got to call Bert a friend. Over the years he would come on our show, sometimes without prompting, he would just call up and say he wanted to talk with us. Needless to say Bert had a standing invitation on the program. Bert was the best interview we did. He always had a story to tell and joke that would go over our heads. I will miss Bert as will most of the sporting world. He was an icon, a legend, one of kind. A throw back if you will that we may never see again. Years ago I sent Bert some homemade 80 year scotch I got while traveling in Scotland, Bert sent me back one of Castro's cigars he was so found of and a letter typed out on a typewriter on Bert Sugar stationary. I loved that Bert still used a typewriter. The cigar sits in my home office alongside a hat he sent me a while back and our two of my most cherished positions.  Each time I look over at them it reminds me of his amazing life and how much he did and saw. It inspires me to try and live my life that way, to get the most of the years I've been given and to be able to say when it’s my time to ago that I did all that I could the best that I could. Just like Bert.  Cheers Bert, here’s to a great run. You will be missed.

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People : Bert Randolph Sugar

03/26/2012 2:51PM
Bert Randolph Sugar (June 7, 1937 -March 25, 2012),
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03/26/2012 3:09PM
Very well said Suke. I don't agree with a lot that you say, however we are 100% in sync on this. Bert was a legend and while people are thinking Tiger or Final 4 this weekend, I tip my hat to Bert with a tear in my eye. I miss him already. I hope you guys can play some segments of his over the week, in honor of a great man who wasn't just boxing, he was baseball, football, you name it, Bert knew it. Amazing life!Jerry the Bookie
03/26/2012 4:13PM
A man who loved to talk, make people laugh yet gey his opinion known. Reminds me of my Dad. Sorry to hear of his passing. God Bless you Herbert!!
03/26/2012 5:18PM
National TV Coverage
Just saw Keith Olbermann is doing a segment on his Current TV show about Bert Sugar. He is the only one so far, I think, of any national coverage of Bert's passing.
03/26/2012 8:42PM
Love me some Bert!
Thanks for talking about Bert so much today! I was in and out throughout the day, and each time I tuned, you were talking Bert or playing an old interview. Well deserved!
03/27/2012 12:42AM
A Man for All Seasons, An Everyman
The show honoring the great Bert Sugar was one of your very best. I so enjoyed the stories and felt the love. What a man, what a personality. A man of his time, he lived his life as a man of all seasons, an Everyman. His spirit reached that far. Thank you so much for sharing you vision of him with us.
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